Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Port MacQuarie Pictures

Finally my sis uploaded the pics that i took in my camera, there are tons of pics but i will just share some. Here are our photos when we went to the top of the hill over looking a beach with a small light house at Port MacQuarie here at NSW, Australia. The view is breathtaking and I had fun taking photos.

I will share more pics later.

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Tacking Point Light House is the 3rd oldest light house in Australia

High Technology

In the world of high technology and computers there are a lot innovative products on the market today. It’s not like he old days when a master tradesman rules his house, these days computer wiz kids have all the advantages over the old timers. Hand saws, chisels and drills have all been replaced by a plasma cutter. This high tech piece of machinery need only be programmed by a computer technician to achieve an imaginable shapes and pieces for most high tech machinery it’s like playing with a jigsaw.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I thought I'm going to die !!!

Hello everyone, we are finally back from our 4 day holidays at Port MacQuarie here at NSW Australia. It was a long weekend here in OZ land so we make the most of it. My bro in law drove the car for almost 4 hours (just stopped for lunch) and geez that is a long drive. We stayed at a nice 3 bedroom apartment with kitchen and all and the best part is it is almost overlooking at the beach. Ahhhh what a nice holiday.

Anyway, we have lots of things that have done there, but i will just share it in my future posts. I will just share this scary but funny thing that happened to me while we were there.  We went for a swim at the apartment's swimming pool in the afternoon with the kids. The kids are with my bro in law and they took the 1st plunge at the pool.

I followed them while Micah and my sister was watching me behind. I went to the pool and hop in the sides while my bro in law was looking at me. Not thinking that it was deep, i decided to take the next step but little did I know it was over 6 feet deep.!!!!!! I tried to paddle my feet hoping to float and moving my hands to grab someone. I swallowed water and I wanted to shout but I was drowning. Sis saw me and told bro in law to get me. Bro inlaw grabbed me on my hands before I even lost my breathe. Luckily he was there to save me !! 

I thought that the pool was not that deep since I saw Aussie kids just jumping in there. Hahaha I didn;t realize that kids here at young age are being thought how to swim already.. Yay, I really can't swim !!!

Anyway, after that we are all laughing and joking about the incident. I am just thankful to God that I am still alive!!!! More stories to come.

Please wait for the pics

Oh i really anted to share some pictures right now but please do accept my apology for not doing it right away. As you all know I am not using my own computer so it's a bit embarrassing for me to just install softwares without my sister's approval. Actually I am using the MacBook of my niece and since it is just bought 2 months ago, i am not sure if they will want me to install my DSLR.  ( a lot of excuses huh hehe) 

Anyway, just wait for it I know you all want to see some pics of me here. Thanks

The Aussie Lifestyle

The patio furniture at my sister’s place is very conducive to the lifestyle of the Australians. A lot of time is spent outside having barbeques, swimming in the pool and just relaxing, so the furniture outside gets a lot of use. Theirs is quite stylish and durable. It’s like having a second family room but outdoors. I noticed that most families here have an outdoor setting and oh boy they love to drink a lot, guess what? I've got to taste some of their finest wines and vodkas hehehe.

Good cause

What a fantastic concept to help the youth of our world. There are so many people out there and organizations that are set up specifically to help people. The concept of car donation is an amazing idea. Using cars and other donations, Car Angel is a non-profit organization that makes videos to help young children and teenagers. The website has lots of informative information so that we can all feel as though we can contribute to the future of our youth. You can check out their site and see how they are helping kids. Here is one video that they make.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Micah dropped my DSLR !!!!!!

Wow it's already past 12 midnight here in OZ Land and i am trying to keep myself awake just to finish all my assignments for the week. I wanted to finish them all early because we will be leaving for Port Mac Quarie (beach) on Thursday and we will be back on Monday already. It will be our first long getaway here in Australia since I arrived here on Sunday. It will be a 5 hr. no traffic drive and wow for sure i'll be burning my butt at the car, lol.

Anyways, I had a great time with the kids this afternoon and we played some ball games at the backyard. I took some photos of the kids and i had few too. Micah came from a night out on her friend's house and asked me if she can view all the pictures that iI took. I was playing around with her siblings when I heard a "tug" sound and when i looked I saw that my Canon Rebel dropped to the pavement.

I shouted so loud and of course my 1st instinct was to get angry at her bec. she dropped my camera. I was so mad at her that i took it from her and examined it. She was lucky enough that the lens didn;t break or any of the parts or else I will give her something. Gosh I was so afraid that it might not work properly but I reckon it was just a small bump.

Anyway, sorry no pictures yet to share here, bec. I don't think they will let me use my card reader and m photoshop at the Mac , poor thing. I am also trying to work around using it since I am used at Windows. I will find a way to share some pics maybe after our vacation from the beach. Have a great day everyone it's 1 am now here so I have to go now..

Cheap hotels

Europe and the Mediterranean especially have always been a romantic get away in the minds of most travelers especially those that come from outside their region. Portugal is a lovely country immersed in history and romanticism. The Portugal hotels are amongst the best in the world from 2 star to 5 star, you can’t beat this luxurious experience.

