Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bestfriend for life !

Racel is my bestfriend since second year highschool. She's a career woman and i can say super woman hehe, married to Bong and with 3 lovely kids. She's my buddy in times of sadness and happiness. We've been friends for almost 25 years now and still counting. (i'm revealing our age here lol!). Wow Bes 25 years- our Silver Anniversary this year!! It's time to celebrate, treat me naman sa Eastwood oh, hehe. Love you! With our moms (2-17-2007)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meeting Suzanne and LIz

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Wes, Suzanne, Me and LIz at Starbucks
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Suzanne, Me and Liz

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Suzanne and Me

It's kinda late but i'd like to share these photos taken during my meeting with online friend SUZANNE AND LIZ at Glorietta after Christmas last year. Miss you guys lalo ka na Suzanne!

Photos courtesy of LIZ

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy B-day Dad

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It's my dad's birthday today. He is 73 today but it's very sad though he is not here anymore to celebrate it with us. I just offered a prayer and lighted a candle for him. I know he is peaceful and happy now in heaven.
Dad, we miss you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Look who is this?

I was surprised to see my blog JENNY TALKS as a featured blog today at kakaaliw LOL, to think it was only approved yesterday. I hope i am the top earner instead hehe. Anyway if you have time take a peek at my blog.

Busy as a bumble bee !! ngek ..

Oh gosh pretty tiring life hahaha!! Endless chores and stuffs to do (nagreklamo daw o!). Anway, sunday i went shopping with Kat (look at my post below).

Designing: as usual i have not been able to do it lately, i hope TSG will not kick me out of the store for not complying for the 3kits a month in the store. I only just sneak a time to make an element or two. I hope i can finish also the kit that i will be contributing for the Magazine Ads in April.

Earn while Blogging: My other blog JENNY TALKS finally got approved by (binuhay ko lang para sa raket lol), so i have 2 blogs now that i use for accepting paid ads. I also wrote for LOUDLAUNCH and BLOGSVERTISE. I need to keep on writing so $$ will be rolling. hehe. I still need to have my blog's PR up, my SIMPLY JEN blog has PR3 and JENNY TALKS (PR2). I want them to increase so i can get high paying opps.

Lovelife: You don't need to ask (bokya LOL! )

Ngek it's hard to maintain blogs , seriously..have a good weekend everyone, if i don't update this blog often you know where you can find me. ok

Monday, March 19, 2007

Shopping !

After many months I had the chance to go out shopping yesterday. Yes SHOPPING! It was around 2 pm when I went out with my niece Kathleen. We went shopping at SM Megamall and Robinson’s Galleria. It would have been more fun if I am shopping for myself but we shop for my sister and her kids who are in Riyadh. I bought some Hangten and Tribal Shirts, OPM CDs, notebooks etc. My sister’s son will fly to Riyadh for a vacation on Friday so he will bring the stuffs we bought. The mall is too huge and it was tiring to stroll and even go to the different shops. we ate at Tokyo tokyo and later had coffee at Starbucks then we went home at 8pm.

Kat and I had fun malling eventhough the mall is jampacked with people. Here I snapped some photo of us while shopping for notebooks at National Bookstore hahaha. (There are few people here so it’s not too embarrassing to take at least one shot) hahaha.

A guy even had the nerve to ask me why we are taking pics, he is envy I guess hahhaahaha. Look....I blurred his face lol.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Store is Back !!

Good news everyone after almost a week of temporary closure due to maintenance. TSG STORE or The Scrapping Garden is finally BACK !

The whole site is back now so if you want to get some of my products you can purchase them now.

Sunday Cravings

Sunday, was church day for us. I heard the 10 am mass with bro and his family at our and as usual we had lunch at my other’s house. We had Chicken with pineapples and Talibubu (Tilapia fish with alagaw leaves). We also had green mangoes and bagoong. The foods were all delicious and all our tummies were filled with delight.

After lunch, they went straight home while I browsed the net for while. I went to the grocery and also bought ripe mangoes. Craving to eat French fries I stopped by Jollibee to buy myself a chicken burger, French fries and coke. My cravings didn’t stop there bec. I also bought some Selecta’s Very Rocky Road ice cream on stick.

