Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking Hobby and Such

My work requires me to be online almost 24/7 and involves lots of thinking as I need to make post and good reviews about company products or services. There are times that my mind just won't work and words are not coming out of my mind. I can also feel stress and feeling being burned out because of too much.

When I feel like my mind is too "full" or too stressed already, I try to relax and focus on something else. Music plays a great part on my relaxation. I just turn on the radio, open Youtube if I'm online or do my favorite hobby which is digital scrapbooking. I started to digi-scrap way back in 2007 up to now. In fact, I have printed lots of my layouts at ARTSCOW, that offers very affordable and high quality photo prints, photobook printings and more. I'm also designing digi kits right now and my designs are sold exclusively at Artscow.

Digital photography also fascinates me and with DLSR in my hand, I can capture moments as I see it through my lens. Since I'm too busy these days, I seldom use my DLSR anymore but for sure my love for photography will never fade. I just have to find a time to focus on my photography.

My hobbies keeps me relax and helps me become more creative.

The Hookah Thing

I’ve been doing my usual Facebook visit and I’m always thrilled and excited to see updates from friends and family. Sometimes my time is eaten up when I browse all the new photos or videos that they’ve uploaded. A recent post of my elder sister who is working overseas in the Middle East was so interesting. Aside from seeing pictures of their recent trip to Bahrain for a conference, photos of their visit to a place where they posed beside a hookah were quite interesting. It’s not often that I see people smoking with their pipe so I find it real amusing.

This hookah thing is not new to me since I’ve seen it already featured in the news and one local show here. It’s quite popular in the Middle East but nowadays many countries have already adapted it. In fact, here in the country, some high-end bars and clubs are offering hookah to their clients and it seems it is gaining popularity. More online shops are also selling hookah accessories and even a tobacco for their social smoking. I guess if my BIL is still smoking for sure he’ll try this.

Kids Bonding Times

My 2 nieces are just so cute. They met in person for the 1st time only last Christmas of 2009 when my sis and her family came for a vacation from Sydney. At first, Reign was a little bit shy to meet Bianca for her English is just limited only but the minute they played with their dolls and run around, they bonded together quite easily. Even though there are times that they can't communicate through words, they just act it out and learned through playing.

There are times that they're inseparable and too cheeky but we let them be as they are trying to acquaint themselves with each other. I hope when Bianca comes back once again after few more years the bonding is still the same.

Big Savings with Target Promotional Codes

When thinking of a store that sells just about anything, often consumers will immediately think of Target. It is the favorite of many, and truly a one-stop shopping experience which allows parents to save time and not have to visit multiple stores to stock up on the daily necessities. Most Target stores feature a full pharmacy, clothing, groceries, home accessories, appliances, furniture, and much more.

When making a purchase at Target, customers can utilize one or several of the many Target promotional codes available through This website partners with other popular companies to provide discounts off of purchases, plus free shipping on some of the codes, allowing customers to shop at their favorite stores and still save money. The codes are all free, and often have no limit as to how many people can use them, so thousands of people are able to make purchases without breaking the bank.

When browsing Target’s website, customers will see the simplicity of the design, making it easy to find what each person is looking for. Using Target promotional codes allows these customers to purchase just about anything: clothing, bedding, home and auto necessities, quality furniture, office supplies, toys and games, shoes, gifts, items for children, etc. while receiving discounts on the purchase.

Some of the discounts even apply to popular electronics, such as iPods, GPS devices, and DVDs, which allows buyers to save on the fun items that they’ve been wanting. The site doesn’t require a membership to utilize the discounts; instead, buyers must simply enter a code at checkout and can see the savings right before their eyes, before even paying for their items. When getting ready to make a purchase from Target, no matter the size, consumers should definitely check out to make sure they are saving as much money as they possibly can.

Moving Companies Can Cost You Big Bucks - But They're Worth It

Lots of people move every year. They go because of jobs, to be closer to family, or just because they've always dreamed of living somewhere else. Who hasn't thought about moving at some point? Everyone knows someone who's moved to his or her town from somewhere else, too. People all over the place are transplants from other places. You may be one of them - and the chances are high that you'll move again in your lifetime. If you do, make sure to consider the moving companies out there very carefully. They aren't all the same, and you'll want to get the best one at the lowest price.

Ask how much it'll cost, but make sure you don't just accept a verbal quote over the phone as the gospel. A good company will come to your house and look at everything you have. Then they'll give you an estimate in writing, so you'll know for sure what the price will be. They usually base it, not so much on the volume of items, but on the weight - which is why they need to come to your house and take a look at your stuff. Make sure you read any contract thoroughly before you sign it. There could be extra, hidden fees that you'll want to avoid.

Also, check around to find out about the moving company's reputation. If it's not a good one, you might want to go elsewhere… even if you have to pay a little bit more. Essentially, you'll be buying peace of mind. It's hard to put a price on that, but it's still very important. Don't overlook other people's opinions of moving companies. Sure, there are bound to be some people who will complain about everything, but a little bit of research can keep you from getting financially burned.

Make Some Memories of Great Savings

Having great memories of past events is a wonderful thing. Everyone likes to look back and smile when they think of the things that have happened to them. Sometimes those memories just seem to fall into place, and other times you have to go out and make them yourself. There are all kinds of ways to do that, but one way can be through saving money. That might sound a little bit crazy, but it's not. Think about all of the gifts you'd be able to get for people, to show your appreciation and love for them, if things were more affordable.

When you shop on the Internet and use coupon codes, you can get all kinds of affordable items that you can give to others and enjoy for yourself. You can also share your methods of getting great deals with others, and have shopping time together - that's another way to do something memorable. At the end of the day, making great memories isn't always about the big things in life. It's often about all of the little things that add up and make living so interesting. Having time with friends and family members, and being able to show them how you feel, has value that money can't buy.

