Friday, August 29, 2008

:I am Done Updating:

Just finished updating all the blog links in the master on my BLOG LOVE FEVER TAG that I started on August 12, 2008. I was very happy indeed bec. as of this writing there are about 142 blogs that joined in spreading the blog love and surely they spread the love among bloggers. The good thing about it is that bloggers helped each other in link building.

With this tag I was able to view different kinds of blogs and bloggers not just here in the Phils. but as well in other countries. I also had fun browsing all their blogs, but sometimes I could not find the tag in their blogs bec. they dind't put the exact URL and i also encountred one blogger that posted the tag w/o the links. Of course, I didn't add their link to the master list bec. it is unfair. I also saw soem bloggers put a "no-follow" tag on the links which is also a no-no.

Anyway, I am happy with this tag and just in case you haven't joined yet, pls. do so by joing the

: Maintaining a Net Café :

Owning a small net café here in our neighborhood has it’s ups and downs. It is always nice to have lots of customers coming in and renting for couple of hours. The minimum mins. is 30 mins. and of course they can surf till they drop. Mostly my customers were female and in their teens although there are many mommies or adults coming in too using the webcam etc. I am always happy when no one is complaining about the connection, pc slowing down or crashing, or headphone not working but when those troubles arises I need to assist them already.

Just this morning, I reformatted another pc (thanks to my nephew who taught me how to do so) bec. there are lot’s of pop ups. Actually reformatting a pc is quite easy bec. you just need to follow the dialogue boxes and you are set to go. I already saved time from bringing the pc to my technician as well as money. My sis-in-law on the other hand is also trying to trouble shoot the pc that has no power yesterday. She only opened the pc, cleaned it, removed the dust by blow dryer and voila it’s working already. I can say, we can only fix minor problems but changing video cards or other hardware inside the pc are things that we also wanted to learn.

Oh well, at least we already know how to troubleshoot which is also a must if you have a business like mine. Some of the things that give me headache was when my ISP is down and when customers try to change the computer’s setting and installing programs or games in it. That is kinda annoying for me, really it is.

: Eating Healthier, Not Cheaper:

I almost totally erased junk food in my diet since I am not getting any younger anymore. I can take a bite at junk foods but I will never eat a whole pack of chips in just one sitting. Aside from being oily, there's not much nutrients in it. I also refrain from eating canned foods now. I also want my food freshly cooked. What about you are you eating healthier these days?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

: TEXT Scammers will not stop :

Hay naku.......(with a deep sign).... Scammers will never stop trying to scam people. Just this afternoon, I got a text msg. from a number whom i don't know and here is what is in the text
D' auditors of PGMA Charity Foundation inform u dat ur celfon nos. won P950,000 2nd prize winner , draw last Aug. 25,'08 Pls. call me now Atty. ROLDAN G. REYES contact no. 0909-6941531. "
Of course this is an old modus operandi being used by SCAMMERS using text messages to people. When you call that number for sure he will ask you to maybe load a cellphone credits to his phone, or will ask you to meet him up and will holdap you, or maybe he will ask you to deposit a certain amount to his bank account to facilitate the processing of your prize... AHHHH... it's an old scam.. (style nila bulok). Hello they are even using PGMA to make it look legit or something. Sighhhhh...

Scammers will try it bec. someone might fall on their tactics, SO BEWARE of this and don't get fooled and scammed! Just take note: You will not win in any raffle or draw when you didn't join.

Monday, August 25, 2008

: This Should Not Happen :

My Smart Bro ISp partially went down on last week leaving me with only few sites and blogs to browse. It was really annoying bec. I have lots of sites to visit and it's not really loading. I called their technical support and as usual they assure me that this is only temporary and they will look into it fast. They helped me configure some things on my computer and it helped a bit but later on my i can't surf again. I am just glad that friendster and yahoo are working since those are the sites that my customers are always browsing.

Thurs. the technician came and configures settings and all and it was ok again but last Sunday before lunch, we tried it but OMG there's really no connection at all. I spent another an hour or so at the phone with the technical people and I just keep my cool. I told them to fix it asap as I badly needed the net. I am glad that I have net connection today and I got a ring from smart that they'd adjusted or had fixed it already and told me to monitor the connection within 24 hours. I hope i will not loose my connection once again as it annoying and causing too much hassle on my part.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

: They moved their factory :

Sis JoyD told us lately that their Benchtops Factory has moved into a new and better location but still in near the Chippingnorton area. They specialize in laminated kitchen benchtops and serve the Sydney area. It’s no joke to move a factory to a new location since it will require a lot of packing and unpacking, I am not sure though if they got a truck rental to moved all the factory’s supplies and machinery. Just read on her blog that she helped with the cleaning, dusting and other preparations.

