Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Companion

I have been busy lately with my digital designing stuff and I have released about 14 digital papers just yesterday. Wow, that is record breaking! I can make about 1 or 2 sets but not 14! I'm super inspired the other to make all those papers. My creative juices are just overflowing so I just took advantage of it. While working, my all time companion is non other than music! Oh yes... I just open my Spotify account and choose whatever albums that I want depending on my mood. It's always a good companion of mine as I become more inspired to work and I don;t get bored while working.

Right now, I'm listening to some sappy and sentimental songs that I follow and the selections where are all good. Makes me in love and inspired :). Music sets our mood and just thinking about the vocalist and the men behind every song, it makes me wonder and be at awe at their talent. The drummer, the guitarist, keyboardist and more all play important role in making a song. Even if you are using a korg taktile or even not so-expensive instrument, if you put your heart and soul to it, I guess it will also turn out beautifully.

Loving Bobbie Nail Polish

I love having pretty nails as it can add more beauty to my over all appearance. Lately, I want to try different shades of colors because I'm already bored with the same old red shades on my nails. This time I want some colors.

Bought these bobbie nail polish at SM store and oh boy, I want to take all the colors available but I'm sure I will not be able to use them soon. Once it is open and it will not be used for long peroids of time, the polish will harden..

Here are just few colors that I can't wait to use the periwinkle color. .. yay! It will match the blouse that I bought too.

It's Never Too Early to Shop

Just like what I have said on my previous post, Christmas will be coming soon in no time. What a wonderful time for family gathering and giving gifts during this season. I might have to shop early this year for Christmas gift and I think I will start as early as end of October and 1st week of November.

Online shopping has gone so far these past few years and more people are using this method buying stiff for themselves and loved ones. It's easier to shop online too and with various stores available shoppers have many options to choose. Not only on regular stores where you can see bargain or discounted items but also online. You can find promo codes like this woodwind brasswind promo code where you can get discount on various musical instruments, that are perfect for music lovers.

BER Months

Wow.. I can't believe it .. it's already half way of SeptemBER.. and soon December will be here once again. It's only in the Philippines where people got excited when BER months come because it only means that Christmas and other holiday will come. I'm pretty sure that most of us want to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is the time for family reunion, old classmates' gathering and time to be with our friends and relatives. Though during holidays it can mean more spending because of gifts to buy and also places to explore .. but nothing beats the feeling of happiness it can give.

Our family always gather during Christmas time and it's always a grand reunion for all of us where we can be together though 2 of my sisters and their family are living overseas now. There are times that they go home for holiday vacation. It was in 2013 where we are all complete (sans my dad who dies in 1989 already) and it was a blast.

Hoping for a grand Christmas time again this year.