There are also lots of places to visit off the beaten track for tourist that are more adventurous. Lisbon Hotels, Algarve Hotels and Madeira Hotels are just some of the places where service , food and good company be found. Lots of things to do and places to see, you’ll be surprised how much this great country has to offer. Ciao!

Understanding Dementia

hen you break your arm or leg or stitches in your head people will offer their sympathy they can physically see that something is wrong with you it is apparent to every body. Mental illness is even more damaging that any of those symptoms, however, people cannot see if you suffer from mental illness. One of these illnesses is dementia, understanding dementia is something we us a society should be sympathetic towards.

To find out more about dementia symptoms and dementia treatment, you can go to this website. It is set up to help those less fortunate than ourselves. It helps them track their symptoms, learn more about treatments available to them and helps for them to understand exactly what Dementia is.

Brrrrr cold

Hello peeps thanks for dropping by my blog and trying to know  how am i doing here at the Land Down Under.  I am doing great even though I am cold most of the times. The weather is gloomy since i arrived here on Sunday and it rained yesterday so it was cold. I know you some will laugh at me bec. I am already cold at around 23C (of course i am not used to cold weather that is why). Right now my feet are so cold ...!!!!!

My sis and I went shopping yesterday at Mac Arthur's Square shopping mall while Micah and her friend watched the movie "7 Dresses". The 2 kids (Bianca and Braiden) were at pre-school so we had lots of time shopping. My 1st purchase here since I arrived are 2 blouses (AUS$ 19.75 and AUS$14.50), I stopped converting it to pesos bec. I know it will cost a bit. It was fun strolling the mall (not as huge as Megamall though) and trying to see what's new. There are some great buys esp. the summer clothes, they are having it on sale since winter is coming. They have sales every time they change their season so my sis got some good buys. 

We had late lunch at around 2 pm and we just settle for some Thai noodle soup and fresh spring rolls. Later at night  we called home to check out my mom and our business and it was sad to hear not so good news.

Anyway, i only took some photos i will just share later, I will ask my sis 1st on how can I transfer their m pics on Micah's Mac Book. It's hard when you don't own the pc. I know, i know you already wanted to see how beautiful Australia is so pls. bear with me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DIY guy

Renovating is a theme that seems to run in my family especially with my Aussie bro in law, he is always trying to fix things around the house, a real DIY guy. When it comes to electrical work he is always apprehensive. While trying to replace some light fixtures he encountered a little problem, he forgot to turn off the power, thankfully he had an emergency breaker which probably saved his life, next time I told him to call an electrician to do it for him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Greetings from the LAND DOWN UNDER!!!!

G'day mate!!!! Hello guys I am already here in Australia!!! Micah and I arrived safely early this morning at Sydney airport around 7:00 am this morning. It was a long and tiring trip. I didn't get a good sleep at the Qantas plane bec. I was uncomfortable and a lady was giggling continuously.

It took us minutes to get our luggages bec. we are at the wrong carousel, lol. I am so glad that we used good luggage sets that are durable enough to withstand the travel. After that, I was able to clear the immigration with ease but they asked me to open my luggage since i declared some wooden decor that i bought. Bro in law Joe picked us up and we went to their house where i will be staying for 3 months. It was really really different around here, fresh air, no traffic, no noise and good food. It's good to be back here again.

We had a brunch here since Qantas didn't served us breakfast (only apple juice) not a good service I can say. I took a nap in the afternoon as i was so tired and had a shower after waking up. We had barbeque for dinner and oh my gosh bro in law served a lot of seafoods (i forgot to take photos!) and we are all full. His uncle and family, and a close family friend was there for dinner.

Anyways, i had a long day, i will just share photos later, I am using Micah's Mac and holy cow, they are very different, i still have to find my way. I will post again soon bec. we will be leaving for a 4 day trip at the beach on Thurs. and i still need to finish some assignements (raraket pa rin d2 kahit bakasyon heheh) See ya guys!!

I am a Scorpio

You are 80% Scorpio

Oh yeah, I am a Scorpio but don't be scared of me hehe. We are sometimes thought to be deadly but we have a heart of gold. I am emotional and can cry over sappy and romantic movies. I am a bit hard sometimes (yes I am hehe) but when you talk to me in a nice way I can be gentle as a lamb.

Friday, January 18, 2008

PHOTOHUNT: Important

Our theme for Photo Hunters this week is IMPORTANT, and my entry is my Passport. This is of course very important before you can board a plane.

I am posting this a bit early because i will be flying to Australia tomorrow (19th) but don't you worry i will be blogging while I am there.

On that note.. See you all "DOWN UNDER !!!!!"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pinoy Blogero got published

Ok I am one proud Aunt again for my nephew Kalro of bec. he was interviewed by Analyn Jusay f Manila Bulletin about blogging. His interview was published at the the Jan. 14, 2008 issue of the newspaper under the TechNews Section. Isn't this cool??

He told me he is going to frame that newspaper interview hehe. He is doing good at blogging and i hope he can still juggle blogging and studying right now.

You can also read his interview at Manila Bulletin's website .

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WORDLESS Wednesday: Peace!

With all the things that are happening in the world today, I just wanna say
"Peace Man, Peace !!!

