Saturday, November 29, 2008

: I Miss Digi-Scrapping!

My New Found LoveJust Play.....

I really do.....The last full digital scrapbooking layout that I made was in July 2008 but I was able to make a digi layout for my niece's 18th b-day tarpaulin. My co-bebots are talking about scrapping over at Twitter and just today I they insipired me because of the hard bound photobook that they ordered over at Artscow.

I hope one day I can finish my Australian vacation layouts so I can have them printed. I can't beleive that it as so cheap to have it printed over at Artscow. I am so happy I have found friends through digital scrapbooking, gosh my co-Bebots (as we call each other) are so very generous in sharing tips on where to have our layouts printed at a much cheaper price. Hmm i need to gear up myself soon so I can finish a 20 pages photobook for myself.

You can see some of my digi - layouts here and here is my SCRAPS & SHOTS blog, there are some freebies there.

Teen Woes

I was having a conversation with my niece last night after dinner and as a guardian since her parents are not here, I always ask her about studies and other stuff that she is encountering. She seemed so studious and over and over I kept on reminding her that she needs to do good in school to make her parents proud and of course for her own good.

She's going to attend a univ. party (forgot what it was called)tonight and she will not be home tonight. The only problem I keep on hearing from her is she is getting fat (gosh, actually she is not),her dark skin color and her pesky pimples on her face. Actually she it's not that bad since most of teenagers are going through this phase where she will have a break out once in a while but as it is she is always on the look out for an acne treatment that will suit her. I just told her not to put just anything on her face as it will only worsen it. You know teenagers, they always worry about how they look. Not too long ago I was doing same hehe so I can understand where she is coming from.

:Photohunters: Metal

Some of the art work metals hanging near my brother's gazebo. He collects old stuff and love hanging them as decors. He is also a visual artist, won several awards too both at painting and photography categories.

Anyway, I have another entry on my other blog.

Friday, November 28, 2008

; My Birthday Contest Ending Soon:

:I am just so happy that many bloggers have participated at my birthday contest that I hosted over at my other blog. My contest will be ending on Nov. 30, 2008 and if you still haven't joined yet, you still have time to do so. There are $, Ec credits and banner displays as prizes that await the winners.

With all the bloggers that joined and the comments that I have been receiving on my post over at my Jenny Talks blog, haha I know I will have a hard time counting all the entries. Despite that I am so happy bec. it was a success and have increased my traffic in that blog.

:Baby Boom/ Maternity Chit chats at Bebot’s Forum

It was Juz who started the Baby boom in our forum (di-scrappers) over a year ago and would you believe after she sprinkled the baby dust many of the my co-scrappers got pregnant over the year.? We all got excited over it and very happy for our co-scrappers who got pregnant as well. Me being single and still have no plans of having a baby just got contented of wishing that someday I can also experience this magical moment that every woman aspire and hope for.

Not all women have good and easy pregnancy though, that some are just advised by their OB’s to be bed ridden. I even had friends who lost their babies while conceiving and this is a major heartbreak for them. Anyway, we have 1 member in the forum (Mich) who just gave birth recently to a baby girl and 2 members (Kaje and Che) who are still pregnant at the moment. Isn’t it co-incidence that they conceive almost simultaneously?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

:Yen's QOTW #41

1.Does your age make you feel left out?
Hmmm sometimes esp. when my teenage nephew/niece talk about celeb of their own age but sometimes I manage to blend in with them
2. How do people of the same gender as you but taller than yourself make you feel?
A bit envy at time and wishing I'm more taller.
3.When did you last scream? Why?
Can't remember...
4. What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize it as a weakness in yourself?
When they get my things and forgot to return it where I left it. Makes me feel
5. Have you ever slipped on a banana peel?
Hmm i think when I was still a kid but i never had a bad fall.

6. Have you ever walked around someone else’s home barefoot?No,
7. What do you do when you are left home alone?
I was left home alone in Australia most of the times when my sis Joy would send the kids to school or when she's at the gym or when she needs to do to some other things. Sometimes I clean the closet, do the laundry, watch the TV, listen to the music or I'm in front of the computer. I remember I even told my sis to have her old VAIO laptop to have memory upgrade so it will run fast. Good thing she has a 24" iMAc and Macbook that I used.
8. When someone is vague or confusing, how do you process it?
I try to ask more what he/she is trying to say but sometimes I easily get pissed off lol
9. Typically, when someone says to you: “I’ll be five minutes”, how long do they actually take? More than that sometimes, coz it's just a figure of speech so I will not take it seriously.
10. For you, what is the best word in the English language?SHOPPING ...LOL

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

: Are you getting ready for Christmas?

