Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Christmas!

Yay, Christmas is over and we all had so much fun!!

The kids (my nieces and nephews) enjoyed receiving and opening their gifts while I enjoyed giving the gifts that I have for my godchildren who came to visit me on Christmas day. It's only every year when I get to see them and I'm amazed on how they have grown so much. I even have a godchild who is a 1st year college student now but he still visits me every year. Hahaha, I guess even if he's already married he'll still visit me to get his

The blessings that I got for this year is overflowing so it's also best to share it to my loved ones. I'm praying that 2013 bring new luck, hope and work. I just wish that there'll be no major calamities wherein so many lives has been taken.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winners of the 1st Amazing Race Phlippines

It's very surprising that celebrity friends LJ and CJ are the winners of the 1st Amazing Race Philippines but they deserve it!
LJ and CJ: Winners of the 1st Amazing Race Phlippines
image from

They are very competitive to think that they didn't have the chance to be in the first place ever in any leg.  I think the last leg really made them won! CJ was great doing the roadblock wherein she needs to put all the proper regions in order. CJ also didn't gave up eventhough she fell many times riding the motorbike. It was a team effort and just like in many other Amazing Race, you'll never know who'll win for there are many possibilities that will happen along the way.

FAUSTO and DAYAL bagged the 2nd place and they gave a good fight too. They have many errors along the way but they also didn't give up.

MARC and KAT got the 3rd place, surprising too because they have been winning 1st place on many legs. Marc got stranded for more than 3 hours at one roadblock and that made Kat lost her eagerness to race.

I enjoyed watching Amazing Race Philippines and hoping to watch more future seasons.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Colds Be Gone Please!

I have a cold for a week now and I'm actually healing with the help of medicines, ginger tea, strepsils and lots of water. It's pretty hard to have dry tickly cough especially at night when I need to get up because I'm coughing profusely. There's even an instance when I was about to throw up as my dry cough gets worse. Anyway, I'm feeling better now but hope it'll go away in few more days.

The other day, I was in need of my cold medicine asap when I stopped by a small pharmacy at our neighborhood. It looks like the store doesn't have much medicines in stock and their shelves looks a bit filthy and disarray. I guess it's easy for them to get an idea of pharmacy design from so their store will look more presentable. I didn't like what I saw and I thought their meds might be outdate also that's why I just went to a bigger and well known pharmacy eventhough it means that I will travel quite few more meters just to go there.

Thankfully, Mercury Drugstore the one that we trusted for many years is airconditioned and have lots of medicines and other stuff in stock. I just need to take few more medicines and praying that I will be fine in a day or two.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Lights Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style by Psy is surely a worldwide hit and if you're aren't fed up hearing and dancing to that music then you better watch this: Christmas Lights Gangnam Style video that I found as this is so cool. I wonder how did they do that and how many lights they need to make this house so glam at night. I only know that their electric bill will be an all time high  this Christmas season.

I'm dancing and singing while I'm watching this video. It has over 1 million views already at Youtube.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello December!!

What happened to my birth month, November? It slipped away so fast!

Anyway, hello December- the busiest, merriest, fun-filled, pocket draining month of the year! I woke up on a cold morning and as soon as I opened my eyes I know that God has blessed me another day and hopefully more days to witness Christmas this year.

I'm already planning our Christmas Eve and Christmas day meals and I  have bought some gifts that I shopped few weeks ago. However, our Christmas tree is not yet up.. yay! I'm hoping that this coming week, we'll be able to decorate already.

Christmas is only 24 more days and actually, I already saw some kids singing Christmas songs on some houses and just few hours ago, carolers are singing in front of our house .Yay!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tweaking my Blog

It's been many years now since I have not touched the template of this blog and I'm kinda feeling bored with the 3 column look off the layout. I'll be tweaking also the font type, colors and other widgets so please excuse if you'll find it dis-arrange for a while.

I'm still going to retain the color theme and probably the header for a while since I have no time to replace it. In the meantime, I'll just change the layout and find a 2 column template for now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

His Time to Shine

I was greatly overjoyed when I saw my godson few weekends ago. I happened to pass by at their house because of errand and fortunately my godson was jolly and in the mood to show his talents. He is in grade 2 already and I was amazed at how he grew so fast. Anyway, he 1st showed me his car collections even telling me the names of his cars (yes he has given them names!) and I wonder if he really can memorize all the names for there are too Later on, her mom turned on the music and off he goes dancing to the tune of none other than: Gangnam Style. I was really laughing so hard and he invited me to dance with him, which I did. 

That doesn't stop there because after dancing, he went upstairs and got his toy guitar and there he goes strumming the guitar as if he is a rock star. Wow that was a complete performance and I was so happy that he is not shy that day to think he seldom sees me. My cousin told me that he loves music too apart from his cars and who knows in the future they might purchase a guitar for their son as a gift so he'll be more inspired to play and dance.

Kids are just too exuberant all the time. Their energy seems endless and I just wish all kids had the opportunity to be carefree, playful and full of life.

Dumb Ways to Die

A friend of mine shared this video at Facebook and when I watched it myself I could not help but to smile, sing and even hum. This is a cute video that shows Dumb Ways to Die.. hehe

Watch this video and who knows you might have done one of the them hehe.

Some of the dumb ways to die that was in the cartoons video are:
1. Set your hair on fire
2. Drink medicine that is out of date
3. Invite a psycho into your home
4. Take off your helmet on the outer space
5. Dive in a water full of piranha
6. Dress up like a moose during the hunting season

From Med. Tech to Nurse

Just last October 20, 2012, we had a college reunion, our 24th year alumni homecoming that was initiated by one of our batchmate. We're so happy that we were able to get reconnected after 24 long years and thanks to Facebook for we got hold of our batchmate's info and whereabouts there. The preparation took about 7 months and the sponsors and those that are willing to donate are overflowing.

One of the organizers even flew from Canada just to attend the said reunion. We graduated as Medical Technologist but he is now a practicing nurse in Canada because after graduation he continued to Nursing. Now, instead of holding a microscope and dealing with blood or urine samples in the laboratory, he is now wearing nursing clogs and nurse uniform. I guess he must have found more fulfillment in that line of career that helped his family back home.

