Wednesday, April 30, 2008

: Litratong Pinoy: #5 Malungkot (SAD)

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This is my niece Micah, sad and so bored when we went to Wollongong City (Australia) last Feb. to see what the place has to offer for us and it was a beautiful city indeed. My sis, her family and I were all walking around and taking pictures here and there while she just sits in the bench alone sad and thinking deeply. Maybe she's having her PMS that time hahaha!

(Eto ang pamankin ko na si Micah, malungkot at bagot na bagot noong pumunta kami sa Wollongong City (Australia) noong Pebrero para makita kung ano ang meron doon, napakagandang siyudad ito. Ang kapatid ko, ang kanyang pamilyaat ako ay nag lilitrato dito at doon samantalang siya naman ay nakaupo lang habang malungkot at nag-iisip. Siguro may PMS sya noong araw na yon hahaha!)

Join us at Litratong Pinoy.

: WW: Fun Vacation

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I have a different Wordless Wednesday entry at my other blog CLICK HERE

: Are “plastic money” evil?

In my opinion not at all as long as you know how to handle that lil’ “plastic money” in your wallet. The credit card is not the one to blame if they mishandled it but the one who uses it bec. you’ll not end up with a bad credit unless you don’t pay. Interest will sure go high if you don’t pay on time. Credit cards are only for those that know how to work on their finances and have control over their spending. It’s not for a shopper freak and for those irresponsible ones. Enough said.

Bu those people who have bad credits, fear not, bec. right now you can avail bad credit loans online at and they can also guide to have a good credit standing. Just read all the valuable information and articles on their site and you are on your way to a new credit loans. Just keep in mind: Be responsible and take control of your finances!

: My To Do List :

Credits: paper and staple by Tracy Collins

I have many things to accomplish this week and next week and I hope I can do all of them. here's my list:
  1. Mail the pasalubong that I have for Zanne his week sana hehe (sorry Zanne)
  2. Have my over 1,000 digi photos printed from my recent trip to Sydney
  3. Get my EON card at Union Bank next week
  4. Canvas prices of Canon 50mm f1.8 and EFS 28-105mm lenses
  5. Upgrade my HP desktop memory from 2.5 MB to 3GB
  6. Visit my dentist for my regular teeth cleaning
  7. Go to the salon for a hair spa, my hair is already dry bec. we have been on the beach and sun all the time when I was in Australia

: Keep those phones ringing

Isn’t it nice when a loved one from overseas calls us on the phone? The warmth and excitement on their voices helps us to keep in touch. I have sisters in Riyadh and Australia and they call us here in the Philippines using phone cards bec. it’s cheaper, affordable and easy to use. If you have relatives in Argentina then you can save by using Argentina phone card for as low as 2.5C/min. The good thing also is that it is a rechargeable one thru 3Long website.

: Nice to see my sister again!

It's always good to see a loved one after many years of being away from us. My sister Beng and her family were back home here in Pinas for a vacation from Riyadh. They arrived on April 15, 2 days earlier than me. It was exciting to see my nephew and niece all so grown up. One of the reasons too why they came home is that her daughter (Frances Marie) will be studying college here at Mapua. Frances already passed the exams and already got enrolled.

My sister is working at King Faissal Hospital in Riyadh as one of the medical secretary for many years now. Her husband in turn, is an Electrical Engineer working at the biggest electric company there, SCECO.

For the Love of Art

Our family grew up loving art so much; in fact, my 2 older brothers are visual artists and have joined various local art competitions and contests for paintings, mix media and even photography. One of my older brothers even went to New York in 2002 to have his paintings exhibited and sold at one of the exhibits that they put up. Just recently they joined again in a local competition.

For art enthusiast, one of the best things that they always enjoy is by visiting art galleries so that they can appreciate works of art. One such gallery that any one can go to is at Park West Art Gallery if you are in the US. They are home of the largest collection of arts in the world and is located in Southfield, Michigan. They also conducts auctions throughout the US and Canada and conducts a yearly exhibits of the best works of artists that they have in their collection. Right now they are having a Spring Sale at the gallery and if you are an art collector or enthusiast this is definitely not to be miss.

