Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sound Trippin

Ok, I'm feeling a bit low today. Blame it on my pms plus the gloomy weather since lunch time. It's very conducive to sleep or just laze around the house. I had a 30 -min nap around 3 pm and it was good enough. I stood up even if I'm not the usual me and just opened my computer to browse online.

I opened you tube and listened to some music and there I was listening to old love songs. From Bread, Anne Murray etc. The good old soothing music makes me relax and I guess the songs of the yester years will be good to revive. I think I have to ask my bro who knows how to play the keyboard and guitar to play it once on our get together.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fast Approval for Your Loans, Now Possible!

Starting up a new business is an exciting time. It can also be a bit scary. From developing your concept to building a marketing plan, every aspect of your new business demands your full attention. When all of the pieces finally come together and your business goes 'live,' you’ll realize that this is the best feeling in the world. Still, the process can be a bit scary – especially when you consider just how much time and money it can take to open a new business.

While you are working on building up the business, you may not be making as much money, and that is where online loans provided by Plain Green Loans can help you.


Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The Development Phase

The first stage of any new business is always the development phase. Coming up with a product idea, designing it, and developing it can take months. When you add the time taken to test your product or service out with potential customers, your development phase can last even longer. Still, it is a critical component in developing a new business. If you are focusing all of your efforts on your new business, you may find yourself in need of some emergency cash to pay your bills. With super fast approval, you can get your funds in as little as 24 hours.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Exercises for people using the computers for long time

My work involves working in front of my computer for long period of time and I must admit that sometimes I tend to forget getting up to do some stretching so I end up with some pain.

I found this simple exercises and I’ll be doing this starting tomorrow. For those people using the computers for long time like me, let’s do these!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Expanded K+12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines Early Registration on January 28. 2012

Department of Education is announcing the Expanded K+12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines Early Registration on January 28. 2012 for the School Year (S.Y.) 2012-2013 in all public elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

So don’t forget to bring your kids, and bring their birth certificates!

The K+12 Program  will now be:
6 years of elementary,
4 years of junior high school
2 years for senior high school.

Read more at www.deped.gov.ph/

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 Things to Consider When Living Alone

It might be a post college spreading of your wings or maybe it's the parents who decide for you, but everyone eventually needs to leave the nest. And unless you are a lottery winner or have inherited an abandoned haunted mansion left to you in the will of a forgotten uncle, you will be headed to your first apartment.

Taking the step to move out on your own isn't one to be taken lightly. You also have to decide if you are going to have roommates or go it alone. It's nice to have friends with you but nothing makes you feel like a successful adult more than getting a place that's all your own.

You first solo adventure might also have you moving to a different city because of a new job or maybe you're just looking for a change of scenery. If you are moving to a new town don't just rely on a vague post on Craig's List. Do some research before you even start to look for a place.


Image via Wikipedia

You'll find your wallet is the primary decider of where and how you can live. And depending on the city you live in, there is a huge difference in Los Angeles, Chicago or Detroit apartments in terms of size, location and amenities.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines

imageThe Department of Tourism has recently launched their new campaign "IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES" http://www.itsmorefuninthephilippines.com/to attract and promote the Tourism industry of our country.

Here are some photos that people made using the new campaign: Come to the Philippines and  you’ll have a lot of fun!



Friday, January 20, 2012

Love for Make Up

My youngest sister is into make up and in fact, she already has a good stash of branded makeup in her possession. She also loves to dress up and look beautiful all the time most especially if she’s going out on a date with her hubby or if there’s a special occasion. I actually envy her and wish I could learn how to do my own make up beautifully. I guess if she wanted to pursue that passion, she can also enroll in a cosmetology school
where she can learn more techniques. Who knows she might even open a beauty salon in the future if she wants, right?

DFA passport offices to Open at SM malls etc.

Just heard it at the news that DFA passport offices to open at SM malls etc. and I can say this is a good news! I live very far from DFA in Manila and going there requires a lot of effort.

DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) and SM already signed an agreement to transfer their consular offices in various malls in the country. It is said that DFA can save at up to 1 billion. 

I’m quite excited about this news because my passport will expire in few more months so this means that I’ll have to renew it and I’ll choose to go at the malls already. I need to wait for the oepening of the office at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong soon.

Birthday Card Made by my Niece for my Dog!


My sweet dog Sophie turned 3 last Jan, 15th and  my 8yr old niece was quick to make a birthday card for her. She got some old paper and some cupcake papers plus other stuff and made it into this beautiful cards. Great job Reign and thanks for being sweet!

If only Sophie can say thank you to you for your lil' gift. Ok, be ready, your uncle will be celebrating his bday come Feb. 2.

Doximity: Connecting Physicians

I have to admit that I’ve been hooked and addicted to Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites that I’m registered in. Why not? It is a place where I can share all my photos, insights, experiences, online finds and more. It is also where I found my long lost friends in college and a good venue to share gossips or talks to my close friends hehe.

If I frequent FB and Twitter, physicians also have their own private place where they can interact, socialize with their fellow colleagues. It is called Doximity, a private network for physicians. Physicians like Martin Blume DO and more can exchanges messages, private phone lists, and more. It’s a whole community for physicians available on the web, iPhone and on smart phones for easier access.

Our Tall Calamansi Tree


I just love going to my brother's small garden for comfortable there especially when you stayed at his small gazebo. It is surrounded by plants and flowers and not to mention fruit bearing trees like this calamansi tree. One day, my aunt and bro harvested some calamansi that we can either make into a juice or put in foods. It was a bit hard to harvest them since it is unusually tall unlike the normal calamansi tree that is usually up to 5 feet tall.

I learned that this tree was so tall because they planted seeds that came directly from the fruit and it's not even grafted. There are more fruits left but we need a more longer strand of bamboo with hook attached to it.

Our Lil’ Artist


I can say that being creative runs in our family and almost all can draw, design or drawn to art. This is my 8 year old niece who loves to draw anything on paper, canvass, tissue or any medium she can get hold of.

Last Christmas, I didn't have a hard time thinking of what to give her because since she loves to draw and paint, I gave her new set of coloring pencils, crayons and sketch pads. She loves it and on her birthday this May, I  have to give her pastel colors and more sketch pads.  Her father is good in drawings as well and hopefully when there’s a contest for her age, we’ll ask her to join to experience how it is to compete, fail or win.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Safety at Work Place

My older brother loves to tinker on our wrecked TV or any electronic gadgets at home when he was still single. He is the one that can repair almost all of our appliance that needs to be fix. I can say that he is our handy man and all around houseman. Later on, he thought of owning a business and since he loves to repair TV, DVD players etc, he decided to have his own shop.

Now, he owns a small neighborhood electronics repair shop for many years already. There are good feedbacks from his customers and I can say that he is honest in his job. I always see him using lead wire solders all the time and even told him that it’s poisonous. I guess I have to tell him to use a lead Free Solder
that is manufactured by Fine Line Stencil for it’s not only good for the environment but also for his own health.

Monday, January 16, 2012

I want an iPAd, But do I really Need it?

imageThese days, tablet computers are very popular and a lot of people are dreaming and wishing to have. I certainly want to have one but after much thought, I really don’t need it (yet). I also have 2 desktops, a laptop and an iPhone so getting an iPad is kinda overwhelming already for my needs.

I was talking to my sis over YM this morning and she said she got an iPad2 last Christmas from her hubby and she loves it. But, the thing is she has lots of apple products already: iMac, laptop, iphone 4, ipod, and now the the iPad2 and she’s laughing over it for there are times that they are all open at the same time..lol Well, her kids uses them sometimes so it gives her the reason to own lots of gadgets.

Anyway, right now, iPad will just be in my dream wish list..hehe