I went home and oh my gosh ate them as dinner, boy it was a nice. Gave the other ice cream on stick to mom and niece and nephews. Just watched Tv all night long till 1 am. Watched the Bachelor, PBB and The Hot Chick movie starring Rob Schneider on TV. It was a funny movie so I was laughing all night long hahha. And guess what I woke up very late this morning at 8 am.. hehehe.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Good News !!!!

My sister in Riyadh called the other day telling us they (the whole family) will be coming home for their Christmas Vacation here on December... yahoooooo!!! I know it's gonna be fun again. Her kids KUkay and Kevin were already so excited in coming home again. They had their vacation here 2 years ago and wow they have grown so fast when i saw their pics.

And one more thing it will be double fun because my niece Micah who is in Sydney will be taking her vacation too in December. !!! Oh i can't wait for Xmas to come again to see all of them. It also means more "pasalubong" from them teeeeheee!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Busy as a bee

That is what i am right now !! Aside from blogging here and taking some opps, i am also have my "real" work here at my shop making invitations and business cards. Like i said i had a good start of the year and i hope it will be like this till the end of the year.

I have been itching to make a new digital scrapbooking kit that i can sell at SG STore, i have some idea now on what color scheme that i want to next. I have started to make some few elements now but up to now i have no idea on what name i can call my new kit. SInce i have been making lots of kits for girls, i wanted to make a boys kit this time for a change. I hope i can finish it by the end of this month.

I still have not upload my new element (FOLDED FLOWERS), that i gave for FREE for 2 days, TSG store is still down for a while.

I hope my creative juices will start flowing again so i can finish that kit in no time..

Monday, March 5, 2007

New Header

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Hi guys, i am getting bored with my Simply Jen header name here so i thought i'd change it since i am already using it for my bravenet journal (my "raket" blog hehe). So i named my blog
"A Slice of Life", where you get a glimpse of my life as a designer, blogger, scrapper and so much more. !!! And i think it is refreshing to see new header in here.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


As i have promised before i will share some pics that i took at our Town Fiesta last feb. 17, sorry for sharing it a bit late, it's only now that I have time to upload them.. Anyway here are some of the celebrities that we waited enjoyed watching, people were screaming over them. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Starstruck Kirby De Jesus and Valerie COncepcion (who is pretty and friendly)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ian Veneracion was handsome, i didn't have the chance to call him and pose for my camera and Richard Gomez beating the heat and shaking hands with everyone bec. he is running for the Senate.

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stars of TV show Asian Treasures can't remember their names, at 1st i thought it was Angel Locsin (waving hand) but it turned out she was the sis of Robin in the show.

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Ok guys i hope you enjoyed viewing all the pics.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

My Fruit Salad Recipe

I guess you will agree with me that Pinoys really love fruit (buko salad) that we can serve on special occasions like b-days, Christmas/ New year and Fiestas. Occasions are not somehow complete w/o it.

Here is my Fruit Salad Recipe, that I always make, you can make your adjustments accdg. to your taste. I want mine creamy kasi pag tumagal sa freezer at paubos na para syang ice cream .. yum! Try it.

  • - 2 Big cans of Del Monte Fiesta fruit Cocktail
  • - 3 packs of Nestle all purpose creme
  • 1 big can of Alaska condensed milk
  • - 2 apples or one big Fuji apple cut into cubes (peeled)
  • - 4 shredded young coconuts (buko)
  • - 1 pack raisins
  • - 1/2 bar of cheese -cut in very small cubes
  • - 1 bottle Nata de coco (remove syrup

  • This is actually pretty easy to make, remove syrup of the fruit cocktail and mix the rest of the ingredients. Chill and then serve. Don't put in freezer too long at pag nag yelo na at nag crystallize eh d na masarap kasi magtutubig sya.

    Looks deli huh? Actually it is, try it and it'll be a hit. Masarap to, so creamy, pag paubos na parang ice cream na dating nya.. Ahhh sarap!

    Take a peek at my FOOD Blog