: Home Alone

My mom, my sister & her family and bro & family went up North in the Ilocos region for their 4 day vacation and I was left home alone since Tuesday. Hmmm not totally alone because a family friend of ours is accompanying me at the house at night. I didn't go with them because it is so far and I don;t want to close my store for a long time.

They will also be going to Vigan to meet a friend and explore the place. I wish I can come with them since it is a nice place to take a lot of photos and to practi8ce my digital photography. Oh well, there is always a next time.

Honeymoon Escapade

Are you tying the knot soon? I know this is a once in a lifetime experience for anyone and we always wanted it to be the best experience if not perfect. Wedding preparations are time consuming, stressful and of course requires a budget. For most of the couples who don’t want to stress themselves with all the preparations, they get themselves a wedding planner to do the entire job for them. In that way, they can enjoy and relax before the big day.

After the wedding, every couple’s dream is to go to a vacation for their sweet honeymoon. There are many places to go to and enjoy each other like Hawaiin vacation or even Fiji honeymoon vacation would be perfect. Booking for a honeymoon getaway can be simple nowadays, you don’t need to go to your local travel agency, you just need to log on the internet and book online at where you can choose your perfect destination. They have been specializing in travels for many years now.

Monday, April 28, 2008

: Are printers disposable now adays? :

I asked that question because my last printer that I purchased 8 months ago an HP D2460 is already jamming papers frequently and that is soooooo annoying! Most of the printers are light weight now and not for heavy duty printings unlike my Hp deskjet that i used for almost 7 or 8 years eventhough I used refill cartridges on it.

The salesman at Greenhills told me that printers are disposable now a days ever since people used refill inks for their printers (i'm one of those Can't blame me I save a lot by doing this. I purchased a new printer HP 910 (i love HP products) yesterday in Greenhills and I will NOT use refill the cartridges anymore on this one. I hope this will last for a longer time.

What about you are you using refill cartridges or inks for your printers?

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My new printer HP D910

:Men love to dress up too:

Who says that women only love it? There are men who love fashion, men's jewelry and accessories too and love putting an effort in making themselves look good for their women or just for themselves. Some love expensive watches or rings. There are men however that is too OA (over-acting) in showing off their accessories like too much gold necklaces and bracelets, for me they look awkward. Too much is not good not only for men but for women as well.

: Added memory will do :

When I bought my HP desktop almost a year ago it has 160 GB of hard drive which I reckon is not enough bec. my digital photos are eating a lot of space and just only 512 MB DDR2 of memory. My OS is Vista and it already requires 1GB of memory so I thought of upgrading.

Fortunately I have 3 slots for the memory cards so I added 2 memory cards (1GB each) and when I open other programs the performance is already good. Right now, I am doing a lot of graphics using my Photoshop CS3 and PSP8 and I reckon I need to have 3GB of memory. I will just buy when I have time. What about you have you upgraded yet?
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: A Huge Road Accident in our area:

On our way home from the Sunday Mass yesterday, we were greeted with a massive traffic and we already presumed that there is an accident. Indeed, there is a big vehicular accident that includes a big trailer truck and several cars. I had a goose bumps upon seeing the red car bec. it was badly hit and I am not so sure if the driver survived the accident. The concrete barrier which is on the middle of the road was hit and it was every where.

We just found out that the trailer truck came from Antipolo and it lost it's break and it hits several people and couple inside a owner type jeepney whom was later announced dead. Wow this is really frightening.!!! The "Tikling area" is an accident prone area so i guess, every one should be extra careful when driving there.
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It’s great hearing from my relatives abroad

Almost all my relatives (father side)are already in the United States and they are actually American citizens now and have been settled there for good. Eventhough they have different nationality now they obviously did not forget their roots back home here in the Philippines. They will always be Filipino at hearts and in minds and that is what we are all proud of. They also not fail to call us every now and then using so that we can have more airtime talking about what is happening to us.

Should you have relatives in the US, tell them that they can call more cheaply from the US to the Phils. by using Phil. calling cards, which they can purchase online at In this way, there are more chitchats and more bonding time with the family even just through phone calls. I believe that communication is the best tool to keep families stay close to each other.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

: New Look !