What a very busy day!!

Wow what a busy day it was for me here. I was out half of the day bec. I went to our municipal hall to renew my bro and my business license. I didn't finish it before lunch because there are so many people transacting their own business there. How I wish our new municipal hall is already finish so we will be more comfortable. I went back at around 3 pm and i am glad i finished renewing our license.

I am also busy burning all the pics of Micah and other stuff. See yah guys thanks for the visit!!

Jazzing up our mobile phones

Having a cell phone these days can’t be considered a luxury but already a necessity in modern times. Business people, professionals and even ordinary people already know the usefulness and convenience of having a cellphone. I remember in the 80’s when I was still in college it was very hard to communicate to someone where there are no beepers or cellphone yet. Thanks to the modern IT world it is making our lives easier and communication is faster now.

I had my 1st Nokia cell phone few years back and it was so fun to personalize the cover and ringtones of it. Mobile phones evolved through the years where they added features like internet capability, video cam, mp3 etc. and the designs became sleeker. Another cool thing that you can put into your phones is ringtones. 

Monday, January 14, 2008

Big "G" zapped me !!!

It's a sad day for me here as Google zapped away my precious pagerank of 3, and what a day my blog already turned 0, yay!! I know i am not the only one who have been penalized by google but other bloggers as well who only wanted to earn a lil bit of money while enjoying blogging.

This only means that I'll certainly have few opps to come by and that is a sad sad sad thing. I have tried to maintain this domain of mine by posting quality posts eventhough it's a sponsored one but I guess that how life goes. It's not the end of the world for me and other bloggers though.

Anyway, i'm getting busier , just want to apologize for not visiting your blogs, i'll make it up to you all. Hope you 'll understand.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tiendesitas shopping

Micah and I went to Tiendesitas in Pasig (near Megamall) last Friday and at first Micah thought it was just boring there not until she saw the clothes and other stuff being sold there. I also bought some souvenirs that i will give to my sister. Too bad we didn;t have the chance to ride the Kalesa bec. it only starts at 3 pm and we can't wait that long. Sorry this is quite a quick post here. I'm off to Greenhills now.

Have you been to Tiendesitas?

Know where to find lights

There’s no doubt that we all need to have lights whether it be for our homes for our vehicles, for hunting or camping and other uses. There are just about over a hundred of different light accessories that we can choose and for different purposes. There are Truck Lights, Head Lamps, Flash Lights, Rechargeable Flashlights, Strobe Light Bars and many more that I saw at Magnalight website.

And it’s even made convenient now because anyone can purchase it online and they will deliver it at your homes if you purchased worth $300 and up. You can browse by category so you’ll find the item quite fast. What I also like about their site is that they have related and informative articles that you can read before even buying lights.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christian Bautista at Megamall

Micah and I went to Megamall on Friday and we got stuck in traffic because of the fire in Makati. Anyway, we bought some stuff and gosh we were oh so tired after that. Sukat dito sukat doon.

We are fortunate enough bec. Christian Butista is there to perform so we watched it for a while. He is cute and I love his voice. Micah was taller than me so she took some photos of him since there were lots of people in front of us.

I need new prsecription glasses

I guess you have read on one of my posts that I already wanted to chuck my eyeglasses at the bin for it is not doing well for my eyesight. I also reckon that I need to change my eye doctor now bec I am not really satisfied. With my desire to change my eyeglasses I found out that anyone can purchase stylish prescription glasses online and it’s a Great Discovery: I don’t think they ship internationally though but for those who are in their area you can check them out if you need one. With their huge selection of frames I think you’ll find one that will suit your taste and liking.

From Hawaii with Love!

Wow, just 2 days ago the mailman handed me a card and when I read it was from my online friend Kitty. I was so happy and it was so sweet and thoughtful of her to send me a Christmas card. I know it took about 3 weeks to get here since it was stuck in the mail. Nevertheless i am still grateful for Kitty's sweetness.
Thanks Kitts, hope to meet you too someday! (Sensya na bihira me maka dalaw sa blog mo, busy to death ate mo eh)

Cold weather

I woke up a bit late today and it was so gloomy, I thought it was too early but when I look at the clock it was already 7:30 am. It was raining since this morning and we have a very cool weather right now. I have not seen the news yet, so I don’t know if we have a typhoon or something which is not usual for us here in January.
The weather is perfect for a hot coffee and snuggling and in some parts of US they are having snow and other countries. Although I have not experienced winter with snow, I am pretty sure that is so brutally cold outside and many houses have heaters or fireplace in their houses. 

8 Things that i am grateful for

Caryl tagged me with this one and I want to thank her bec. it made me realize that i am really been blessed. 

1. I am thankful for all the blessings that God showered me and my family
2. I am thankful for discovering blogging and digiscrapping, I only not gained money but friends as well
3. I am thankful for the friendship me and Race have shared through the years.
4. I am thankful for the good health and my other family members have
5. I am thankful for having the opportunity of travelling again overseas.
6. I am thankful for all my online friends who keep on visiting my blog and keep me company.
7. I am thankful Micah was able to come back home after 5 years of migrating to Sydney
8. I am thankful the little things that come my way

I would like to pass this to Race, Nice, Lutch, MaryK and to all my blogger friends. Just snag this is you want.

