Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gifts pouring in....

It's was a very exciting and fun day yesterday. My uncle and Aunt from LA arrived after 2 years for their vacation here. They arrived 5:30 am via PAL and they have tons of luggages that include gifts for all of us.

We are all excited to see them and vice versa, the kids could not wait for their gifts as my aunt opened her luggages. Shoes, cosmetics, toiletries, wrist watches, bags for the kids, cellphones, chocolates and lots more are pouring in. We are all very thankful for their gifts to all of us bec. they are always generous.
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I got so excited when my Aunt handed me my new digital camera that i am waiting for. They (my aunt and uncle) gave me CANON POWERSHOT A550 and oh boy i love it. It may not be the latest model nor a SLR but the best thing is that it is a gift that i will cherish and it is compatible with Vista. I am still reading the manual so that i will know more about its features.

I will be very busy for the next couple of weeks bec. for sure we are all going out of town to have a lil vacation and fun. Gosh life is so sweet sometimes hehe . I will update ya all from time to time and i will post pictures later of course using my new digi cam.

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  1. Wow Te Jen, congrats on your new cam... My brother-in-law bought the same model when they here in HK 2 wks ago... it's indeed a good cam. Enjoy taking photos!


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