Monday, January 31, 2011

25 Years of Blissful Marriage

My older sister and her husband will be celebrating their Silver wedding anniversary this coming May. I'm just so happy for them for there are not a lot of couple wherein their wedding anniv. can reach this far. They are actually working overseas right now and I'm not sure what their exact plans for their anniversary.

Initially, I heard that they'll come back home here to renew their vows at the church but told them that it's not a practical thing to do these days. I guess they realized that the expenses that they'll spend on the occasion can be spend on an overseas trip with us. Who knows they might go to any Asian country or board a cruise ship to have fun. Whatever their plans are, I know it will be for the good of many. Knowing my sister, she'll make sure that they'll include us with their plans. I wish every couple can celebrate their silver anniv till golden.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It's time to share of my Wednesday Happy Thoughts.

1. Finished all my due tasks for today. Now I have time to do some digi designing tomorrow!
2. Toge and grilled chicken breasts for lunch
3. Brazo de Mercedes cake for snack.
4. My Sophie girl following my command.
5. All bills paid already.. Yahooo.... Now I can shop!
6. Twitter keeping me company
7. A good 2 hour nap this afternoon makes me feel refresh
8. The cool weather
9. YM chat with sis
10. A day filled with blessings

Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Boom Among my Twittermates

Yay, I think there's a baby boom among my twitter friends last year. 2 have given birth to baby girls and if I'm not mistaken there are 2 of my Twittermates who are pregnant right now and have been taking pre-natal vitamins and frequently going to their OB Gyne for check up.

I still twitter friend who fervently wish that she'll conceive this year for she's been praying for this long time ago. I hope that God will grant her wish this year so that they'll have a bundle of joy in their household. If that happens my other twittermates will be so happy for her. I'm praying and hoping that this will come true. I know that God grants wishes in perfect time and on HIS will. I'm so excited to see their babies soon!

Turned 13

My nephews and nieces are growing so fast. Dither turned 13 on January 6 and his mom cooked something special for him that he shared with his highschool classmates. After school hours he invited most of his classmates and they went to our house for a small birthday party treat.

He's already 13, still small and skinny. He's one of the smallest in their room and sometimes mistaken as a grade 4 or 5 pupil which he doesn't like. I'm sure one of these days, he'll grow more and mature. The best thing is that he is doing great in school and he's not getting sick unlike when he was in his elementary days.

Some photos on his 13th birthday with his classmates.

Cool Weather

Oh it's windy and cold outside right now. There's no typhoon or storm but it's just brought about by Northeast monsoon hovering in Luzon and tail-end of a cold front affecting Southern Luzon and Visayas according to PAG-ASA. Yesterday it was raining that made the weather cooler than many other days.

Last night, I could hear the loud gusty wind before I went to bed and I could not sleep without wearing a light jacket. With the weather like this, it's so conducive to sleeping and lazing around the house. Other than that, it's perfect to eat, eat and eat. Just make sure you get enough exercise or you need to burn those fats. Start by reading hydroxycut review online while you're surfing the net.

I believe that this kind of weather will prevail till February according to the news. I remember tweeting it was already 18.6 C in Manila last January 5. That temp was cold for us already since we're always used yo 30-34C in temperature so when the temp drops below 24 then it's very unusual for us already. In Benguet in was noted to have 6-7C early this month and the farmers are so worried for their root crops develop frosts and making it wilt.

Anyway, I'm also enjoying this cool weather because for sure come March to May we'll be experiencing hot summer once again.. Yay!

Paying the Bills

I've always say that January is the month where expenses are just too many, maybe this is the extension of the holidays. I'm not complaining though because I really need to pay all the bills because I have used services and its a must.

This month is also the time to pay business tax and annual registration fee at bir aside from the usual electric, phone and water bills for December. Ive already settle all the other bills except for the business tax that I need to accomplish this week. My mom is the one in charge for the renewal of the registration and insurance of the vehicle and I'm sure she'll ask me to look for a car insurance quote online later.

Evenhtough there are too many bills lined up for this month, I'm so very thankful because I money to pay for them. God is just so good in providing with our needs.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brand New Year

Hello everyone, this is my very 1st post for this blog this year as I've become too busy with a lot of things!

Anyway, there's so much that has happened this new year and I'm hoping for more blessings and work. I'll be uploading photos soon so you can see all the happenings with my friends and family. I'm also slowly making some make over at our house. It started with some appliance shopping last Christmas and we've been wishing to also have a brand new LCD TV this 1st quarter of the year if budget will permit. Mom also asked our helper to change our leaking bathroom faucet with a new one and had our doors fixed.

There's so much to do this year and I'm all smiles to do them.