The party was a blast! Seeing all my batchmates and co-interns back then bring so much memories of my college days. Ahhh.. it was a bliss!

Read This

O lny srmat poelpe can raed tihs. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!!


So I'm smart huh, coz I read it hehe.. What about you?

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Career in Beauty

My mom used to have a small beauty salon when she was still young and having been to one of the graduates of a beauty school in Manila she immediately got a lot of customers. Many have testified that there is not much capital that you need to shell out to put up a salon so I reckon it is a good business to put up esp. if you have a know how about cosmetology or hair styling. These days, you can even buy tons of great cosmetology supplies even on line, so setting up your own salon is never to far away from reality.

Any one can pursue a career in beauty or cosmetology bec. aside from getting lots of supplies for your salon, you can hone your craft by going to schools that are sprouting anywhere. With experienced trainers and high quality services of the cosmetology schools that you can pick,  there’s no wonder that you can bring cosmetology to a whole new level.

If mom still continued her beauty career, I guess still have a salon up to now.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Security Camera Video Captures Good Too

Ahhh.. there's too many negative or bad CCTV videos spreading around the internet that sometimes it's already sickening to watch them. I have seen pickpockets, robbers, killings and other similar videos on the news and on social networking sites being shared by many.

Watch this video about some good, funny and crazy footage caught by security cameras. I'm sure it can give a smile on your face too and will think that there's still a lot of good people that can really do great acts.A friend posted this on her FB wall and I thought it's nice to share it here.

In to my Home Project List

Nothing beats the happiness anyone can get when you have your own home. I know it well because the 1st day that we moved to our new house few years back was just thrilling. The unpacking of the boxes seem so tiring but when we set our feet on our new home, we feel so relieved and ecstatic.

It’s been so many years now and our house was not the same when we first got in. There are also some minor repairs that need to be done. Mom noticed the leaking faucet at the restroom while I saw the door leading to our backyard need some repair as well. These problems need to be address immediately so that they will not become worse.
The re-painting of the wall on all the rooms was done this summer and I’m so happy to have accomplished that home project of mine. Right now, my mom and Ireally need to consider changing the tiles in our kitchen for the chips and the discolorations are already unsightly to see.

I still need to have an ample budget for tile replacement and it’s already impossible for me to have this done before the year ends. If things will go smoothly, by summer (April or May) and if I have saved enough, I’ll have this new project push through. In the meantime, browsing at for flooring and tile inspirations is what I’m planning to do. I also need to consult a friend who has a knowledge about floor tiling.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have this done by next year.

5 Years and Counting

I guess no one can live without friends.

Who would have thought that I'll meet these gorgeous ladies online? I met some of them at our digi-scrapbooking forum while others at Twitter. Some of my friends have friends that also became my friends and now our group expanded already. Our very first EB/ get-together was on Feb. 2007 and soon after that we meet every now and then on lunch, birthdays, Christmas parties, movie date and more.

I'm so lucky to have met them!

Byko's 1st Birthday at Oasis Manila

My World with Sophie

My mix breed (Shitzhu and Dauschand) dog Sophie will be turning 4 years old this coming January 2013. I’m just so excited to throw a small party for her just like what I am doing every year. This early, I’m already thinking about what color and design of her cake will be next year. In fact, I’ve been searching the net for cakes that are suited for dogs. I’m already excited and it feels like I’m preparing for a child’s birthday.

Sophie has indeed made my life fun, meaningful and a little less boring. Being single with no kid of my own, I regard my dog Sophie as my daughter just like what other dog lovers do when they love their dogs or pets so much. My day is not complete without seeing her wagging tail and when she lies down on her back to get a belly rub.. so cute! I can also feel that she’s returning the love that I give to her.

I truly am happy that she has come to my life and I just pray that she’ll spend more time we us. I know that time will also come when she will leave me but I am not prepared for that yet. Who will ever be, anyway?

Sophie - Oct. 2011
Just like any other caring mom to dogs, I’m making sure that all her vaccination appointments are done and all her vitamins are bought. Her baby dog book is almost full with all her vet appointments. I remember I was extremely worried when she got sick for a day when she had the toad poisoning few months back. I even cried for she doesn’t want to eat that makes her weak. Thank God, I went to her vet immediately after noticing some changes on her and the doc even said that might lose her if I had not brought her asap. She recovered after few days after taking her medicines that her vet prescribed. Now, I am more conscious and alert when she’s not feeling well or when she’s not in her usual playful self.
Sophie August 2012- few days after her grooming
Sophie is free to roam in our backyard all day but she also gets her much needed walk outside with me within our village from time to time. I have so much to share but you might get board hearing all my dog stories. I know I can share them all at pet forums for it’s an online community for per lovers. I got hooked reading all the member’s interactions and I guess I need to sign up soon.

With all the love that I share and get from my dog Sophie, now, I can’t picture my world without her.

Another Year Older

I turned another year older yesterday. I feel so blessed and thankful that God has given me another chance of life to witness His wonderful creations. I celebrated my birthday with family and friends over a simple dinner at my brother's place. Foods are overflowing and delicious and it was even made special when my bestfriend since highschool came together with her 3 children.

Nothing spectacular about my birthday unlike when I celebrated my 18th birthday many years ago. I'm just happy that eventhough I have many misgivings to many people, God still loves me and continuously showering me with all his blessings.

Photos will be posted soon!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting the Best Carpet for your Home

Who would not want to have a cozy and comfortable home? Coming home to a well kept home after a hard days work from the office. I just love removing my shoes and putting my feet up to relax my aching and tired feet when I come home from errands, shopping or get together. It will also help if our house is equipped with warm and soft carpet especially when the temperature drops. Nothing beats the warmth and comfort that a carpet can bring to our homes.

My sister’s house is almost fully carpeted and she prefers it to be like way because she has small kids that run around the house most of the times when they are playing or teasing one another. Carpet not only gives comfort and warmth around the house or office but it prevents slip, can absorb noise, and can give added design and texture in your room as well.

Carpet flooring designs and textures come in a wide range of choices that will suit your preferred patterns or designs that will match the feel and look of your house or office. Getting good quality carpet and installer are some of best thing to do. You don’t want to waste your money on poor quality carpets that will not last for a long time. It goes the same for the installer, getting the best service is the way to go.