Finally I was able to change my header today and I think it's quite alright. I want it simple this time so I made it at my PSP8 this morning. I love the paper background by Redju, stitching by Natali and the butterfly sticker by Val Barbieri so credit goes to them.

It's done now but i reckon i still need to change my photo and some widgets there. I hope you like it.

Renting in style

For those that can’t afford to have their own house, renting an apartment or condo is the option that they can afford to have. Others just prefer to rent an apartment especially if they are still single or a student but there are many apartment nightmares for lessee. If you are living near or in Pennsylvania, Luxury Rentals offers a high quality and posh rental homes that includes Kohler fixtures, wood floors, chef’s kitchen, in laundry facilities and more. You can rent an apartment with a style, comfort and feels like your own home. And one thing good is that, it is near Bucknell University and downtown Lewisburg.

Friday, April 25, 2008

This blog needs a facelift!

Are you getting bored with my header and color scheme? I do actually, it's been a while since I changed the look of this blog and I reckon it's about time to give it a fresh new look. I am back now using my pc where all my graphics and programs are installed so I have the liberty to make new headers.

I have been busy working on my new blog Jenny Said So, it's already up so this blog needs my attention too. Hopefully if I am inspired enough I will make a new header. BTW, if you haven't visited my new blog yet, pls. visit it now bec. it will make me so happy !!!!


When it comes to jewelries I can say my sister Joy is a perfect example of a woman who loves wearing them. Why do I say so? She has more than 1 ring on her fingers and they are not just ordinary gold or silver ones because they are diamond rings given by her generous and loving husband Joe. I remember before they got married here in the Phils. Joe gave her one of those beautiful engagement rings that he bought in Australia. Ahh of course my sister melted upon seeing it and oh boy I don’t blame her bec. who can resist that?

He has been giving her rings and other jewelries as gifts I guess for her birthday and for their wedding anniversaries (they are married now for 7 years) and still counting. The latest ring that my sister got was a very beautiful eternity ring, somewhat the same in the picture. She’s really special and well loved by her husband for sure and she makes it a point to wear it often as my broinlaw always looks for it. Ahhh I wish someone can give me one like that; well I guess I just have to wait for my own wedding so I can have one of those wedding rings that married individuals are happily showing off.

I just love browsing online catalogue and I was enthralled with the vast and finest ccollection of Diamond jewelries over at Sparkle and Dazzle Co.. It’s not only Diamond rings that they have but as well as finest saphhire, ruby rings. Women have really wide collections to choose from (if they want to purchase one for themselves) and guys can compare prices and styles and can choose only the best for the woman he loves. Jewelries are not the only thing that can make any women happy but the love the goes with it too.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My new blog is up !!!!

Yahoooo.. finally my new domain blog is ready and already up. I have been tweaking it since the other day putting all the widgets and making the header and other stuff. I bought my domain from 1and (like my 2 other domain blogs).

Link exchange is welcome as long as you link me 1st hehehe. See you there >>> JENNY SAID SO...

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Spice it up

Lingerie is women’s bestfriend and part of everyday attire. One time my sister Joy and I went inside a lingerie shop went we went out shopping at MacArthur Square. They have lots of daring and sexy style to choose from and it was on sale when we went there. Their collection of thongs and lacy bras would definitely make any man hot lol and not to forget the see through bodystockings that they have. Hahaha for sure I will not be comfortable wearing something like that as I don’t have a great body to boast.

Litratong Pinoy: #4 Hugis ay Pahaba

The theme for this week at Litratong Pinoy is Rectangle shape and this is my entry. This is the closet door of my 5 year old nephew Braiden. The unique thing about this is that it is coated with a red furry cloth which is soft to touch. It is also once used to hold on cloth numbers and alphabets as an added decor but one by one they are never to be found. lol
I have also a different entry at my new blog JENNY SAID SO, pls. take a peek there.
(Ang tema sa linggong ito sa Litratong Pinoy ay hugis pahaba at ito ang lahok ko. Ito ang pinto ng lagayan ng damit ng 5 taong gulang kong pamangkin na si Braiden. Ang kakaiba dito ay ito ay natatakpan ng pulang mabalahibong tela na malambot hawakan. Ito rin ay dating lagayan ng mga telan numero at alpabeto para dagdag dekorasyon pero nawala na ito isa-isa at d na mahanap pa..hahaha) Meron pala akong ibang lahok sa isa ko pang bagong blog (Jenny Said So), tignan nyo naman ito o.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good to see my Bes!

