Friday, December 20, 2013

Waiting for Christmas

Christmas is definitely just around the corner and people are already busy and excited with their own preparation for the big day. My siblings and their family are back home in the country for their holidays and nothing beats the bonding times of a family when we are all together. I have done my own shopping but I still need some last minute purchases that I can add as gifts to my loved ones.

My nephew who love playing the guitar is giving a hint to his parents that he likes a yamaha guitar case for Christmas but I'm not sure if they can grant his request. Maybe if he can save the money that he can get on Christmas then he can buy one for himself.

Our Christmas will not doubt will  be crazy, noisy and fun for we'll be complete soon. !! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and may the New Year brings us more happiness, love, health and wealth that we all deserve to have.

Ahhh... I can't wait for Christmas!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Filled with Love and Joy

Oh wow, Christmas is fast approaching and I'm so excited already. I'm wrapping all the gifts that I bought and in no time our mini-Christmas tree will be filled with gifts for my siblings, and more. I know my nieces and nephews will be so happy once they see my gifts for them. It's not much but I made sure to get them what they like and what they can use all the time.

The air is cool already especially in the morning and I'm usually curled up in bed by 6 and would only get up at 7am. I can hear the Christmas songs being played in the radio, TV and I'm yet to hear carolers in front of our house. I bet a lot of carolers are practicing already with their guitars, drums and even clarinet used instruments.

I'm wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and may your hearts filled with love and joy.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nations Sending Help to The Philippines

The whole world already know about the destruction brought about by Super Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan and our country need all the help that we can get.

It's very heartwarming to see that a lot of nations are lending their hand to our country especially to those that are very much affected in the Visayas. WE ARE SO THANKFUL for all the help that we are receiving and it's overwhelming. We can feel the love and care that many nations are giving to us in this time of crisis.

Medical teams, food, clothing water and other important supplies are being sent our way to help the needy. Slowly, the Visayas region will get on their feet again and will start their life again.... it's not an overnight thing but they will certainly rise again..

The medical teams and big hospital ships from China, US and Britain are helping those that are needing medical attention. A lot of people died but many have been injured. They have all medical supplies and equipments and I'm sure that also have advair diskus for those that asthma.Even saw in the news that babies are born in the makeshift medical hospitals too after few days of typhoon.

I am praying that all those nations that gave their help will be blessed and will continur to help those nations that are in need.

THANK YOU! from all of us.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project Hygiene Kit for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) Survivors

As you all know our country has been badly hit by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that caused too much destruction and deaths in the Visayas Region. We all need to act and share whatever we can.

To help survivors, a joint effort by Davao Bloggers Society and Filipino Bloggers Forum, which I am an active member) has been undertaken to join the relief operations by raising a total of P100,000.00 to finance and produce 1,000 hygiene packs for the victims. Each kit costing to PHP100 or USD2.50 will contain toiletries and other essential goods for a week's use of one person. Hygiene kits were chosen to be donated as this is something that is not yet prioritized by many donors.

 photo HygieneKit2_zps351ce325.jpg

Each kit will contain the following:

For MALES – Total Cost: PhP95.60

•60g Soap
•Weekly pack Shampoo – 8 sachets x 4 mL each
•3 packs of 30 g Toothpaste
•40 Pulls Pop Up Tissue
•10 g Cotton
•75 mL Alcohol
•2 x 3 mL Deolotion
•12 mL Insect repellant
•Resealable Zip Bag

For FEMALES – Total Cost: PhP100.00

•60g Soap
•Weekly pack Shampoo – 8 sachets x 4 mL each
•3 packs of 30 g Toothpaste
•40 Pulls Pop Up Tissue
•10 g Cotton
•75 mL Alcohol
•2 x 3 mL Deolotion
•12 mL Insect repellant
•2 pcs Sanitary Napkins
•Resealable Zip Bag

If you are from Davao City and you wish to help or join the campaign, you may donate in cash (please seal in an envelope) or in kind (preferably hygiene products found in the list/picture) to:

Mam Bebs Bakery
CVA Building, CM Recto Street, Davao City
(fronting City Triangle, adjacent to Ateneo Claveria Gate)
Mondays- Fridays, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

If you are living outside the Philippines, you may send your donations via Paypal to

or simply click on the button below to donate using your credit or debit card:

Pledges for donation will be received until December 7, 2013. Please feel free to contact for all your inquiries and questions.

We are also asking donors to write down a positive message or words of encouragement (or email to us messages) for the recipients, one for every P100 donated, to be inserted in each kit.You may also include it as message when sending your Paypal donations.

Please also help us disseminate this information to those who are willing to help and contribute. You may share or link this post to your social media accounts with hashtags #bloggersforReliefPH #YolandaPH.

All kits and other donations will be turned over to Ateneo de Davao University for distribution.

Please LIKE Bloggers for Relief PH for more updates:

Bangon, Pilipinas!

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another” -Charles Dickens

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gift Giving This Christmas

I can’t believe it, November is already half way thru and in no time it’s gonna be Christmas already. I’m pretty much excited to celebrate the Holidays this year for it’s going to be extra special for our family. My 2 sisters and their families who are living overseas will come home with God’s grace to celebrate the holidays with us. It will be our family reunion for over 10 years that we are all apart and I’m praying that we’ll be able to all be together in this special season.

Christmas is a time for family reunion and bonding and nothing beats the warmth of smiles and hugs that every family member can give to each other. It’s a season for giving and sharing. Christmas is not complete without lots of food and of course gifts. Kids will always be excited to open their presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas day for they are hoping to get what they wished for.

Actually, I am so happy because I’m almost done with my Christmas gift shopping! I really made it a point to shop early because malls will be jam-packed soon as Christmas draws near. I am sure that by early December, my gifts will be under our Christmas tree already.

I really recommend for everyone to shop early to avoid much hassle. You can still pick a lot of items because more stocks are still available unlike when you shop the last minute. I have some few friends who are dog lovers just like me so  dog gift baskets are perfect gift for them.

If you are comfortable shopping online, you must shop early as well to avoid shipping delays. You know how busy delivery services on those days so better yet start now. You can send out christmas breakfast gift baskets for your friends and relatives too.

I always enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts but there are times it’s hard what to give to a specific person. Before hitting the stores, be sure to have your list with you as it can be very handy and useful.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong Sing at Ellen Show

It was in September when cousins Aldrich Talonding and James Bucong guested at Ellen Show. These 2 young men were discovered in Youtube by Ellen staff  when they sang "Dance with My Father Again." Soon after they were invited to come to the show to perform.

How lucky they are to have performed Internationally at the top rating show of Ellen. The boys are indeed so happy and they spoke quite well during the interview and when they sang too. The voice of Aldrich was amazing and it impressed Ellen and her guests and they have given them a standing ovation.

Here's their guesting at Ellen Show:

After the performance, Ellen gave Aldrich a guitar, piano, and $10,000. AMAZING!

When they got back here in the Philippines, there are numerous guesting that they did and they were asked about their experience at Ellen Show. He has a lot of money to spend for his family and he can even buy a guitar nut at musicians friend to pair it with his new guitar.

I also learned that James was given an iPad at the backstage too that made him so happy. Good job guys!

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Birthday and Christmas Wish List

My birthday is drawing near once again and I can't help myself to feel excited eventhough another year will be added to my age. I feel so blessed to have been born in November making me a Scorpio girl and to see the beauty of the world.

Every year, I make it a point to shop for myself since no one else will do it for me I usually go out shopping on or before my birthday splurging a little bit on some items. It's my special day so I'll treat myself and give myself some special rewards every year for it is a must!

