Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Gasping For Air

Oh dear I don't know what I am feeling right now?

I am actually gasping for air, feels like I can't breathe normally. I have to take a deep breath once in a while and I hate this feeling. I am not sure if I am having a heartburn, dyspepsia, or if I am stressed or burned out. Must be all huh?

Actually, I have been working real hard these past few days even sleeping late till 1 pm and the worst is when I slept at 4 am and my body is not used to that. Ohhh i have to go home early and have some rest. I don't want to get sick because it's hard and expensive to get sick!!

I just need to lay down in my room and I hope it will ease what I am feeling right now. Ok, I'm off now.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joys of Mommies-To-be

Hey there mommies-to-be!! I know you are all excited and your anticipation to see the baby is already killing you especially for those first time mommies.

I can’t hide the fact that as parents you’re overjoyed and want to tell the whole world that there’s this little life in your tummy the minute you learned the great news. It’ll be more exciting if you or a friend of yours will throw a baby shower.

Just don’t forget to order baby shower invites that you can happily send to your friends and relatives. I know they are eager and waiting to receive one from you.  Shower invites are traditionally sent to your girl friends and women in your family. It’s a time to rejoice and have fun for the forth coming of a new 

My Wish Right Now

I look at my wrist watch and wow it's 5:34 pm already. Been in the pc since after lunch. Eyes hurting, fingers tightening, feet aching and mind just losing focus. I must be tired I guess. The TV is on, my mom is watching an afternoon celebrity gossip TV show while here I am working hard but having fun while sharing some posts for you all.

From time to time, I am standing, walking and even stretching, I need to do that or else I'll have stiff neck and aching joints. Yay, I guess you must have experienced sitting for a long time doing your computer stuff. It's always good to have a break for a while and have a rest. All I think right now is soaking in a warm bath, (wish I have one of those convenient walk in tubs), candles lit and just be there for few minutes. I know I will be rejuvenated after that. Ahhhh..

Tonight I also wanted to watch TV till midnight because there are times when I have to give up my TV time with my work. Yay.. I'll be heading home in few more hours so I can't wait for that.

Sale Here and Everywhere

Today is Sunday and here I am stuck in front of my pc. I should be out at the mall because there are 3day sale everywhere but I opted to stay here at my shop to finish some tasks. How's I wish I was out shopping but I don't feel like it. SM and Robinson's are having sale! till Monday.

I also don't want to splurge or just shop just for the sake of shopping esp. on SALE but I am actually saving. My birthday is coming (whoooo!) so I need to have money in my pocket. You know if it's your birthday, you can't avoid spending or treating your family on a nice lunch or dinner. I also wanted to give myself a gift since it's been my yearly tradition hehehe.

Aside from that, Our HK trip will be coming soon so I need shopping pocket money. Ahhh I can't wait for that. In the meantime, I need to keep on going, work harder and save as much as I can since Christmas is coming as well. That means more expenses. Yay!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday 9

1. Have you ever stayed online for a very long time waiting for someone?
- I think I have done this in the past.
2. How do you eat oreos?
- Just munching it. I love eating it with Coke
3. Are you cocky?
- No I'm not
4. Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid?
- I don;t think I have
5. What t.v. station do you watch the most?
- ABS-Cbn Channel 2
6. Have you ever seen the ocean?
- Yes I did.. oh wait let me see.. is the great barrier reef part of an ocean? yay
7. Have you ever been hospitalized?
- Not yet and Hoping I will not
8. What's your favorite brand of rootbeer?
- None
9. Could you live without a computer?
- These days I don't think I can because I do most of my transactions and work here

Web Hosting For Your Sites

I guess you might have noticed that I’ve been maintaining quite a few blogs of my own. It all started in 2005 out of curiosity and after seeing one from an online friend. I first started blogging at a free hosting blog which is a bravejournal and later on acquiring domains of my own. It was a fun filled journey as I get to share all my thoughts from experiences, hobbies, shopping, photography and lots more. I have to remind you it’s not easy to update all of them from time to time as it requires time and dedication but I love what I am doing so I am keeping all of them.

