Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Building a Wooden Fence for Your Home


Get your STIHL tools out. It's time to build that fence you've been putting off. The following article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself. Who doesn't like a bit of DIY?

Step One

Once you have consulted with your neighbour (if necessary) you will need to layout where the fence will be installed. You will need to be sure that it doesn't approach onto your neighbour's property and that the style is agreed upon.

Step Two

How high are you planning to build? Determine what height you would the fence to be. This will be influenced by the purpose the fence will be serving. Is it for privacy, is it to keep pets in or just to mark your property line?

Step Three

You've decided the height and purchased the equipment. You'll need to set your end posts. These are what gives the fence stability and keeps it standing up. They are usually located at either end or any corners. It does depend on the length of your garden though. You may need a couple more. Use a post hole digger to dig the holes. The depth of the holes will depend on the soil you are working with and the size of the fence. Place the posts in the hoes and fill around them with cement and dirt.

Step Four

You'll need some string, preferably a florescent colour. You will use it to pull a builders lines from post to pose. This should be at level height from the ground. This will allow you to dig the intermediate holes in alignment with the fence, and give you a depth so that the posts will all be the same height.

Step Five

Lay out the post holes between the end posts. This will depend on the length of your fence.

Step Six

The remaining posts will need to be set. They should measure the same distance from the top of each. Don't be afraid to measure twice. There is no such thing as being too careful.

Step Seven

You'll need to backfill the posts firmly. They are the support of the fence, they need to be strong.

Step Eight

Nail the vertical boards; leave a space between each board. You don't to leave a huge gap because the wood will shrink.

Step Nine

You'll need to paint the fence with a waterproof sealer. You need to protect the wood. If you plan on painting with finish paint go for an oil based sealer. Use oil based polyurethane paint or exterior enamel for the finish paint.

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