I have some material wish list and here are some of them. I'm not sure if I can give it to myself though.
1. La Germania mini-oven - around P15,000 so I can bake and grill foods
2. Osterizer - i heard my sis will give me her oster this Christmas yey, so I don;t need to buy this anymore.
3. New leather wallet, I prefer Tory Burch, Michael Kors, or Fossil brands
4. New dress for Christmas

Hmm.. I don;t have that much wish list as it appears. Good for me! The only problem I have is the Christmas shopping list for my friends and relatives and that includes ns design bass strings for my nephew who loves music so much that he also wanted to take up conservatory of music in college. yay!

I Voted !

Today is national holiday here in our country because it's Barangay Elections. Barangay is the smallest unit of government and it is administered by a Kapitan and some Kagawad.

Today , we need to select 1 Kapitan and 6 Kagawad that will ensure the prosperity, peacefulness, orderly and other stuff for our Barangay. I just hope that who ever will win will do their utmost competency and honesty.

The voting is generally peaceful in our place and no killings are reported unlike in other towns and cities all over the country.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Maintaining the House

No matter what we do, our house will deteriorate in time. The weather and everyday use inside the house are just some factors that can make our house damage. As a a homemaker, we should be ready if repairs will be done because there are times that repairs will come unexpectedly and simultaneously.

Just the other week, our backdoor just gave up without any warning and the roof also needs some minor repair. My mom has no choice but to call her trusted all-around handyman to repair and check other things in the house. I overheard that they need some new screws, joints, nails and more and it's pretty easy now to order at their supplier. Some people even order online as reid has ample supplies for homes and industries.

Today, the desk fan of my niece got busted and sparked. Thankfully, nothing else happened except it emits a foul smell. They bought another one today and those little unnecessary expenses will add to the monthly budget.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Everyone Needs a Good Sleep

Ahhhhh sleep.... everyone needs a good one.

Been working hard again these days since my birthday and holidays are coming again in no time so I have to double my time to earn some more. It only means that I need to be in my computer for extra more hours just to finish some details.

I have experienced dizziness and sometimes imbalance because of lack of sleep so I told myself to be in bed by 10 pm. I recovered for few months but oh boy, here I am again staying late at night which I guess is not good for my health and for everyone else. Sound sleep is what I need and I even tempted to buy a foambymail memory foam topper that probably can aid in my sleep at night.I might have to try one soon.

Apart from that, I really need to discipline myself once again to sleep early because if not I'll experience dizziness once again.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Philippine Public Holidays for 2014

Pres. President Benigno Aquino III signed Proclamation 655 last month already announced the Philippine Public holidays and additional non working days for all of us.

 Jan. 1, Wednesday - New Year’s Day -
April 9, Wednesday    Araw ng Kagitingan -
April 17 Maundy Thursday
 April 18-   Good Friday -                          
 May 1, Thursday -     Labor Day -                        
 June 12, Thursday - Independence Day -
Aug. 25, last Monday of August- National Heroes Day -
Nov. 30, Sunday Bonifacio Day -
 Dec. 25, Thursday Christmas Day -
 Dec. 31, Tuesday- Rizal Day -

Special (Non-Working) days
Chinese New Year - Jan. 31, Friday
Black Saturday - April 19
Ninoy Aquino Day - Aug. 21, Thursday
All Saints' Day - Nov. 1, Saturday

Additional special (non-working) days
Dec. 24, Wednesday                                                                  
Dec. 26 Friday
Last Day of the Year -  Dec. 31, Wednesday

Special Holiday (for all schools)
EDSA Revolution Anniversary -  Feb. 25, Tuesday

Now that the sched are released you can now  plan your trip and vacations as it means we have 4 long weekends next year.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tutoring Is an Art: Molding Minds with Modern Tools

They say those who can, do and those who can’t, teach. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truths of tutoring, as the profession is advancing in step with the times, to encompass not only more and more modern techniques, but also young, bright minds, the doers of the future, who turn to it as a valuable stepping stone toward realizing bigger dreams. Gone are the times when pensioned teachers with an eye to making some extra cash and no vocation to speak of rigidly went into private in-home lecturing, the classroom ethos never too far behind - tutors are now hipper, more passionate about their subjects, more adept at adapting to their students’ needs, in other words, latter-day senseis.

Past Masters of Teaching, Now a Click Away

Finding a tutor to help students with standardized tests, a particular headache of a class, or even college applications - anything school-related, really - is as easy as heading on to a local tutoring agency’s, or a local branch of a wider network. Most will have thoroughly vetted the tutors they work with and won’t have left any stone unturned, or any subject unassigned - the student in search of professional, personalized help can browse subjects and available tutors, while a qualified overseer will make sure the system provides the best possible match for the student’s needs.

As parents don’t even need to be involved in the selection process anymore, or, for that matter, at no point along the way could their presence be anything more than just distracting, so too the tutoring session itself doesn’t need to happen over at the student’s house anymore. Tutors and students can achieve the necessary focus level at other locations as well, that might fit better into both their schedules - an unconventional space will also do fine, after all, won’t a park bench-set show-and-tell lesson suit a topic like Fibonacci’s golden ratio to a tee?

Methodical Doesn’t Equal Boring!

While the meeting place may vary, the methods used in teaching have also evolved a great deal over the last decade, with more and more tutors tapping into the potential of Internet-aided studying, for one. Some of the most effective and newest ways of bringing knowledge across to students in easier-to-swallow pills are strategies that take into account the makeup of each individual student and work within these parameters.

•    The associative approach involves, as the name suggests, pointing out practical applications of the notions studied, as well as relating them to real-life situations. As a tutor is more likely (than one who teaches a whole classroom of kids) to know about their student’s life, this method is particularly useful in both creating a friendly rapport with the tutee and achieving understanding without drilling concepts like a broken record.
•    The high-tech approach is all about reframing the everyday gadgets students use for fun as learning tools - with the added bonus that, being also portable, these teaching instruments work in any environment of your choice. Computers can provide a more interactive support for flowcharts, tablets can be stand-ins for workbooks, and, in case you missed the memo, educational software has made its way into the mobile app stores too!

Teaching through methods like these, that embrace the current face of the world, and also in a way that engages the child’s unique character, skill set, even his or her hobbies - this is the future in tutoring and the right tutors, the forward-thinking ones, they are adapting as we speak.

Work and Blessings

Working at home is something that I have not dreamed of but I have been working at home for the last 6 years now and I'm totally satisfied with my current and chosen career. Eventhough I also have a small net cafe where I have several computers that my customers rent, I still regard my online work as my primary source of income.

I feel so blessed with what I have done online and I'm continuously praying that more works will come by. There are times that works are overflowing while there are days when they are scarce and that is the time when I feel low and impatient.

Though I think I have mastered the art of waiting and researching, I was able to bounce back into full-time blogging in not time. Works started pouring in again and I feel so blessed. Just few weeks ago I got disappointed with one particular contact and I totally lost it. However, that didn't put me down as I new offers come by and it was overflowing this time.

I'm so thankful to the Lord for all the things coming and it's really true that when you share and wait, something will good will come back.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Deal with Aggressive Preschoolers

Preschoolers are at an impressionable age in their lives. When someone is aggressive or violent with them, chances are they will imitate that behavior as well. When you’re working at a preschool such as the one at, you may see a few children with these behavior tendencies. It can be hard to run a classroom when you have kids who decide to be disruptive and cause conflict with other students. These kids may hit, bite, name call, pull hair, or throw temper tantrums. It’s up to you to confront these issues so kids will understand the appropriate way to act in your classroom.