Investing in stocks

I have heard that many people have been investing in stocks and or future tradings and if you become successful on it, it’ll give you lotsa money, that is if you really know how stocks and tradings go. I guess a stock or commodity brokers is a pretty good but tough job that deals with stock exchange. I have an online friend who has been investing in stocks with her husband for sometime now.

Busy shopping for pasalubongs

Hello guys, just one more week and I will be leaving with Micah and I am kinda excited but I feel I am in a hurry, yay! Anway, Micah and I have gone shopping yesterday; we went to Tiendesitas and Megamall. Actually we were looking for some pasalubongs for my sister and bro in law, I bought a nice native placemat for my sister, a small antique box where she can make it as a décor on her house and a mother of pearl bracelet. I hope she will like it, I wanted to buy the capiz lamp shade but I had second thoughts.

I had a tough time looking for a present to my bro inlaw, I wanted a personalized calendar of his kids like what my co-bebots are making but I got no photos and I have no more time to do it. Wish I got that idea long before, so right now I still have no present for him.

On Monday I will be goin to Divisoria and I will be buying more of my stuff (it’s never ending shopping), I am also thinking of buying some fancy native necklaces that I can also give as presents and a beach bag. And since I can’t buy one of those diamond pendants, I think I’d just buy myself some pretty bling blings and fancy ones that I can use everyday, there are many necklaces there. I hope I can finish all my shopping or else I will be burnt out.

I am Legend (movie)

Micah, Karlo and my older bro watched the movie "I am Legend", 2 days ago at SM and last full show. They said it was a great suspense movie and they told me I should have come with them. I am not a movie fanatic so I am once again a kill joy, lol. Have you watched this movie lately? Micah has been watching movies lately here since she seldom does that while in Sydney. She already watched the local movie Desperadas and it is good she can still understand Filipino language.

I also have DVD in my bedroom and anytime she wants she can just pop in a DVD and watch comfortable there, I just wish we have one of those home theater popcorn machines so that we can make our own popcorns we can eat while watching DVDs.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

3 years of blogging !!!

Yahooo.... I have been blogging for the last 3 years and what have I gained??? Lots i can say, i was able to gain lots of online friends (2 of them i have met online Suzanne and Liz), i gained lots of insights and informative knowledge while browsing other blogs, I was able to practice my English which is not that good lol and lately I have gained monetary pleasures bec. I have learned to monetize my blog through sponsored bloggings. All of those I am thankful of.

I still wanted to meet in person lots of my online and scrapper friends whom I have met online. Some have inspired me to make my own blog while others inspired me with their great thoughts and nice writings.

FYI, I started blogging way back in January 7th of 2005, you can view my 1st ever post here at my 1st blog at bravejournal. I was inspired by Ana PS’s blog and so I’ve decided to make one too. At first I was so hesitant to make one coz I find it a bit corny but when I saw some visitors leaving comments and reading my posts I realized how pleasurable to have an outlet where you can put your thoughts and ideas.

What about you when did you start blogging???

The power of our minds

There are times we feel so pressured and feeling low in our lives and all we need to do is to refocus our minds to positive and calming thoughts that can lift us up again. There are subliminal messages that our subconscious minds can absorb and it can boost our confidence and give us more power and energy to go through life. And if you are considering increasing your self esteem or maybe wishing to end an addiction Subliminal CDs are available at that can help you with that. We don’t need to stay negative all our lives, we need to move on and enjoy life.

I'm getting busier each day

phewww... i just hate it when I feel pressured and kinda in a rush mode.. I have only few more days and i will be flying soon and with that i have do arrange some things here at my shop. I have to endorse some paper works (BIR thingy) etc. to my sisinlaw so that everything will be in order. I will be away for 3 months and she will be the one to manage our internet cafe and i just hope she can manage it with at ease. She has 2 kids to take too so i know she will be busy around here.

Micah and I have been goin to many places which is mostly shopping and sometimes she is complaining that she has not done something spectacular We told her that beaches and great theme parks are away from our place so we really need to schedule that. I just can't wait for my trip.... Have a great day everyone!!!

Quick add: the maniac appeared again last night, wooolah he never gets tired of showing his "patoytoy" ("thing") to me and customers, lol, it's his 3rd time.. he really sucks and sick to the bone!!!!. Gosh i always forgot to grab my cam and snap a photo of him (next time i will post his pic hahaha) yuck.

We can protect our privacy

We all need our privacy, don’t we? And every one of us has a right to have one. We should remember that every time we use our computers and search the web, windows can still stored the websites, email , our contacts or even passwords even though we delete them and remove them in history. That is quite daunting especially if we share computers, we never know that the next person will see the things that we have done.

It was fortunate enough that there is a software that can erase “evidences’ in our pc. With just a small amount of program we will be assured that we can retain our privacy and this software can eliminate all your system cookies, remove porn sites that you visited and more, this Evidence-Blaster software is available at for just a little price of $22.95. There is now a chance where we can be have 100% of privacy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kids dayout at MOA

After a delicious lunch that we had at Dither's 10th bday celebration at MAx Restaurant on Sunday, my nieces, nephews, SIL and bro went to MOA (Mall of Asia). I am so kill-joy that afternoon bec. i don't want to go with them (too bad I'm not feeling well that time or else i will go with them).

