Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Deal with Aggressive Preschoolers

Preschoolers are at an impressionable age in their lives. When someone is aggressive or violent with them, chances are they will imitate that behavior as well. When you’re working at a preschool such as the one at, you may see a few children with these behavior tendencies. It can be hard to run a classroom when you have kids who decide to be disruptive and cause conflict with other students. These kids may hit, bite, name call, pull hair, or throw temper tantrums. It’s up to you to confront these issues so kids will understand the appropriate way to act in your classroom.


For kids to effectively learn about correct behavior, be sure you clearly communicate with them. If you see an aggressive action occurring, stop it right way. Use a firm but loving voice so the child will match your mood. Refrain from yelling and know that violence is never an acceptable answer in this setting. Understand the child’s perspective and validate him for feeling the way he does. Tell him that his action was not the right way to respond and tell him how another child may feel about his aggression. Instruct the child on how to effectively communicate and achieve what he wants. Take your time and do not rush through these conversations so your message can sink in.

Disciplinary Actions

In order for a child to understand consequences, you must give punishment and rewards when appropriate. A time-out may be the right answer in certain situations. It gives the child time to cool off and space from the other kids. After a few minutes have elapsed, the child will likely be ready to apologize and make restitutions for his actions.

Remember to give praise when it’s due.

If your kids are good, attentive students that day, feel free to give them stickers on a chart that monitors their daily behavior. After a child gets so many stickers, he can receive a prize. If a child’s behavior does not improve and maybe even worsens, you may need to consult the parents. For ideas on how to run a preschool smoothly, visit

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Building a Wooden Fence for Your Home


Get your STIHL tools out. It's time to build that fence you've been putting off. The following article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself. Who doesn't like a bit of DIY?

Step One

Once you have consulted with your neighbour (if necessary) you will need to layout where the fence will be installed. You will need to be sure that it doesn't approach onto your neighbour's property and that the style is agreed upon.

Step Two

How high are you planning to build? Determine what height you would the fence to be. This will be influenced by the purpose the fence will be serving. Is it for privacy, is it to keep pets in or just to mark your property line?

Step Three

You've decided the height and purchased the equipment. You'll need to set your end posts. These are what gives the fence stability and keeps it standing up. They are usually located at either end or any corners. It does depend on the length of your garden though. You may need a couple more. Use a post hole digger to dig the holes. The depth of the holes will depend on the soil you are working with and the size of the fence. Place the posts in the hoes and fill around them with cement and dirt.

Step Four

You'll need some string, preferably a florescent colour. You will use it to pull a builders lines from post to pose. This should be at level height from the ground. This will allow you to dig the intermediate holes in alignment with the fence, and give you a depth so that the posts will all be the same height.

Step Five

Lay out the post holes between the end posts. This will depend on the length of your fence.

Step Six

The remaining posts will need to be set. They should measure the same distance from the top of each. Don't be afraid to measure twice. There is no such thing as being too careful.

Step Seven

You'll need to backfill the posts firmly. They are the support of the fence, they need to be strong.

Step Eight

Nail the vertical boards; leave a space between each board. You don't to leave a huge gap because the wood will shrink.

Step Nine

You'll need to paint the fence with a waterproof sealer. You need to protect the wood. If you plan on painting with finish paint go for an oil based sealer. Use oil based polyurethane paint or exterior enamel for the finish paint.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Relaxing Music- flute Ocean Wave Sound

It's been a tiring day. I have tons of online and offline works to do but I have accomplished 90% of them so I am so productive today.

Before calling it a night, I have the habit to watch funny videos or listen to calming music. This way, I can relax and mind off from worries. This is a very relaxing music, the ocean wave sounds and the flute can make you feel relax and at one with nature. Close your eyes while listening to this and you'll feel relax and stress-free.I got intrigues with the flute sound and I guess the piccolos for sale online can be a good investment to those who wanted to try playing this instrument.

Listen this when you want to write, collect your thoughts, meditate, think about your life and for any purpose and I hope it can help you.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

All Flooded

Maring and Habagat wreak havoc in our country this week and it left thousands of people displaced from their homes.

A lot of provinces and some towns have been declared State of Calamity due to the severe damages on thier areas and that includes our town. It's pretty hard to watch the news everyday and see all the people asking and begging for food in the relocation centers. They have no food and only have little clothes that they brought with them. A lot of kids and elders are getting sick already with cough, colds, fever, fungal infection and other ailments. Thankfully, there are medical missions being given by the gov't and non-gov't organizations and they are a big help.

Up until today and tomorrow, some of the areas will still have no classes due to floods. I wish that floods will subside fast in many areas so that the people will be back to their normal lives.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Pot of Gold

I can feel the blessings pouring in once again and I’m so thankful for all of the works that I’m receiving online. I just felt like I found a pot of gold! Not everyone is blessed with works when you don;t need to go outside of your home anymore.

With the blessings that I am getting, I need to be more hardworking so that I can finish all of them on time in no time. Although I have my online works, I still need to find more ways to earn so I can save more for my future. I should not be too complacent for I know this is not a stable job. There are highs and lows so I better be prepared for some unforeseen circumstances that will come.

Since my net cafe business is not that lucrative anymore, the thoughts on how to buy gold and forex trading also entered in my mind. I'm not very knowledgeable about those industries but I know I can learn them slowly if I'm going to be patient.

Right now, I just hope and pray that the pot of gold will continue to hold more blessings so I can also share.

Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Budget Wisely

Ever thought once why does money easily spend while earning of it is very hard? Technically, that’s the cycle of money. However, one can make it slow if he or she only knows how to budget his or her money then.

Budgeting for majority of us is quite difficult to do especially if a person has a lot of plans to make. But nevertheless, if you do have control between your plans and your money, keeping it for long is possible.

Money management is one of the best solutions when it comes to those people who never happen to keep their money for long in their hands. Even when it comes to business such as forex (feel free to read more about forex those investors also try their best to keep their investment spent wisely.

The following are the effective things that can help you to lessen your problems with money:
1.    Set aside those unnecessary things. As much as possible, prioritize first those important things that needed the most.
2.    Try something different when it comes to dating your loved ones. Going on an expensive restaurant is not really necessary for you and your loved one/s to have a perfect date. Affordable restaurants have delish food and at the same time, provide high quality of service too just like what expensive resto has to offer. Thus, trying something new will not just help you how to save from too much expenses but also teaches you learn something as well.
3.    When it comes to buying of wardrobe, it’s not really necessary for one to buy branded clothing. What is important is that you are comfortable of what you are wearing. This applies to shoes, bags, purses, and so much more too.
4.    If you have planned for a vacation, make sure to list down all the things needed and the money you estimate to use.
5.    Always never forget to secure a savings every income you receive. And never ever use it unless if it is emergency already.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Coca-Cola: Changing the world, one smile at a time!

Saw this video at Facebook and thought I'd share it also here in my blog to spread some smile.

This video from Coca-Cola is trying to know how many people will smile back when a person smiles at them. Their team were sent to different countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Jamaica and more and they will try to bring some smiles from random people on the street, bus, train, etc.. Anyone who smiles will receive a surprise gift like a bottle of Coke, cap, flowers, sunglasses and even a bike.

Smile and someone will smile back at you! I don;t mind smiling back from a stranger and it's even more great to get a small token from smiling.

SMILE everyone!