Leave your carpet worries to the experts and if you are looking for the best carpets around for your home or office, you can check out Griffins Flooring America for wide selection of their carpets. Get $100 off your next purchase on carpets too.

Experiencing comfort in our home is always bliss.

Reign's Drawings

My 9 year old niece is getting good at her drawings. I will not wonder anymore for her father is a visual artist himself and our family is into arts and crafts as well.

My niece R made these cute drawings in our living room while waiting for her mom to come from office. At first she was so bored and irritated because she has nothing to do. I gave her some papers and a pen where she can scribble so that she will not complain and bug me and after a while she showed me about 6 pieces of drawings with different outfits.

I praised her for making good drawings and of course she was so happy about her works. I told her to put her name and date on the drawings because I will compile all of them so that when she gets older, I'll show her early works.

She keeps on telling us that she wanted to be a clothes designer someday that's why she love to draw girls with different costumes. She must have been inspired with all the fashion cartoons that she's been seeing on TV and DVDs. Not bad at all.

Princess and Egyptian

Check out her past drawings here.

On Webhosting

These days, owning a website or a blog is not uncommon anymore. Whether you just want to have a blog for personal use or a site for your company or business, a domain name and a good webhost is essential.
Since the emergence of the internet, there’s no doubt that the web has been used not just by common people but also by companies and business owners to promote their products or services. The need of a website for their company has become a vital part in their marketing strategies as well. It is where they can let people know what their company is all about and what services or goods that they are offering. 

Owning a website is also a good advantage for many entrepreneurs as they can reach to more people who use the net all the time. With the demand and popularity of owning a website or blogs in the recent years, more webhosting companies have been aggressively attracting people to hire their services, buy domain and get hosting services from them. A lot of good packages and services have been offered by various hosting companies to get more clients. 

There are actually a lot of webhosting companies available that you can choose to host your site but you need to find the right webhost for your needs. Doing a little research on your part can greatly help in finding what best suits your hosting needs. You can ask your friends or browse the net to check and know the best website hosting there is. 

You don’t want your site to be down all the time that’s why you need to have a reliable and trusted webhost that can give 24/7 technical support when you need them. Apart from that, you also need to find the cheap blog hosting and with secure hosting capabilities for your site or blogs.

 Comparing the hosting features, monthly fee, and other available add-ons on a particular webhosting package either for business web hosting or personal hosting can facilitate your need to find a webhost perfect for your needs.

The Gift of Friendship

I started blogging in 2005 and though that I gained some few friends along the way. I started digi-scrapping in 2007 if I'm not mistaken and there I met some new friends with same interests as well. The online friendship blossomed immensely and we had our 1st get together on Feb. of 2007 and were only few back then. It was a nice experience to see friends in real life that you've only met online.

Our group expanded, not just digi-scrappers but other friends of friends came. We moved to Twitter and our group expanded more, we are more like 21 member friends. Since then our group bonded via eat out, movie time, shopping time, birthday of kids, out of town vacation and whole lot more.

I'm so happy with the gift of friendship brought by our group and it gave my social life more fun and exciting. I wish we can continue our friendship for more years to come, even when their kids are all grown up already!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Music and Kids

It's always nice to see kids that can play any musical instruments. When I was growing up, my brothers used to play the guitars and I always see them practice. There's even a time when some of their friends bring their musical instruments and make our garage their practice area of sort. I hated the sound of the electric guitar with guitar effects because they are playing some heavy metal and rock music.Haha those are the days when they became crazy.

These days, I have not seen any similar liking from my nieces and nephews but some can play the guitars as well. I'm also wishing I can play any instrument but I guess I'm not passionate over that. A son of my friend loves playing the drums and with that he was even gifted by a drum set that he can use to play. My other friend's children are into piano and violin and wish they'd continue that love until they get old.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Hoax Paypal E-mail: Your Paypal Account Has Been Limited

There are just  too many spams and hoax e-mails that I get everyday and this Hoax Paypal E-mail: Your Paypal Account Has Been Limited is one of them.

I always get this kind of e-mail and never I will click the link that they will ask me to sign in and update my profile. I know this is a HOAX, and phishing e-mail that crooks online are doing.

Look closely at the the e-mail of the sender, it’s not even from paypal so this is NOT TRUE. Funny thing also is that they sent this e-mail that is not even my paypal e-mail so it’s another red flag.

So, don’t just click on e-mails coming from unknown source. Please be careful because you don’t want your Paypal got hacked, right?


Paypal WILL never e-mail you without your real name on their e-mails like this.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Auction and Shopping

My cousin is asking me to come with her in a furniture auction before the month ends. Actually, I'm so excited to come with her because aside from going out, it'll be my first time to be in an auction area. I'm not sure what to expect or if we'll go home with an item but I know the experience will be a good one. I was also thrilled to know that there is also a cigar auction online, I never thought that cigars can also be auctioned.

I'm sure my cousin and I will have lunch or dinner somewhere and I hope she'd take me to shopping as I know that she'll love that too. I might have to ask her to take me at Bonifacio High Street for i have not  been there yet.

Busy Days Ahead

So thankful for all the blessings I've been receiving. This week, it's gonna be a busy one for me as I have quite a lot of online works to do. That only means that I need to put on extra effort everyday so I can beat  the deadline. It is seldom that works come all at the same time so I need to make the most of it. Ohhh..I have lots of ideas and things on my mind but sometimes my hands are not that fast to type.

I know after all the hardwork that I have done I deserve a vacation or shopping hehe!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

Not me.. but my relatives and friends in the US. Winter is coming in no time and they love -hate that season. Like they say, winter can be boring or brutally cold esp. for my old aunts/uncles. They always find it hard to get up in the morning to go to their work for it's very cold. They have adjusted to the American way of life but at times they still wish they are here in Pinas to experience the warm tropical weather if it's winter on their side. They are wishing warm climate while we wish to experience winter and feel the snow haha.

