Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Yr. Old Maria Aragon Talks to Lady Gaga

After making Lady Gaga cry when she saw the video of Maria doing a cover of her song, this 10 yr old Fil-Canadian newest Youtube sensation Maria Aragon was able to speak with Lady Gaga when she was invited at a radio show in Canada.

Maria was brought into tears when she heard Lady Gaga speaks. She was speechless for a while and the only question she uttered to Lady Gaga is where did she get her outfits?. Lady Gaga was so sweet and even invited Maria to do a duet with her when she'll come to Canada for a concert.

The little girl's dream is coming into reality and I hope she'll remain humble and sweet and for sure she'll go places.

6.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits New Zealand

Heard from friends that there's a mild earthquake today in some parts of the country and we can only hope that there'll be no after shocks or that it will not become a huge earthquake.

As I was reading yahoo, I saw that New Zealand was also hot by an earthuake and it was 6.3 in magnitude that have killed at least 65 in Churchchrist area. I even saw photos and videos at youtube showing the earthquake at it happens. Wow that made me scared and had goosebumps.

Made me think that powerful earthquake that happened in the 90's here in the Phils.. I hope not much destruction will happen as it's rally scary.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thankful Sunday

It's our Town Fiesta today and as usual it's all about thanksgiving and eating the whole day. Here are some of the things that I'm thankful for today.

1. Delicious dishes that my SIL and brother cooked for the fiesta. Thankfully, I ate a lot today without feeling guilty and don't have to think about diet pills for women after having taste all the dishes that they cooked.
2. Some friends coming over for a good lunch.
3. Creamy fruit salad that I made.
4. Time to go the mall. Before going home, I decided to go to SM to buy some of my stuff. I'm also trying out some shoes but it's already half an hour of trying out some of the designs, still I could not find that will suit my taste and size.
5. New leather bag. My order came few days ago from a friend in the US and it's my first time to use it today. Love the bag for it's spacious, light weight and smells so nice haha (love the smell of leather).

Bad Skin

My 7 yr.old niece has colds right now. Must be because she got it from her brother who is also sick these days. The weather was just crazy and I think that made the kids so sickly. Aside from having colds, dear niece got some rashers on her skin once again. Her skin was just too sensitive to almost anything. There's once instance when she got so itchy because of the antibiotics that a doctor gave her once but most of the times, she's itchy due to dusts and other pollutants.

Her mom already consulted the doctor and told that she's got mild eczema that can still be treated. I'm also advising her to take a look and read some info at www.eczematreatments.net for she can get more knowledge about that kind of skin ailment. Poor niece, I can see her scratch and whine coz of too much itchiness. I wish she'll not suffer much as her skin has lots of dark scars already.

I Can't Wait

I spoke to my sis the other week and she told me that she already sent the box via air cargo and it will arrive roughly around after 10 days. I'm my calculation is right, then it will be hear by the 1st week of March and we're all excited already.

What makes us await for the box is that it includes the Canon point and shoot camera that I asked my sister to buy for me. The electronic shop that they frequent has lots of sale at the time they purchased mine so I think it was a good deal already. They got it at almost half the price and I could not be happier. The box also contains the desktop pc with lcd monitor that my sister and since she bought a new one, she's giving it to my nephew. It was right in time because their pc at home was broken and need a new spare parts.

Anyway, I can't help myself to be excited for the box to come and hope the pc will not be damaged.

My Weekend Thoughts

Wow it's Sunday once again and another week was about to finish. I'm looking forward for the new things that will happen next week and I'm all open arms to embrace all the blessing and trials that will come.

Anyway, I'm also set to visit my doctor come Wednesday to really know what's happening with my digestion. If my doctor encourages me to find colon cleanse product that works then I'll heed her advise. I just need to find the real reason for the pains I'm having. With the grace of the Lord, I know I will be healed. I also need to be brave because no one can help me expect myself. I have to address my health issues once and for all.

I also need to finish lots of online tasks that was showered to me this weekend so I will not be too loaded by next week. Later on, I need to stop by the nearest mall to buy some of my personal supplies and I know that visit will make me stop by the shoes and bag section..lol

Being A Teen

My nephew D turned 13 this January and he's officially a teenager now even though he looks still looks like a kid. He was often teased to be as an elementary student for he's still small and thin compared to his other classmates. He dislikes those comments that he always got so we advise him to eat more so he'll mature and grow faster.

Just recently, my SIL was telling me that her son is asking her why there are acne on his forehead that he mistaken to be mosquito bites. He's indeed growing up and the sign of puberty is showing already. I will not wonder if one day, he'll ask his mom to find the best acne products for his acne and be more conscious of how he looks and wear. Ahhh... he's not a kid anymore.

Finding Hard to Look for a Job

My nephew who graduated from college last year and after working for 6 months is now jobless. He just finished his contract last December at a grocery as one of the staff in advertising. I'm guessing that he didn't like the job that he's doing that's why he didn't renew his contract anymore. I'm sure he just accepted the offer before so he can just have an experience.

Now he is looking for a new job and it seems that he can't find the perfect job description that can match his skills. I don't know if he is just too picky or just wouldn't want to work. We've been encouraging him to try at different companies and try not to be too picky as there are so many people applying for jobs. We just hope he'll find work soon, even on management jobs as long as he likes and pays so he can help with their family's expenses.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Time to See a Doctor

I reckon it's really time for me to see a doctor after hearing about a friend's brother who;s been experiencing some sharp and bad pain in the stomach. He's also been in and out of the hospital for the last few days because the doctors doesn't seem to find out what's causing the pain.

