Wednesday, August 13, 2008

: A chit chat with my Sister :

It's been a while since we talk via chat but yesterday we had the chance to chat over SKYPE with my sister JoyD who is in Sydney. It's our 1st time to use Skype bec. a friend of mine told me that the voice chat here was more clear than YM. The connection was good and we can hear each other clear but there are times that the sound is kinda echoing but nevertheless it was ok.

We had a pretty good talk about everything from her kids, family, business, shopping, her blogging and so many things and we are more than glad to know that they are doing well there. It’s still winter time in Australia that is why we saw her on the webcam wearing a jacket (jumper as they call it there). She told us that Braiden is doing great and he talks a lot now while Bianca seems to be a little brat, cheeky and chatter box.

They also plan of moving their benchtop business to a new location and she plans of working as well in their own small factory which is good. Maybe in the near future they also would love to buy a small property in NSW to relocate their family. Ahhh I also wish I can go back in Sydney soon as I miss the country so much plus my sister as well.

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