For kids to effectively learn about correct behavior, be sure you clearly communicate with them. If you see an aggressive action occurring, stop it right way. Use a firm but loving voice so the child will match your mood. Refrain from yelling and know that violence is never an acceptable answer in this setting. Understand the child’s perspective and validate him for feeling the way he does. Tell him that his action was not the right way to respond and tell him how another child may feel about his aggression. Instruct the child on how to effectively communicate and achieve what he wants. Take your time and do not rush through these conversations so your message can sink in.

Disciplinary Actions

In order for a child to understand consequences, you must give punishment and rewards when appropriate. A time-out may be the right answer in certain situations. It gives the child time to cool off and space from the other kids. After a few minutes have elapsed, the child will likely be ready to apologize and make restitutions for his actions.

Remember to give praise when it’s due.

If your kids are good, attentive students that day, feel free to give them stickers on a chart that monitors their daily behavior. After a child gets so many stickers, he can receive a prize. If a child’s behavior does not improve and maybe even worsens, you may need to consult the parents. For ideas on how to run a preschool smoothly, visit

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Building a Wooden Fence for Your Home


Get your STIHL tools out. It's time to build that fence you've been putting off. The following article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself. Who doesn't like a bit of DIY?

Step One

Once you have consulted with your neighbour (if necessary) you will need to layout where the fence will be installed. You will need to be sure that it doesn't approach onto your neighbour's property and that the style is agreed upon.

Step Two

How high are you planning to build? Determine what height you would the fence to be. This will be influenced by the purpose the fence will be serving. Is it for privacy, is it to keep pets in or just to mark your property line?

Step Three

You've decided the height and purchased the equipment. You'll need to set your end posts. These are what gives the fence stability and keeps it standing up. They are usually located at either end or any corners. It does depend on the length of your garden though. You may need a couple more. Use a post hole digger to dig the holes. The depth of the holes will depend on the soil you are working with and the size of the fence. Place the posts in the hoes and fill around them with cement and dirt.

Step Four

You'll need some string, preferably a florescent colour. You will use it to pull a builders lines from post to pose. This should be at level height from the ground. This will allow you to dig the intermediate holes in alignment with the fence, and give you a depth so that the posts will all be the same height.

Step Five

Lay out the post holes between the end posts. This will depend on the length of your fence.

Step Six

The remaining posts will need to be set. They should measure the same distance from the top of each. Don't be afraid to measure twice. There is no such thing as being too careful.

Step Seven

You'll need to backfill the posts firmly. They are the support of the fence, they need to be strong.

Step Eight

Nail the vertical boards; leave a space between each board. You don't to leave a huge gap because the wood will shrink.

Step Nine

You'll need to paint the fence with a waterproof sealer. You need to protect the wood. If you plan on painting with finish paint go for an oil based sealer. Use oil based polyurethane paint or exterior enamel for the finish paint.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Relaxing Music- flute Ocean Wave Sound

It's been a tiring day. I have tons of online and offline works to do but I have accomplished 90% of them so I am so productive today.

Before calling it a night, I have the habit to watch funny videos or listen to calming music. This way, I can relax and mind off from worries. This is a very relaxing music, the ocean wave sounds and the flute can make you feel relax and at one with nature. Close your eyes while listening to this and you'll feel relax and stress-free.I got intrigues with the flute sound and I guess the piccolos for sale online can be a good investment to those who wanted to try playing this instrument.

Listen this when you want to write, collect your thoughts, meditate, think about your life and for any purpose and I hope it can help you.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

All Flooded

Maring and Habagat wreak havoc in our country this week and it left thousands of people displaced from their homes.

A lot of provinces and some towns have been declared State of Calamity due to the severe damages on thier areas and that includes our town. It's pretty hard to watch the news everyday and see all the people asking and begging for food in the relocation centers. They have no food and only have little clothes that they brought with them. A lot of kids and elders are getting sick already with cough, colds, fever, fungal infection and other ailments. Thankfully, there are medical missions being given by the gov't and non-gov't organizations and they are a big help.

Up until today and tomorrow, some of the areas will still have no classes due to floods. I wish that floods will subside fast in many areas so that the people will be back to their normal lives.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Pot of Gold

I can feel the blessings pouring in once again and I’m so thankful for all of the works that I’m receiving online. I just felt like I found a pot of gold! Not everyone is blessed with works when you don;t need to go outside of your home anymore.

With the blessings that I am getting, I need to be more hardworking so that I can finish all of them on time in no time. Although I have my online works, I still need to find more ways to earn so I can save more for my future. I should not be too complacent for I know this is not a stable job. There are highs and lows so I better be prepared for some unforeseen circumstances that will come.

Since my net cafe business is not that lucrative anymore, the thoughts on how to buy gold and forex trading also entered in my mind. I'm not very knowledgeable about those industries but I know I can learn them slowly if I'm going to be patient.

Right now, I just hope and pray that the pot of gold will continue to hold more blessings so I can also share.

Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Budget Wisely

Ever thought once why does money easily spend while earning of it is very hard? Technically, that’s the cycle of money. However, one can make it slow if he or she only knows how to budget his or her money then.

Budgeting for majority of us is quite difficult to do especially if a person has a lot of plans to make. But nevertheless, if you do have control between your plans and your money, keeping it for long is possible.

Money management is one of the best solutions when it comes to those people who never happen to keep their money for long in their hands. Even when it comes to business such as forex (feel free to read more about forex those investors also try their best to keep their investment spent wisely.

The following are the effective things that can help you to lessen your problems with money:
1.    Set aside those unnecessary things. As much as possible, prioritize first those important things that needed the most.
2.    Try something different when it comes to dating your loved ones. Going on an expensive restaurant is not really necessary for you and your loved one/s to have a perfect date. Affordable restaurants have delish food and at the same time, provide high quality of service too just like what expensive resto has to offer. Thus, trying something new will not just help you how to save from too much expenses but also teaches you learn something as well.
3.    When it comes to buying of wardrobe, it’s not really necessary for one to buy branded clothing. What is important is that you are comfortable of what you are wearing. This applies to shoes, bags, purses, and so much more too.
4.    If you have planned for a vacation, make sure to list down all the things needed and the money you estimate to use.
5.    Always never forget to secure a savings every income you receive. And never ever use it unless if it is emergency already.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Coca-Cola: Changing the world, one smile at a time!

Saw this video at Facebook and thought I'd share it also here in my blog to spread some smile.

This video from Coca-Cola is trying to know how many people will smile back when a person smiles at them. Their team were sent to different countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Jamaica and more and they will try to bring some smiles from random people on the street, bus, train, etc.. Anyone who smiles will receive a surprise gift like a bottle of Coke, cap, flowers, sunglasses and even a bike.

Smile and someone will smile back at you! I don;t mind smiling back from a stranger and it's even more great to get a small token from smiling.

SMILE everyone!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tips for Expanding Your Small Business Operations

Your small business doesn't have to stay small forever. Acquiring new clients and expanding your market share can be done without spending a lot of money or hiring a lot of new employees. What are some good ways to expand your small business?

Take Advantage of the Internet

The Internet is a great resource for small business owners. Creating your own website can be used as a tool to expand market share without having to do anything other than maintain your site. You can set up your site to accept payments in multiple currencies as well as handle sales tax calculations.

Encourage Customer Referrals

An easy way to expand your business is to have current customers refer you to new customers. This is a powerful way to market your company without having to spend a dime on advertising costs. The best part is that your new customers will come to you with a positive attitude and will be ready to pay whatever you charge. When there isn't much to haggle about, you can get started with a paying client much sooner than you otherwise would.