Anyway, just like what I mentioned in my previous post that I'm afraid of medical check up but with the encouragement of friends and relatives, I've decided to see a doctor this coming week to finally put an end on what makes me feel so bloated all the time. I'm hoping for good results and I'll take whatever the doctor advice me, even if it takes for me to get colon cleanse to help my digestion problems. Anyway, I'm praying and hoping that nothing serious will come out of the consultation. I'll be blogging about my doctor's visit soon.

The Big Move

My youngest sister and her husband always dreamed of owning a big and spacious house for their growing family. It seems that their 2-storey house doesn’t fit their family’s activities and house stuff anymore so even though it’s heartbreaking for my sister to leave that house where they started their family, her husband insisted on selling the house and just move to the apartment first.

Slowly, they moved and have their house constructed by mid May 2010. I saw the developments of their house building through the photos that she posted at her facebook account. I was happy to see that their dream house is finally coming to a reality. The house was completed by end of December but still there are some areas that needed some paintings and flooring according to my sister.

With the house almost complete, my sister started to pack their things and that’s where the real work started. Putting things on different boxes and making sure she labeled them well so she’ll not have a hard time what to know what’s inside of that box. They slowly transported boxes and other furniture from time to time to their new house as they’re really so excited.

Finally, just last weekend, I heard from my sister that they are finally moving. I know that it’ll be a tiring work to unpack their things but knowing that there’ll be in their own house makes me feel happy and I wish I was there to help her.

Moving can be stressful but with proper packing, labeling and help from someone or professionals can make your move a little easier. There are companies that can help you move or even have a self-storage place for all your things. Moishe’s, a New York Movers can provide their clients with quality service with their cutting-edge technology and equipments. Check out their services if you’re planning your big move.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I ordered an item from a friend overseas and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. It was kinda delayed but my friend already asked for apologies because it's delayed already. I'm hoping it will arrive this week as I'm already excited about my purchase.

I'm also on the lookout on my cellphone just in case the courier calls me on the phone to ask me about the direction of my place just like the last time I had a package. Anyway, my phone that is already 4 years old is working great but to my surprise the battery went dead the other weekend. I have no choice but to buy one of those cell batteries at the mall because it's hard not to have a cellphone these days.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Deep Thought

Oh dear, I started my year with lots of expenses and I don’t think it’s good. How can I avoid that anyway? January is a season to pay annual business tax and registration plus all the bills from December were all summed up. It can be pretty overwhelming especially when they come at the same time. Fortunately, I have allocated some money for those expenses already, that’s why I didn’t have a hard time but still seeing a whole in my pocket. Anyway, at least I’m done with my obligations as a good citizen of this country.

February has come and I’m still faced with some expenses on the way. I know I can avoid some expenses if I want only if I have self-control over shopping and all. My business is not doing good so there are times I’m tinkering of what business should I invest in. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fear of Medical Check Up

I must admit that I'm afraid of medical check ups. Dunno, but I feel scared knowing if I'm sick. I really can't remember when was the last medical check up that I have and I'm guessing over a decade or so already.

Lately, I'm having some troubles with my digestion and still I can't find the courage to go to the doctor to find out what is the problem. Yay, just the thought of going to the doctor and examination give me goosebumps. I have to fear or trouble if I'm going to the doctor accompanying my mom to see her doc but when it's my time, I really can't go.

I hope one day, I'll find the courage to finally visit a specialist for I know I should take care of my health esp. at my age and status. My friends and relatives have been encouraging me to go but I'm so hard headed. Oh well....

What about you, when was the last time you had your medical check up and what's the result?

Manny Pacquiao's LA Home

Wow! Manny Pacquiao's LA Home was featured in MTV's Cribs. Love it! He deserves to have a lavish house like this for he worked hard for it.

After this, I just heard in the news that he's going to meet Pres. Obama soon in Washington. I'm sure he's so excited for he is the first Filipino athlete to make an official visit to the White House. Manny is also set to train and promote his fight with Shane Mosley on
May 7th.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Bad Case of Side Effects

We tend to take our medicines if we need some relief on pains or diseases that we are feeling but when medicines turns to be the culprit in having another serious disease or ailment, then that is another story. Drugs that have side effects need to be banned in the market to prevent further damage to people.

Accutane drugs where once believed to cure cystic acne but later on found out in 2006 that it’s causing severe side effects to people taking it. An Accutane lawsuit was also filed because it was found out that this drug causes inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis to many patients. The bad side effects can permanently damage a person’s life so a legal help to acquire compensation is a must if you’re a victim of it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Meeting an Old Friend

I chanced upon a good friend of mine way back in elementary the other weekend inside the jeepney and we had fun talking about the good old days and our present life. She told me that she re-married and had another daughter. I was even more shocked to know that at our age, she already had 7 grandchildren. WOW! Amazing,I learned that 2 of her daughters married very early at age 15. yay! Oh well, that's life! We really never know what our future beholds.

We're going to the mall when we saw each other and she's going to canvass and look for dan gable wrestling shoes that one of her godson will use for the school (p.e) physical education class while I need to buy some computer stuff for my shop. It's always good to see someone after long time and had a good talk.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hello, wanted to greet you all Happy Chinese New Year. Tomorrow, Feb. 3, is already the YEAR OF THE RABBIT.

This afternoon, just like the traditional New Year, I cleaned our house in preparation of the CNY. I changed my bedsheet and cleaned the whole house. I don't have lucky charms or fruits on the table but I still hope that we'll be blessed this year. Just wishing for good health and continuous work.

I have so many projects for this year and I'm hoping I can accomplish all of them. Buying another desktop pc, digi cam, lcd TV and Seagull lighting are just some of the things I wanted to buy and that will only come to reality if I'll work hard.

Anyway, have a safe CNY and happiness to all of us!