Anyway, they went to the mall to shop and the boys went inside the Science Discovery (forgot the real name) to watch some displays. I know they enjoyed their time there bec. they told me that they want to come back there again. The photos were taken by my nephew KARLO.

I have never been to Mall of Asia since it opened and I often hear that it was so big that a whole day is not enough to stroll all the shops there. Just in case you didn't know Mall of Asia is the biggest mall here in the Phils and one of the biggest in the world!!! Yay i have to be there soon!
Image Hosted by

Pursue your dreams

Geez, I hate myself for being downbeat at times, I know it’s the new year now and I should change that habit or else I am on the losing end. I have lots of things to achieve and still do and yet I feel stuck. Anyway, I just noticed that many are still continuing their studies whether it be at regular universities or at online. Just one of the accredited universities online that offers Master of Arts inorganizational leadership training Master of Arts in Communication and Master of Science in Nursing online is Gonzaga University.

Who would ever think that anyone can now earn a degree online? I guess in these times nothing is impossible and pursuing our dreams is just a click away. Just a piece of advice we are never too old to learn anything we want in life.

What a bummer!!

I am just really getting pissed over the other 2 pc for rent that I have here. I bought desktop pc last year in Greenhills and holy cow they are actually not working properly for the last month and i hate it!! Sinusumpa ko talaga ng bilihan na yon at I WILL NEVER EVER buy from them. I think that the hardwares esp. the motherboard that they put is not that durable. I payed so much for each pc and i chose branded ones but yet it's not working that good.

Right now, i am losing some customers bec. 2 of my pc are not working.. B$%#^^^st talaga.. Sorry for venting here i am just really pissed!

Improving oneself through hypnosis

It’s the start of the New Year and I wish that many good things will still happen to me. Of course I still need to improve myself bec. the old habits that I hate are really hard to let go off but if I want to achieve it I have to focus myself. It never occurred to me th self hypnosis can help in improving oneself not until I read about it. Maybe you heard of that term at where they explain more about it and they have about 300 hypnosis sessions that are available for instant download.

Talk about self improvement, fears and phobias, self image and more, I think they have covered almost all aspects of our lives. I reckon this is worth a try since we all need to improve ourselves and how we deal with everyone. To copy their description of hypnosis: Hypnosis is a method of changing your thoughts, behaviors, and even your body...Using the power of your mind!

WORDLESS Wednesday

I know this should be Wordless but i thought it's good to tell few notes about the pictures that i took. These are my nephews and niece during our New Year's eve celebration. It was around 11 pm (hey they are still wide awake) and we were at our garage making some noises.

There were lots of firecrackers outside and they were obviously scared so they went inside our vehicle to hide, they peeked for a while so i snapped a pic of them.

Sorry this is not wordless after all.. Lol. Join the fun here.
Image Hosted by

Recovering deleted files

Some of us have tons files that keep on my hard drives just like me and when we saw that our HD are almost full we try to delete some of the files to get rid of them. Oh well did it ever occurred to you that the file you have just chuck in the bin is so important bec. you have emptied your recycle basket already? It happened to me before and I hated myself for doing that. Even if I become angry at myself I have no more choice but to accept that it is gone already.

If only I have known the Undelete software that I found at www.file-saver.comthen I I reckon I’d still recover my files back then. I just read that this software can recover deleted files, photos, and other documents that we have even if we have deleted it for months. I reckon this is a perfect one esp. for those offices that have important files. We can’t avoid being careless in deleting our files so this one can rally save our day.

Love and Hate tag

Mommy  Yen knows how to tag me eh, thanks for this

1.I love to eat: a cheese cake now yum!

2. I hate to eat: tocho (milk fish with Chinese red something, lol)
3. I love to go: to Australia, I’m going there soon yahoo!!!
4. I hate to go: to the movie theatres
5. I love it when: I have many “ME” time and of course shopping!
6. I hate it when: someone bothers me when I am working
7. I love to see: my sis and her family in Sydney
and my former classmates in highschool
8. I hate to see: my things borrowed and not returned in its place
9. I love to hear: love songs or mellow
10. I hate to hear: loud noises on TV esp. the voice of Judy Ann lol

Make your DVD player region free

Hiya guys, how are you all today? Just hope you’re having a great day. Anyway, I just wanted to share a great find that I saw online. We all love to watch DVD movies right? But don’t you know that there are times when the DVD won’t play especially if they come from a different region? Say for example those in region 1 (US and Canada) can only use DVDs of that region, while those in Region 2 (Europe) are stock with their region.

I just read that there is a way where you use your locked region DVD, all you need to do is to unlock it to make it a region free DVD player. Isn’t that cool? Those in different regions can now use those cheap DVDs. But how? Well you can get a DVD unlocker software at where they have over 1500 DVD region free codes. This is a great find for sure

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dither turns 10!!