I went to see my bestfriend RACE after 3 months since I went for an overseas vacation. I brought along a gift for her son (JOSH) and some chocolates for the kids. Josh was beaming with gladness when he so me and the paper bag that I was holding hehe and I found him looking inside to take a peek at what is inside of Soooo cute.. I gave him the toy and he immediately played with it.

Anyway, it's good to see my bes once again and of course like before it was an endless chitchat, I ate dinner at their house and my favorite fried chicken was served. Yum! It was also nice to see her sister REDGE who is also a friend of mine and I am glad that she is into blogging now, her blog's URL is still a secret for now until she finally finish tweaking it.

It was already midnight when i went home and I am so happy that Race and her hubby gave me a ride back home bec. it is so scary to go home alone.

Note: Photo grabbed from her blog Moments of my Life

NFR Tickets selling like hotcakes!

Las Vegas, the bustling and one of the most popular cities in the world have always been the center for almost anything that people can go to and enjoy. Aside from the famous casinos and shopping areas, Vegas always hold world’s famous shows like concerts, fashion shows and more. Vegas also is a world class sporting venue like boxing, football and other popular sports. One of the most awaited sporting event that will happen this year is the Finals of Rodeo of course happening in Vegas. For this sport enthusiast, I know you will not miss this chance of watching it live in the arena. And don’t you know that Wrangler National Finals Rodeo tickets are selling like hotcakes over at the internet now?

Why wait for a long line to grab one when you can get them online. Team One Tickets are selling them so all you need to do is go on the net and purchase online. I have not been there but I know it’ll be one heck of fun especially if I will be seated right in front. I know many people will be flocking in this finals and everyone will be cheering for their favorite rodeo. I remember watching events like this on TV and it was pretty exciting to watch them get hold of their ride. Such an amazing bravery the cowboys are showing off.

New Blog coming up!

Oh yes you read it right, I made another blog. Why? I just like it hehehe, just made it this month and I already purchased a new domain for it. Not quite sure what is my theme for that blog yet but all I know is that I have one more blog to share my tips, tutorials, this and that or just about anything.

I was busy yesterday tweaking the color scheme and making my header at PSP and I guess I like the way it turned out. I will just share the URL later if I finally finished it.. So stay tuned !!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blog hoppin' like crazy

Ever since I got back home and back in using my own pc, I am back in my old routine and as usual using the net galore. Nothing can stop me from net surfing and blog hopping these days, catching up with my net friends. I also have the time to update my new domain blog (I will just share it later) and I am blog hopping like crazy that I almost forgot that I still have to check on the life insurance quote website that I need to write about.

Ahhh blogging and hopping endlessly are the things that I missed most when I was away. Although I have the opportunity to use the Internet at my sister Joy’s house there nothing like using your own pc anytime you like.

Monday, April 21, 2008

On board a ferry

Just wanted to share this video (I didn't know that my sister JOY took a video of me) while we are riding the ferry on April 12, 2008 on our way at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

My bro-inlaw JOE is the one taking pictures of me and i have tons of photos with the Opera House as my background. I have been there 3x already but I've never failed to have photo there. Ahhhh I miss Australia now. BTW, i will share photos of my vacation soon..

Holy Cow!!!

It is so hottttttt today!!! The weather is hot and humid and it is unbearable at times esp. if you are outside and I guess it is around 34C. AAAAhhhh.... it makes me miss Australia's cold weather (it's autumn there now) where I am wearing jacket the whole day when i was there. I guess i'll just make my self comfortable here with the electric fan and later on I'll open the AC when I no longer take the heat. Init!!!! hehe

Help me stop fr. eating too much!!

Coca-cola, chocolates, brazo de Mercedes cake, rice at dinner time.. ahhhh who can’t resist them??? This is the time again in my life where I have no control yet on my eating. I know you’ll be shock to know that I don’t like my body eventhough I only weigh 105 lbs. I think that is an ideal weight for my height but I have this bulging excess fat on my waist and I hate it.