Me? Sort of. Our mini Christmas tree in the house is already up, the lights on our garage are being lit every night already but I have yet to decorate my shop with some trimming to have a Christmas spirit inside. I already started to a list of the people and the gifts that I want to give them and hopefully I will go shopping by next week.

Yay, kinda exciting. I always remember when I was still a kid I will run on the window where my stocking is hanged to see if Santa gave me somethin'. Hahaha such a nice thought and it is always a pure delight to open gifts. Now it's my time to give gifts to my nephews and nieces and I know how they feel when they open their presents.

You know what, last Sunday, I went to the grocery with my family do to the weekly grocery and I saw all the massive supplies of canned goods that we often used for our fruit salad. What I did was to already buy some of the ingredients thinking that their price will go up high hahaha. Oh BTW, I have my fruit salad recipe that we always serve you can try it coz its yummo.

Friday, November 21, 2008

:My Camera Bag Shopping:

Oopps, I almost forgot to share this here. FYI, I am now a proud owner of a new Crumpler Camera Bag and what I got was a 6 Million Dollar one. Actually when I saw it, i never let it go, the good thing is that i had my camera that time so I was able to see how it will look like once it is inside of the bag.

Been thinking about Tracy Joy bag too but I have to order it online and it will take weeks for the shipping since it will come from the US so I kinda set aside that bag eventhough it is nice as well. Oh well, you know what I also thought of buying a much cheaper one the Kani bag but i thought that the paddings and the quality are not as good as the Lowepro or TJ or crumpler bags. I have photos of my crumpler camera bag and my mini-review HERE.

Take Some Time To Unwind

It’s weekend once again and what a perfect time to unwind after working the whole week. Tomorrow I will still open my shop as usual but on Sunday, I plan to go to the mall again, to look for an item that I am eyeing for a long time. Went to Greenhills last Sat. with a friend and saw some nice laptops that we end up drooling about. I also wish I can dip in a pool but that is impossible.

There are nice DVD movies that came out lately and for those movie addicts like my bro. this is a good time to bond with the family as well. What are your plans this weekend?

Busy as a Bee

Hello all, wazz up? I've been busy this days because as you all know I have celebrated my birthday last weekend. I am also quite busy with some of my online works on my others blogs, I am very thankful that it is pouring on us like rain and I hope it will continue more. Remember Christmas is coming and all of us need money to buy gifts for our loved ones.

I have also started my Christmas list that I will buy if it is possible next week, can't wait to shop again! Hmmm, I still need to put some decors on my shop to have a Christmas spirit here. I will only be using old decors for new ones are expensive to buy. If you need to know more of my update just go to my several blogs to know the latest about shopping, technology and more.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

:Yen's QOTW #40:

1. What measures have you taken to cut back expenses?
~I try not to go to the malls as much as I can.

2. Have you ever bought a book and used the receipt as a bookmark?
~Nope, am not a bookworm too.

3. Can you recall any traumatic, embarrassing or troubling events as a child that
you still remember vividly? If so, care to share?
~Not traumatic though, but one time my grandpa is sleeping
with an open mouth on his rocking chair, I sneakingly put some leaves on his mouth. When he woke up coughing bec. of the (fresh) leaves, he shouted and asked who did it. You know what I did, run as fast as I can on our house and pretend that I did not do it. However, I can't recall if he found out it was me.
4. What is the strangest question you have ever been asked at a job interview?
~Wala naman, i have only gone to i think 3 job interviews
5. Does it make you uncomfortable if a woman is breastfeeding her baby in public? Sometimes, esp. when the mom will not cover her breast while breastfeeding..yung tipong nag he-hello world ang boobsies .
6. Do you know anyone who has an unpredictable temper? Who?~When my uncle is a bit younger, he was like that but now he has mellowed already.
7. What did you have to learn “the hard way”? ~that life is not all bed of roses
8. Have you ever been dishonest about the origin of a bruise? ~ No as far as I can remember.
9. Have you ever gotten any kind of envelope in the mail without the senders return address? Did you found out who it was from? ~NO.
10. It’s our 40th QOTW. I am giving away something. Can you tell me why should I give it to you? It’s just a little something to spice up this little Meme!
~ Oh well, i just celebrated my b-day so I'm still accepting gifts as of this moment. hehe