I have some blogs who have their own hosting and actually it’s not easy to think and to know which one to get. There are practically hundreds of webhosting company online that are offering different plans and you need to know which one will suit your hosting needs. I believe that your  web host provider should provide your site full support and good service. If your site is down all the time then chances are your readers and your clients (if you are into e-commerce) will just be disappointed and will not even return. Do some research online and read reviews on what webhosting company should you apply for.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When Drivers Turned Reckless

It's almost 9:00 pm when I was able to get a jeepney on my way home the other night. The rain started to fall but luckily I have my umbrella. Looks like it's gonna be another rainy evening where one time I was almost soak when I got off the jeepney. Oh boy, I was not mistaken because as soon as I boarded the rickety jeepney the strong wind and rain suddenly fall.

I am hoping to go home as fast as I can because I still need to look into the free seo services that I saw which I needed for my blogs. The jeepney was jam packed, wet and hot. What else is new anyway? The only consolation that I have is that is has music on so traveling will be quite nice as I have imagined.

I was wrong. As soon as our driver get on his gears we were like passengers on a speeding roller coaster hahaha. I immediately hold on the metal rails hoping that I will not fall at the slightest swerving. All of us passengers are looking at each as if were signaling that our driver was a reckless one. A passenger who can't take his driving style told him to slow down and that's the only time that we were able to breathe normally again. Geez.. this driver can kill in no time. I just wish he'll be good at it next time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Arggghhh Allergies!! ???

Oh goodness me it's so itchy!

My arms and legs are itchy and reddish and I am guessing I am having an allergy but I can't still pinpoint what is causing it. I'm not taking a medicines for it yet since I don't know what was it so all I am doing is putting alcohol and topical ointment that can somewhat relieve the itchiness.

It all started after eating crabs about 2 weeks ago but if that is the cause why am i still itchy? I already replaced my bedding and cleaned my room but still it is like that. I hate the feeling and to see my skin like this. If it becomes worst I guess I will need to go to my derma doctor. Arghh

Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't You Just Hate Clutter?

If you are an OC then probably you’d hate seeing clutter especially at home. Why not? Clutters are eyesore and I reckon if you continuously seeing clutter and dirt everyday of your life chances are your place will be a filthy one because you have no idea what is neat. There are also people who are just lazy to clean up their space or have no time to do. I am not an OC but I don’t like seeing too much clutter and unorganized place as it will destruct me from working properly esp. if I have a cluttered desk or working area.

When you go to any house, we often look around (don’t deny that) and maybe you noticed how neat or messy it is. We are just humans so we see and comment on everything we observed. I have fun looking at celebrity houses and also dream of owning one. Just seeing their furniture and the over all look is simply breathtaking. I know these celebs have all the money in the world to spend for their decors and we can only dream that we can have at least half of what they have. But seriously we can find affordable home furnishingsthat we can always put in our homes. We should not always spend a fortune just to have a nice décor.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ang Pinaka: Maintrigang (Intriguing) Sports Controversy

I always watch ANG PINAKA: Tv show over at QTV11 and tonight here is what they listed: Ang Pinaka: Maintrigang (Intriguing) Sports Controversy:

10. Disbandment of the MBA (Metropolitan Basketball Assoc.)
9. Onyok Velasco's Olympic Loss in Altanta 1996
8. PBA drug test in 2003
7. Anejo Walkout
6. Game Fixing Allegations in PBA
5. Nancy Navalta's Gender
4. The Anomaly that was David Bunevacz
3. Over Age Little League Basketball team
2. FIBA Suspension in 2005
1. PBA Fil-Sham Controversy in 1990

I Wish I Have All the Answers

I was at the wake of my highschool friend’s mother last night and there I saw another high school friend after many years. We of course update each other with all the things that happen to us and a question that would never cease from being asked as to me was if I’m already married. Though I’ve been asked about that millions time over and I always answered them no. Follow ups like why and if I don’t like to get married were the next questions.

I tried to answer all their questions and I just hope I can have all the answers in the world to satisfy all their curiosity. Surprisingly I didn't get upset anymore when being askedI must be used to it already that’s why. I will not hide the fact that the thoughts of getting married and have it done at destination weddings like in Mexican Riviera have run in my mind. If that will happen I’ll be the happiest girl on earth, the only question is when. I don’t know….