What they love about winter is that they can go to the skiing resorts where they can enjoy the snow and have some fun as a family. Ski Boots, ski jackets and other snow apparels and gadgets are some things they enjoy wearing while going down the snowy slopes and hills. Ahhh.. I just envy them and wish that one day, I can feel the snow in my hands and  just have some fun. I think that would be a great experience.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cleaning Up

Adgitize before, now its Entrecard! It’s just so sad to know that Entrecard has closed down/ I know that many bloggers all around the world feel the lost. Actually, I just gave Entrecard a second chance when I came back using it just about 2 months ago. With my desire to increase my traffic and improve my alexa ranking on my blogs that’s why I decided to re-install the tool and it’s widget on all my blogs again.

I was “dropping” actively for the last months and happy to see that  my blogs are improving but hey the site was gone without warning. I noticed on Sept. 19th that I could not login at my entrecard toolbar and their widget is down. Anyway, I think everything has an end and it’s Entrecard’s time to say goodbye.

I already uninstalled my Entrecard toolbar today and I’ll be removing all their widgets on my blogs.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Visit from the Fairy Hobmother!!

There’s a great buzz in the blogosphere lately! Have you met Fairy Hobmother already? If not, then you’d probably want to meet him (yes he’s a guy!) for he is the most generous fairy all of. Fairy Hobmother is spreading joy and sprinkling some love on many bloggers giving gifts you can’t resist.

Actually, I’ve been seeing him on many blog across the globe for couple of months now when I do my rounds of blog hopping. Seeing bloggers got ecstatic over his visits at their blogs made me wish that someday he’ll drop by my blogs and sprinkle some fairy dusts too. I left my trail by leaving comments on other blogs that he has chosen hoping he’d pick me next. 

Lo and behold, he found me! Few days ago, when I was about to sleep, his fairy dust encouraged me to open my mail. To my surprise, it is a mail from Fairy Hobmother telling me that my blogs (yes blogs!) where chosen to receive surprises for the good job I have done on them. Wow, I was smiling from ear to ear and what a great way to end my day. Thank you Fairy Hobmother for granting my wish!

Now, if you also believe in fairies, a surprise gift might be yours. Just believe. Who knows, you might end up buying goodies that you can put on your for your family to enjoy. The ever-generous Fairy Hobmother is still roaming the blogosphere looking for deserving blogs. So comment away and who knows he’ll contact you and shower you also with gifts.

Working in the Hospital

I sure have experienced working in the hospital specifically in the laboratory in my college days during my internship. Sad to say though that I'm not practicing my profession as a Medical Technologist anymore. God gave me a different career path and I happy and contented with it eventhough it's far cry from the medical field that I learned and experience before. It only shows that if you're not successful in the field that you are in now, sooner or later, God will show your new road to success.

I noticed that almost all of us in the family didn't end up using our medical skills later in our life. I reckon we took the wrong course in college lol. My older sister is a midwife but she's working now as a medical secretary of a surgeon in one of the hospitals in Riyadh. Her friends are mostly nurses and doctors and she often see them hunting for scrubs on sale online. My youngest sister is a registered nurse but she end up being a cake maker/designers, party planner and entrepreneur in Sydney.

It's amazing how God can turn our lives, it can be a 360 degrees turn but of course those turns are also the result of our own decision.

Goodbye Entrecard !?


I noticed that ENTRECARD has been down for several days now and I’m already wondering if they are down or gone forever. I’ve been a member of the Entrecard community for the past years and that is where I got some of the traffic. There are also active and efficient EC droppers from my blogs and seeing EC gone is sad.

I searched this morning if Entrecard is down for good and it looks like that it is.. I just read it at Dave Lucas’ post.

I still wish it’ll be back!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wood Sculpture in the Making

If you are aren’t aware, 2 of my brothers are visual artists and from time to time they paint or do some other art form. It’s innate in them to make creations out of anything. They can turn old stuff into new and unique stuff.

Just the other day, I saw bro cutting woods and drilling some holes in them. I asked what he is doing and it turned out that he is going to make a wood sculpture. There will be art competition coming up and he thought of this.
I think it’s over a week already when I saw him polishing and drilling the woods. He even uses different kinds of screws and  hex nuts for this project. This is the unfinished project and I’m sure it’ll be done in few more days. I just hope he’ll get a place at the competition.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

FB Addict.. hahaha

I never thought that I will be joining Facebook bandwagon because all along I thought it was just a waste of time. After seeing my relatives and friends using it, I have no choice but to sign up there. It was only on February 2010 when I opened an account and oh boy, like many other people around the world, I was hooked! In the morning, after reading my e-mails, it was my FB account that I often check all day. Funny how things turned out. I found my long lost friends and relatives and have reconnected to them again. 

Now, Facebook became part of my everyday life and it is where I share some of my photos, insights, ideas and whole lot more. I stay away from posting negative shoutouts or rants for it's not healthy and not appealing.

Found this funny photo and it happened to me one time. I left the stove fire on high and I did not know that sauce or the liquid in my dish evaporated already leaving the dish dry and almost In the end, I had to put more water and stopped my

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Music to Comfort the Soul

I was kinda feeling blue the past few days due to my hormonal imbalances. One of the ways to combat the physical and emotional aches and pains that I am feeling, I always see to it that I have to hear music all the time. When I feel so achy and wanted to relax, soothing gentle songs will always make me feel calm. It's somewhat removing the stress in me and when I want to feel alive, songs with fast beat will always do the trick.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses music to comfort myself for I know a lot of people love to listen to music all the time not only to comfort them but it's already their hobby or job. A good friend of mine even bought a new guitar at a local shop that he can use when they have church service or when he practice his songs.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DFA-NCR East NOW OPEN at the SM Megamall Carpark Building C

It's good news!

(Department of Foreign Affairs) DFA-NCR East is NOW OPEN at the 7th floor of SM Megamall Carpark Building C. You can now apply for new passport, renewal of passport, lost passport and authentication.

Office hours:
Mon. - Sat. 10am - 8pm
Sunday - Releasing only

To apply for passport: Set your appointment 1st at

Watch this video for more details:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shopping the Australian Way

How can I ever forget my vacation in Australia in 2005, 2006 and 2008 that my sister and her husband sponsored? Seeing my passport stamped with a 3-month stay each visit always made me ecstatic. Aside from going to various tourists spots (Opera House, Blue Mountains, The Great Barrier Reef (my fave!) and more), I also experienced a taste of their culture, met some new friends, tasted delicious foods and of course go on shopping!