My nephew turns 10 years old last Sunday and after hearing the mass our family went to Max's Restaurant (c/o my sissie Joy and her husband) and we had a sumptuous lunch. My SIL brought a cake and we we ordered chicken, spring rolls, chopseuy and their pancit. I personally liked the chicken since it is "sarap to the bones".

We all enjoyed the lunch and we took some photos for souvenirs, here are some of them that i wanted to share
my bro and his family

Men and their health

Just like women, men also have some serious health problems that bother them or even make them insecure in some ways. One of the sensitive issues men are not so vocal in talking about is erectile dysfunction or plainly called impotence. There are many factors that can attribute to this problem and it needs consultation. You would not often hear men talk about that they are not able to maintain their erection bec. it will bruise their ego and would somewhat affect their manhood for others.

Thanks to dedicated scientist who have discovered some cure for this kind of problem. The evolution of viagra gave hope to men who are suffering with this ailment. In this way, couples who are having some hard time during their intimate moments will not bring some pleasurable encounters. Learn more about ED (erectile dysfunction), how viagra works, it’s side effects and more at for they are informative and worth reading. Who knows you might need it too.
Image Hosted by

Project 365 (Photo-a day-Challenge)

Joy, a co-digiscrapper of mine at Phil. Digiscrapper Forum, challenged everyone of us to post photo a day and i thought I'd join the fun. I know I can't post each day (esp. i'm leaving soon) but i will try it.

Ok here is a photo of my eyedrops and my eyeglasses. My eyedoctor prescribed that eye drops (Bausch and Lomb pa pwede naman EYE-Mo o Visine hehe) to me when i visited him last year bec. i keep on complaining that my eyes still hurts and i could not see clearly when i ma using my pc even though i have my glasses on.

I still hate my eyeglases up to this day that i wanted to chuck it in the bin, i rarely use it (it must be the reason why i am having migraines all the time) bec. i don't think it helps my vision. It was so expensive but it has no use.. grrr. i told my eye doctor about that but he would not let me change new glasses. Next time I have to go and see a new eydoctor.

Beating UK Driving System

If you are a UK resident or would love to reside there in the future there are driving laws that each country implements. And for those drivers who are somewhat careless, have been beating their traffic law or frequently getting a speeding ticket for over speeding , you gotta know this little secret that I just found online.

Don’t you know that, once you armed yourself with knowledge about traffic laws you can sometimes get away from getting tickets from police when they caught you? I found out that this website can give you driving secrets esp. if you can hold of the book :”UK Driving Secrets 2008”. It’s kinda interesting to know that a book can actually help you get you off the hook. There’s no harm in checking the site out and learn those secrets. Shhh…

Looks like it's getting back....

Don't know what i am talking about? I mean the opps at looks like it's coming back i managed to grab 3 for today that is just for pr3 blogs but my other blogs that has no pr is not that lucky. I hope this will continue so that means it'll be a good blessing for all of us esp. for Asian bloggers who have been left behind by the geographical segmentation. Although it is a bit draining and tiring sometimes but it is worth it when the moolah keeps on rolling. I know my co-bloggers esp. my co-bebots are happy again. Thanks Lord for all the blessings.

Hide your I.P. address

I just love blogging and surfin’ the net almost everyday especially if I have all the time where I can surf the net endlessly. There are so many information and lots of sites that are out there that I still wanted to explore. There are times when I visited a blog or a site they have a widget saying you have this ip address and if you leave a comment or something they can even tell what country you are from, your ip no., and even what windows you are using. I think that is pretty cool but there are times you want to be invisible where no one can track you back.

It’s not that I want to hide bec. I want to do something bad but I want some privacy sometimes especially from hackers who have nothing to do in their life but bug some people. I just found out that we can actually while we surf the net by using a “hide IP address" software. You can check out the software at and we can surf the net now w/o fear.

10 Best Moments of Last Year

I haven't played 10 on Tuesday for a while so i thought i'd join this week.
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10 Best Moments of Last Year
1. Started earning though paid blogging on Jan.07
2. Met my co-digiscrappers at Rona’s office in Robinsons (Feb)
3. Bought my Hp pavilion desktop in May from my blogging money
4. My aunt and uncle’s holiday here in Pinas and they gave me a p&s canon cam
5. Mom’s 75th b-day Oct.
6. I bought my 1st Canon EOS 400d DSLR cam in Nov.
7. My 40th b-day in Nov.
8. My Australian Visa was approved
9. Micah arrived from Sydney
10. Christmas and New year celebration was a blast

Busy weekend

Hey all thanks for all your concerns about my migraine, i still experienced that yesterday and it was not that bad as it was the other day. Anyway, we had a very busy weekend and i have lots of stories to share as well as some photos to upload here. I am also busy for my upcoming trip so I was always out to the mall or something.

But for the meantime, I just have to post a quick hello here. Hope you guys are doin' great!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Delicious Feast

Just wanted to share this, one of the delicious dishes that we had during our New Year’s Eve is paella. Sis-in-law made her own version of this Spanish dish and it is quite impressive. She only put some shrimps and small crabs plus the veggies ande ggs and voila we have affordable paella.