Migraine Attack

Oh nooooo.. I think I'm getting a migraine attack once again and it's definitely not good. I am guessing it must be due to hot weather right now and I could feel the throbbing pain once again in my head. It finally became worst after eating a small amount of ice cream right now and yay I don't want to feel this.

My EQ (Emotional Quotient)

I tried this quiz and here is the result

Your EQ is 107

You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that. You're a bit moody, and sometimes you have trouble coping with every day life.

But you're by no means depressed, and your good days definitely out number your bad days.There's nothing really wrong with your life, but you may not be living up to your actual potential. Negative emotions can be a real drain of your energy, so make sure you have them under control.

Life is Too Short

I closed my shop early at 7 pm last night. I texted a friend to meet me and my sister-in-law at our meeting place so that we'll all together go to the wake of the mother of our highschool classmate/friend. The place was jam packed and we waited for a while since our classmate/friend was out for an errand. Her mom died due to complications and heart problems. It is so sad when our loved ones have to go and leave us but that's life really.

I can only sigh and tell myself that life is really too short. I know her mom lived to the fullest and is already happy wherever she is.

Money Handling

It sure is not easy to handle are finances if we really don’t put our expenses, incoming money and other stuff in writing most especially if you have a business. Running, marketing and making your business stable will already require your great attention so you already need a professional that will account all of finances. We already know that lack of planning and improper money handling can put your business at risk. You don’t want to end up bankrupt right? This Las Vegas Quickbooks Accounting Firm will surely help you out with all your accounting and/or financial solutions. In fact, almost all business owners should acquire accountants that can manage their accounting.

Sound Tripping: You by the Carpenters

Ok I am feeling nostalgic right this very moment. I love sad and love songs that brings warmth in my heart. This is the song You by the Carpenters. Every time I hear it , I just want to fall in love again and again. Her voice is so cool and so "easy', too bad she is not around any more to sing us all her songs. Nevertheless it is classic and immortalized already.

Sing with me and let's have sound tripping:

Coffee Dear

Image Hosted by
(sorry for the blurry photo, only taken with phone cam)

What would be a perfect partner this midnight while trying to whip up posts for this blog than this hot and perfect blend coffee that I made. It sure tastes delicious as it is made of decaffeinated coffee and with just evaporated milk. I know this will keep me awake perhaps for more couple of hours and that is enough to finish some of my works.

You know I don;t want to cram tomorrow so I better do more work tonight (oh its past midnight already!) until my eyes are still wide awake due to the burst of caffeine in my system. Keep me company for a while and sip coffee as well

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Arrggghh my Sedentary Lifestyle

I’ve been telling myself these past few days that I am turning lazy and sedentary. Blame it on my work that requires me to be in front of my computer for almost half of my day. Gone were the days where I use to get up at around 5:00 am and play badminton with my sister inlaw or brother to keep our bloods going and to sweat it out.

I am not sure why we stopped doing that everyday but I missed that daily exercise where I can get my body moving a lot. Sure it can do wonders in my body and I hope I can get back to that routine. Though I can say that I am still energetic, I have heard that there is this Acai Berry Energy Supplements in the market these days which are made from Acai Berries. These berries are known to boost energy and good anti-oxidants as well.

Can't Stop Laughing at Banana Split

I am blogging, dropping EC, Adgitizing and watching TV at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking. Half of my brain is working while half of my brain is trying to relax watching our local comedy show "Banana Split" over at channel 2. I can't stop laughing at all of their jokes.. hahahaha

Love their NNNN portion where Angelica Panganiban is Kris Aquino while Jason Gainza as Boy Abunda. They are copying their respective mannerisms very well. I love Pooh, the comedian! I once saw him at a comedy bar and I can't help laughing at him!!!

Annoying Telemarketers/Prank Callers

I guess you'll agree with me that telemarketers and prank callers are way too annoying at times right? One time I am busy with my work and I'm trying to concentrate when the phone rings only to find out that it's a prank call who would not talk and all i can hear is his/her breathing. I would say hello many times but still not answering so I would juts hung up on them.