As you find ways to save even more money and get more for the money that you do spend, you learn new tricks and tips in order to help you become (and stay) frugal and joyful. A lot of people get great joy out of seeing how much money they can save, and it's something that can be made into a game. When you consider it that way, you're much more likely to enjoy it and continue it. You might even teach it to your kids and to other family members and friends, so that they can learn from the great memories that you've created.

Save Your Money By Getting a Free Prescription Discount Card

Most people need some medicine to get by. Even if you are a healthy person, at some point in your life you will need to purchase medication. If you get sick or injured unexpectedly you may not know where to find the funds to pay for your medicine. Even those that take medication on a regular basis may be struggling with the cost of their pills. This is where the free prescription discount card comes in.

This card can offer you a considerable discount on your medicine. Many people believe that drug companies are out to get their money. Because of the negative light that people have cast them in, the pharmacy discount card was created. The fact that the country is recovering from a recession and there is talk of health care reform means that this card is very much welcomed by the public.

The card does not work on every medicine that is available. But it can give you a discount on more than 20,000 different types of medication. The chances are good that one of the drugs that you are taking is on that list.

A lot of people put off getting much needed medication. This is due to the fact that they cannot afford the prescription costs. This card will give you a sizable discount on your medication. You will no longer have to put your health at risk because of financial reasons.

There are several types of pharmacy discount cards available. The first thing to do is to check whether you qualify for a free prescription discount card. If you do not you can purchase a discount card from a local pharmacy. Although you will have to pay for this type of card it will be well worth it if you buy medicine on a regular basis.

Choosing a Special Place as Your Second Residence

When you’ve worked and saved, you've likely reached the point where you want to have a second residence. It's a wonderful thing to be able to split your time between two locales to take advantage of favorable weather in each place. Fortunately, there are a lot of great places to choose from to enjoy the comforts of life, and the hardest decision is just choosing where you want to live.

Location is an obvious factor, but once you’ve thought about a place that’s always appealed to you, it’s easy to narrow down the search area. Metropolitan and cosmopolitan, or rural and secluded – these sorts of questions are easy once you’ve matured. There’s always a special place that everyone remembers fondly, and has wanted to live there or at least nearby.

Beyond location, the questions are a little more general. Should you buy a house or a condo, or maybe a timeshare? Would it be better to rent an apartment, even though it essentially wastes money in the process of not helping you to create equity? Often, the simplest solution is to look into a condo, which typically has a homeowner’s association behind it that will take care of such routine tasks as lawn care and snow removal. As an owner, you’re responsible for these things anyway, so it’s very convenient to have someone else handling the basic maintenance tasks while you’re out of town, living in your original space.

Pet Insurance for Chronic Illness

So you are a new pet owner and cannot wait to get started training your new puppy or kitten, and integrating him or her into your family. You have made all the necessary preparations, completely animal-proofed your home and purchased the proper food, toys, bed and supplies. You have managed to over prepare in every way possible, and feel like you are completely ready to welcome your new furry family member. But bringing a new animal into your home is a lot like bringing a new baby into your home, and no matter how much you learn in advance, you will most likely be faced with a few curve balls along the way that could cost you a lot of money if you chose not to look into purchasing a pet insurance policy.

Like human babies, a new pet may seem perfectly healthy and pass all necessary exams to come home with you, only to take a turn for the worse once the arrive. It is not uncommon for pets to develop major gastrointestinal issues when trying to adjust to new surroundings – often resulting in a pricey trip to the vet. Even worse, your new pet may need surgery to correct any internal damage. A pet insurance policy ensures that you will not need to dip into savings to save your new pet.

Worse than an acute pain or ailment is a chronic illness like cancer or diabetes in your dog or cat. In these cases, lifelong treatment is required to keep him or her comfortable and happy. Much like humans, pets can live long healthy lives with chronic illnesses, but require expensive vet trips and specialized medications to remain lively and healthy. Unless you have saved and prepared for unexpected illnesses, chances are that an affliction in your pet will result in a large medical bill. With a great pet insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing your pet’s medical expenses will be covered!

Debt Consolidation is a Good Option

No matter what you do for a living, debt is something that many of us have to deal with. A large majority of adults in the United States are in debt. There are many things that can add to this. Anything from credit card payment and house payments to old bills that never got paid and student loans, there is debt all around us.

Many people think that home mortgages and car payments make up the most people's debt, but some experts have said that it is actually credit card debt that is what is overwhelming Americans. Many think that common sense should tell us when to stop spending, but for many, it is not that easy. There are a lot of reasons that credit card debt drowns many. For example, there are people today that had credit cards, used them, but were able to make the payments easily. Then those same people may have lost their jobs, losing their ability to pay the monthly payments. Or, maybe an emergency came up, and the credit card was the only option to pay for the problem. No matter the reason, an overwhelming number of people today have credit card debt, and many of them have no way of paying it back.

Some people have turned to bankruptcy as a help. This is not always the best option, because it can make life much more difficult in the long run. Many employers now are doing credit checks, and if they see a bankruptcy, you may no longer be in the running. A much better option for many people is debt consolidation. Being able to take all of your credit card debt and put it into one loan, is a huge help for many. Generally, this will lower not only the monthly payments, but can also lower the interest rates. It's definitely something to look into.

Sportsbooks Offer Different Betting Options

A few coworkers and I decided to join an online sportsbook to place wagers on upcoming sports matches. This is my first time taking part in online sports betting, so I wanted to be sure that I understood the kinds of betting options sportsbook provide. I had heard of money line betting and point spread betting, but I had no idea other sports betting terms existed. My coworkers explained to me over-under betting and other options that sounded exciting and worth trying.