My sister and I bonded together as we painstakingly go through the racks at Big W, Target, David Jones etc. Sis always took me to a store where there is also a sale and I remember my sister hoarding some clothes and toys for her kids at Big W and put them on lay-by. I had some few purchases as well but there are times that I need to convert the prices to our currency to see if I really got a good deal. My shopping experience was highlighted when we went at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney where you can find upscale brand stores such as Versace, Polo, DKNY and more. Even though we did not buy expensive products, yet it was an awesome feast on our eyes.

I was also overwhelmed on how aggressive their local department stores in promoting their products. The catalogues with promos and discounts that we got on the mailboxes are enough for us to be excited to go shopping and check out the products. I literally found myself perusing all the paper catalogues checking their deals. I can say that I got many sale items that I was able to bring back home. 

These days, shopping is even made easy using the internet. In Australia, comes in handy for many Australian shoppers as they can  easily browse all the various catalogues of different department stores all at the same time and see what they offer. Searching by category, brands, retailers and even catalogues that include Big W, Crazy Clarks, Myer, The Reject Shop and clark rubber catalogue  just to name a few will make your shopping even faster.
Just some of the benefits that a shopper can get from browsing online are they don’t need to wait for the paper catalogues anymore for they can simply go online and browse and you can be ahead of everyone in terms of seeing the latest deals. I’ll have to make sure the my sister will know this website for she can manage her shopping properly being a busy mom and an entrepreneur.

It's also my wish to come back in Australia in the near future for I intend to see my sis and her family plus I would love to experience shopping via the Australian way all over again.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Love Pinterest!

I guess you already have heard about PINTEREST ( but just in case you didn't know yet, it's an online pin board where you can "pin" your favorite images or posts on the web. You can create your own board and categorize them into your own liking. Member can re-pin items into your own board or just click like.

Here is what my pinboard looks like and the categories that I have are Fashion/Style, Dream Places, Food/Drinks and lots more. There are too many ideas that you can find and share at pinterest.

If you're not a member yet, sign up now using your Facebook /Twitter accounts or just use you email address. Word of caution: It's addicting!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Too Much Distractions

This is the last of the long weekend that we had since Aug. 18. It would have been nice to go out of town or go out with friends or treat myself on shopping but I just opt to stay at home so that I will spend anything during this holiday. After our recent Singapore trip, I just could not afford to shell some more money because I promised myself to save until November just in time for my birthday. Hmmm.. I just hope I can control myself from doing unnecessary spending that will hurt my wallet.

At home, I just did some household chores, spend more time on my social networking sites' accounts and do some online works. Actually, I have too much ideas on my minds or things that I wanted to do but there's too much distractions. I can't keep myself to focus on one thing today for I wanted to a lot of things. Like they say, when you multi-task chances are the end result is not that good because you are not giving your 100% attention to one task because your attention is divided. It's like putting a stanchion or barrier on your mind as it can control free-flowing ideas.

My day was spent online, house chores and watching TV esp. about the death of Sec. Robredo. I hope tomorrow will be a lot different as I want to be more productive unlike today.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eldad Hagar: Animal Rescuer with a Heart of Gold

Today, I spent most my time watching videos on You Tube because my work load is not that heavy. This is one of the things that I do to rest or unwind a little bit so I will not get bored at my work. I was specifically glued watching videos of dogs being rescued and there are times, I can’t help myself crying for the poor dogs who are mistreated and abandoned.

I’m a dog lover and it makes me sad to see dogs who are left alone on the streets, dying, starving and no one taking care of them because their former owners dumped them for many reasons.  Ahhh.. it’s breaking my heart!

I’ve been following videos from ELDAD HAGAR, animal protector/rescuer for a while now and I have to say that he has a wonderful and golden heart for saving animals. There are so many animal rescues that he did and this rescue video of FIONA made me cry so hard. Fiona is blind and was living in the filthy streets. Arghhh…

Watch her story and for sure it’ll make you cry as well. The good thing is that she is now well, can see and have been adopted.

I was so moved and touched by Eldad’s love for the animals and even made a small donation at HOPE FOR PAWS, an Animal Rescue Organization. You can also donate so that they can help these poor dogs get a second life.

I also have downloaded just today their “OUR LIVES HAVE GONE TO THE DOGS: Second Edition” book for free on my computer but I’m not yet through reading all the wonderful stories there.


I’ll be continuously following all the wonderful rescue videos on their YouTube channel and I hope they will not get tired of rescuing dogs. Thanks to the wonderful people who are saving animals esp. dogs.

Value of Education

Education is a precious gift that we can give to ourselves, so as much possible if we have the opportunity, we should take that chance to study for we can all benefit from it. It’s sad to say that some students don’t take studying or going to school seriously but later in life they will realize the value of being educated even if you’re not a master degree holder.


These days, we should try to be patient in teaching the kids to study for there are many distractions already. Some maybe distracted with TV, iPad and different gadgets, computer games and more that is why they lose focus in studying. We need to set rules in the house such as time to play and time to study so that kids will know their boundaries. Also, as much as possible, let’s make the studying area neat and conducive in studying by removing the distractions away from them. Kids will follow as long as you talk to them nicely and tell them about what is good for them.

Degree of learning for kids is not all the same. Some kids learn fast while some kids tail behind or simply some are slow learners. We do not need to force them to learn something quick if we think and feel that kid needs a little more push. However, we cannot blame parents to push their kids to learn more for they want them to excel.

For some parents who are having a hard time teaching their kids with their school works or if their kids have some difficulties on certain subjects in school, this is where tutoring programs be of help. Tutoring is one-on-one and that can be done at the time you preferred that is why it is also convenient and beneficial. If your child needs help with English, School Tutoring Academy can help in reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, reviews and more. Math subject can be a challenge as well, that’s why learning math for some students need special attention.

Let us help students acquire and strengthen their skills though education that they deserve to have.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today.. 8/15/12

Outside my window… it’s so gloomy and raining because of Typhoon Helen that is battering northern part of the country.