Telemarketers are a pain in the ** too, they'd try to "sell' something and will talk non-sense at times so I have no choice but to tell them that I am not interested.

Death in the Family

Wow I could not believe it, there are many deaths in our neighborhood lately and one is my distant relative. We went to the wake of my second cousin the other night and we are just a bit shocked because of his sudden death. He just went to a Fiesta in a province with his friends and after eating his lunch, his co-workers noticed that he is kinda different when they say him slowly breathing deeply so they rushed them to the hospital.

He was later on pronounced dead and his family was so shock to hear the news bec. he is away. We all never can predict when is our time. Life is really short so we should make the most out of it. I remember my cousin used to repair trucks and vans for a living and sometimes sells truck accessories to his clients. Now that he is gone I am sure no one will continue his works since his only child passed away again. He will be laid to rest tomorrow afternoon and I hope he’ll rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marie Just Gave Birth

Project 365: Marie Gave Birth
Marie, our adopted stray cat that came to our place many months ago would not want to leave our place even if we don't want her at first. We pity her so we end up giving her food every day and later on she became pregnant.

Last Friday we just found out that she gave birth to 2 little kittens and my small niece was so excited to see them as they are real small. Now that there are more cats in our backyard, we need more cat supplies for them. Right now the kittens are not going out of their mother's sight.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's Up With Me

Hey, all sorry for the long absence from this blog. I did not intend to somewhat neglect this blog mine of mine but things have been pretty with me on my other blogs (you can see the links on my side bar) that's why I am not posting here regularly.

Anyway, I am doing real great, no any ailment (thank heavens), online works are busy as ever, offline business is picking up a little bit. Love life? hmmm I am not worrying about it, I am ok.

Scrapping wise, I am still continuing my Photo-a-day project (Proj. 365) and updated my project 365 layouts as well. I need to finish my 39 page photobook so that I can have it printed.

Nothing much going on in my life right now. Boring and plain but I am happy! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Photohunt: Artificial Tattoo

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My dear nephew showing off his artificial tattoo during the Australia Day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Keeping In Touch

I was able to chat with my sister who is in Sydney the other night over at YM and she told me that they are doing well especially the kids. They are planning to move that’s why their house is for sale but with the looks of it they are not moving soon bec. buyers are asking for a lower price. It is still winter over there and at times she said it is still so cold inside their house, I am guessing that maybe they have not replaced the furnace filters yet that is why or maybe it was just really too cold. I remember when I was vacationing there, I still feel cold even when the heater is on and that only shows that I have low tolerance for cold.

I’m also getting excited to see my nieces and nephews again and not long enough they will be coming home for a vacation here in December. I can’t wait for that. How’d I wish I can pull the days to see them once more. Oh, I also wish I can see them on webcam bec. it’s been a long time since we did that.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Hands Are Full

Oh dear.. can I have at least more hours in a day??

I dunno but lately my days have been pretty much busy with all the things that I am doing online and offline and how I wish I have more hours. I know I have no family nor kids yet that can fully get my attention but it seems that days are passing by so quickly in the blink of an eye.

Business wise, it's slowly picking up but when there is flood and heavy rains my customers will just opt to stay at home than going to my shop. Online works is doing great, more opportunities are coming my way so I am happy about it. I have some days that I lack sleep but that is ok because that is where I get to earn more.

Hope you are having a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

There’s Something Fun About Halloween

It’s been a busy week for me that sometimes I already forgot what day and date it was. I guess when you are busy, time will really pass swiftly in the blink of your eye. Holidays are coming in few more months, people will become busy as ever and parties will be left and right. Halloween is fast approaching and I am guessing that Halloween invitations will be send out once again.

There’s something fun about Halloween when you get to see kids and adults boast off their costumes, so throw a monster bash to see them scare and get scared. Find lots of Party Halloween Invitations over at I have browsed the site and found a lot of unique and Invitations Halloween that can be shipped for free. Any Halloween Invitation would also be perfect if you put a logo or a photo in it. Holiday-Invitations offers personalized invites that will match your printing needs.