Over-under betting is a great option for bettors who can predict whether games will be low scoring or high scoring. Predicting the winner of a sports competition is less important. "Over-under," or "O/U," is a simple betting option. Sportsbooks provide a total number equaling both teams' scores for a game. Bettors must decide whether the game's actual outcome is "over" or "under" the sportsbooks' number.

For instance, in a basketball game with an over-under of 167, bettors must pick how they think the match will actually end. If they think the combined score will be more than 167 points, they bet "over." If they think the teams will do 167 or lower, they choose "under." Over-under betting is versatile because sportsbooks can apply the betting option to statistics as well as game points. Total rushing yards by two football teams is one example.

Another kind of online sports betting option is futures betting. This is placing a wager on a sports event that ends farther into a season, or run, than a typical bet. Sportsbooks may offer futures bets on events like the Super Bowl.

It's smart to analyze the history of a particular team and acknowledge the possibilities that may occur during the season. Star players may suffer long-term injuries, or managers may fire coaches mid-season. Both will affect your bet. With this new knowledge, I may try over/under or futures betting.

Learn What to Do When Your ARM Goes Up

I have some friends who decided to go with an adjustable rate mortgage, or an ARM, when they financed their home. They sat down with their friends, family, and lenders and compared the financing options on the table. In the end, they decided the advantages of the ARM outweighed the cons.

Fast forward several years. I was talking with these friends the other day, and they have now reached a point in their lives when the ARM isn't the best option for them. Originally, they thought they would only be in the home for a short time before moving into a larger place. Unfortunately, housing prices have dropped in their area, and they need to remain in their house longer than they originally anticipated to get the price they want for the home.

As we chatted, I asked them about the fluctuation in their monthly payment. I wanted to know what a person could do when the ARM goes up. They had two practical bits of advice I would like to pass along.

First, always pay your monthly payment on time. Even if the payment did go up, you want to make sure you don't jeopardize your credit. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck in the ARM until you pay off your mortgage loan.

Second, look at refinancing. That's what my friends are doing.  As they've gone through this process, they have been relieved that they didn't miss their monthly payments because it would have made it more difficult to get out of the situation.

Refinancing isn't always an option, but there are many benefits you can gain if you need to restructure your mortgage from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate and you have that option.

How Can Smokers Quit?

I know how hard it is for people to give up things that they are addicted to – I can tell you that if you tried to stop me from eating pistachio ice cream or watching my favorite shows on TV, I would find it really hard. So I can understand how hard it is for smokers to kick the habit. I know so many people who have wanted to give up smoking, some have tried and succeeded (well done to them!) but a good proportion of others have fallen off the wagon time and time again, despite knowing that their habit is damaging their health.

From what I have seen, attempting to quit smoking using willpower alone has got to be the least effective way to go about it, offering the least chance of ending up smoke free at the end. Some people I know have had great success by undertaking alternative therapies including acupuncture and hypnotherapy, which seem to produce results, though whether the effects are as a result of some scientific process or simply some kind of placebo effect I really couldn’t say.

However, one thing that has real scientific evidence of the effectiveness behind it is nicotine replacement, which comes in many forms. While traditionally nicotine replacement might mean gum to be chewed, patches that are stuck on the skin, or lozenges that are sucked – I recently spotted a great new gadget that seems to be a real solution to smokers problems.

The e-cigarette not only fights nicotine cravings but also gives smokers the prop of a dummy-cigarette, which solves the problem of what to do with your hands when not smoking as well as offering an effective recreation of the inhalation when smoking cigarettes – a combination that seems to address all the rituals associated with smoking and must therefore surely offer a greater chance of succeeding.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Watching Reality TV Shows

If you love watching reality TV, you're sure to never miss an episode each week. Even if you're doing something important, you will look down at your Fruitz watch, realize what time it is, and race to the television. If you don't watch these shows, then you are definitely missing out. There are many different types of reality television shows to choose from.

American Idol is a popular show right now that tries to find the best singer in America. By going through the worst and weeding them out to have the great singers emerge, this show is enjoyable to watch because the singing that goes on is amazing.

Wife Swap takes two families, and switches the wives with each other. You then get to watch how the wives react in other families not their own. The great part about this show is how the children react to their stand-in mother, and the values that differ from each family.

America's Next Top Model is on the lookout for the next best model. They take contestants and each week give them challenges and after each week someone is eliminated. This show is good because you get to see what goes on during a photo shoot and how photographers and models work together to get the best image. The winner of this show ends up winning a big modeling contract.

Since weight loss is so popular these days, The Biggest Loser is another big hit in reality TV. All of the contestants are overweight or obese, and each week they have to weigh in to compete. During the week they are dieting and exercising hardcore. The best thing about this show is the amazing changes that each person goes through from beginning to end. It's astonishing to see how much weight people have lost on this show.

Gifting Kid's Backpacks

Kid's backpacks are in vogue today. Whether the child is going on an excursion, to school, or to the beach, a backpack can come in handy. It's no longer a luxury but a necessity. It gives children a sense of independence and security. There are many companies that manufacture kid's backpacks. In fact, there is a luxury of choice among them.

A recent trend is the emergence of personalized backpacks. You can have your children's names embroidered on their backpacks. If your child likes the Transformer’s famous leader Optimus Prime, this may even be an option, as well. Boys may prefer action or super heroes; girls will probably lean toward Snow White or other fantasy characters. This will make your children feel special, and they will be able to identify their backpacks with ease. You can also have backpacks in various shapes and colors. After all, who wants to buy the same kids backpack that looks exactly like everyone else’s?

