Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pet Insurance for Chronic Illness

So you are a new pet owner and cannot wait to get started training your new puppy or kitten, and integrating him or her into your family. You have made all the necessary preparations, completely animal-proofed your home and purchased the proper food, toys, bed and supplies. You have managed to over prepare in every way possible, and feel like you are completely ready to welcome your new furry family member. But bringing a new animal into your home is a lot like bringing a new baby into your home, and no matter how much you learn in advance, you will most likely be faced with a few curve balls along the way that could cost you a lot of money if you chose not to look into purchasing a pet insurance policy.

Like human babies, a new pet may seem perfectly healthy and pass all necessary exams to come home with you, only to take a turn for the worse once the arrive. It is not uncommon for pets to develop major gastrointestinal issues when trying to adjust to new surroundings – often resulting in a pricey trip to the vet. Even worse, your new pet may need surgery to correct any internal damage. A pet insurance policy ensures that you will not need to dip into savings to save your new pet.

Worse than an acute pain or ailment is a chronic illness like cancer or diabetes in your dog or cat. In these cases, lifelong treatment is required to keep him or her comfortable and happy. Much like humans, pets can live long healthy lives with chronic illnesses, but require expensive vet trips and specialized medications to remain lively and healthy. Unless you have saved and prepared for unexpected illnesses, chances are that an affliction in your pet will result in a large medical bill. With a great pet insurance policy, you can rest easy knowing your pet’s medical expenses will be covered!

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