Sis in law cooked mostly our feast last New Year’s eve and we had sparerib caldereta (my request), spaghetti (kids love ‘em), grilled pork, salad , cake and more. I'm not a kitchen lover so i let them do all the cooking, lol.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oh no not again !!

Geeszzz why do i have to suffer from this annoying migraine of mine? Not quite sure why it triggers sometimes, all i know is that I hate it !! Oh well at least i have mefenamic acid tablet to stop it. Stories later ya'll, i need to get off my pc coz i feel my head will burst :(

Friday, January 4, 2008

Yahooo my mojo peeked!!

Yay, after 100 years i finally finished this digiscrapping layout few minutes ago that i actually started since November after my birthday. Mojo has been hiding since then and I've become too busy with the holidays that is why i haven't scrapped (aside from my header) for a long time..

Weeeww, finally i made one, what a relief and i am satisfied with the result. This pic is taken during my b-day on Nov. 16 last year and it was special since i turned 40, yay! Ok here it is. Credits will be posted later, ok.. (click image to view bigger)

Life begins at 40? ...i have to figure that out

What small business needs

Just recently looked over my folders and files and I’ve found out that I have already tons of important documents plus thousand of pictures. I have started digital photography lately and i know I will be shooting more photos and that means I need to back up them so I will not end up crying when I accidentally lose them. I know I will not forgive myself when that happens.

Digi people needs backup already but how much more those small businesses that also have tons of important data to store? That is where online storage will come practical to them. IBackup offers package to choose from to suit their needs. Network Drive for easy drag-n-drop operations, Sub-Accounts, WebFolders, sharing and collaboration options, are just some of the best features that they are offering. And starting at $5.95/month with 5GB you can already start your back up. There are other subscription plans that you can choose depending on your needs. And if you are a Mac user you can also enjoy their services like window users can avail of. Just don't forget to check out IBackup now!

What's keeping you busy these days??

Hello peeps, how are you all? I know that almost all of us are back to work now while the kids (esp those at the public schools) have gone back to school after the holidays. I one felt oh so lazy after the holidays and my body still feels it's Christmas lol.

I have a good start of the year, my online business is doing ok but not like when i started it almost a year ago (mahina na lalo sa triple p site hehe). I am still happy that i have been given a chance to get lots of opps before bec. i have saved a little and i have bought some gadgets (pc, dslr etc.) and other stuff for myself and my family. It is a great help i can say, sabi nga nila "strike while the iron is hot". Right now, i still have my net cafe business but i already given up my x-stitch business ever since the crosstitching fad has faded.

I am also busy accompanying my balikbayan niece Micah from shopping and other stuff (dakilang alalay hehe)... I am also busy prepaprin' for my overseas trip. What about you what's keepin' you busy lately, care to share?
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Dreamin' of Paris

I have been mentioning here at my blog that one of the places that I’d love to visit is Paris in France. Who could ever resist such a majestic place where thousands of tourist flock each day to experience the taste of Europe? It may sound well-worn but I would love to have a photo where Eiffel Tower is behind me.

My desire in taking a vacation there grew even more when I watched on our local TV a documentary about this City. Not so sure when I will have the chance to be there since I will be going on my Australian Trip this month but I hope in the future that dream will come true.

Ahhh Paris, the city of lights, full of romance and they not only boast of their famous landmarks but their food, culture and of course fashion. I know there are many tour in Paris packages that anyone can get when they consider touring the popular city. I reckon every tourist that will visit Paris will find a lot of things to do and visit. Aside from the Eiffel Tower , Louvre, which is the world’s largest museum should never be failed to visit.

People in Paris also love to wine and dine so we should prepare ourselves for wine tasting and delectable eating. Ahhh I just can’t wait to be there and I just envy Francine, an online friend who lives there.

Modern-day bedding styles

It’s the start of the year and most of us have already chucked away old stuff and bring new ones in our homes for a new look. Some may have bought new stylish sofa in their living room, others may have renovated their bathroom and some may even consider trying a different look in their bedroom. Contemporary Bedding style is a whole new approach in decorating a bedroom these days and Vision Bedding offers them. It’s not surprising anymore when we see our photos printed on mugs, mouse pad, shirts and more so in our beddings like pillow, blanket or bedspread.

This is the age of digital photos and our images can instantly be printed anywhere. I know guys or kids would love to have a personalized bedding of say their favorite sports car using high quality materials. I would not mind paying for it as long it has good quality fabric and workmanship like what Vision bedding guarantees. It just amaze me how bedding styles evolve through the years.
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 in Review

I reckon this is the perfect time to review all the events that has happened to me in the past year. I can say 2007 is a good one for me.