The price of backpacks varies depending on the quality of the material used and the brand of the company. It's possible to get good quality backpacks at affordable prices. Your child will definitely be happy if you present him with a kid backpack as an alternative to an everyday backpack.

You can also fill the backpack with your child’s favorite items. Who will not feel elated at the smile on their child’s face? Your daughter will strut around with the backpack on her back proudly and feel a sense of achievement. Gifting a contemporary backpack will make the child more accepted by his peers in so many different settings.

Having a backpack is a sign of the child assuming responsibility for his personal belongings. Backpacks make an excellent and endearing gift. They also last for a couple of years, as well, especially if they are durable and well made.

Another Year Older

It was Kath's birthday on Sept. 25 while Karlo was Sept. 26. Both are in their 20's already and we just had a small lunch celebration. I ordered a small cake for them while Kath's mom cooked beef broccoli for lunch that I've requested. Birthdays are not complete without any pancit or long noodles so my SIL didn't failed to cook it as well. Lunch was good, eventhough the celebrants are not present. Karlo was at the dorm in Manila while Kath was around before lunch but left immediately (must have lil' misunderstanding with her mom).

When it's time to blow the candles, 2 of my younger nieces just took the turn to do
Happy Birthday Kathleen and Karlo!! Now I can't wait for my birthday to come.. yay!

The Benefits of Garlic

Everyone has their basic food items that they love to cook with. For me, I love rice and vegetables, but an important entity when cooking is garlic, which can add flavor to so many delicious recipes. Plus, it's good for you. There are many health benefits to eating garlic:

Garlic may help improve iron metabolism.
Garlic is a good source of selenium, manganese, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.
Garlic consumption may actually help to regulate the number of fat cells that form in the body.
Garlic can help dilate blood vessels and help keep blood pressure in a normal zone.
Garlic can moderately lower blood triglycerides.
Garlic may reduce total cholesterol.
Garlic contains sulfur, which protects against oxidative stress and inflammation.

There are many ways to incorporate garlic into one's diet. For starters, roasting garlic in the oven is a great way to enhance the flavor. Once roasted, spread garlic over breads or crackers for a healthy snack or side dish. Garlic bread compliments Italian fare like spaghetti, too.

Or, if you would like to spice up your vegetables, mince some garlic and add it to your pan with pea pods, onions, mushrooms, peppers, or other vegetables. The herb is a great way to give your vegetables a kick. You can also use garlic in all your chicken or steak marinades. If you don't eat meat, you can use it in a tofu marinade. It's a delicious way to gain some flavor when adding different spices to your protein. Garlic is great when making sauces, like homemade pasta sauce. It adds a healthy dose of vitamins but also gives a bit of spice and warmth to the sauce.

However you like to eat your garlic, don't be shy. It's a "good for you" food you can incorporate into many different recipes.

Quality Commercial Property Management

There is no perfect commercial property management
style because the task requires dealing with people. Whenever people get involved emotions and personalities get in the way of achieving perfection. Property mangers must wear many hats to find success in their chosen line of business.

Commercial property management requires balancing several acts simultaneously. Is aggressively attempting to fill empty units causing other tenants to question their lease? Property managers must be firm in enforcing rules, yet flexible enough to gain new tenants. The ideal would be the capitalist principle of letting the market dictate the price of rent. Yet, with neighbors in close proximity this practice could lead to alienating some customers.

Beyond a sound business sense, commercial property managers must become familiar with long and unusual working schedules. Cell phones can go off at all hours of night when a tenant has a problem or a pipe breaks at a facility.

If the long hours and endless complaints are not enough to scare off individuals interested in a career in property management then the paper trail might. Whenever there is a breakdown in the relationship between the renter and the landlord, the matter often must be settled in court. Nearly every aspect of the relationship will be examined by a third party, which means that the property manager will be responsible for properly maintaining, leases, lease applications, inspection lists, building permits and the mounds of other paperwork involving property. Ignoring the paperwork can be a costly decision that could even lead to the loss of a property. Poor documentation can lead to delays in the eviction of bad tenants, fines and potentially tax problems.

For investors that either do not have the personality or the time to be effective property managers, there is always the option of hiring a professional, which might prove to be the most cost effective move.

Protect Your Business Against Frauds

I run a net café business and that has acquainted me with the pros and cons of ‘being your own boss’. Though the perks and benefits of running your own show are immense, the pitfalls are equally great too. I can keep most of my profits and decide on the hours I want to put into the business. But when it comes to taking the fall, I stand alone with no one to turn to.

My business may be threatened by the increased purchasing power of customers and the lower costs of laptops and internet connections, but those are not the only obstacles I face. As a business owner, no matter how big or how small, one can always run into a court case that can quickly drain you of various financial resources. So do I live in fear of being sued? No. Instead, I run my business diligently and keep my defenses strong by acquainting myself with the business fraud lawyers in my area.

If I run the risk of being served with a legal notice for some reason, I know I can bank on a few good business fraud lawyers if I keep their names handy. That way I don't work up a sweat at the time and can face the situation calmly and with precision, while having access to sound legal advice.

Though I conduct my business wisely, I know there may be instances where I might slip up and my business might take the fall. To avoid such a situation and to allow my business to flourish within the next few years, there are a few safeguards I need to have in place -- and having a plan to deal with a legal action is one of them.

I hope I never have to face such a problem in my life, but if I do, I know I'm ready for it.