My bro in law is very hardworking and running that kind of business is quite stressful and demanding at times. I wish my sister Joy will also learn the ins and outs of their business so that they’ll both manage it although sis have been doing some paper works or bill payments for their company.

Friday, August 22, 2008

: Redge's B-day :

It was Redge's (sister of my bestfriend RACE) b-day last Aug. 19th and I went to their house in the evening to greet her personally and to make chika chika as well. It was fun since we never get the chance to see and to talk to each other often so we spent the whole night talking about mostly about blogging and teaching them some stuff. I somewhat encouraged them to blog and right now they are certified bloggers as well.

We were all friends long time ago and I told them that we also need to have a mini reunion so that we can see our other friends again. I might organize it but 1st i need to find the whereabouts of our other friends. Again Happy Happy birthday Redge.

: Miscommunications:

Yay, I am really sad right now coz, there is a big miscomuncation and big big arguments amongst my c- highschool friends. We are having our 25th silver reunion next year and there is an ongoing plans in terms of the date and venue when suddenly, miscommunications and different thoughts came in. Our Yahoo group seems to be splitting into 2 groups and there are name calling already and this is really sad and uncalled for. A friend of mine is caught i between and she has to defend herself. I hope everything will be alright, I don't want to meddle much in the group so i will just stay silent and will only listen.

:What makes me Happy and Sad:

There are lots of emotions that I've felt these past few days

~Start Copy~
Here are the Rules:
1. List the things that make you Happy and those that make you Sad.
2. Add your Blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other Blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know
hat makes me Happy?when my net connection is ok, when i get lots of opps, when i get to see and talk to my friends, when i can travel overseas, when i go shopping, when my family and I are healthy, watching Pinoy dream academy and other fave shows, scrapping and photograhy, when i satisfy my food cravings, and lots lots more.

What makes me Sad?
when i'm sick, when i can't find what i am looking for, when someone disturbs me when i am busy, when i watch a sad movie. losing a love one.. lots more pa..

Now I want to know what makes you hapPy and sad.. RACE, CHIKAI, HAZE, and the rest of my online blogger friends

: The best way to bond with the family :

One of the most enjoyable days of my life is every time is when I get to travel overseas and really take pleasure in it since it is not always that it will happen. It’s almost every 2 years that I was able to spend holidays with my sister and her family in Aussie land and all of the places that we have been to were all memorable and can never be forgotten. I consider myself lucky to have spent a vacation, all expenses paid and it was truly amazing.

I also have many relatives (father side) in the US mostly in Los Angeles area and my ultimately dream is to be able to pack my luggage and fly there to visit all the famous tourist spots and places that they are always boasting about. I bet Disneyland is a perfect place to start as I know not only kids will enjoy but as well as adults, I would love to be there in the future.

It’s always nice to take a vacation with the whole family as it one of the ways to have bonding time as a family. What a better way to spend a day at a theme park like in the Knotts Berry Farm, where discounted are easily available at Trusted Tours & Attractions online . This once a beery farm was transformed into one of the world class theme parks in the US where the whole family can enjoy with all the activities that they offer and that includes Camp Snoopy and the trilling roller coaster rides. Ahh a perfect place to unwind and just be fun. So by the way if you are planning your next vacation there you can browse for Los Angeles tour or San Francisco tours to get you going. If you also need help this online travel guides can make your travel a breeze. <>

Thursday, August 21, 2008

: Leonardo Meets Snow white:

Aren't they the cutest kids evah? Nope they are not my kids but would love them to be mine hehe, they are the kids of my sister JOYD. I saw their photos on her blog and thought I's post them also here. Kids love to dress up and look at the smile on Braiden's face while wearing that suit. They wore those costumes during their Dress Up Week in pre-school. I bet Braiden loved wearing that and showing it off with his classmates. Ahhh I miss them!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Nutty Cravings

Hmmm I am actually craving for something salty today and immediately nuts came into my head. There's a store that sells all kinds of nuts nearby my shop and I have to ask my nephew to run an errand for me in a while. I just love those crunchy peanuts plus the cornick, it is perfect to eat it right now while he weather is a bit cold due to typhoon Karen. Oh I also love those pili nuts, awww i don;t think i can find one near our area now.