Look For Government Grants and Tax Breaks

If you need to buy a new factory or a few new employees, there is a right way to accomplish that goal without spending too much. State and local governments will typically offer tax breaks to encourage hiring and building in a particular part of town. These grants and tax breaks can offset part or all of your expansion costs. This means that your company will experience an increase in profits right away.

Get Some Help

Virtual Office Chicago can help you need by providing a receptionist to answer and forward calls as you see fit no matter where you are in the world, this helps makes sure your growing business never misses a potential lead. In addition to a virtual receptionist a virtual office provides all the traditional business tools you'd expect at a fraction of the cost.

Offer Franchise Deals To Help You Expand

Franchising offers you the ability to let others operate their own business while helping you profit at the same time. Franchise owners will split their profits with you in exchange for using your brand name and products. The benefit to the business owner is that you don't have to cover all of the costs of expansion while being able to expand into markets that you otherwise wouldn't have been able to.

Automate and Innovate As Much As Possible

Automation can provide a huge boost to your productivity. Instead of answering calls all day, a machine can take messages for you. Instead of flying to meetings, hold them over the phone via a VoIP connection. The use of technology to automate and innovate can save your company a lot of money while allowing it to expand to new markets.

Expanding your company doesn't mean that you have to build a lot of factories and spend money on employees. All it means is that your company is gaining new customers and gaining a foothold in new markets. This will help your business make more money while helping to grow your brand.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Power of our Subconscious Mind

I always hear and often times people tell me that when I wanted to do something and really want to achieve that goal badly, we need to focus our minds into it and subconsciously without even trying to notice it we achieve what ever we want to have or do. Our minds dictate what we do and if we set our minds into something positive the more we set our goals and the more we reach for it.

If we think positive and good thoughts, the  more we soak up or invite positive energy in our body. So if we always think about negative thoughts we’ll never achieve any.

I was browsing the net this morning after a very happy and interesting chat with my sister’s former co-teachers I came across a website that talks about subliminal powers and it was very interesting to read. One of the things that they are also promoting on the site is theirsubliminal CDs that anyone can use to achieve anything (for business, health, love, self confidence and more).

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dental Care Tips for Flossing

When you go to the dentist, he or she may ask you how often you’ve flossed and emphasize the importance of doing so daily. While it may be tempting to skip this step before you go to bed, you should know why it is essential to floss. Flossing is how you can access those hard-to-reach spots in your mouth. You’d be surprised at how many fillings you can dodge if you clean these areas, which account for 60% of the surface area of your teeth. Follow these tips for Pembroke Pines dental care to enhance your smile.

How to Choose Dental Floss

The type of dental floss is usually a matter of preference. Many choose between waxed and non-waxed floss. Some favor waxed floss because it’s stronger and glides more smoothly in the mouth. Plus, it’s less likely to shred if your teeth are pointy or are shaped differently because of a cavity. For smaller gaps, it’s wise to invest in a Teflon-like floss. Another consideration is whether you would like flavored or plain floss. Again, this depends on what you want to get out of your flossing experience. Some believe flavored floss leaves a nice aftertaste, while others would like to do without the extra additive. Remember that just because you might initially bleed doesn’t mean you need to switch types of floss. All bleeding means is that your gums are adjusting to the floss movements.

Alternatives to Standard Dental Floss

You don’t have to use standard dental floss to provide Pembroke Pines dental care and clean the spaces between your teeth. For one, you can use floss picks. There are some individuals who have trouble with finger dexterity, so they rely on disposable plastic handles with wire floss already set up on them. Another alternative is power flossers. All you have to do is stick the floss between your teeth and push a button, which causes the floss to vibrate in your mouth and do the work for you. Don’t forget about antibacterial mouthwash. Swishing this stuff around in your mouth will strengthen your teeth and prevent gingivitis and inflammation. Granted, it’s not a substitute, but it can clear out some food particles. Last, if nothing else is available, use a toothpick or even a strand of long hair.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recollecting Memories During our Medical Years

I was cleaning the living room and re-arranging photo albums when I stumbled on my old college album. As I was flipping through the pages, it brings back lots of good recollections while I was still studying on my medical years. It’s been 2 decades already but the memories are still lingering. The days that we spent on duties at different hospitals are always memorable for we are exposed to different patients and different samples at the laboratory.

I had quite a lot of fun and great experiences on our 4th year as Medical Technologists for we are already on our internship year. The endless trips to the E Rand respective rooms to get blood samples of our patients were quite a challenge and an experience. There are times when we need to extract blood from a difficult patient, patients who are about to die and in severe pain. We need to give our utmost care and patience in doing our work. Waking up in the middle of the night during our night duties is also different as we need to be on call anytime.

I hope next time, I’ll have the chance to see my friends way back at the time we’re wearing our uniforms so that more memories will bring back.

Ahhh.. I just misses being a Medical Technologist!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Succeed in Acting School

If you’re serious about acting, you may consider going to school to learn more about the craft. Acting school offers several benefits. You can learn more about improvisation, cold reading, scene study, and other areas of acting. Practicing these techniques can help you grow as an established actor. If you want to do well when you invest in the services of www.ActingSchoolsLosAngeles.comor another organization, be sure you follow these tips.


You can’t spell “listen” without “silent.” In other words, to effectively listen and learn, you need to carefully observe what’s being taught. It may be tempting to be the center of attention when you’re in an acting class, but quality actors know how to stay quiet and absorb the instructor’s teachings. You can also benefit from watching other actors. The teacher will critique their performances, and you can use these tips to improve your acting methods. Take your own mental notes of what is working in a performance and what areas need improvement.


After you’ve soaked up all the details from class, make sure you practice the techniques. You can do this on stage or in the comfort of your own home. Mirrors are helpful to see how your performance may appear to an audience. Give yourself homework so you can better learn your lines. Running your lines just a few minutes every day can help a lot. You’ll also discover new ways to deliver your lines. Overall, your performance on stage will be much improved.

Put Yourself Out There

As many seasoned actors can attest, you need to put yourself out there to get ahead. Get over your shyness and don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you enroll in Your acting instructor will be there to give you helpful feedback and help you become a better actor. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice if you don’t understand or have trouble with a technique or a part of a scene. It’s important to note that you won’t learn much if you can’t accept criticism. Abandon your ego and be receptive to criticism from teachers and classmates. Remember that being an artist means being willing to explore new territory to see what works and what doesn’t.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sinful Chocolates

I have many relatives in the US, Australia and Saudi Arabia and one of the most awaited gifts that we always await is none other than chocolates. I guess it’s already common for Pinoys to bring home or send chocolates to their loved ones. And what a pure delight it always brings to eat all kinds of chocolates. All these chocolate will always have a place in our mouths as my family was all choco-holics.

With the holidays coming in few more months (yey!), for sure there are many balikbayans that will come home bringing gifts to their loved one. There are many delicious and quality dark chocolates products like dark chocolate bars, gift sets, truffles (yum!!), sugar free, tofee and lots more actually that are perfect as gifts.

I must say the chocolates will never be out of any people’s sweet tooth cravings. A recent study also notes that dark chocolate is also rich in antioxidants. What does that means? It means eating chocolates in moderation helps minimize the bad cholesterol in our body and also aid in lowering the risk of heart disease. I reckon we can always indulge ourselves eating chocolates anytime (not too much ok!) and get pure bliss out of it.

Choco lovers will surely be delighted to have a choco gift set. Yum.!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back to Workforce Again

My bessie is going back to workforce again soon after few months of being a wahm. She's been contemplating for many weeks now if she's going back to work since work at home jobs become scarce for a moment. She needs to work doubly hard for she has 3 kids all studying at privates schools and of course she needs to attend to their education.