Choosing the Best Cell Phone Plans for Teens

Many parents are on the fence about whether or not their teens should have their own cell phones. On one hand, cell phones offer a level of security. The teens are always able to get in touch with their parents if needed and they can be reached in case of an emergency. On the other hand, a cell phone gives a teen 24/7 access to their friends, which can become a bit of a problem. In addition to becoming a distraction, a cell phone can also become rather expensive in the hands of a texting teen.

Some of the best cell phone plans for teens include prepaid plans, unlimited local plans and stand alone plans. All of these plans have pros and cons, but in some cases, they can be combined into one ideal package. Prepaid cell phone plans are great for teens because they are a way of giving the teen an "allowance" when it comes to their phones. This is not always the most economical phone plan, but it can be one of the easiest to control. If the teen goes over her allowance for the month, either the phone will be unusable, or she will have to use her own money to pay for the overages.

Unlimited local plans are often a bit more economical, but they do not cause the teen to have to budget her minutes. These plans allow teens to talk as much as they want to as long as all of the calls are local. Stand alone plans are good for parents who are trying to get teens to be responsible for their own finances. The plan is in the teen's name and she is responsible for staying within the limits of the plan. The teen can be asked to stick to an allowance in terms of the plan cost or pay for it with her own money.

For Assisted Living, Los Angeles Has Plenty of Options

When people think of Los Angeles, they think of all the Hollywood types and their fancy cars and houses. That's not the reality for most of LA, though. There are a lot of "normal" people there who just live and work and do the things that they like to do in their downtime. If you're one of those people and you're getting older, or if you have a relative who's getting older, it may be time to check into assisted living. It's much more private than a nursing home, and the level of care is tailored to what you need, which means you can still keep your dignity and some control over your life.

With a lot of options for assisted living, Los Angeles is a great place to consider. Many facilities have different levels of care, so you can start out with minimal help and increase your level of assistance as you get older and start needing help with more things. Some people never have to increase that level, but if you do you'll find that people will be there ready to help out. Staying in the same facility as you age can also help you feel safer and reduce the anxiety that comes with things that aren't familiar.

Whether you're looking for yourself or a relative, check out the assisted living options in Los Angeles. Find out about the level of care, how much it costs, what kind of privacy there are, and other factors. By doing all of this, you'll be well-informed, making you better prepared to make the right decision. Until you check into it thoroughly, you'll never know if assisted living in LA is the right choice or whether there are other options that you need to explore. When you have all the information, you'll feel comfortable picking what's right for you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Building Their Dream House

My sister who is in Sydney is currently building their house and since her husband is also a contractor, they where able to save a little bit. They started the building around May of this year and it looks like they are already half way done as I have seen on the photos at her Facebook account. I was overwhelmed with how big their lot is and I guess it can have 5 or 6 rooms.

Sis also particularly asked her husband to have a bigger garage and bigger laundry area and for sure everything will be more spacious unlike that precious house that they bought before. I have seen the water reservoir in the picture and the size resembles a swimming pool!! That's huge!. It would be nice to have swimming pool in their place but sis Joy told me that probably in the future they'll have one. I guess she can also consider putting a spa or hot tub that has spa covers so that it'll be more safe because she has small kids.

Ahhhh.. I can't wait for their house to be done probably at the end of the year as I'm just so excited as much as them. Hopefully in the future I can visit and can help my sister with the decorating and arranging of the furniture inside the house.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Message From God

God wants you to know ... that you are blessed.

You may think you have challenges, but you have so many blessings. Sometimes it takes only a moment of conscious effort to recognize those blessings. Once you focus on the gifts instead of the problems, your whole perspective will change and you will see blessings everywhere.
I'm indeed blessed and I'm so thankful for that!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mom Finally Home

It was around 8 pm after having dinner when mom was sitting on the couch watching TV when all of a sudden she told me she's not feeling well and she's becoming dizzy. I know her high blood pressure is elevating once again so I help her to go inside her bedroom. I took her BP and it was 150/80 already and it's not a good sign already. I gave her maintenance medicine and check on her after 30 mins but still her BP is the same.

I told her that we need to bring her to the hospital already to be sure and soon after that she can't sit and walk already. The ER of the nearest hospital was fully packed but she was given 1st aid immediately. After an hour or so, the doctor advised her that she will be confinded because her blood pressure is not going down. I agreed so that all blood tests will be done on her and this will be the chance for her complete check up that includes xray and ecg.

She was confined for 2 1/2 days at the Manila East Hospital and fortunately and with God's help and prayers from friends, her doctors gave a go signal that she can go home now after her blood pressure is stable already. Thank God she's home now and resting. I'm praying that this will not happen anymore.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making Both Ends Meet

I overheard my brother and my sis-in-law briefly discussing their finances one night when I came to their house. With 2 children that are studying (1 highschool, 1 elementary), it seems that the income that my brother are saving each month is just enough for all their needs. There are also times that they need to ask help to pay for electric bills. SIL on the other hand, works 2x a week in a cooperative and her salary is an additional income for them. Anyway, I know they can manage all their financial difficulty as they always do.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

You Can be a Pirate

Wow it's already mid September and in no time it's gonna be October and I can't believe it. I just paid my August tax and it's almost end of the month again, weee time is pretty fast, I must say.

Anyway, I can see some malls and online shops putting up sale items and I know it's their way to get their customers ready for holiday shopping. Halloween will come once again and just like last year we are not joining any trick or treat or any Halloween costume contests anymore. The kids are all grown up and my niece is not interested in those stuff. It's just exciting to browse for costumes like those pirate costumes and some cute costumes for the kids though.

What about you, are you planning to buy some Halloween costumes for this year?

Already a Teen

I hopped at my bestfriend's blog the other day and saw pictures of her family. I can't help but to get envy at times because I can see the happiness in her eyes. Though there are times its tough raising her 3 children, I know she loves every minute of it. In fact, I can see her being so supportive to her 2 girls who are almost teens with their studies and school activities.