The only worry that I have is that if i eat too much of nuts, in a matter of 1 day my zits will come out immediately. That is how sensitive my oily face is when i eat nuts or peanut butter. I just let my zits break out, i don't like to prick it bec. it'll only leave a scar, i also don't put any acne cream in it. I don't know but for the longest time i'll have breakout when I eat peanuts.

What's in my bag?

Curious Joy( my sister) wants to know what's inside my simple bag. I told here i'm not going to show my other abubots here ahaha. There's my Julia bag that i bought only at Galleria, not a designer bag but love all the pockets where i can put all my stuff and a spacious space inside. I also love a big bag that can carry all my belongings.

Nothing really much inside, just the basics, a wallet that a cousin from US gave, a Nokia phone and an Oakley sunglass given by my bro in law when I visited Australia last time. My NineWest keychain that i bought few years ago, a hair doctor, may fan (can't go out w/o it) and lipsticks usut avon and maybelline etc.

There you go, I want to see what's in you bag too so feel free to snag this tag.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My ISP is Partially Down!!

Grrrr.. since yesterday I've been whinging about my SMART Bro. isp bec. i can't view all my blogs and other websites. It's lucky that I can access my blogger account right now but unfortunately I can't view my blogs. I am trying to call my ISP but their no. is not accessible too.. What a lucky day it was !!I also have some tasks to submit and some promotional products to look into online but I could not even submit it, oh well at least it is not deadline yet. I am already getting impatient right now. Sorry for this I am just pissed. Boooo..

I also want to apologize to those bloggers who joined my BLOG LOVE fever tag bec. I have not payed them a return visit. I will go to your sites and add your blogs once my server is back to normal. Again THANKS for joining and spreading the Blog Love and please bear with me.

Friday, August 15, 2008

: Me and Bro's Art :

Image Hosted by
These are the paintings of my 2 brothers that they joined in the GSIS Art Contest few months ago, although they didn't win bec. there are many great entries but of course, we are all proud of their art. They are quite big isn't it,? much taller than me.

Anyway, on the left side is the mini jeepney painting entitled "Ang Jeep ni Tatang", on the right side is entitled "Bituing Naniningning" on the bottom is entitled "Mga Awit at Tula para kay Dolores". Their size are 3 feet x 4 feet (w/o the frame) and they are actually also FOR SALE, so if you are interested just contact me.

NOTE: the picture is somewhat yellowish so it did not give justice to the real colors of the painting. A much clearer view HERE.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

: A chit chat with my Sister :

It's been a while since we talk via chat but yesterday we had the chance to chat over SKYPE with my sister JoyD who is in Sydney. It's our 1st time to use Skype bec. a friend of mine told me that the voice chat here was more clear than YM. The connection was good and we can hear each other clear but there are times that the sound is kinda echoing but nevertheless it was ok.

We had a pretty good talk about everything from her kids, family, business, shopping, her blogging and so many things and we are more than glad to know that they are doing well there. It’s still winter time in Australia that is why we saw her on the webcam wearing a jacket (jumper as they call it there). She told us that Braiden is doing great and he talks a lot now while Bianca seems to be a little brat, cheeky and chatter box.

They also plan of moving their benchtop business to a new location and she plans of working as well in their own small factory which is good. Maybe in the near future they also would love to buy a small property in NSW to relocate their family. Ahhh I also wish I can go back in Sydney soon as I miss the country so much plus my sister as well.

: A Spa Makeover :

Ahhhh after being sick for 2 days, I finally recuperated and how’d I wish I am still resting and pampering myself in a spa. I have not been there in a while and just thinking about the benefits it can give me it makes me want to go there. For those people that have spa at home, I know that they can experience a very relaxing day away from their worries from office or house works. I also wish we have one at home so I can just dip in there to unwind after a hard day’s works or in the weekends.

Spa owners now are very lucky because of the latest spa accessories that are coming up in the market today. The big gray or brown panel type spa cover can now be replaced by installing a waterproof vinyl mural. The good thing is that you can choose different scenes that can be relaxing and you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical island enjoying. Oh well, installing this will be much more affordable that spending money to renovate a place and have it landscaped.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

: I am Back, Alive and Kickin' !:

Ahhhh it's good to be back blogging and on my daily routine. Last Sunday, i was feeling was so heavy since i am pmsing. I was suppose to go out with a highschool friend to attend a meeting for our upcoming silver reunion next year but I have to cancel that bec. I am just a total mess.

