Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why Is Oral Hygiene And Teeth Cleaning Important?

When you smile and your teeth are white and shiny, you do like it more. People that look at you smile will simply like you better. However, when you have a lack of interest associated with teeth brushing, the texture of the teeth ends up being changed. Teeth that are unclean will normally be filled with bacteria and germs. You end up with foul odor, decay, disarray and much more. Every single person that has bad oral hygiene needs to deal with dozens of huge problems as time passes.

It is vital that you maintain oral hygiene. Unfortunately, there are many that either forget about this or simply do not know how important everything is. It is not that difficult to clean your teeth and the truth is that it is never too late to avoid the trip to the dentist.

If you wonder why oral hygiene is so important, here are the most common reasons that have to be mentioned, based on the experience of Desert Palm Dentistry.

Cavity Control
Cavities are also referred to as tooth decay or caries. They are a huge problem that appears because teeth are invaded by bacteria. In really simple terms, bacteria end up eating teeth. As an immediate result, the tooth simply breaks down.

The initial sign that a cavity will appear is a yellowish, brown or black spot that appears on the tooth. After some time, the tooth will start to feel painful and holes eventually appear in the teeth that are affected. When you brush your teeth every night and every night, cavities do not appear.

Saving Money
This is one of the reasons that few people actually know about. As you brush teeth regularly, you manage to save a lot of money. When you go to the dentist, the costs associated with fixing teeth problems are pretty high. If you do not need dental treatment, you save so much money. Future expenses can be avoided by simply brushing your teeth.

You Do Not Lose Teeth
Tooth loss control is a huge advantage of maintain proper oral hygiene. You surely do not want to lose your teeth. The main reason why a tooth is lost is gum disease. As the disease advances, your jaw line loses support. Teeth end up loosened or simply fall out.

Now Mouth Odor

When oral hygiene is low, bad odors start appearing inside the mouth. Foul smells are basically really bad and it is easy to understand why. Self-confidence can go down and in many cases the odors simply do not disappear because of poor oral hygiene. Regularly brush and your mouth will remain fresh. Odor problems will be alleviated and your self-confidence will be high.

A Beautiful Smile

The last thing that we should mention is that when you maintain proper oral hygiene, teeth will be whiter and will not have problems like cavities. You will end up with a much more beautiful smile. Why not take advantage of such a possibility? Every person in the world wants a better looking smile.

Rainy Days are Here

It's official rainy season is here already in our part of the world. It started last week and just today it rained so hard this afternoon. Worse is that my laundry woman washes our clothes today. The end result, still wet clothes on the hangers.

Rainy seasons usually starts end of May and up to September=October though there are days when there still rain in November. I just prayed that no major floods that will happen anymore. We feared that Ondoy type of flooding will happen again and that will be a major disaster.

Thankfully, mom already had our roof replaced and our roof gutters cleaned last summer and that means we are ready for the rainy season. Hope all will be safe this season as we heard that this year there will be La Nina.