Friday, January 4, 2008

What small business needs

Just recently looked over my folders and files and I’ve found out that I have already tons of important documents plus thousand of pictures. I have started digital photography lately and i know I will be shooting more photos and that means I need to back up them so I will not end up crying when I accidentally lose them. I know I will not forgive myself when that happens.

Digi people needs backup already but how much more those small businesses that also have tons of important data to store? That is where online storage will come practical to them. IBackup offers package to choose from to suit their needs. Network Drive for easy drag-n-drop operations, Sub-Accounts, WebFolders, sharing and collaboration options, are just some of the best features that they are offering. And starting at $5.95/month with 5GB you can already start your back up. There are other subscription plans that you can choose depending on your needs. And if you are a Mac user you can also enjoy their services like window users can avail of. Just don't forget to check out IBackup now!

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