I am thinking…of doing some digi-layouts tonight after finishing some of my online works.

I am thankful for… that we are not affected by the resent floods brought about by the torrential monsoon rain.

From the kitchen… our dinner is ready already. I cooked Pork Sinigang for lunch and there are many leftovers so that is what we’ll be having tonight.

I am wearing… my  fave red/dark pink duster in the house.

I am creating… new layouts for my Project 366 for 2012. I’m also half way done on my summer digi-kit.

I am going…to finish drinking my ginger tea that I’m having.

I am reading…  some blog entries of my friends via Google reader.

I am hearing… the sound of TV show “Sharon”, which is on right now.

Around the house…mom is watching TV, Sophie is outside.

One of my favorite things…my iPhone.

A picture I love: My dear sweet Sophie after eating her breakfast yesterday. I put a shirt on her because it’s cold because of the rain.

The Love for Gardening

My 79 yr.-old mom definitely has a green thumb for she’s good in growing plants and gardening. Her love for plants and trees can be attributed to her father (my grandpa) who is a farmer back then. Grandpa used to plant rice and many vegetables at the field that he has been renting for many years back when he was still alive. I’m sure mom was exposed to planting activities that’s why it’s not unusual that she acquired grandpa’s planting skills.

Mom has a small garden in our front yard where she kept neat all the time. I often see her working on her garden planting, removing weeds, watering her plants/trees or just keeping the area clean. Right now, we have fruit trees (atis, mango and papaya) and many plants that look so healthy and well taken cared of.

If given the chance or if my sched would permit, I’d love the idea of toiling the soil and getting dirty as well especially now that flowering plants and herbs can be ordered easier at the nursery or even online just like at The Growers Exchange. It’s a great place for those who love gardening for they can find wide array of plants and supplies. Even those living in condos or don’t have enough space to grow plants will have no more reason not to plant because there are pots or containers where you can grow them. There are many plants that you can also grow indoors therefore making your house “green”.

Soon, I would love to have this Artichoke 'Imperial Star' flower in our backyard. I hope mom will plant one or if not I’ll try my hand in gardening too.

Exercise Energized Me

Oh dear, this bed weather is making me sooooo lazy. The monsoon rain just passed and now typhoon HELEN just came in the country since last week. It’s been raining continuously and I just hope this storm will not leave too much destructions.

I’m also having some back and hip pains for the last 2 days now and I believe it is due to prolonged sitting in the chair while using my computer. Aside from that, I believe it is caused by my wrong position in bed while I’m sleeping because I woke up with back pains too. arghhh..

Today, I decided to do some exercise and I started it with some good stretching when I get up from my bed. Later on, I opened my pc and searched some zumba dance moves on Youtube and I found some that I followed.

I did some dancing for 30 mins and that already made me feel good and light. I have not done it in a while so this is refreshing. I feel energized afterwards even if I didn’t sweat a lot. I just need to do this more often so my sedentary lifestyle will be broken again.


Loading Station Business

A very good friend of mine has ventured into business. She’s been telling me about opening a loading store where she can sell pre-paid cellphone/internet or game cards, cellphone loads and other service that involves cellphones. I’m just so happy for her because she finally had her dreams come through. Being a friend, I’ll support her all the way, I even made some small signage just a short bond paper sizes to get her started.

The business opened just few weeks ago and I heard that it’s doing well because the location is a busy area, which is very good. I also advised her to make a big tarpaulin for her business name and another one for the services that she offered. Those signage can attract more customers to come to her store.

Word-of-mouth is good but nothing beats if you’ll make your store be known through advertising or marketing. I have been seeing a lot of companies or stores doing all sorts of advertisements from giving away flyers, brochures, business cards etc. just to make their business known. These days, business owners need not worry where to order their brochures, posters etc. because they can even order online already. Conquest Graphics, an online printing company offers wide range of quality and affordable printing services. Don’t be left behind, advertise your company or store not just online on sites/blog and social networking sites but also via traditional forms of advertisement.

I know my friend’s business will prosper in no time as long as she’ll put her heart and dedication on it plus if she needs to know her customers’ needs.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Google Doodles Tribute to 2012 London Olympic Games part 2

Here’s the part 2 of the Google Doodle’s tribute to of 2012 Olympic Games. I patiently waited at their site everyday to see what they have come up for the day.

London 2012 synchronized swimming

London 2012 javelin
I had so  much fun playing these interactive games such as as Hurdles, Basketball, Swimming and the Soccer at GOOGLE DOODLES the past few days. London 2012 hurdles

London 2012 Basketball

London 2012 Canoe

London 2012 Soccer

London 2012 rhythmic gymnastics

This is their tribute to the CLOSING CEREMONY of the 2012 Olympic Games that ended August 12, 2012 at the Olympic Stadium. Millions of people witnessed the magnificent get together of athletes around the world. 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. 

Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Home Project in my List

As a homeowner, I have so many things that I wanted to be done at our home. Since our house was built in the early 80’s it is no wonder that it is already prone to damages and house problems already. There are times that we need to put sealant on the leaking roof, change roof gutters and even replacement and repair of some cabinets.

Just this year, a mini makeover was done at our house. I have our walls repainted again as it looks dirty or not appealing anymore. You see the signs of wear and tear as well so I decided to have it painted even though it costs me quite a lot. It was a massive work done, as our workers also need to assist us in moving almost all the furniture and other stuff in all the rooms. The house was a mess for a month but the result was very satisfactory for we have also done a major cleaning. Since our house was re-painted again, I bet it will take another 5 years or so to have it done again.

After that mini makeover, my home project is never ending for I have already put replacement of flooring on my list this time. I know it will take time for me to save up for that but at least I have a good start now by researching online and even getting suggestions or ideas from friends.

Our old vinyl tiles have shown wear and tear already. The edges are chipped off already and the beige color tuned into almost brown shade albeit thorough cleaning. It saddens me every time I see our floor but since the flooring industry has come a long way, I know there are new products that I can buy the next time I start our flooring replacement.