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

:My Birthday Celebration:

With my niece Reign
It was my 41st birthday last Sunday (16th) and as promised to my family, we will have a lunch all together. We had a very sumptuous lunch and all of us are all stuffed with all the food that we cooked. I saw 2 very easy shrimp recipes online and i thought I'd cooked it and it turned out to be delicious. We also cooked baked spare ribs the recipe is from Nora Daza and no doubt it was a blockbuster too.

I also made my fruit/buko salad that everyone loved bec. it was creamy and it melts in your mouth. We all just ate like there is no tomorrow hahaha. The kids really loved the grilled spare ribs which is a bit sweet. The adults love the shrimps and of course the deserts. I even teased them that they will need Fentraphen if they will not control munchin and munchin' It was a very happy occasion. I'm 41 now and wow, many says that I don't look my age, thanks to all those comments.

Oh BTW, my b-day bash contest is still running at my other blog hope you can still join

Friday, November 14, 2008

: My ABC

EDS thanks for passing this to me

A. Attached or single ? — Single
B. Best friend? — My Bes Race
C. Cake or pie? — Cake
D. Day of choice? — Sunday
E. Essential item? — Computer
F. Favorite color? — shades of green except mint green
G. Gummy bears or worms? — Gummy bears
H. Hometown? —Rizal
I. Favorite indulgence? — Cakes
J. January or July? — January
K. Kids? —none
L. Life isn’t complete without? — God, family and friends plus simple pleasures

M. Marriage date ? —N/A
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? - None
O. Orange or apple? — Apple
P. Phobias? — Heights
Q. Quotes? — Hmmm can't think of any
R. Reasons to smile? — shopping, opps, friends, chika etc. (aside form family)
S. Season of choice? — Christmas season
T. Tag 5 people - Race, JOyD, Kitty, Nita, Lutch
U. Unknown fact about me? - let it be unknown hehe
V. Vegetable? — almost all
W. Worst habit? — Complaining X. X-ray or ultrasound? - Ultrasound
Y. Your favorite food(s)? Italian Z. Zodiac sign — Cancer

: Gift Ideas- Silver Jewellery:

Christmas is fast approaching isn’t it and actually I still need to make a long list what I need to buy since I hate the last minute shopping during Christmas season. Not only it is tiring due to traffic, it is much expensive as well as most of the stores mark their prices. Anyway, I guess you once experienced thinking what to buy for a friend or an office mate that can me unique or something special. It shouldn’t be expensive at all since the most important thing is that you remember them and it is coming from your heart.

If you opted for jewellery as a gift then I can suggest that a sterling silver jewelry is a good option to purchase for a love one or even for yourself. It’s a unique and perfect choice and the person that will receive it would definitely be delighted to have it. There maybe a lot of silver jewellery stores online but it’s a bit daunting to know if they are really a quality one.

One online store that sells 92.5% silver jewelleries is the Key Silver, an online store based in the UK, who has been trading online since 2006. I easily find out from checking our their catalog, they feature a versatile range of affordable silver pcs. like silver necklaces, bracelets and bangles that would best suit any woman. They have new products as of this moment and for sure they will be selling like hotcakes esp. holidays are coming. I also found out that they are only selling silver jewelleries and nothing else that can be shipped worldwide in a special organza packing that is already presentable to give to anyone. What it makes more exciting that they ship free of charge.. hmmm that is cool isn’t it? Check them out today!

Toot Toot! I got a new lens baby!

I went to Quaipo Wednesday morning to buy my new lens and it is at HENRY's in Hidalgo, Quiapo (where i also bought my camera) where I bought my Canon EFS 18-200mm IS (image stabilizer) lens /f 3.5-5.6. I am trying to haggle for the price but my charm didn't work haha, they said that price is like that which I agree. Anyway, I bought it since I really wanted the focal range of it and this is the b-day gift for myself.