So here's my review of 2007 with links to my posts

- Created this blog so that means i am blogging in this blog for a year now 
-designing and selling products at Scrapping Garden
February:- Feb 10 Bebots (Pinay Digiscrappers) 1st EB meeting


- Busy as a bee

– Designing for Scrapping Garden, new product finally on store 
- Palm Sunday celebration
May:- I bought my HP Pavilion desktop out of my blog money

I bought a new domain
I finally resigned as a designer at the Scrapping Garden
- My digi designs at Café Press


- I bought my new Sharp Flatron Tv for my room

Fun day with my bes Race
- Scrapping galore


- I got my new glasses

- My mom celebrated her 75th bday party at home

I bought my DSLR Canon rebel xti 400d -
-My 40th b-day celebration with my family
celebration With friends
- My Australian Visa was granted

- Micah arrived from Sydney, 
- Christmas Celebration:
- Family reunion-
-New Year Celebration:
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Know the way to a lady’s heart

Hey you guys out there, don’t you know that one of the ways to a lady’s heart is by giving her flowers? I hope you already know that by now, ladies would surely melt and their day brightened up making you the sweetest guy in the world, trust me. Flower arrangements are just so versatile to give to anyone whether it be your mother, sister, girlfriend or any woman in your life, you’ll never go wrong with flowers. My favorite flower would have to be tulips as they have a unique beauty and delicate touch.

A useful site I once came across whilst searching for a present for my sister whom I am going to visit in my upcoming vacation in Sydney featured a range of beautiful flowers and plants. The flowers that they have there however were not the only great presents to give but they also have gift baskets, wines, chocolates, cookies and more. You don’t have to worry as they cater for various occasions such as birthdays, funerals, weddings, corporate gifts to name a few. Adding to this you can order the flowers online at the comforts of you home or office. Right now, they are having a super sale savings at up to 70% off on selected items and that is definitely something hard to resist.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New look, new hope for 2008 !!

Wow, we already said our goodbyes for 2007 and i can say I had a good one. Of course i had bad days but the good ones are worth remembering. Trials and struggles are normal part of life and no matter what, we have to deal with them for they will make us wiser, stronger and braver. We should not be discouraged in facing them. This new year, let there be new hope, new dreams, more blessings for all of us!! Let us embrace what God will bless and shower us and may this year we will all live a life on what we have hoped for.

I have some photos of our New Year celebration, just take a peek at them if you like coz we all had a blast.

Anyway, i purchased a kit from Jofia Designs on Dec. 31 at Digichick and i just fell in love with her HAPPY ISLAND KIT so I used it for my new header. So how do you find it?

Image Hosted by
credits: background paper by KSKD Designs, messy sticthing by Fernlili's Designs, and all the rest are from JOFIA Designs.

Enjoy the New Year everyone !!
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Keep those feet safe

Isn’t it great if sometimes we can go on a vacation and go on hunting and hiking? I myself would really love to experience such where I can go on the wilderness or forest to have a taste of nature. I know there are a lot of nature trippers out there who has the passion to explore and out on the woods. Of course, no one will go there w/o the proper attire and gears.

You’ll never go far if you’ll not wear good Hunting Boots or Hiking Boots to make your feet safe. There are many quality ones over at MetBoots where you can purchase online. What i like about their site is that you can either shop by brands (Converse, Danner, Dickies and more) or by style (hiking, workboots, casual etc.) so you can find for that perfect boots that will suit your taste and need. They also offer free shipping if you purchased over $100, so all you have to do is buy and wait for your items. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them for they have great customer service.

I just have to share this...

As you all know my nephew Karlo of have been making some nice graphics and cartoons for his blog. He has recently made another blog where he puts all his comic style drawings to the public. You can also paste it also your blogs if you want.

He also make headers and wordpress theme for your blogs so, just in case you want a personalized headers you can contact him at his blog.

Here are just some of the examples of his comic works at his new blog BLOG COMICS, hope you can take a peek and for sure you'll like them:

Another way to improve our homes

Oh how I wish we have winter days ‘round here and for sure we’ll need one of those rugs that some homes haves. I know it will make any room warm and cozy, keeping our feet warm when walking barefoot. Not only that, rugs like area rugs can beautify any room and if you have a nice piece on a center probably it’ll be a center of attraction and talk amongst your friends.

I have seen a lot of rugs that have beautiful designs and that alone are already a work of art. There are many Oriental rugs at Superior rugs that I saw while I was browsing online. With over 20 years of manufacturing good quality rugs, they already know what their customers want. You can browse through their collection by shape (round, rectangular, runner), size (4x6 and up to 13x16) or color for your easy navigation. They are having a clearance sale of area rugs right now with up to 80% off. That’s a lot of savings for those items I can say. They have limited quantities on sale rugs so, grabbing one now will be a great find.

They not only have gallery of rugs for sale but Superior rugs have great tips and ideas on choosing area rugs for your homes. You want a good advance on expert right? So you might want to take advantage of that. There are however some cheapo rugs on some sale shops but if were to buy I’ll go for quality and durability of the products so that I can use it for years rather than buying a very cheap one with low quality. It’s the start of the New Year and just in case you need some for your homes to start decorating or add a good touch of elegance, you can check out them now and for sure you’ll find anything that will interest you.

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WORDLESS Wednesday: our new year's eve

It's good to participate again at WW, here are some pics during our New Year's eve celebration. It's our family tradition for the last 3 years now to wear red and light up some firecrackers and sparklers.

We all had a blast and we even had a stereo set up in front of our gate to create more noise.
I'm quite busy taking photos that nigh and we had a feast after the clock strikes 12. Happy New Year everyone!!

Our fountain

My crazy nieces and nephews having a blast (look at each character, lol!)
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