While browsing the Internet for ideas about flooring, I came across Carpet One, where I saw different kinds of flooring materials such as vinyl, laminate, hardwood, carpet and tiles. I am kinda liking the laminate flooring for it looks great and has heaps of grain and finish color that can match the theme of our house. The prices are also competitive and there are quite a number of brands to choose from. If the time comes for me to start my another home project, I know I have a good flooring source to get our supplies. Should you be renovating or just building your new house Carpet One is a good option to select.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google Doodles Tribute to 2012 London Olympic Games part 1

Google Doodles have been making tributes to people or events all the time and since The London Olympics 2012 is still going on, here is the Google Doodles Tribute to 2012 London Olympic Games. I always wait for Google page all the time to see what doodle they will come up each time and here are just some. I will post more Google Doodles that I have captured.



Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Taking Care of our Elderly

While I was going through some photos on our old album the other day, I can’t help myself but to miss my grandmother (mother-side) when I saw our old photos. She was hardworking and can still manage to sell her homemade condiments in our neighborhood even though we told her not to work anymore because she’s old already. She did not die because of a major ailment or disease but it’s probably due to her old age where her body can’t function well anymore. She left us at age 93 and if would have been nice if she can stay for more years but it’s already God’s will.

When she can no longer walk properly or take care of herself, her daughter who never married is mostly on her aid. Aunt bathes her and assists her in so many ways without hesitation. It’s like giving back all the love that grandma showered her children when they are still young. Of course, at times we also give our support in whatever we can. 

In no time, it’ll be my turn to take care of my mom. She is turning 80 this year but she’s still strong, mobile and quite healthy though her blood pressure tends to shoot up at times. When the time comes when she can no longer do things on her own like going to the comfort room, I know it’ll be a good help to put the MoliCare comfort plus briefs on her for her comfort. In addition, there are also some helpful products that we can now purchase at like mobility devices, medical supplies, beddings etc. just in case you need some stuff for your elderly at home.

In Home CareIt’s pretty hard to see senior people that has no relatives around them all the time because in some other countries, their elderly are just placed in senior homes. Please take care of our elderly for when it’s our time, we can have the same good treatment.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Emergency or Hotline Numbers

Today, our country is faced with yet another calamity. The heavy down pour of monsoon rains made the Manila, Quezon City, Marikina City and nearby provinces such as Rizal, Cavite and more submerged in water.

Here are the emergency nos. that you can call if you have concerns. Be safe everyone. EVACUATE NOW, if you are in danger already because PAG-ASA said that it will still rain the whole day today.

If you have something to donate like food, clothing and more you can call these numbers as well.

emergency nos.

Family-friendly Home Décor

If you are planning for a new arrival there is much to do – outfitting the nursery is likely top of the list with a focus on a crib, crib mattress and a glide rocker – all of the things you will need as soon as the bundle of joy arrives. Savvy parents-to-be do as much research as possible upfront and make sue to sign up on the baby registry of the local bed and bath store; this way well-meaning gift givers will be more likely to proffer up what you want and need instead of something you will need to return or exchange.
It’s never too early to plan ahead and a new baby means home décor changes beyond the nursery. It’s important to make the bathroom safe and functional so everything from the bathtub needs thoughtful review and consideration. Cleaning supplies and hazardous items should not be stored under the sink; if they are stored in the vanity you will need to install a childproof lock. Even the actual bathroom hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs should be scrutinized to see if the are or can be childproofed or should instead be replaced. 

Bath time is a big part of parenting and you will want to be comfortable and keep baby safe. Invest in things like a bath spout protector and a water temperature gauge; a shampoo rinse cup will help to keep tears at bay. A bath seat or chair or a kneeling pad will make it easier for you to lean over the tub and bathe your child or supervise bath activities as you child grows up. Keep bath toys safely stored in a caddy or net bag secured to the tub enclosure wall with suction cups.

Interactive Google Page: Hurdles



I checked out today and look it has an interactive game of hurdles. It’s cute hahaha. I played it and my best time so far is 24.0 seconds. I will try again later to beat my

Try it before they change their page tomorrow.

Massive Rain

Last night, I posted about how heavy the rains are and today it's the same. There's a heavy downpour and most houses in the low lying areas are submerged in water already. There's no typhoon in the country but the heavy rain and flooding are brought about by monsoon rains. We are all just worried because the levels of water in Marikina area is on critical level already while the La Mesa dam already spilled water making more areas flooded. A friend of mine, is already packing some of their things so they can evacuate in their second floor. I'm sure their outdoor fountain is filled with rain waters already and I heard that there's knee deep water on their street now.

I’m praying for the safety of my friends and relatives plus all the other families who are experiencing difficult times now. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Non-Stop Rain

Oh my gosh, it’s been raining non-stop for 2 weeks now! Right now, rain is not stopping and there are floods everywhere. PAG-ASA is already on RED ALERT and that means that evacuation is already needed on families living on low lying areas and esp. those near rivers or creeks.

Actually there’s no storm right now but the LPA (low pressure area) plus the monsoon rains are the culprit. I also heard on the news that the LAMESA dam is already on it’s spilling level that’s why there’ll be high levels of water now.

Be safe everyone! Evacuate if you are in danger areas.

Outdoor Fun

I always been dreaming on embarking in a hiking somewhere with some friends that loves the great outdoors. I know I'm not a sporty person nor having an enthusiasm in many outdoor activities but it always cross my mind that I want to go and experience such. The thought of buying a tent, back pack, jackets etc. from sierra designs is already thrilling but how much more if I’m already on the go for a new adventure.

I guess when summer comes again, I need to condition myself going with my friends hiking.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Under the Weather

Hello August!

The start of the new month for me is not quite good as I’m not feeling good since yesterday. It’s been raining for the fast few days because of the weather disturbance brought about by Typhoon Gener. Classes in many place have been cancelled due to flooding but fortunately our area is on a higher ground.

I have a slight fever with weak muscles yesterday morning but didn’t mind it that much but in the afternoon I felt different so I took a medicine and drink my fave ginger tea with honey. I also made myself warm when I slept last night and good thing that I woke up feeling fine already.  

The weather is still crazy  today and all along I thought I'm good already but here I am feeling weak and about to throw up. Yay!

Oh I hate being sick!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lovin’ my Iphone

I’m a Nokia mobile phone fan for many years and I never thought that I’d switch to another brand. When the iPhone craze started few years back, even if I wanted to join the iPhone bandwagon, still I could not afford to buy one.