I know it’s my fault bec. I lack exercise and I always like to seat around when I just ate. I hate to see myself taking those diet pills in the future so I better do something. My older and younger sisters are going to the gym and I reckon I need that too but not so sure if I can maintain doin that for a long time.. geezzz I feel so “tabatsoy” (fat) these days.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photohunt: Thirteen (13)

Image Hosted by

These are 13 oh so cute mini animal pet toys of my nephew and niece. They always love to play with them and put them in their mini pet shop house. There's the rabbit, bird, cat, panda and more. Take a look at that monkey with a bow, isn't she cute? Join us at Photohunters!
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Need a lift?

I saw an old lady back in Sydney and I could pity her because she can barely walk and walk on the stairs going to her apartment. I reckon she has pretty bad arthritis or something on her legs that keeps her from moving well. For those clever ones they use mobile chairs and canes so they can move more comfortably. Others would even put a stair lift in their homes and I bet this will give them more freedom although guidance is still needed. Gosh I wish when I turn old I will not have a hard time walking.

I have many photos to share

Right now I have not yet uploaded the photos that I have while on vacation in Australia for 3 months. My 2 CF memory cards (one 4GB and 1 2GB) were all full of my pictures and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will not lose it bec. I have no back up files them.

I already asked one printing shop how much will it cost per picture for a 4” x 6” size and it was at P6.50. I asked her if she will give me discount if my photos will exceed over 1,500 and she said NO. Wow no discount for bulk printing??? Grabe naman.

I need to find a shop that will give a discount. Any tip where I can have it printed? Hmm maybe in Quiapo, I reckon they give discounts there since a lot of photographers are going there.

I'm stilll lazy...lazy..

I spent my whole day yesterday at home sleeping and just lazing around at home. I had a tiring flight last Thursday at it was already 9 pm when we got home for dinner and almost midnight when I went to sleep. The kids were all excited to get all their gifts from my sister Joy especially the chocolates. I did gained few pounds when I was in Australia bec. my bro in law always see to it that we eat good foods when we go out. He sometimes jokingly blame me bec. he gained few kilos too but I don’t think we already need Orovo pills to keep our weight down. I reckon exercise will still do the trick. Right now, I am still feeling lazy but I managed to open my computer shop today and oh my it is sooooooooooooooo hot!!!

For the love of food

Yummy!!! Aren’t those ribs mouth watering and inviting to eat? That is definitely one of my favorite meat dishes and my sister Joy even cooked that for our dinner before I left Sydney on Thursday. It was really delicious, just saw a similar recipe at Food Connect while trying to browse the net and this is definitely easier to prepare than what my sister did to her ribs. Here is the recipe of that baby back ribs and corn that I got from Food Connect and I might share this to sister Joy bec. she loves cooking.

I even signed up (for free) at the site bec. there are many privileges that I can get out of it. Aside from the great food articles that I can read over their site, any member can share their favorite recipe, request for a recipe and they can interact with other food lovers. Isn’t it fun to meet other people who enjoy eating like me? And not to forget there are heaps of food categories to browse from appetizers, cookies, meat, wine, desserts for sweet tooth, sea foods and lots more. For those that are vegetarians they also have something for you. Just one of the interesting things to do is to make your own event planner or just read one from one of the members. Happy eating everyone!

I'm back here in Pinas

Wow I can't believe that I am back home again! I still have a hang-over and still feel tired and lazy to go back to my old routine... You know I'm still on my vacation mode hehehe.

Anyway, I had a very tiring 10 hour flight last Thurs. via Qantas airlines. My sister JOYd and my bro inlaw JOE took me at the airport and I was little worried about my luggage being overweight. I am just glad that my check in baggage weighed 23.8 kilos and they allowed it, I still have my hand carry (they didn't weigh it) and my personal back pack.

Our pilot is a woman and on board were stewards (some are pinoys), it was quite nice having to experience an all male steward and a lady pilot for the 1st time bec. they are much attentive to us passengers. The flight was tiring like I said but it is good that my seat mate who is a lady is very talkative and she kept my company.