Friday Fill-Ins #136

Wow it's Friday once again and time really flies sooooo fast and soon it'll be Christmas once again.. wahoooo..

Anyway,here is my Friday Thoughts:

1. Watermelon is my favorite summertime fruit.
2. My favorite John Hughes movies is SIXTEEN CANDLES. Love this movie in the 80's starring Molly Ringwald.
3. My hair is something I love to touch.
4. The full moon rises.
5. It's a bit hot and humid right now eventhough it rained cats and dogs a while ago.
6. When daylight fades it'll be gloomy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sleep a bit early, tomorrow my plans include whipping up few scrapping and Sunday, I want to watch TV till midnight!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kris Aquino's Eulogy During Pres. Cory Aquino's Funeral Mass

It was last Wednesday when our beloved Former Pres. Corazon "Cory" Aquino wa slaid to rest at the Manila Memorial Park. Before that a final mass was held at the Manila Cathedral and oh dear I was crying when Kris Aquino said her last eulogy to her dearest mom. I can feel her pain and so much love for her.

This is just a part of Kris Aquino's Eulogy During Pres. Cory Aquino's Funeral Mass that I found in You Tube (i did not made this video)

After the mass, the funeral procession proceeded and imagine only after long 8 hours when the funeral arrived at the Manila Memorial Park. Many people sob about Tita Cory's death but her memories will remain to all of us Filipinos.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Call From A College Friend

I just got off from the phone. A dear friend from college called me to get us updated with each other's life. It was so heartwarming to have a friend who thought of me and call me just to say hello. I always have fun talking to her, she is still the jolly and jokeful Glorigen that I knew 20 years ago.

I wish one day we can get together once again to have more chitchats and I know a day is not enough to share all the experiences that we had after college. She promised me that she will call me again soon.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kids and Christmas

I saw my 5 yr. old niece Reign watching at You Tube and it turned out to be commercials of Barbie dolls and other toys. She kept on pointing on the screen when I looked over and said “Bili mo ko nito, Tita Jen” (Buy me this aunt Jen). Oh dear, I replied, “yes on Christmas” so that she will not bug me again and again. I also told her to behave so that Santa will know she’s good and he might give him that Barbie doll. Her eyes lit up upon hearing that.

Kids always love Christmas aside from the fact that they know that it is the birth of Jesus but because of the gifts that they will be receiving. Each year they got Christmas invitation from their school and other friends and that makes them more excited. Those that are organizing a Christmas party will find it very usefu.

Your Christmas Party Invitation can be modified unlimited times with no extra charge. Cool huh? Aside from that their Invitations Christmas Party are shipped the same day the order is approved. Ahh.. I can’t wait for Christmas as I know I’ll be receiving lots if invites once again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Former Pres. Corazon Aquino Dies at 76

I opened my TV this morning at 7 am and the news about former Pres. Corazon Aquino Dies at 76 was on the headline. I was glued to the boobtube after that waiting for updates. Cory Aquino or Tita Cory as what most of the Filipinos call her succumb to cardio respiratory failure at about 3:18 am this morning. She's been battling stage 4 colon cancer for a year now. Her children and relatives where beside her when she passed away.

Her body is now lying at the chapel in La Salle, Greenhills and public viewing is ongoing now. Our country is mourning right now and Pres. Gloria Arroyo already announced a 10 day mourning all over the Phils. Cory is instrumental in the restoration of democracy in our country during the 1986 EDSA revolution.

Rest in peace Tita Cory. Condolences to the Aquino family.

Updating My Recipe/Food Blog

Ok, so I am slowly updating my recipe /food blog and I am guessing that you will be finding a good Pinoy recipe there. I have posted 2 recipes this week that we really have cooked for the last week and I hope you will like it. I personally love the baked spareribs in honey sauce that I am thinking of serving it again this month hehe. I still can eat a lot these days bec. I am not worried much about my weight unlike others who have weight problem and those that need take new weight loss pills that is on the market today.

Anyway, I know you are also on the look out for recipes because I know it’s pretty hard to think what to serve to your family every meal. Just like now, I still don’t know what to have for dinner.