Her oldest daughter, Ruth, who happens to be my godchild turned 13 in August and she's growing up to be a fine young lady. I just hope that she'd study well and not give her mom headache when she's older. I know there'll come a time when she'll worry about what she's going to wear, the best acne treatment if she has some zits on face and probably matters of the heart. I know that my bestfriend will do her best to guide her young teens and protect them them all the time.

Ahhh kids grow up so fast that sometimes they are even taller than us.

Flawless Skin

Ahh I wish I have those flawless skin that others have. You see, I have an oily T-zone and it's the reason why I'm always looking for the best oily skin treatments that I can have and wish that someday I'll have a normal skin. I guess it's great to have a face free from any blemish and those yucky acne but I know that achieving it does not only rely on beauty products or treatments.

Healthy lifestyle, proper hygiene, healthy foods and good genes also contribute to that. I guess I have to check on the facial that I have for years now, maybe that is not really suited for my face.

I Miss my Med. Tech. Days

I was cleaning stuff in my bedroom when I chanced upon my old medical books way back in college. I dusted it a little bit and brought it back to the storage box but it sure did remind me of the many beautiful memories while I was still studying Medical Technology and the days where we had our internship at different hospitals.

There are lots of medical terms that I don't know anymore maybe because my mind is rusty enough to remember all of them. Those days that I spent in the laboratory testing different human samples, getting blood from patients,learning about male enhancement products, sleeping for only few hours during duty times are just some of the memories that are always stuck in my mind.

Now that I'm not working as a Med. Tech., there are times I'm thinking where am I when I pursued that profession. Anyway, I'm happy with my work now and I just missed my Med. Tech days.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keeping in Touch Via Audio Conferencing

Communicating with my sisters who are living overseas is necessary for us to keep in touch. It’s not always easy to have loved ones that are far away from us but since that is where their fate led them to be then we should find a way to keep our communication flowing. Call on the phone, e-mail, facebook and chat have made our communication much easier these days. The internet has faved the way to make us closer even through this way.

Not only ordinary people are taking advantage of the technology but business as well. Just imagine all the things that it has brought to business industry these days, it’s incomparable as it seems. There’s more productivity among employees because their employers can talk to them through audio conferencing or even video conferencing even if they are out of the country.

Audio conference become a constant tool in their communication because it has the ability to communicate with multiple parties during a call where everybody can interact. The high sound quality of their audio conference makes it more advantageous in proper communication. The Conference Group has developed conference calls that are fully customizable according to their client’s communicating needs. I reckon that with today’s communicating tools available, there’s no more reason not to keep in touch.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It's time to share of my Wednesday Happy Thoughts.
1. Online works pouring in like there's no tomorrow hehe. Thanking Lord for these blessings.
2. Cadbury chocolates sent by my sister from Saudi.
3. Yummy kakanin for snack this morning and afternoon.
4. Eating atis fruit is like heaven
5. Delicious sinigang na bangus cooked by mom for lunch
6. Funny lunch time shows that make me laugh
7. Good internet connection that will keep me do my works
8. Online shopping
9. Finished another digi kit for Artscow
10. Hooking up with some friends at Facebook

Fishing Trips Can Be an Awesome Experience

I’m not that an adventurous person and I always wish that I am. I just envy all those individuals who are up to new adventures for it will make them more open to new experiences in their lives. I might have passed the opportunity to fly around aboard the helicopter, walk on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and ride the bumpy jet boat fleet but I’m proud to say that I have snorkeled in the The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, teehee!
Anyway, there are still some other adventures that I can still try, those that don’t need too much adrenalin rush. Going outdoors seem so much fun as we can keep abreast with the beauty of nature. We can go hiking, hunting, fishing, eco-tour and lots more. These days there are guided hunt tours that anyone can join and with the beauty of nature and the wild, there’s so much to see and experience. I know guys will love this.

I have found that offers guided fishing trips like salmon fishing, halibut fishing and more. I have a friend who even tried the deep-sea fishing where they can catch big fishes. They also have hunting trips in the US and Canada. You can choose from the wide variety of fishing guides and charters that they are offering in their website and I must say that this will be an awesome and unforgettable experience. The website is loaded with informative articles, info and other great outdoor resources.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

It was a relaxing Sunday for me. Woke up a bit late this morning like my usual routine. Arranged the stuff that my mom bought in the market then later on heard mass alone since my bro and family already went earlier. We all had lunch at my brother's place. Mom cooked the meal for lunch since I'm pressed for time to do that. Even if I wanted to go out, I just feel don't like it as it is also hot outside. Laze around after lunch time then head back home around 1pm.

Watched Pinoy classic movie at QTV11 and it made me laugh. I was suppose to take a quick nap before working but I stayed awake because the movie was just too funny. Had pizza for snack and went online afterwards. Wanted to finish some online works but was a bit lazy.

It's only now that I went back online again and hope I can finish the last pending work before I begin my digital designing once again. I hope you all had a nice weekend as well.

Tile Removal Made Easy

While on vacation at my sister’s house in Sydney few years back, I was able to help them with their house cleaning since they’re having a small renovation done inside the house. My sister’s husband decided to have their carpet in the living room removed and replaced it with some new tiles. Aside from that, the kitchen tiles need some upgrading as well since there are too many chips and cracks already.

The tile replacement is not an easy job and it only means that it’ll be dirty and dusty inside the house. There are times that we need to go out of the house because my small nephew and niece have an allergy to dust. It was just a not so comfortable week for all of us but it needs to be done.