Then Monday morning around 4:30 am I was awakened with a rumbling stomach and later on I was in the comfort for the rest of the morning. I was nearly dehydrated and don't have energy to get myself out of my bed. Mom gave me a warm water with salt and asked me to drink it so I will be rehydrated. I thought i was going to be hospitalized bec. I am gettign weak. I did not drink any medicine though, i just drink lotsa water, apple, crackers and gatorade drink.Ahhh i was in bed the whole day and it was so boring!!! This is the 1st time in many many years that I have been down in my bed the whole day just to rest and recuperate from the lost liquids in my body.

Today, I woke up with an aching waist due to wrong posture in sleeping and also maybe bec. I was on the bed the whole day. This time I have the energy to get up and told everyone that I AM ALIVE hahaha. I thank God that I surpassed that illness and I was not rushed in the hospital.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

: Goodbye Internet Explorer ! :

Need I say more? I have been alternately using IE and Firefox for years now and just last week my friendship with IE already ended hehe. I just hate IE so much bec. it gives errors and some sites/blogs would not display good. To keep myself away from being annoyed, I decided to kick and let Firefox eat my IE! lol

With my desire to enhance my browsing pleasures, I also downloaded Opera 9.51 last week and I used it side by side with FireFox 3, way way much better than IE. Features of Opera: I just love Opera's magic wand where you can instantly log in say for example Yahoo mail etc. NOTE: This is only good if you are using your own computer and not sharing with anyone!) I also love the Speed Dial that gives you a quick access to your favorite website. There are about 9 slots and I am using all of them and I having a quick time.

Meanwhile, i also upgraded toFF3 about just 2 weeks ago and true enough it is one good version, it works faster on my computer and the colorful tabs add on is so cute that I have now color coded tabs. I also installed the EntreBar entredopping much easier. So far right now, both browsers are doing really g

I am also encouraging my net cafe customers to refrain from using IE and train themselves using Firefox. I have learned that many are still used in using IE since this is the default browser on all windows computers. Some people also don;t even know what Mozilla firefox is hehe.

Anyway, have you made a permanent switch??

: A Perfect Blend :

Don't you just love having friends online? They made my day and make my blogging worthwhile. My friend LIZ and my best friend RACE gave this award

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

: When Life Becomes a Routine :

Sure we all want to have a colorful and fruitful life and I know many of us strive to achieve that. We study, work or have business and some get married and have kids while others stay single (by fate or by choice), we do things everyday as we normally do, but have it occurred to you that sometimes your life has become a routine or become stagnant? Well, I can say that I feel that way sometimes, when I get up in the morning, I’ll eat breakfast, play badminton, go to work the whole day and go back home. That is repeated the whole week except of course if I need to go somewhere else.
For SAHM (stay at home moms), doing the household chores, taking care of the husband and kids, laundry, cooking, and other endless house works can burn them too. And i hope their husbands will take the time to give them something say for example a flower that was ordered at flower shop or something. So what do you do when your life becomes a routine?

: Shoot, shoot and shoot :

If you’re gonna ask me, if I love taking pictures, I’d definitely tell answer a big yes. Ever since I was in highschool I am already fascinated with photos. Some people just wanted to take pictures but for me I love seeing my face on photos and not just me behind the camera. My 1st digital camera was a n old Vivitar camera given by a friend from the US. The 2nd one was a Canon point and shoot camera given as a gift last year from my uncle and aunt who came home from US.

When my co-digiscrappers bought their DSLR cameras, I also dreamed of having my own but I need to save up bec. it was a bit pricey. With my patience and determination to buy my 1st DSLR, I bought myself a Canon Rebel Xti last Nov. 9, before my birthday as a birthday gift to myself. I was really so happy and excited to use, I even brought it in Australia when I had a vacation there this year. I was able to practice my photography skills there but with a novice like me I still have many things to learn. With so many brands and specs of digital cameras in the market today, anyone can have digi cams nowadays. It doesn't matter if it is a point& shoot cam or a DSLR, what matters most is that we can capture the memories. Like what professionals say, shoot, shoot and shoot and that is where we will master this art.