Calling home is a must

I have 2 sisters who are living abroad for many years now. It’s not good to be away from our loved ones but they have their own family now and found new country to build their dreams and start their lives. Of course my mom would always want to hear from them from time to time so calling them international is a bit a pain in the wallet for us. I remember sometimes I just load credits to my mobile phone and ring them but with the limited time and expensive cost of calling few minutes are just enough to hear from them. It’s sad sometimes especially when you want to talk to them more.

We just refrain from calling but both my sisters are the ones calling us from time to time using a prepaid phone card and not their regular landline phones. These cards are a saving grace since they can call us now more often and for a longer time now. Prepaid phone cards from any country can be bought online now at The site is very easy to navigate and have tons of information about calling cards. There are many cards to choose from so you don’t have any more reasons not to call back home especially for many Filipino Overseas workers. Calling call is just easy and affordable nowadays.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

See you in Pinas!!!

Wow .... I can't believe that my 3-month vacation here in Australia is about to end very very very soon...!!! Time is ticking.... my bags are packed and I am ready to go home on Thursday.

I guess this is my last post for now bec. tomorrow night I need to rest and sleep early (byuti rest ika nga hehehe) bec. I need to get up early on Thurs. for my flight back home. Me excited? Hmmm not really hehe but I need to go home... I hope i will come back again..

Nite nite everyone and Pinas I'm going back home. yay I hope it's not too hot and humid..!!!!!

Micah at Teen Ranch

I am sure my 13-year-old niece is having a good time at Teen Ranch, where teens will have different activities inside a camp for one whole week. I guess this is her 2nd time to attend such and I hope she’ll be going back home with lots of good lessons that she can use in her life and at home.

Since it is school holidays here her parents thought that it is best for her to join the camp as they also have some religious teachings aside from the sports and physical activities inside. Would you believe that she bought a lot of stuff with her? From clothes, shoes and toiletries. Ahhh teenagers sometimes always want to show off with others. She is quite a bit bothered with her zit on her face that she squeezed it. I scolded her for doing that and I hope she can find the best acne treatment that is right for her bec. I know she will not stop putting anything on her face. I will miss her bec she will not be here when I will leave on Thurs.

My bags are packed

Oh yeah,..... I already finished packing my stuff into my luggage, hand carry luggage and at my personal bag this morning. I was amazed how heavy my luggage are, yah I know i should pack lightly but you know what when you are going back to the Philippines, you can never do that bec. many are waiting for your pasalubong hehehe.

My Pinay friends here gave me lots of chocolates to take home and oh my gosh that is the reason why my luggages are heavy. I am not sure yet if i will leave some bec. i might end up with an excess baggage. I hope Qantas airlines will give some consideration to me hehe... wish me luck.

Western Style

Hiya!! Cowboy hat, boots, horses… what do these things remind you of? Of course western style, I know there are lots of people who are so fond of western theme that they even incorporate it with their style of dressing up and in their homes. is an online store that sells wide variety of western home decor, stuffed animals, books, knives, cowboy hats and lots more both for men and women and even for children. It’s a one stop shop for all your cowboy or cowgirl needs.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Litratong Pinoy: #2 Tatlo ang sulok ko

Huli na ang pag post ko ng lahok ko ngayon, (sensya na po nagbabakasyon pa ako) pero di bale nakakita naman ako ng perpektong tatsulok noong Sabado habang kami ay namamasyal sa Royal Botanic Gardens sa Sydney malapit sa Opera House.

Maganda dito at napakalawak, biruin nyo halos 2 oras kaming naglibot doon at tamang tama naman may hugis tatsulok na straktura na ang laman sa loob ay mga halaman. Kakaiba di ba? D ko nga lang masyadong nalapitan kasi nagmamadali na kami.
My entry for this week is so late already, (sorry i was still on vacation) but never mind I found a perfect triangle last Saturday while we are strolling Royal Botanic Gardens which is near the Opera House.

It's beautiful here and it was so huge, imagine it took us about 2 hours walking inside and it was right on time I saw a triangle shaped structure and there where plants inside. Different isn't it? Unfortunately I wasn't able to come near it bec. we are in a hurry.
Eto naman ay habang naglalaro kami ng mga pamangkin ko, tinanong ko kung paano ang hugis tatsulok at iminonstra nila sa akin.

