Sunday, May 27, 2007

Under Renovation

I got a new 3 column template for my blog and i'm loving it. I still need to tweak the colors and the header image and i'm all set. I downloaded this template for free from Eleque's Blogger Template . I am also goin to redirect this to my new domain name but for some reason it is not working yet wahhh...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm feeling much better now

Oh yeah, it is really hard to have Dyspepsia or commonly known as Indigestion after eating so much. I know i will suffer right after eating a very heavy lunch on Tuesday, who can't resist eating Crispy pata, Grilled Chicken and lots more?. Oh boy it gave me a lil bit of discomfort. I felt bloated and so full eventhough i have not ate any right now. It happened to me before but now i know what kind of medicine to take. I took Motilium after lunch and dinner yesterday and this morning i had it again. I was relieved for a while and i am thankful for that.

I am still burping most of the time, but i can manage it, i feel a lil bit of tummy ache but i feel lot better now, thanks for the medicine. Weeeh that's the prize i got after being a glutton hahahaha. Takaw kasi eh ayan..

Oh BTW Dyspepsia, for those who don't know is a pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen. To know more about it you can read more here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lunch at Bahay Kawayan

We had a very delicious late (1:30 pm) lunch yesterday at Bahay Kawayan. It was just near our house and the food was great. My uncle and Aunt who came from LA wanted to eat Pinoy foods and so they ordered lots of it. Our table is flooded with foods from Crispy Pata, Sinigang na Hito, Steamed Tilapia, Chopseuy, Grilled Chicken, Kare-Kare, Pancit Canton and lots lots more.

Wow we are soooooo fulll, and how I wish i have an extra stomach to fill more foods in it. lol
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the yummy Crispy Pata (pork leg) and grilled chicken in front of me

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My nephew enjoying
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gifts pouring in....

It's was a very exciting and fun day yesterday. My uncle and Aunt from LA arrived after 2 years for their vacation here. They arrived 5:30 am via PAL and they have tons of luggages that include gifts for all of us.

We are all excited to see them and vice versa, the kids could not wait for their gifts as my aunt opened her luggages. Shoes, cosmetics, toiletries, wrist watches, bags for the kids, cellphones, chocolates and lots more are pouring in. We are all very thankful for their gifts to all of us bec. they are always generous.
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I got so excited when my Aunt handed me my new digital camera that i am waiting for. They (my aunt and uncle) gave me CANON POWERSHOT A550 and oh boy i love it. It may not be the latest model nor a SLR but the best thing is that it is a gift that i will cherish and it is compatible with Vista. I am still reading the manual so that i will know more about its features.

I will be very busy for the next couple of weeks bec. for sure we are all going out of town to have a lil vacation and fun. Gosh life is so sweet sometimes hehe . I will update ya all from time to time and i will post pictures later of course using my new digi cam.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Election Day

So have you voted today to exercise your rights as a citizen? I do. After goin to the grocery with my aunt and the rest of us in the nearby mall it was already 2:30 pm when we got to the precinct to vote. Although it was only 30 mins before poll's closing time but there were people rushing in the school to cast their votes.

We were greeted my people handing us election sample ballots and some are still encouraging us to vote for that certain candidate. We looked for our names in some of the classrooms but we weren't able to see our names so we decided to went straight to the information desk where hey can easily locate our names and precinct numbers.

After that we proceeded at our designated classrooms and we voted. It was a bit easy to vote much of a hassle, i didn't fill all the slots so i just crossed it out. I am sure the candidates were all keeping an eye on their votes as counting will be started as soon as the polling ends.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I want this, I want this !!!

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Photo taken from website

This is my next project!! I want to buy this Wacom tablet that i can use in making digital designs. I know almost all digi designers have this already and i am still way behind. I will save again to get this hopefully in July. It costs around P5,000+ depends on the model. The store where i bought my pc sells this tablet and they showed me how to use it and i think it is great. It has pencils, pens, markers, oils, acryllics, crayons, chalks, pastels, air brushes...

Yikes i want this badly!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yippee !!!!

I am slowly transferring tons of files from my old pc to my new one and i know it will take a lot of time before i can do all of them. To my surprise my PSP8 (Paint Shop Pro) graphics software was installed in my new Pc. I have been hearing from other scrappers that PSP will not work on Vista but hey, it worked and i am soooo happy. I hope i can start my designing and layouting soon here since i have 1GB of memory now so for sure my pc will not crash on me now. And if my PSP will continue to work i will uprgrade to PSP 10 or 11.

I am so excited to get my hand back on scrapping and i just envy my other co Bebot's layouts. BTW my new kit Desires is still on the May daily download at TSG so if you want to get for FREE just get at TSG.

