Monday, March 19, 2007

Shopping !

After many months I had the chance to go out shopping yesterday. Yes SHOPPING! It was around 2 pm when I went out with my niece Kathleen. We went shopping at SM Megamall and Robinson’s Galleria. It would have been more fun if I am shopping for myself but we shop for my sister and her kids who are in Riyadh. I bought some Hangten and Tribal Shirts, OPM CDs, notebooks etc. My sister’s son will fly to Riyadh for a vacation on Friday so he will bring the stuffs we bought. The mall is too huge and it was tiring to stroll and even go to the different shops. we ate at Tokyo tokyo and later had coffee at Starbucks then we went home at 8pm.

Kat and I had fun malling eventhough the mall is jampacked with people. Here I snapped some photo of us while shopping for notebooks at National Bookstore hahaha. (There are few people here so it’s not too embarrassing to take at least one shot) hahaha.

A guy even had the nerve to ask me why we are taking pics, he is envy I guess hahhaahaha. Look....I blurred his face lol.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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