My bro-in-law hired a professional contractor to do the carpet and tile removal job for us. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

On The Go Mom

I'm happy that my mom is still very much healthy these days despite being 77 already. She still very much on the go and can still do the things that other people of her age can't do anymore. She still goes to the market, pay bills, go to the grocery, watch a movie, do gardening, cook and lots more. She's doesn't want to be idle because she's getting bored and weak when she's doing nothing. Just like yesterday, she went to the market to buy rice and I also saw her bought some plants and today she's gardening already.

I wish mom's health will continuously be good because she's always drinking her daily medicines for hypertension and cholesterol. I also told her to go out and watch a movie every Tuesday so she can unwind. I guess I have to give her little shopping money soon so that she can buy some new blouses that she wanted. I guess the barcode scanner will not stop while she's on the cashier.She has not shop for a while so I'm sure she'll enjoy shopping next time.

I Got Koi Fish on my Browser

I decided to change my old Mozilla Personas last night and look I have Koi Fish on my browser right now. Looks cool huh?

When I saw this Peces koi created by Saxocaster, I juts fell in love with it. I so love the color green because it is just cool on the eyes. Koi Fish are also known to be lucky, so I'll put them at my browser to bring some good luck and moolah on my online work.

Just in case you don;t know Mozilla Personas yet, get your own at

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some Business Options

I had a good conversation with a customer of mine the other day at my net café. He was quick to note that I’m lucky to have a business in the neighbourhood. I told him that it’s not easy to have a this net café business these days because there are many competitions already unlike 3 years ago when I put it up. Aside from that, people have the means to buy computers and have internet in their houses already and that also contributed to the slowing of my business.

He even asked me where he could buy a good computer because he also needs this for his home business and I graciously suggested a place where he can get one. We exchanged some ideas and we agreed that things are tough these days but we all know we can surpass all of that.

If only we can invest on something more feasible and stable like those gold coins but even before we can invest on them, we need to have capital to start buying some. I guess if I have extra money for investment once again then buying gold can be a good option.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Toy Story 3 - 3D

It was one afternoon in June when we all watched Toy Story 3 3D movie at the nearest mall in our place. My sister and brother-in-law treated us to a movie and snack as they promised. My niece just love Barbie and she can't help but posing with her outside the theater.

We all had blast and Toy Story was just worth watching, even us adults enjoyed it. Nothing can really beat Disney-Pixar with the animation and effects. I'm sure you all watched the movie as well.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Health Plan

Lately, I got so ill for about a week that made me realize that I really need to take things (esp. work) slowly and take care of my health. I'm seriously contemplating on getting a for myself since I'm already at my 40's and getting sick is something that I don't want to happen always. I need something that will back me up in the future so this one is something I need to consider.

My SIL is also encouraging me to get an insurance for the longest time and have been giving me advices and I guess I need to heed her advice seriously.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Christmas Wish

It's only about 100+ days before Christmas and eventhough it's still very early to shop and make a list, I guess it's not too early to think what you want to have this Christmas. I personally would love to have an iPhone to replace my old nokia phone that I have for over 3 years now and if it's not too much to ask I also would love to have an LCD TV in our house.

My mom and I are just using the small Sharp TV given by my sister and I guess it's now time to upgrade our TV so that we'll experience a much high-definition sound and image. I know it's also perfect to watch DVD movies at a bigger monitor.

No Net at Home :(

Argghhh.... I hate it! Yesterday afternoon at around 1 pm, my Smart bro connection at home was intermittent. I was quite surprised because it's not even raining. Later on, the net was just cut off :(

Fortunately, I just submitted some of my works for approval when my net connection suddenly was gone, if not, I know I'll be so pissed off once again. I waited for several hours hoping that the connection will come back, but it was already 5pm and still no net.

I called their technical support and it said that my antenna is ok but it seems that the signal is not good. I was on the phone for about an hour, the tech support asked me to do some stuff but still the same. Arghhh.. I want my net back at home because it's hard to work.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Making Sure Our Home is Safe

It was about 2 weeks ago when I was down with flu and being sick is one thing that I really hate for I really can’t work properly. Aside from that, I lost so much weight that really alarmed me. I have no appetite during those days and soup, few spoonfuls of rice, crackers, apples and juice are all I can bear. I guess my body wasn’t able to bear the erratic weather and my work schedules that I end up being sick. Thank God, I’m well now eventhough I still have dry cough.

I also experienced some skin allergies that I suspect is due to dusts and other pollutants. I have had our house cleaned thoroughly so that no further problem will cause that. These days, our air is also getting polluted especially in the Metro where tons of public vehicles are carelessly emitting harmful smoke.

Our homes sometimes are not safe as well especially to kids when we’re negligent that’s why I’m not wondering anymore why there are parents who put  air purifiers in their homes that can possibly minimize indoor air pollution.

Party Supplies for Any Occasions

My niece celebrated her 7th birthday last May and since it’s a great event for any kid at that age, her parents decided to give her a big party. My sister-in-law even asked my help to make birthday invitations and deal with some other stuff. We carefully planned the event, making sure that almost every one is invited. It was a bit tiring to do since there are many things to consider but we’re able to manage everything hand-in-hand.

It was a successful birthday party because many invited guests came to have fun. We had a small program like 7 candles, 7 gifts, and 7 roses and some games as well. The kids had a blast at the party and they went home with give-aways. Most of all, my niece had a grand time during her 7th birthday.