Sample shot can be found HERE.


Hmmm I am getting excited, 2 more days and candles will be lit. Can you guess what is the occasion? If you are reading my blog then you know what it is. Gosh I know I can't control myself again on Sunday for there will be yummy foods that will be served. I am not dieting or anything and still don't need any reviews about best diet pills, all I know is that I will eat lotsa food on that special event.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

: Weekend Recap:

Oh boy have I neglected this blog already? I'm bad eh, been updating lots on my other blogs. Anyway. here's my recap

Nov. 8 Sat.
I think was almost scammed by a woman who came into my store whom I believe is posing as our relatives.

Nov. 9 Sun
Went to the mall alone and bought my new eyeglasses. Also bought new decors for the Christmas tree. Christmas is just really near bec. lots of people are already buying decors for their homes. Some seemed to be canvassing or looking for Christmas gifts.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

PH: Together

Image Hosted by
This was taken at the Day Dream Island when we went island hopping in Australia last March '08. You could see a family of dolphins swimming together, but hey don' t be fooled they are just dolphin fountains inside the island's man made aquarium. Kids will love to go there coz they'll see lots of salt water creatures.

BZ as a B

Hey, all i hope you are all having a great weekend together with your family. I have been busy lately jumping from one blog to another (you know I have several) updating them. You can always see update on my Jenny Talks blog bec. I am also hosting my b-day contest there. My days are just a routine and it's a bit boring at times how'd I wish I can have another vacation again in Australia or somewhere else. My birthday is coming in few more days and ctually I am getting excited bec. I guess I am going to get the Canon 18-200mm lens that I have been eyeing. I'm keeing my fingers crossed.

So anyway, don't forget to viist my jenny talks blog for other updates.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

: LP: Maalaala Mo Kaya (Can You Still Remember?)

Can you still remember the days when you used to hear music by playing LP records on a turntable? Gone were the days huh? but there are some people who use to have something like this. This is an old turntable collection of my bro along with his old records that he collects.

I used to play Madonna, Wham and Aha LP's back in the 80's and isn't it funny when the music will "jump" while it was playing? hahaha.

Join us at Litratong Pinoy. I have another
entry at my other blog.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Naalala nyo pa ba nung nakikinig kayo ng musika gamit ang turntable? Wala na ang mga araw na iyon ano? pero may gumagamit pa rin nito lalo yung mga kolektor.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

: Weekend Recap:

Saturday: Nov. 1
Around 1 pm we went to the cemetery to visit the tomb of my dad. The weather was gloomy but at least it did not rain and it spared us from walking in a muddy cemetery. We bought lotsa food like spaghetti, carbonara, siomai, siopao, bibingka (sticky rice), vegetable salad, fruit salad w/o the cream. Gosh, we are just so full eating all the time bec. there's not much to do.

The kids enjoyed getting the melted candle wax and it reminds me of my childhood days when I use to do that also. My teenage nephews and nieces had an endless chitchat and they while playing their home made playing cards. Most of the adults passed the time talking about scary stuff and other things and that includes cheap auto insurance bec. in no time it's our registration once again. Wish we are complete (family) so we'll more fun times with our chitchats. I also brought my DSLR but I didn't have lots of photos taken while there and there's not much to shoot anyway.

A mass was held at the cemetery's circle but of course it was noisy and there are too much destruction, we weren't able to concentrate.
We are glad that it didn't rain, we stayed there till night around 6:30 pm. It was still tiring eventhough we just ate and make chit chats in the cemetery.

Sunday: Nov. 2
Went out with my 2 niece to the mall to shift into my shopping mode but I end up buying nothing much actually. Gosh I had a burning and aching feet bec. of too much walking. Ate at Yellow Cab in Robinson's Galleria after 10 million years of thinking what and where to eat.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

: Off to the Cemetery

I arranged the flowers in the basket this morning that we will be bringing to the cemetery. We had chrysanthemum, Malaysian mumps, lily flowers and i just took some ferns and leaves or birds of paradise in our garden. We'll be visiting my dad, grandparents and uncle's tomb.

See you next week!! Be sure to visit here bec. I have a great contest coming up! We're off to the cemetery now. See ya'll!