With so much praying and thinking, she's going back to her old employer with a good salary that can take care of all their household and even her children's expenses. I'm sure it will not be hard for her to adjust on her new work and other office systems like the biometric fingerprint time clock that she told me before. She is hard working and very dedicated employee, mom and wife.

I'm wishing my bessie well and I hope she made the right and good decision for her family.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Day at the Trade Show

I had the chance to join my sister in Australia on a sponsored visit visa status where I had a great vacation. We went to different tourist spots and places and that includes trade shows on days that she and her husband showed me around the city. Since the couple loved to google on new products, technologies and new home furniture offered in the market, we visited a home depot trade show. What struck me no end is the wide array of carpets on display lying beautifully on the trade show flooring. This alone caught almost everybody's attention due to the product's intricate and intriguing designs. Those carpets are actually made in Saudi Arabia and they are a common sight be it Persian or Turkish.

Every trade show participants should be extra creative in conceptualizing their booths by putting logo mats or even canopy so that they can attract more clients. There are practically lots of marketing strategies that they can incorporate there. But with what I’ve seen I’m two thumbs up already to that wide array of marketing approach and products at the trade show.

Anyway, we were able to buy few furniture pieces and we can't get over the excitement of seeing the newly purchased products. We even eagerly suggested to a friend to go and see the ongoing trade show in the city. Our visit to that trade show doesn’t stop there because we have visited other fairs and shows. I know that when I’ll have the opportunity to come back there again we’ll be going to those places will be included in our itinerary once again.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keep Calm and Sing

Music soothes our soul and calms our spirit.

I always find time listening to music no matter what as it can uplift me when I'm feeling down or when I want to groove and just let it loose.

Singing also makes up relieve some stress, try it once when you are having a bad day and you'll see a good effect. Of course you need to sing happy or upbeat songs that can make your worries away. Music lovers especially those that have passion for it find it also very helpful to invest on good gadgets, instruments and other tools that they can use to record or even for audio systems.

So, the next time you are feeling low or even if you are happy, try singing your heart out for it's also beneficial to our health.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ellen DeGeneres invites Aldrich Lloyd Talonding to her Show

I first saw the video of Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and his cousin at and I was in awe at how beautiful his voice is. Pinoys are known to be good singers so I will not wonder if he will become singer in the future while his cousin will be a musician keeping a voodoo labs pedal power supply for all battery-operated guitar effects that he might need to play. They are now You tube sensation and they have been invited by various local TV shows to show their talent.

Now, Ellen Degeneres wants them at her show in the US.,  good for them! I know they will receive lots of praises and applause from American audience just like what Charice and other YouTube sensation got. As of this writing, there's no news yet of the 2 boys already got a US visa to go to the US. I hope their American dream will come trough soon as their talents are worth showing to the whole world.

Here's Ellen's invitation

Here's their video that I got from YOUtube singing "Dance with my Father"

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No Reason Not to be Healthy

Being healthy is what we all attain for but with the weather, pollution on the streets, food that we eat and our lifestyle; we certainly can’t keep our bodies in tip top shape all the time. I had days when I got stomach upset, migraine or colds and I have to deal with them and fortunately with rest and medicines, I was able to combat them.

It’s hard being sick and for some getting sick and going to the hospital are part of their lives already and that is so sad. If I have time I sometimes read articles about health that can keep me informed with all kinds of diseases and conditions that we call can have.

I'm trying to do my morning walking, biking and some booty exercises that can keep me going. Aside from that, I try to eat healthy foods as much as I can. I don't stay away from fatty foods or fried foods though but I just have them in moderation. There’s no more excuse not to be healthy these days.

Hard Living and Getting Old Alone

My heart goes to my aunt who is in her 70's and living alone. She has no husband or any child that can help her now that she is in her senior years. She still can cook and fairly do household chores in her small house just at the back of my brother's house but I can see her struggle to walk most of the times. I am guessing this is due to arthritis or signs of getting old. I just saw her using a cane most of the times and I have so many knee walker questions that I need to know before I'll ask her to get one.

Since I don't have someone as well, I just hope and pray that there will be someone to take care of me when I grow old. If fate would turn me being single for the rest of my life then I should accept that fate and just move on. Being so sad, angry and even detach from the world are something that I don;t want to experience for I will be only be miserable.

Wishing that my aunt's health will not fail that much since she's living  alone.

Today - 6.5.2013

Outside my window…I can see my dog Sophie at the gate waiting for other dogs bec. she's in heat .. yay!
I am thinking… of  what to cook for lunch. I got so lazy just to even think what to cook. Also thinking of having my iPhone OS upgraded so I can post pics at my Instagram account once again.
I am thankful for… my recent trip in Ilocos with my niece, it was a great adventure
From the kitchen…left over spaghetti from my SIL's birthday yesterday. Half eaten taho that I bought this morning. Prune juice that I drunk because I'm having hard time to go.
I am wearing…  my old comfy house dress we call duster
I am creating… or I actually created several photobook templates for Artscow and it;s free to use
I am reading… just few blogs while doign my abh rounds
I am hoping… that I can travel again in November just in time for my birthday. Wishing and hoping that there will be seat sale
I am hearing… birds chirping and the sound of metals banging at the motor shop in front of our house.
Around the house…I'm just alone, just doing my blogging, and cooking (rice only hehe). Later on, my SIL and bro with their daughter will arriev to have lunch
One of my favorite things… my new casual dresses. I'm into it lately.. yey!
A few plans for the rest of the week:  nothing much. Update my travel blog and other.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Adam Kutner: Roadway Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths

When most people think of road-related accidents, they assume the accident involves an automobile or motorcycle. Although those type of accidents are very prevalent, there are also many pedestrian accidents that fall in the road-related accident category. Adam Kutner, Attorney at Law, realizes that around 5,000 pedestrians die and around 78,000 are injured each year as a result of road-related accidents.

These accidents and deaths can be a result of sidewalk defects, poor property maintenance, parking lot hazards, debris and pedestrians being struck by automobiles. In some cases, the pedestrians are at fault. However, in some instances, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for the pedestrian’s injury or death.

Random Thoughts on the 1st of June

Goodbye May and hello there June!!

We're in the middle of the year already and have you accomplished much that you have expected? Personally, I think I have done a pretty good job with my work and at my offline world. Have traveled in so many places and hoping that I can travel more this year and coming years. I come to realize that I need to travel more for it can open myself to many different things that I can't normally see, do and experience if I will just stay at home and at my comfort zone.

I'm also looking forward to new great things that the Lord will bless me this year. I know more great things are coming my way as long as I am patient, obedient and hard working.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7 Unique Ways to Make Money from Home

If your circumstances indicate that it would be better for you to generate an income whilst at home, there are many ways in which this can be achieved. Working from home will save on costly overheads, such as leasing property, staff wages and transport to and from work. In the current financial economic climate, the workforce is constantly changing. Establishing a home based business is a smart strategy. Making money from home is suitable for all ages; stay at home mums, retirees, the incapacitated, the healthy and actually, anybody at all. It may be challenging at the outset, but the eventual rewards will be worth the effort.

Call Centre

Call centres redirect their calls to home based individuals. If you love talking with people on the phone and have a good telephone manner and can collate information efficiently, you could make money this way. You will need a quiet uninterrupted area to work from.

Selling unwanted items online

The best way to begin is to sell all your unwanted household and personal items online. There are several online auction and classified sites where you can begin. Make sure your uploaded photos are clear and include a concise description of the product for sale.