: Road Widenings :

I have noticed lately that there are so much going on in our streets these past few days and it turned out to be the road widening project of our government. This aims to widen the road so that motorists will have a little convenience while driving. You see our streets were already too narrow, residents nearly occupied the roads that is suppose to be for the vehicles. Right now, DPWH is starting to clear the sidewalks and repairing the streets.

The 15m mark is still up and i guess all the towns here in our province will be affected. All those establishments or residence that will pass by the 15m mark will be destroyed or disassembled clearing way for the widening. I reckon this is a good effort of the government and i have seen in Pasig they are doing the same. Hopefully we can have lesser traffic and clearer sidewalks in the near future, they just need to implement it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

: Top 10 Classic Pinoy Expressions :

What a nice time to laze around last night bec. of the weather, it was gloomy and raining and very conducive to being lazy. I was flicking around the channels with my remote control when I suddenly stopped at QTV11 and my fave show “Ang Pinaka” (The Most) was being aired. I hurriedly got a pen and paper and jotted down their lists about Top 10 Classic Pinoy Expressions. I was watching with my mom on the living room and how’d I wish we had a big screen LCD TV with a nice LCD mount so we’ll have more entertaining time to watch the show.

Anyway, the show was engaging and we were laughing when they showed some examples. Here are the top 10:
1. SUSMARYOSEP – short for Hesus, Maria and Joseph. Often used when we are shocked or amazed at a situation. Ex. Susmaryosep ka naman bakit mo ginawa yon?
2. GRABE – popularized by Ruffa Gutierrez - I often used this expression myself. Ex. Grabe naman ang traffic.
3. KUMUSTA? – this does not necessarily mean that you are really asking about someone. Ex. Hello, hapon na wala pa ang gamit natin, kumusta na yon?
4. NAKS Naman– used when you are amazed with something or you wan to compliment someone. Ex. Uy naks naman, may bagon syang sapatos.
5. APIR – it’s like giving HIGH FIVE- when you approve of something. Ex. Aprir tayo, pareho tayong nakakuha ng mataas na grade.
6. CHARING – when you don’t believe someone is telling the truth. Ex. Alam mo ang ganda ganda mo…. Charing!
7. MA at PA – (Malay at Pakialam ko) – Ex. Ma at Pa ko sa mga artistang deny ng deny.
8. WALASTIK – Ex. Walastik naman tong Internet ko ang bagal ngayon.
9. BOLA – Ex. Nawalan ako ng 1 million.. hehe bola lang.
10. AH EWAN – Ex. Ah ewan ko sayo, bakit d mo maintindihan ang instructions.
Isn’t this fun? I am sure you have used one or many of these expressions in your daily lives. Can I know what are those?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Learned How to Reformat a PC :

It's Sunday today and instead of going out to the malls, I decided to reformat 2 computers here at my net cafe since it is loading quite slow already maybe bec. of some virus. I am so glad that my nephew Karlo taught me how to reformat a pc bec. I have saved a lot bec. I don't need to pay a technician to do that for me. I never thought that reformatting a pc is just easy, you just need to follow the instructions. Good thing is that while he was teaching me, I am jotting the steps.

I have successfully reformatted 1 pc as of now and I have already downloaded YM, the MSoffice, the free antivirus and other software that is needed to make it work. Geezz.. it's a bit of a work but i saved myself some extra money hehe. Actually owning a net cafe, I must learn how to do that and troubleshoot so that I will not just rely on my technician. My sister in law meanwhile learned how to change the belt in the CD rom which got stuck. Hmmm I guess we are going to be lady technicians ehhhh ???? hhehehe. Have a great Sunday everyone !!!
image by

: Salamat Dok TV Show :

Aside from watching Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, a business show on Channel 2, I always love watching Salamat Dok (Thank You Doctor) hosted by Cheryl Cosim every Saturday and Sunday morning 7 am. It is always very informative and I get to learn more about different kinds of diseases and how to prevent it in some ways. They always have doctors as guests so they really discuss and ask specific questions. This Sunday morning, I obviously did watch again inside my room while lying on my bed and the topic was about physical fitness and ways how to become fit without even drinking diet pills. Doctors suggested that for peole who will be exercising for the first time, brisk walking for 15-20 mins. Is good enough to warm us up and as the days go by we can increase our rate of walking so on and so forth.

Well, I guess I am doing the right thing bec. I am playing badminton every morning to keep my body moving and somewhat fit. I think people need to make an effort to give their body exercise esp. if your daily routine is sedentary. A walk in the morning is a good way to start I reckon.

Friday, August 1, 2008


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