Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tweaking my Blog

It's been many years now since I have not touched the template of this blog and I'm kinda feeling bored with the 3 column look off the layout. I'll be tweaking also the font type, colors and other widgets so please excuse if you'll find it dis-arrange for a while.

I'm still going to retain the color theme and probably the header for a while since I have no time to replace it. In the meantime, I'll just change the layout and find a 2 column template for now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

His Time to Shine

I was greatly overjoyed when I saw my godson few weekends ago. I happened to pass by at their house because of errand and fortunately my godson was jolly and in the mood to show his talents. He is in grade 2 already and I was amazed at how he grew so fast. Anyway, he 1st showed me his car collections even telling me the names of his cars (yes he has given them names!) and I wonder if he really can memorize all the names for there are too Later on, her mom turned on the music and off he goes dancing to the tune of none other than: Gangnam Style. I was really laughing so hard and he invited me to dance with him, which I did. 

That doesn't stop there because after dancing, he went upstairs and got his toy guitar and there he goes strumming the guitar as if he is a rock star. Wow that was a complete performance and I was so happy that he is not shy that day to think he seldom sees me. My cousin told me that he loves music too apart from his cars and who knows in the future they might purchase a guitar for their son as a gift so he'll be more inspired to play and dance.

Kids are just too exuberant all the time. Their energy seems endless and I just wish all kids had the opportunity to be carefree, playful and full of life.

Dumb Ways to Die

A friend of mine shared this video at Facebook and when I watched it myself I could not help but to smile, sing and even hum. This is a cute video that shows Dumb Ways to Die.. hehe

Watch this video and who knows you might have done one of the them hehe.

Some of the dumb ways to die that was in the cartoons video are:
1. Set your hair on fire
2. Drink medicine that is out of date
3. Invite a psycho into your home
4. Take off your helmet on the outer space
5. Dive in a water full of piranha
6. Dress up like a moose during the hunting season

From Med. Tech to Nurse

Just last October 20, 2012, we had a college reunion, our 24th year alumni homecoming that was initiated by one of our batchmate. We're so happy that we were able to get reconnected after 24 long years and thanks to Facebook for we got hold of our batchmate's info and whereabouts there. The preparation took about 7 months and the sponsors and those that are willing to donate are overflowing.

One of the organizers even flew from Canada just to attend the said reunion. We graduated as Medical Technologist but he is now a practicing nurse in Canada because after graduation he continued to Nursing. Now, instead of holding a microscope and dealing with blood or urine samples in the laboratory, he is now wearing nursing clogs and nurse uniform. I guess he must have found more fulfillment in that line of career that helped his family back home.

The party was a blast! Seeing all my batchmates and co-interns back then bring so much memories of my college days. Ahhh.. it was a bliss!

Read This

O lny srmat poelpe can raed tihs. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!!


So I'm smart huh, coz I read it hehe.. What about you?

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Career in Beauty

My mom used to have a small beauty salon when she was still young and having been to one of the graduates of a beauty school in Manila she immediately got a lot of customers. Many have testified that there is not much capital that you need to shell out to put up a salon so I reckon it is a good business to put up esp. if you have a know how about cosmetology or hair styling. These days, you can even buy tons of great cosmetology supplies even on line, so setting up your own salon is never to far away from reality.

Any one can pursue a career in beauty or cosmetology bec. aside from getting lots of supplies for your salon, you can hone your craft by going to schools that are sprouting anywhere. With experienced trainers and high quality services of the cosmetology schools that you can pick,  there’s no wonder that you can bring cosmetology to a whole new level.

If mom still continued her beauty career, I guess still have a salon up to now.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Security Camera Video Captures Good Too

Ahhh.. there's too many negative or bad CCTV videos spreading around the internet that sometimes it's already sickening to watch them. I have seen pickpockets, robbers, killings and other similar videos on the news and on social networking sites being shared by many.

Watch this video about some good, funny and crazy footage caught by security cameras. I'm sure it can give a smile on your face too and will think that there's still a lot of good people that can really do great acts.A friend posted this on her FB wall and I thought it's nice to share it here.