If you have a talent, whether it be making crafts, are an accomplished musician or have teaching experience, tutoring may be the perfect way to make some extra money. You can choose the hours to suit you. You could organise to have a weekly craft group where you can pass on your knowledge and skills. You could teach budding musicians skills on instruments or help students by tutoring in various school subjects.


With so many families where both parents have to work and childcare centres filled to capacity, childcare has now become a booming home based industry. There are regulations to follow but many parents prefer to have their child looked after in a home environment.

Daily Tasks

Time poor people prefer to let others do the day to day tasks. You could establish a laundry/ironing/alteration service from home. You can feed or walk pets. If you feel you have an inner masterchef, perhaps you could cater for small parties.

Freelance writing

There are many online job boards for freelance writers. To begin marketing yourself, send samples of your writing to these companies. This will take commitment and persistence.

Making and selling crafts

If you are creative, there are many online sites that specialise in selling craftwork of all kinds. You can list your items for a small fee and join these sites which have a huge following of lovers of handmade items.
There are many other unique forms of home based businesses. Decide what type of business you would like to see yourself in and do your research. It is also important to establish a schedule when working from home. If you have left the workforce, your skills as a typist could be put to good use doing resumes, data entry or transcriptions. You could also do small run digital printing jobs from home. Making money from home can be a very rewarding experience.

Jenna is a stay at home mum and full time blogger. She likes writing about children’s activities and DIY arts and crafts.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Aspiring Singers

There are so many singing competition shows on TV right now like The Voice, X-factor and other talent shows as well where aspiring singers are joining with the hopes of winning. The prizes and fact that the winner can become popular are very appealing to all the contestants that is why we can never blame them for lining up, patient in waiting and rehearsing just to achieve their dreams.

Those that have won already will work double time to impress their audience and their fans. It's hard being in the limelight but I guess if they love their work and what they are doing then it will not be hard for them. There are also many studios where anyone can practice, I am sure that there are hi-tech gadgets and instruments where they can get them.

If you have dreams, chase it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Phillipine Election 2013

As a good citizen, I have exercised my right to vote yesterday. May 13, 2013 is our national elections. Senators, Congressman, Governor/Vice-Gove, Mayor-vice etc. will be elected.

Voting is much easier and faster these days as it is automated already. As for my experienced, from finding my name and precinct number to casting my vote it just took me only 10 mins. and that is so convenient. PCOS machines worked well in our precinct and no other problem arises as what I know.

Right now, my TV is on since this morning waiting for the results and I just hope only those deserving and those who are capable in serving our nation and people won. Though there are some incidents of crimes and other election related incidents, the Comelec (Commission on Election) said the election is generally peaceful.

Happy that I voted!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beating the Heat of the Sun

It's summer here in our part of the world and it's hot hot hot!!

Summer started around mid March and it will last till end of May. Since it's summer, going to the  beach, swimming at the pool and going out of town are just some of the things people will do. It's more enjoyable when you are with your friends and family as it become a great bonding time and creating beautiful memories together.

When it's summer, the scorching heat of the sun can damage our skin and eyes if we don't protect them properly so it's s must to wear something that will protect us.

If you intend of going out for long period of time, remember to bring hat, umbrella, wear sunglasses (you can wear designer glasses like prada sunglasses at, and don't forget to put on sunblock. Also, wear comfy clothes and drink lots of water.

Enjoy the summer!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

There's so Much Treasure

Ahh.. finally back home from 4D/3N Ilocos Getaway with my niece. We've been dreaming to go there for long time now and finally we're able to go there. I have so many fond memories while there. There's too much historical stories and treasures that I have known and I am so blessed and fortunately to have been there.

The province is full of history and treasure, the old house, churches and the way of life are something they are proud of. I guess those are more valuable than a silver bullion that you can get online. They are priceless!

I will share more stories and photos soon , maybe on my travel blog as soon as I get them organized.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing: Suspect Photos Released

The FBI recently released the  video and photos of the Boston Marathon bombings suspects and they said that they are both armed and very dangerous. Anyone who knows and see them are encouraged to call authorities.

The 2 suspects are in their 20's and as you can see in the video one is wearing a dark colored cap and sunglasses while the other one is wearing a white cap that is turned backwards with no sunglasses and both carrying a backpack. They are walking together towards the finish line where people are waiting.

I hope these suspects will be apprehended.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fixing Stubborn PC Problems

I was able to check on our computers few weeks back because my SIL told me that some of them keeps on freezing and our costumers are not happy about that. We have these computer rentals in our place and since different people are using the pc everyday downloading and doing many stuff there, it's not uncommon that pc will have problems after continued  and mis-use.

So to make our computers running better, I decided to reformat them so that it'll have fresh copies of Windows OS and other programs in it. It's kinda tedious work since I have to install many programs before I can let it use by our customers again. I  was able to reformat and install new programs in 4 computers in one day.

All pc are working good for the first few days after reformatting but one day, a customer told me that the pc is freezing once again so I just asked her to transfer to another pc. I was wondering why is that happening and I thought maybe it already needs a Registry repair or something else. I have to call my technician and have it check. I just wish nothing major problem will arise because it will mean more expense if a major problem will exist.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis I is the New Pope

The whole Catholic Church is now rejoicing for they have a newly elected Pope. A white smoke that appeared at the Sistine Chapel's chimney at the Vatican City signaled that a new Pope is elected. 76-year old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio the archbishop of Buenos Aires of Argentina is the 266th Pope in Catholic History and now will be called Pope Francis.

He is the 1st Jesuit Pope and 1st Latin American to be elected as Pope. At the balcony of the St. Peter's Basilica he vowed and asked the people to help pray to the Lord to bless him. With all the scandals and controversial that the Catholic church is facing now, I am positive and will pray that he can uphold the Catholic faith.

Ways to Get Your Kids off the Couch

What’s that lump on your couch? Get your kids away from the couch or rather computer and active. Childhood obesity is steadily increasing so now is the time to take action. The work starts at home. It’s as simple as encouraging and offering support. The following article lists some simple tips to help you eliminate couch potatoes from your family.

Get active together

Getting active is the best to get your kids motived. You are their role model whether you like it or not. You need to set the right example for them. If they see that you don’t mind get sweaty then they will have nothing to complain about. This means providing a healthy life style. Getting active together is not only a great way to stay healthy but to also have uninterrupted family time.

Sharing is caring

If you already have sport interest you should try sharing this with your child. Don’t force them to get involved, just give them the opportunity to. For example, if you are interested in cycling there are plenty of kids bicycles available. The prices won’t break the bank either.


Encourage your children to sign up for a sport or activity. You just need to ask them what they are interested in. It’s all about letting them know that you will support them with whatever activity they choose. Let them know that they don’t have to make a final decision, let them experiment. There are so many sports to choose from. Eventually you’ll find that one sport or activity that they really enjoy. It might be the activity they enjoy or the social interaction. Most likely it will be a mix of both.


What are your other friends with children doing? Contact your friends and ask them if they have their children involved in any sports or are thinking about it. This is a great way to find out what’s available. It gives you another source from the local parks and recreation facilities. Kids are more likely to enjoy an activity when they already know someone involved, they avoid the new kid status and awkward introductions.