This is while we are having a play with my niece and nephew, I asked them the shape of triangle and they showed it to me.
Kung Pinoy kayo sali na sa Litratong Pinoy. (If you're a Filipino join now at Litratong Pinoy).

Friday, April 11, 2008

We're off!!

We're going to city for a quick vacation with my sister and her family. We'll be staying at Hotel Intercontinental in Sydney. We'll not be bringing any laptop with us so no post for me.... BUT wait for the pictures that i will take.. See ya'll!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scorching heat will greet me!

Wow, I have been hearing from my family back home in the Phils. that it was irritatingly hot and humid there. It's summer out there now and would you believe temperatures average from 34- 37C, oh my goodness!! When i left there 3 months ago it was not that hot.

I'll be coming home now in a week and wow what a big change in temperature will greet me when i step out of the airplane. I remember the last time when i set foot at the airport, i felt like there was a hot hair dryer blowing in my face, no kidding. 

Here it was cold and back home it is so hot....Hahha where will i put myself?? "Sala sa init, sala sa lamig".....

Just shocking

I just finished watching "Most Shocking Moments" on my sister's Foxtel TV and I could not help but shocked viewing all the real videos. It was so breathtaking to see some of the road accidents; police chases and dangerous rescues just to name a few that were caught on tape. There is even an instance when a car just rammed a house ! Wow no one is really safe anywhere you go. I pity all the victims and for sure with their near death experiences they will consider getting themselves life insurance quotes online just to make it safe. Whheew.


It's past 1 am now here, cold and raining brrrr.. Tummy is hungry!!?? that is why my sis and I are eating junk food and grapes while we are both busy with our computer stuff. 

Been hoppin' around, reading dlsr reviews, trying to get more work but unlucky. Hay naku i am feeling sleepy now. Off from here now. nite nite

Monday, April 7, 2008

Just not satisfied

I have been taking a lot of photos lately and trying to make artistic shots and all but frankly, i am not satisfied with them. I am using a Canon 400d DSLR  but some of my pics (esp. in low lights) don't come out sharp as I wanted it to be. I know I can sharpen it up at Photoshop but I am just curious if I can get a photo so sharp w/o manipulating it on Photoshop. 

I also reckon that it has something to do with my lens, I am currently using my kit lens which is only 18-55mm but in fairness, i got some good shots using it though. I guess i need new good lens perhaps a fix 50mm lens with wide aperture or maybe a telephoto one?

Gosh, I am just reading reviews of the new Canon 450d and the Nikon d60 and it makes me want to upgrade immediately. I am still holding on I can still wait next Christmas..

HDPE pipes for our homes

Sometimes our homes need a lot of improvement and maintenance especially when things went wrong. I know every household owner would be problematic to find out one time having a leaking faucet or holes in your roof. Much worst is that if you have a leaking pipe bec. it is old and rusty now.

Innovations are made my manufacturers now, have been widely manufactured as they can be recycled and have known to be effective in plumbing and more. HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene that comes from crude oil. Careful manufacturing of this substance makes a durable plastic that manufacturers use to make tanks, drums, manhole covers and bottles just to name a few.

Chilly days are here

Autumn has finally arrived here and that means the color of the leaves are turning from green to red orange and chilly days are here. Lately the weather turns cold especially in the evenings and early morning. To tell you the truth, i keep myself warm at nights by wearing jumper (jacket) and jogging pants and those thick blankets that they have here.

In the mornings, i have a hard time getting up and funny thing is that it is only autumn and not yet winter. Oh well I am lucky bec. i will not be experiencing winter bec. I will be home in the Phils. in 9 more days and it was summer over there. Right now, my feet are cold eventhough I have my socks on, poor me, I easily get cold at the slightest drop of temperature

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Contact Me

Hi everyone, just fill out this form and submit if you have a message for me or if you want to ADVERTISE on my blog. THANKS!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

2 balikbayan boxes will be on the way

Sis and I finally finished filling the 2 boxes that we will send soon in the Phils.. Sis got some old stuff too here that she doesn't need anymore but will be in use by my family in the Phils. so we put them in the box. There are also new toys, clothes and bottled spreads(peanut butter, hazelnut spread etc-) for everyone to enjoy.