Monday, May 7, 2007

My baby is here

Yahooooo finally my new baby is here and it is the HP PAVILLION 5058!!!. I am really sooooo happy to finally have it. I have been eyeing this for many months now and gosh it's finally in my hands now. The graphics are awesome, and crystal clear but i do notice that the sound is not that loud anyway here are the

Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB memory (it was only 512mb- free upgrade to 1gb)
160 gb Hard disc ( i wanted 250 but is it not available on that model)
Light scribe DVD CD writer
Windows Vista
17" LCD monitor with built in speaker at both sides
smart media, compact flash, SD/mini/ mobile, ms, pro duo etc.

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(Sorry the pic is not that clear i just took a pic of it with my old digi cam, my new one will come on Monday)

Actually when i went to Greenhills on Saturday i wasn't really buying an HP pc since i have 2nd thoughts about Windows Vista but when i passed the HP store i could not resist to buy it. I told the salesman that i'd only buy it if PS (Photoshop) will work on it and sure enough pscs3 works so i bought it right away. Love my new baby, coz i have worked hard on it. I can scrap and make my designs with ease now!!

I don't like my table though as you can see, so this weekend i will replace it with a nice one.

Aside from my Hp pc we also bought another 5 pc (assembled only) for our internet cafe. I show you the pcs next time once it is finally set up.

Friday, May 4, 2007

May Daily Download at TSG

I have been assigned for the May Daily Download that we have over our store at the SCRAPPING GARDEN. You can download 1 pc. of my DESIRES KIT each day for the whole month for FREE at TSG. You can also join also the Daily Download Challenge that we have there. Here is the preview of the kit.

For more details of download HERE

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pc specs that i want

I went out again yesterday at Gilmore in QC to canvass for pc again. There were lots of stores that i went to and asked for their prices.

here's the specs of the pc i am buying hopefully tomorrow or next week and i am so excited:

licensed windows xp -
kingston 1 gb memory
intel core 2 duo processor
intel blkd945 motherboard
250 gb seagate harddisk
17" LG flat screen -
liteon dvdrw

My best friend's blog

My bestfriends Racel for 25 years is so curious about my blogs and she found it interesting. She came here on Saturday to teach her how to get started in bravejournal and she learned it fast. So now she has her brand new blog and she seems enjoying it.

Kindly visit her blog if you can ans give her some cheers and love for sure she'd love it and get more inspired. RACEL'S BLOG

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A day at my dentist

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I had an appointment at my dentist the other day bec. my right molar is aching for sometime now bec. the filling was already gone that the hole is already deep. yikes.! My dentist accessed it and she said she can't have it permanently filled using the light cure procedure bec. it was kinda inflamed. What she did was just to put a temporary filling over it and told me to see if it will hurt again.

I had other 3 teeth filled via light cure and there was no pain at all, it was only when she did the cleaning when i started feeling a bit tensed and uncomfortable but it was manageable. My gums was a bit inflamed so she told me to use pyondontil gumpaste for a while to strengthen it.

I will be back in the next 3 weeks to have my teeth cleaned again and to see if my molar will be filled permanently. Gosh to really take care of them now. See look at my teeth now, aren;t they sparkling ??? >>>> lol

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Help, do I need to upgrade to Windows Vista?

If you have been reading my blog lately I have been talking about getting my new pc out of my blog money soon and I am just so excited. In fact I went to Greenhills shopping center on Sunday and I got tons of brochures and quotations from different shops. Actually I really needed to upgrade my pc since it was about 4 years already since I haven’t upgraded. And it is so embarrassing to say bec. the one that I am using right now is still running Win ’98, lol (but I do have another pc which has Win XP).

Anyway, I really wanted to buy an HP pc and I am drooling over their HP Pavillion A5056D that I saw here are the features:
INTEL Core Duo 1.8 ghz
512 Mb DDR2 memory (free upgrade to 1 Gb at Octagon store in Megamall till May 13th)
17” HP LCD monitor Win Vista Home Basic

I don’t worry much about the price (Php 49,990) since I know HP is expensive since it is branded, its quality is already tested and I know it will really perform.

What I am worried about is if I upgrade to Vista, I am not so sure if my old Photoshop 7 or if I do get PSCS2 or3 and PSP8 (Paint shop Pro) programs that I have will work on Vista. There is no use for me to buy pc with Vista if my PS and PSP will not work bec. that is where I will make my digital kits and do digital scrapbooking layouts.

I have inquired all other shops that sell HP pc but it seems that Vista is already they are marketing right now. There is one that have still win XP but the memory is just 512 mb. Sighhhhh

Help anyone especially my co-bebots and digiscrappers, I need to hear your views before I buy. It’s a lot of money so I don’t want to waste it. Thanks for your feedbacks.