Stay involved

Ask them regularly about the types of activities that are available at school and what they would like to get involved in. Going through the school can save you lots of money and means your children are networking with more children in their grade. Encourage them to practice what they learnt in physical education, it’s more fun than any other home work. Now is the time to start taking better care of ourselves and families. It starts with a healthy lifestyle. Start with small changes like diet and move your way up slowly to active family outings like bush walks. Enjoy life!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Finding your Passion

Every one of us has a hobby or passion on something. Personally, I love arts and crafts and already done so many hobbies through the years. I started out liking making crafts like paper wreath that I used to placed on my doors. I also made topiaries made of paper, buttons and flowers as it resembles small trees that I use to put in a small pot. Crochet and cross-stitching also got my attention and the last time I made a cross-stitch is way back on 2000.

These days, I'm more into digital scrapbooking and digital photography and I'm wondering what would be my next hobby. Passion is not all about hobbies for you can be passionate on different fields like music, dancing, visual arts, mechanical stuff that uses coupling nuts and other supplies.

Some people are passionate about animals, cars and more. No matter what is your passion it can make us relieve our stress or worries in our lives.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Random Thoughts

Wow, it's the 1st day of March already and I'm looking forward to all the challenges and experiences that it may bring.

On the 26th, it will be my dad's 79th birthday and if only he's alive, for sure we'll give him a birthday party as well just like what we are doing when mom is celebrating her birthday. It's just so sad that he is not around anymore, we celebrate his birthday and other events or occasions in our lives. He has not seen his grandchildren grow up and some slowly trying to make a living on their own. Tsk..tsk..

This year, we have no graduate but next year 2 of my nephews will graduate in high school and eventually will continue their college education. It's amazing how time flies so quickly. I used to take care some of my niece while they are growing and now they are becoming mature and ready to face life's challenges.

Today, I'm quite productive as I was able to go to our computer shop to reformat 2 of our desktop computers. It was not easy because some errors appear along the way but I managed to solve it.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 Little Known Secrets to Make Your Property Listing Stands Out

You will no doubt come across an abundance of competitive listings when listing your home for sale on the property market. You will be in constant discussions with your selected real estate agent of how to ensure your home is a ‘stand out’ above the hundreds of listings available in your respected region. So here lies the important aspect of developing a suitable technique of differentiating your home from the rest. There will be a variety of options to consider when initially listing your home for sale online and some other traditional, yet common sense methods could also be utilised.

Here are 5 little secrets to help your property listing stand out!

Featured Listings
When listing your home for sale on reputable websites (and there are many), you generally have a number of options to choose from regarding the listing features. Typical, however the more beneficial and more features you get generally determines the cost. If you want your listing to ‘stand out’, your best to choose the more prominent listing options available. Featured listings ensure your property retrieves at the top of first page search results every time. This feature will remain for the selected amount of time promised by the service provider. Therefore your listing will be seen first by everyone searching your specific region, attracting much more attention.

Have Your Home Cleaned Prior to Listing and Inspections
Prior to having your home listed for sale online or through other traditional methods, have your home cleaned and tidied thoroughly. You could potentially hire a professional to ensure suitable cleaning. However if you decide to take on the task yourself, focus on some of the more attractive features of the home. You home will ‘stand out’ much more if it’s clean and more attractive to buyers.

Have professional photos taken
A picture paints a thousand words. That being said, this should be considered when in the process of listing your home for sale. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the best possible images, from all angles and aspects in your home. These photos will then be the initial viewings prospected buyers have of your home, both online and in real estate offices. Therefore the better and more appealing the photos provided, the more your home will ‘stand out’.

Exclusive Listings

Many people don’t like allocating their home as an exclusive listing to real estate agents. You may think that having numerous agents working on selling your home is an advantage, however this is not the case. If you provide your property exclusively to one agent, they’ll focus more on achieving the best results for you. Your home will only appear in one agent’s portfolio, opposed to several, and will avoid looking like spam. Think about it like this, if you saw the same home listed online with several real estate agents, would that look attractive or messy? If you tie up your property with one respected agent, your home will appear classier and potentially generate more interest.

All agents will request you spend some money on advertising. This will apply with the ‘featured listing’ mentioned earlier. They’ll also be interested in traditional methods, such as flyers and mail-outs. Be prepared to spend a little money in order to make more with the highest possible sale price for your home.

There are a variety of ways to have your home ‘stand out’ from the rest. Speak to your friends, family and respected real estate agents to discover ways to help you. In the meantime, if you are looking at future homes, you can begin your own research. If you live on the Gold Coast, for example, be sure to check out some of the Gold Coast display homes available. Or where ever you may be located, there’ll surely be some display homes you can visit.

Written by Keith Hensley
Keith runs a reputable home building business in Australia. He is passionate about new green building technologies and ways to reduce footprint in the building industry.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Coming Home Soon

Summer vacation is coming in no time and I heard that some of my relatives in the US are coming over for their vacation. I don't have the exact date of their arrival because I'm pretty much sure that they wanted it to be a surprise. All I know is that they wanted to come home in summer here where the kids are on vacation from their school already.

I'm pretty much excited to see them once again because it;s not yearly that they come home but between 5 or more years. Last year 2 of my cousins from father side arrived and I was the one who toured them around and it was great.  I heard  from one of my aunt that my cousin is coming and will be bringing some geo f trumper colognes and other products for the guys while Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein and of course the famous Victoria's secret for women as gifts. Aside from all the "pasalubongs" or gifts that they will be bringing, we're all very excited to see them for it's such a great opportunity to catch up with them and bond.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel, Places and Me

Oh.. I really wanted to travel more but sometimes budget is really hindering me from doing so. I just hope and wish that I can save more this year or in the coming years so that I can travel more soon.

I made another blog and this time I made a travel blog  TRAVEL, PLACES and ME . I don't have a lot of travels yet but who knows. This is where I will share all my travels and places that I will go or want to go. I will also share travel promos from different airlines, and just about anything about travel.
(blog header that I made for my travel blog)
I'm longing to travel more here in the Philippines but I also wanted to explore Asia too and of course I can't wait to go back to Australia for I just love being there with my sister and her family.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Venturing into Business

So, a good friend of mine is venturing into catering business soon. She loves to cook and prepare meals that's why I'm not really shock or amaze when she told me she'll be doing that. When you want to have a business, find your passion and something that you really like so that you will not regard this as work or for money making only because you love what you are doing as well. I know it's not that easy to manage a business especially catering for she will handle a lot of people as well. Her husband is a marketing consultant so there's no doubt that they will help each other along the way. I guess they will also need to find a dashboard scorecard and other tools in managing their business. 

I'm just so happy for her and just wishing all the best for the success of her business. Success will not be an overnight thing for it will be a work in progress. I know that she's going to put all her heart and mind into it so it will not fail.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coffee Lover, No More

I am not sure when did I start drinking coffee but if I can guess it correctly it was probably around on my last years in highschool or early in college days. I love coffee with milk in it, just the plain condensed milk in a can is fine with me. I've tried those milk powder creams too but since I am already used with the condensed milk's taste I end up sticking with it.

I used to love drinking coffee everyday but when I seriously getting hyper-acidity, feeling so full and bloatness, my doctor advised me to stop drinking coffee. It was not hard for me to let go of this for I really wanted to get well. I stopped drinking coffee in March 2011, so it's been almost 2 years now .. yey! Doing so prevented me from having severe hyper-acidity attacks!

Now, water is all I want but I drink also drink hot chocolate and hot ginger juice from time to time.

Health of the Family

I always admire a good friend of mine in taking care of her whole family. Despite having hectic schedule from work, she can still manage to do all her house chores and other wife/mother obligations. I guess mothers will always make sacrifices for the sake of their her family.