Actually we packed them a bit late now and for sure it will take about 3 weeks of sea cargo shipping before it will arrive. I will be coming home soon in about 2 weeks time and I know y family back home wanted to see me now and of course all of my pasalubongs that my sis generously bought for them.

I still bring some gifts in my luggage and i hope I will not have excess baggage. I am sure that Qantas airlines will permit me to carry over 20 kilos like what they did the last time I came here. So for my family in Pinas watch out for me and the boxes hehe!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Know what ISP is best for you

I reckon many of us would feel somewhat alienated with our online buddies and the rest of the world when we are not connected to the World Wide Web. There are more people buying laptops and computers now for their online activities and it is no good when your Internet service provider is just so slow. Imagine browsing the net and it will take you a while to open up a page?

Just in case you are looking for a high speed internet service providers, you can browse for more information about ISP providers that you can choose from DSL Service, , Wireless connection, VOIP and even Dial Up service. Their articles are very helpful to read and get information. Not only that some articles are about How to avoid online scams, just to name a few.

Litratong Pinoy #1 Ako ay Bilog

Sumali ako sa Litratong Pinoy kanina lang, hindi pa nga ako aprubado pero heto nilagay ko na rin ang lahok ko kahit huli na, siguro naman aaprubahan nila ang aplikasyon ko. Ngek ang hirap palang magsulat ng purong Filipino. 

Kinunan ko 'tong maliit na bola ng pamangkin ko kaninang umaga habang ito ay kakalat kalat lamang sa sahig habang ako'y nagwawalis (aba may pakinabang pala!!!). Kinunan ko ito ng 3 angulo at natuwa naman ako sa resulta. Ang ordinaryong bagay pala ay nagkakaroon ng kahulugan pag na litratuhan na.

Kung gusto nyong sumali pindutin lang ang logo nila, 
"I joined "Litratong Pinoy" just few minutes ago, my application has not been approved yet but I posted my entry here eventhough it is late already. Ngek, I am having a hard time writing in pure Filipino. 
I took a photo of this small ball of my nephew this morning while it is on the floor while I am sweeping and cleaning. I took 3 shots of this in different angles and I am pleased with the result. Ordinary things will have meaning when shot in a different way."


Home Security 101

Actually I can no longer count how many times a burglar has victimized us. Our house was ransacked many years ago and we could not believe when that happened. It may seem impossible but eventhough we have put good locks the burglars keep targeting our place. Oh well I do think we have not been aware of other that we can install at home but sometimes they are way too expensive. Was browsing tonight and found a site that share some interesting and well worth reading articles about Home Security 101. You can read info about what type of devices that you can purchase. There is even an article about car security and homeowners insurance.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Picnic at Bendeela Picnic Area

We never run out of things to do here as you can notice bec. there are lots of great places to go to here esp. at the country area. It was last Sunday (March 30) when we went for a picnic at Bendeela near Kangaroo Valley. It was about an hour and a half fun but tiring drive. 

It was a windy day but the sun is still up, great for picnic, playing with the kids, kayaking and do some fishing.  I tried to catch a fish here but hmmm not my lucky day, i catch 

The view is awesome so i got tons of pictures as souvenirs, my Australian vacation is about to end in 2 weeks time so i guess i have to savor the last days here. Watch out for more pics !!! Have a great day everyone!!
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Second chance for people with bad credits

I guess a lot of people have experienced one way or another having a bad credit from banks or other companies. It may seem not a good reputation to have because you lessen your chances in borrowing in the future. But don’t you know that there are still companies that can offer bad credit loans for people who have bad credits. Here is a website where you can find good resources for home loans, credit card, even personal loans and more. You can begin your search by clicking on the articles that can enlighten you and choose the best offer that is right for your needs.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Watch out too much blogging can cause!

My nephew KARLO (Pinoy Blogero) made this cool funny comic cartoons and it is just funny! I wish i have no tumor yet bec. i have been blogging for over 3 years now.. LOL.. (knock on wood)!!!

You can view more of his works at his other blog at BLOGCOMICS.NET