Friday, August 26, 2022

Almost Lost this Blog.. Yay!

It was about 4 days ago when I saw this blog down. I was worried a bit and was thinking what could have gone wrong. My other blogs with the same domain name server company were up and running so that made me sad. This is what it looks like. 

This is my very 1st domain blog since 2007 and I can’t afford to lose it, I hurriedly went to check on the dashboard to see what had happened. Checked on my domain host server1and1 (now ionos) dashboard to see what might have happened. To tell you honestly, I don’t have much knowledge about redirecting blogs, etc. so I just google searched. Did some few tweaks on my blog and nothing much happened. 

For a while, I disconnected the redirecting of my domain to my blogger blog then putting it back hoping it will work. Can’t seem to redirect it very well, and I was in the brink of calling ionos for help. I disconnected again overnight to refresh all the settings. I am about to give up because I really don’t know what to do eventhough I already saw a tutorial on how to redirect it again. My blog is up but the posts are not showing, so weird and I reckon I need to do some tweaking more. Here's what it looks like :( 

Just last night, I gave it a try again, and it seems that I forgot to put a CNAME on my subdomain that will redirect to google. I set it up and wow, I woke up this morning my blog is back again! Though it will not appear when there is no www but I’m still happy that it is back.  After few hours, when i looked it up again, the problem still exists.., I guess the redirection is still on the propagation process and now it's back again.

Hope the problem will not arise again especially on my other blogs. Ahhh.. thanks to my persistence in trying to save this blog 😊. I’m happy now!