In to my Home Project List

Nothing beats the happiness anyone can get when you have your own home. I know it well because the 1st day that we moved to our new house few years back was just thrilling. The unpacking of the boxes seem so tiring but when we set our feet on our new home, we feel so relieved and ecstatic.

It’s been so many years now and our house was not the same when we first got in. There are also some minor repairs that need to be done. Mom noticed the leaking faucet at the restroom while I saw the door leading to our backyard need some repair as well. These problems need to be address immediately so that they will not become worse.
The re-painting of the wall on all the rooms was done this summer and I’m so happy to have accomplished that home project of mine. Right now, my mom and Ireally need to consider changing the tiles in our kitchen for the chips and the discolorations are already unsightly to see.

I still need to have an ample budget for tile replacement and it’s already impossible for me to have this done before the year ends. If things will go smoothly, by summer (April or May) and if I have saved enough, I’ll have this new project push through. In the meantime, browsing at for flooring and tile inspirations is what I’m planning to do. I also need to consult a friend who has a knowledge about floor tiling.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have this done by next year.

5 Years and Counting

I guess no one can live without friends.

Who would have thought that I'll meet these gorgeous ladies online? I met some of them at our digi-scrapbooking forum while others at Twitter. Some of my friends have friends that also became my friends and now our group expanded already. Our very first EB/ get-together was on Feb. 2007 and soon after that we meet every now and then on lunch, birthdays, Christmas parties, movie date and more.

I'm so lucky to have met them!

Byko's 1st Birthday at Oasis Manila

My World with Sophie

My mix breed (Shitzhu and Dauschand) dog Sophie will be turning 4 years old this coming January 2013. I’m just so excited to throw a small party for her just like what I am doing every year. This early, I’m already thinking about what color and design of her cake will be next year. In fact, I’ve been searching the net for cakes that are suited for dogs. I’m already excited and it feels like I’m preparing for a child’s birthday.

Sophie has indeed made my life fun, meaningful and a little less boring. Being single with no kid of my own, I regard my dog Sophie as my daughter just like what other dog lovers do when they love their dogs or pets so much. My day is not complete without seeing her wagging tail and when she lies down on her back to get a belly rub.. so cute! I can also feel that she’s returning the love that I give to her.

I truly am happy that she has come to my life and I just pray that she’ll spend more time we us. I know that time will also come when she will leave me but I am not prepared for that yet. Who will ever be, anyway?

Sophie - Oct. 2011
Just like any other caring mom to dogs, I’m making sure that all her vaccination appointments are done and all her vitamins are bought. Her baby dog book is almost full with all her vet appointments. I remember I was extremely worried when she got sick for a day when she had the toad poisoning few months back. I even cried for she doesn’t want to eat that makes her weak. Thank God, I went to her vet immediately after noticing some changes on her and the doc even said that might lose her if I had not brought her asap. She recovered after few days after taking her medicines that her vet prescribed. Now, I am more conscious and alert when she’s not feeling well or when she’s not in her usual playful self.
Sophie August 2012- few days after her grooming
Sophie is free to roam in our backyard all day but she also gets her much needed walk outside with me within our village from time to time. I have so much to share but you might get board hearing all my dog stories. I know I can share them all at pet forums for it’s an online community for per lovers. I got hooked reading all the member’s interactions and I guess I need to sign up soon.

With all the love that I share and get from my dog Sophie, now, I can’t picture my world without her.

Another Year Older

I turned another year older yesterday. I feel so blessed and thankful that God has given me another chance of life to witness His wonderful creations. I celebrated my birthday with family and friends over a simple dinner at my brother's place. Foods are overflowing and delicious and it was even made special when my bestfriend since highschool came together with her 3 children.

Nothing spectacular about my birthday unlike when I celebrated my 18th birthday many years ago. I'm just happy that eventhough I have many misgivings to many people, God still loves me and continuously showering me with all his blessings.