If you’re also planning a party for your family or if you’re a professional party planner, you’ll find discount and tons of party supplies at PartyPro. What I like about the site is that you can find almost anything that a party needs. From balloons, decors, themed hats, plates, cups, coasters, piñatas to catering supplies and more, they have it all. With over 60,000 party supplies that they have, there’s no doubt that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Avail of their wholesale items so that you can get good discounts. Happy party planning!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Faye's Blog Contest

I'm trying my luck at the blog contest at QUICKER.COM and hope I can win one of these cool prizes. Here are the gifts that she's generously giving away.1st price - Ladies Chronograph (bic face) watch
2nd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)
3rd price - Kate Spade kikay kit (floral)


Luxury Timepiece

It’ll be my birthday in few months and even though I’m adding another year on my age and it will mean that I’m already in mid-life age, that for sure will not stop me from celebrating it and be merry. I’m actually thinking of having a party of sort but I’m still not decided yet if I’ll push through with that plan. I also thought of just treating some of my closets friends for lunch or dinner in a nice resto but I’m not sure yet.

But one thing is for sure, I’ll shop for myself once again since it became my habit every time I’m having a birthday. It’s like a treat to myself for working hard everyday. I’m starting to make a list of what I want and a bag and a watch is on top of it. I wanted another branded and leather bag and perhaps a silver or leather type watch, whichever is available. It would be nice to own one of those watches like Ulysse Nardin Macho Palladium
that I saw at but wow it was expensive. Being a luxury timepiece then for sure buying it can be an investment as well.

Wholesale Distributor of Gift Items etc

Wow it’s Septem”BER” already and would you believe that my twitter friends are actually greeting each other Merry Christmas? Funny but it’s true because it only means that when the “BER” months are here, Christmas will just be around the corner already. My mommy friends are already considering of what to get for Christmas and they are already looking for sale items from their favourite stores here and in the US.

Whole sale products will also excite us since we have lots friends and relatives that we’re going to give gifts. You know, there’s always an advantage of listing down your shopping items and buying them from wholesale distributor since we can save more and we can get all the good stocks that they have. Those that shop late can get broken sizes and sometimes the colors or styles that they want are not available anymore.

I also found quality Closeout products at low prices at Kwality Closeouts whilst browsing the net. Kwality Closeouts is a leading distributor of whole items like books, electronics, toys, party supplies, clothing, jewelries, home decors bags and lots more. Perfect this coming holidays and for your give-aways during birthdays of your kids. Items can be purchased wholesale, or per unit. If you also have craft or neighborhood store, you can get supplies from them at wholesale prices.

Friday, September 3, 2010

September 10-12, 2010, 3-day holiday

Pres. Aquino already announced that Sept. 10, 2010 (Friday) is a holiday. This is in lieu of the end of Eidul Fitr, which is the end of Ramadan holiday for our brother Muslims.

So this means that there'll be a long weekend again this month September 10-12, 2010, 3-day holiday. Enjoy!

Online Military Degrees

Everyone of us wants a good education and I guess nothing should hinder that in anyway. If you’re one of the enlisted men and women of the military, you’re bringing honor to your country with your selfless service. Being stationed or deployed in Iraq and some parts of the country can be a little daunting but that shouldn’t stop you from still aiming to earn a degree.

Online schools are very popular these days and there are some colleges that have special programs for active military and veterans and their families to afford tuition fees for a college education. At, you can opt to choose any online military degrees
that you wanted to enrol online anytime and anywhere.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bebots EB with Caryl and Jacq

2 of my online friends came home from overseas last July and we (Bebots) meet with them in Makati for lunch and snack. We ate at CYMA, a Greek inspired resto in Greenbelt in Makati where I love all their foods. We also had coffee at Coffee Bean shop We had non-stop chika that day.

Here are some of pictures.

Payday Loan is an Option

I’ve been blessed with so many online opportunities these days and I’m so thankful about it though the past week has been a little hard on me as I got sick for days. Since I can’t rest full time due to the demands of my online works my body didn’t recuperate much. I was lucky of course in spite of being sick because jobs now are hard to find and if you find one you still have to manage getting a high salary.

With the way things are going now for this country people have to be smart with handling their finances because most companies are not ready yet to give salary increases to their employees. What we must do is to budget our money properly, don’t buy the things that we don’t need and don’t create a need for the things that we can’t afford. It’s as simple as that because if we spend beyond our earnings we’ll see ourselves in financial chaos.

As much as possible what we need to do is always save some parts of our earnings. My job brings me so many blessings now but it’s not that high all the time so when I have good earnings I save to ready myself for the low peak season. It’s hard to earn money so we shouldn’t spend it too fast or carelessly. For those who really don’t have savings because of low salaries you still have some options when you need cash for emergency needs. You can get a payday loan easy and quick from companies that don’t require many documents and collateral.

Remember to choose the ones with low interest rates and you’ll be fine. Employed personnel are easy to get quick cash like these because they have fixed income that they can set aside for paying loans. Just be aware that you only borrow money that you need for your emergencies, don’t ask for more than that because it’s hard to pay loans and it will also affect your budgetary expenses.

A New Vehicle

I'm getting excited because mom told that she wanted to buy a new vehicle soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our old van will be sold soon so that we'll have money to buy another one. It would be fun if we can have an rv van under an rv financing but that is too big for our needs. I guess mom will settle for a smaller van but not a car.

You see owning a vehicle these days is not considered a luxury anymore because it's already a necessity most especially if you travel a lot.

Snow Fun

My friend way back in elementary shared some of her snow photos and I was so quick to post some comments at her Facebook account. Just looking at her attire, snow jackets and snow boots with snow on the background, I can't help myself to wish that one day I will see a snow.

Though Australia is not really snow country, there are parts in Melbourne (mostly in mountain areas) where where my friend is living already and other states that they can see and experience snow. Their photos looked so much fun especially when they are playing and making snowman.