Lots of iPhone 3gs phone users upgraded their phones when iPhone 4 and 4s were released. Few friends sold their units and that is the only time that I bought a pre-loved phone that I’m using now.

I have to say goodbye to my reliable Nokia for that has served me for years and used iPhone already. I even bought lots of iphone cases and accessories to make my phone more fun to use. Now, I’m loving my iPhone especially the apps that I have downloaded in it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening Ceremonies London Olympics 2012

The opening ceremonies of London Olympics 2012 was held on July 27, 2012 and it was broadcast live in our country very early morning  (around past 12 am) of July 28, 2012. London already the Olympic Games in 1908, 1948 and  now 2012 and they are the only city that have hosted the Olympics 3x.

I woke up at around 6 am and when I turned the TV at TV5 on the Opening ceremony is already starting. I think it was the Japan delegates that are marching in the stadium. I hurriedly get up and watched it more because of course I don’t want to miss our country’s delegates.

Here is the Philippines’ delegate (only 11 athletes made it on the Olympics)


It’s really exciting to watch the ceremony and even if I’m not an athlete or I’m not physically there to witness it, I got teary eyed and I could feel the excitement there. I’m sure the feeling is much more different.


The Olympics flame

I’ll be following some of the games esp. the swimming, volleyball, archery and gymnastics events.

Thoughts on Gloomy Saturday

Last night before I went to sleep, rain started to fall making it more conducive to sleep. I went to bed unusually early at around 10 pm but watched TV first before hitting the dreamland. I was awakened by by loud sound of the rain and I believe that was 1 am already. Geez, the rain never stops.

Today, it’s still gloomy and I’m not sure of mr. sun will show up later in the day. I’ll be attending the combined baptismal and 7th birthday of my cousin's children before lunch time and I’m just praying that it’ll not rain just like last night.

I started the day watching the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics and the show was awesome. I’m also working today because I need to finish some online works.  I’m so grateful for all the blessing that God has been showering to me ever since I started blogging in 2007.I also have to do a research about the equote term life insurance since my cousin keeps on telling me about it.

I’m also going to man our Internet café later in the afternoon after the occasion that I’ll be attending. It’s been already a week that my SIL is the one managing it since I’m busy with my work. Today seems to be another busy day for me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What to Do When you see a NO SIM sign/error on your iPhone


The other day I was in a hurry to text my SIL about an errand when I saw the NO SIM error on my iPhone. How could that happen? I’m in a hurry and yet I could not text or call perhaps. I tried turning my phone on and off several times but yet it’s still the same.

I also have tried putting my SIM on other phone just to check that my SIM still working. That method didn’t help as well when I tried to put it back on my iPhone.

Here’s what to do correct the NO SIM error on your iPhone.
~Turn the phone off.
~Remove the SIM card
~Get an eraser and carefully swipe it on the “gold” part of the SIM. It’s like you are erasing something.
~Put it back on your phone and turn it on.

Voila, after doing so. My phone is back to normal. It seems that the contacts are already dirty.

Hope this helps.

The Art of Beauty Enhancement

Sure, we all want to look good and fit that’s why most of us are doing anything just to be healthy, presentable and pleasing. Various fitness gyms, health clubs and restaurants offering healthy foods have emerged through the years because of the increase enthusiasm of people that wanted to get fit and healthy at the same time. Not to mention the various food supplements to aid the body in keeping healthy.

For others who are battling low self-esteem and probably depression because of their physical flaw see that cosmetic surgery could help them gain back their self-trust and respect. For me, there’s nothing wrong undergoing such procedure as long as you have self-limitation.

It’s been how many years that many have patronized this procedure not only ordinary people but obviously it include the rich and famous and almost all celebrities. Celebrities always wanted to look good not just for themselves but also for their fans that’s why it’s no wonder that they wanted this procedure. These days, there are heaps of cosmetic facilities that are offering various cosmetic procedures and one of them is the “The Victorian Cosmetic Institute”. With a team of certified and specialized cosmetic doctors, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, nurses and beauty therapists their aim at the institute is to be able provide quality cosmetic services to all their clients. Aside from their desire to fit every procedure to their patients, they also want those that experience their service feel beautiful in every aspect of their lives after the procedure.

While browsing their website, I learned about the various procedures that they are offering: from simple acne treatment, laser hair removal to surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and more. Videos demonstrating the use of dermal fillers in facial rejuvenation, laser removal, chemical peel and other procedures can also help patients on what to expect on the treatments that they want to undergo. Overall, the website is very informative as you can also find Q&A, patient forms, prices, feedbacks and more that any patient wants to read and peruse.

I suggest that before undergoing any cosmetic procedures, always research about it, know the reputation of the clinic and the doctors that will treat you. Of course, just like any other procedures there is always a risk so better understanding and careful research of the procedure is necessary. These days, not only women are undergoing various cosmetic treatments but also men. It only shows that all genders are in pursuit of being youthful and beautiful.

Our Singapore Vacation

Finally, after many months of planning, our family went to SINGAPORE last July 2-7, 2012. Our vacation was loaded with lots of fun and memorable experiences that we all can laugh about and cherish through all the years.

With the 6 days that we’re been there, we have covered almost all of the tourist spots that was there but unfortunately there were some shows that we’re not able to go because of lack of time and energy.

Our itinerary:
Day 1- July 2, 2012 Monday

Day 2- July 3, 2012 (Tuesday)
Dukw Tour (water and city tour)
Singapore Flyer
Vivo City
Night Safari

Day 3- of 6 - July 4, 2012 (Wed.)
Universal Studios

Day 4 of 6 - July 5, 2012 (Thurs.)
Parkway Mall
Sentosa Island

Day 5 of 6 - July 6, 2012 (Friday)
Jurong Bird Park
Ion Mall
Orchard Road

Day 6 (last day)- July 7, 2012 (Saturday)

I have made a detailed posts on my other blog with pictures too. You can view it OUR SINGAPORE VACATION 2012 here.
 Singapore FlyerUniversal Studios Singapore
I’m not yet finished posting all our photos and stories there but will do it one at a time.