Just one of the things that she is worried about her family is the health of her youngest son who not only suffers from mild eczema but also asthma. Two conditions that can be triggered by dirty and polluted environment. With her son’s condition, my friend never fails to keep their house clean and neat. Often opening their air conditioner and maintaining a certain temperate at night for her son will suffer when it is too hot and too cold. She's even thinking of buying an air purifier with whole house hepa filters that can also help maintaining the clean air in their home.

I just told her that she needs to keep the filters of the aircon and the purifier clean all the time because it can also harbor dusts and bacteria that can be blown away that can make her son more sick. So sad to know that her son suffers from asthma for I know attacks can only be prevented but not healed.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Giving me a Headache

Ohhh.. I just hate ranting on my blogs but I just can't help it. One blog of mine is currently not accessible for a week now because of a malicious code that was injected by the hacker on my WP host. A friend helped me along the way but still needed to clean some few things on the cpanel but my former host which is my nephew is not helpful these days. Arghhh.. I wish I know how to work and troubleshoot it so that I not bother anyone.

Transferred another domain to a new host today and not sure why the blog is showing at times but it's down most of the times. It's weird, really weird! I'm giving it another day for it to settle and I'm praying that it will so that my headache will be gone.

I'm not putting all the details of my problems with my blogs right now for I know all things will have a solution.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Can't Live Without Music

Most teens are into music these days especially mp3, ipod and even mobile phones are very affordable already. I've been seeing my teenage nephew with his headset on while listening to music and using the computer. Youtube is also great place where we can listen to music and videos and that is for free.

When he is not in front of his computer, I often see him listening music using his mobile phone. He just bought a new Samsung phone just last Sunday with his savings and he's been testing it non-stop and used it immediately. He enjoys music, computersgames and we're happy that he's not into bad vices.

I'm not quite sure what genre of music he is listening to but I'm sure it's not rock or heavy metal  because it's not in his personality. I remember the days when we're growing up, my bro and his dad are playing guitars and drums similar to  great Pearl Drums for they love rock music way back in the 70's.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Walking with Sophie

Ahhhh.. what a nice cool/cold weather we are having lately.

Enjoying the nice weather even though I got a bad cold since last week. Since the weather is like that, I have decided to start my walking/jogging with my dog Sophie. Just last Friday, we went out at 6:30 am and go to the nearest village where joggers and bikers are going. The weather was gloomy and sometimes windy and eventhough Sophie and I walked for an hour or so, we didn't even sweat.

We've been walking twice already and planning to walk again maybe Mon-Wed and Friday so I have continues exercise. After walking, I can feel that my body is energized and have feel alert. I'm not aiming to loose weight because I'm already skinny but walking can make my blood flowing, can improve my posture and can divert my mind to something else.

I'm also planning of buying a rubber shoes that is apt for walking or jogging so that it'll be easier for me. I'm eyeing Skechers rubber shoes and I'm gonna buy soon. As you can see, I'm wearing a tennis shoes here and on our second day of walking I got bruises even though I have socks on.

I know that proper shoes should be used to ensure there's no injury when doing certain kind of activity. Those that have problems with their feet might even need to wear lynco orthotics to relieve their sore feet. My legs are also hurting and it's due to non-stop walking for hours. I guess I might need to put a balm to relieve the pain, but it's not too bad anyway.

I will try to walk again tomorrow if I can wake up early again. I just hope this walking/jogging will get into my system so that it can also improve my health and well-being.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun Birthdays

Birthdays will always be special no matter what age you are. If you’re turning 1 or 100 years old everyone needs to celebrate our natal day with or without a party. It’s like giving thanks to the Lord for giving us another day of existence in this beautiful world. Every month (except August), every family member of mine celebrates his or her birthday. Usually we have a cake and spaghetti if there’s no big party and it’s enough for anyone to enjoy.

 Last January 6, my nephew celebrated his 15th birthday and we had a small party exclusive for our family, classmates (only boys) and church buddies (he is one of the knights of the altar). It was fun for we also had a videoke where anyone who is brave enough to sing can show off their singing skills. The party ended with songs and laughter.

A week after that, my dog Sophie celebrated her 4th birthday. I ordered a cake for her and cooked a special lunch too. I’m not sure if she knew that it’s her birthday but upon seeing her wagging tail, I bet she enjoyed the special treatment we gave her that day. February up until December will be birthday months for us and we’re always looking forward for each month to celebrate. There will be more candles to light and to blow and one thing is for sure, birthday is a happy occasion.

When someone celebrates birthday, we usually don’t expect gifts from anyone but it sure is heart-warming to receive birthday gifts from anyone who remembered our special day. Looking for giving gifts to give can be a bit hard at times but once you know the likes or even hobby of that person then it’ll be easier for you.

Browsing online stores like Spencer Gifts that offers unique and some naughty gifts can also help in finding the perfect gift. You can even get party supplies at that store. Inject some humor to any party and for sure you’ll have a one fabulous and cool party!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

National Holidays for 2013

So here's the list of our National Holiday for 2013and if you're planning a trip overseas or just an out of town trip, you can use this guide.

So with the looks of it we have long weekends on March and November 2013.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Praying for Financial Stability

I’m so very thankful that 2012 proved to be a good year for me, work wise. I have been blessed working online since 2007 and it is something that I am always grateful for I was able to manage our finances quite well.  I reckon it’s a blessing given to me from above to become a financial support since my net cafĂ© here in our neighborhood is not really picking up for years now. With the status of the business, I’m already planning of giving it up but I’m still holding on to it hoping that the situation will turn to be good in time.

Other than that, my digital designs at an online store are still rolling and the sales on the last quarter of 2012 are quite good since a lot of people are ordering gifts for their loved ones. Slow months will come again soon so the sales will just crawl once more but I don’t mind that as long I have continues earnings on many different sources. 

Now that 2013 arrived, I still have high hopes that it will be a good year once again for me as long as I will be hardworking, patient and dedicated on my work. Nothing is impossible as they say especially when you exert a lot of effort or do all you can to earn in a clean way. I may be lucky but there are many individuals who are having some financial problems. Dealing with that kind of situation is never easy most especially when you have tons of bills filing up that need to be paid. There are options that we can do to recover but the pit of debt can be debilitating for many of us. 

In the US and other countries, people can file for personal bankruptcy and you need a good certified lawyer to be on your side that will explain you all about bankruptcy laws and all.  A phoenix bankruptcy attorney can be of help to your financial woes. Their expertise can help you in the most crucial decisions about your finances and can guide and tell you more about the 3 main types of bankruptcy. Take time talking to your lawyer and discus what’s needed to be done to help you.

Am praying that I will not experience bankruptcy woes or if it will come, I sure hope and pray that I can handle and can get through it. Hoping for a good year to all of us!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Currently .....

1. listening - : I can hear the sound of our electric fan at the living room, the sound of mom's TV at her room, airplane passing by.

2. eating - trying to be healthy these past few days. Been eating lots of vegetables and fish. I cooked sweet and sour tilapia and crunchy tofu for lunch and dinner. For snack I have a slice of black forest cake from red ribbon

3. drinking - water the whole day. I also drink swiss miss on some days.

4. wearing - right now, my super comfy house duster.

5. feeling - sluggish and achy today. bouts of constipation and doctor gave me some laxatives and medicine to get my stomach's rhythm back into place. Feeling achy today i got my period too. Right eye is also hurting.

6. weather - kinda cool @27C - 8:42 pm. Since I have my period i wore socks earlier because my feet are too cold.

7. wanting - to finsih my 2012 Project 366 of Photo-a-day project soon

8. needing - i need to buy blender, turbo broiler etc. for my kitchen

9. thinking - about what to blog right now

10. enjoying - my days at home where I have all the time to do what I want