Photos will be posted soon!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting the Best Carpet for your Home

Who would not want to have a cozy and comfortable home? Coming home to a well kept home after a hard days work from the office. I just love removing my shoes and putting my feet up to relax my aching and tired feet when I come home from errands, shopping or get together. It will also help if our house is equipped with warm and soft carpet especially when the temperature drops. Nothing beats the warmth and comfort that a carpet can bring to our homes.

My sister’s house is almost fully carpeted and she prefers it to be like way because she has small kids that run around the house most of the times when they are playing or teasing one another. Carpet not only gives comfort and warmth around the house or office but it prevents slip, can absorb noise, and can give added design and texture in your room as well.

Carpet flooring designs and textures come in a wide range of choices that will suit your preferred patterns or designs that will match the feel and look of your house or office. Getting good quality carpet and installer are some of best thing to do. You don’t want to waste your money on poor quality carpets that will not last for a long time. It goes the same for the installer, getting the best service is the way to go.

Leave your carpet worries to the experts and if you are looking for the best carpets around for your home or office, you can check out Griffins Flooring America for wide selection of their carpets. Get $100 off your next purchase on carpets too.

Experiencing comfort in our home is always bliss.

Reign's Drawings

My 9 year old niece is getting good at her drawings. I will not wonder anymore for her father is a visual artist himself and our family is into arts and crafts as well.

My niece R made these cute drawings in our living room while waiting for her mom to come from office. At first she was so bored and irritated because she has nothing to do. I gave her some papers and a pen where she can scribble so that she will not complain and bug me and after a while she showed me about 6 pieces of drawings with different outfits.

I praised her for making good drawings and of course she was so happy about her works. I told her to put her name and date on the drawings because I will compile all of them so that when she gets older, I'll show her early works.

She keeps on telling us that she wanted to be a clothes designer someday that's why she love to draw girls with different costumes. She must have been inspired with all the fashion cartoons that she's been seeing on TV and DVDs. Not bad at all.

Princess and Egyptian

Check out her past drawings here.

On Webhosting

These days, owning a website or a blog is not uncommon anymore. Whether you just want to have a blog for personal use or a site for your company or business, a domain name and a good webhost is essential.
Since the emergence of the internet, there’s no doubt that the web has been used not just by common people but also by companies and business owners to promote their products or services. The need of a website for their company has become a vital part in their marketing strategies as well. It is where they can let people know what their company is all about and what services or goods that they are offering. 

Owning a website is also a good advantage for many entrepreneurs as they can reach to more people who use the net all the time. With the demand and popularity of owning a website or blogs in the recent years, more webhosting companies have been aggressively attracting people to hire their services, buy domain and get hosting services from them. A lot of good packages and services have been offered by various hosting companies to get more clients. 

There are actually a lot of webhosting companies available that you can choose to host your site but you need to find the right webhost for your needs. Doing a little research on your part can greatly help in finding what best suits your hosting needs. You can ask your friends or browse the net to check and know the best website hosting there is. 

You don’t want your site to be down all the time that’s why you need to have a reliable and trusted webhost that can give 24/7 technical support when you need them. Apart from that, you also need to find the cheap blog hosting and with secure hosting capabilities for your site or blogs.

 Comparing the hosting features, monthly fee, and other available add-ons on a particular webhosting package either for business web hosting or personal hosting can facilitate your need to find a webhost perfect for your needs.

The Gift of Friendship

I started blogging in 2005 and though that I gained some few friends along the way. I started digi-scrapping in 2007 if I'm not mistaken and there I met some new friends with same interests as well. The online friendship blossomed immensely and we had our 1st get together on Feb. of 2007 and were only few back then. It was a nice experience to see friends in real life that you've only met online.

Our group expanded, not just digi-scrappers but other friends of friends came. We moved to Twitter and our group expanded more, we are more like 21 member friends. Since then our group bonded via eat out, movie time, shopping time, birthday of kids, out of town vacation and whole lot more.

I'm so happy with the gift of friendship brought by our group and it gave my social life more fun and exciting. I wish we can continue our friendship for more years to come, even when their kids are all grown up already!