Saturday, May 30, 2009

Photobook: Gift for my Niece

Project 365: My 4th photobook arrived
See more of the inside page of my 4th Photobook HERE

This is for my niece Kath, a late birthday gift. I made just simple layouts because it has many photos inside. It took about 2 weeks to arrive, a week earlier on what I have expected. I ordered it at ARTSCOW and this time it was delivered much early.

Home Maintenance

It’s weekend once again and I just hope I can go out tomorrow together with my teenage niece for a fun time at the mall and to splurge on something. Anyway, mom has been complaining lately about the maintenance in our house that she has been taking care of.

One day, I found our helper fixing some old rickety cabinets and since it is rainy seasons already mom asked him to fix the gutters. Not long after that, I saw our shower leaking the other day and told mom about it. It’s a never ending maintenance and I hope I can find cheap shower faucets this Sunday or early next week bec. I could not bear seeing water being wasted.

Super Excited !

I've been searching reviews about it for few days already..
Have asked friends what they can say about it... Been dreaming too have it for so long...

And now I finally decided to have it.. So what am I talking about??? Hmmmm.. I will just post and tell more about it in the coming days. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will land in my hands soon. I am just excited.. Woo..

Sleeping With Make Up On

It is actually a NO NO attitude. How many times we have heard from dermatologists that sleeping with make up on will really damage our skin? If your skin is also sensitive you'll end up having breakouts and we don't want that to happen. Although these days there are lots of acne treatments that your derma can recommend it is still good to clean our faces before we snooze. Just last night I was really dead tired, I almost hop in the bed but thought of taking a warm bath and clean my face thoroughly before I go to sleep.

Friday, May 29, 2009

LP: Alam mo Ba? (Do You KNow That?)

I don't normally take photos of flowers if you might have noticed but this one caught my attention when I went at my bro's garden. What makes it interesting is that the plant is not actually a flowering plant. Do you know that, that is the flower of a DAPO plant, and it's my 1st time to see such. It is also called " Palpak-Lauin" by some .
PROJECT 365: Simple Beauty
Hindi ako masyadong mahilig magpicture ng mga bulaklak pero nagadahan ako dito kasi hindi naman flowring plant ito. Alam mo ba na ito ay bulaklak ng DAPO plant? Kakaiba di ba, nahaluan siguro ito ng ibang specie kaya namulaklak.

Ahhhh Nasty Virus...

Ahh... what a bad bad day it is for me yesterday..

Been trying to get rid of a nasty virus on my other computer but my effort seems futile. I have tried all means of removing it but it is still there. I used Spybot and it caught some malwares and also I run the Malwarebytes and it caught one and it successful deleted it.

I am trying to unistall my existing AVG virus program but no matter what I do it will not uninstall and it is not working. I am guessing the nasty virus disabled my antivirus program and it wont let me open any documents on MS word or even Excel files.

Argghhh.. I am trying to transfer some of my files at my D drive bec. I might need to reformat teh other computer .. Sighhh.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Lahat Ay Payak ( All are Simple)

Litratong Pinoy: Lahat ay Payak
Sigh.. what a life! Consumer products and gas prices has gone up. How can we ever save when it is always like that? That is why here's the simple and back to basic stove of my aunt that she used to boil water and fry. Take a look at the her pot it's already gone black. LOL

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Hay... buhay.. Ang taas na ng bilihin at gasolina. Pano naman tayo makaka-ipon at makaka menos pag ganyan lagi? Kaya eto ang payak na lutuan ng aking tiya pag kailangan nyang mag-init ng tubig at prito ng paunti unti. Tignan nyo oh negro na ang takuri nya hahaha.

Sweet Pineapples Anyone?

Project 365: Sweet Pineapples
Last weekend my sis in law went for a 2-day Team Building Seminar last weekend in Batangas together with her co-employees of the Cooperative. They had lots of fun bec. they've also island hopping. Before they went home they passed by Tagaytay and bought these small but sweet pineapples. I remember when we got the chance to go to Tagaytay, we'd buy all kinds of fruits and that includes these pineapples.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crazy for Jewelries

Ahhh I should be in Greenhills last Sunday but failed to go there last weekend bec. I am not feeling well but I’ll find time next week to do so. That place always reminds me of shopping since that is the place where you see lots of tiangge (small stalls) to find a lot of stuff. Actually I find it remarkable to see women ganging up on the jewelry area to purchase pearls and other jewelries.

I always thought that if you have no time going there, the net will always be the savior bec. I saw lots of
costume jewelry at Holsted Jewelers. In fact when you go to their site, you’ll end up wanting lots of items that you want to get hold of. Just take a look at this pearl stand watch, I guess it's not bad to want this, right?
Image Hosted by

Proj. 365: Freshly Picked Indian Mangoes

PROJECT 365: Fresh Pick
My mom always loved planting whether it be plants, flowers or trees. She planted an Indian tree many years ago and it has grown and now we are harvesting Indian mangoes. My SIL picked these mangoes but I didn' t eat any. Actually I don't like the taste of it bec. it tastes like "medicine' . but mom loves it though.

Missed Shopping

I really planned of going shopping last Sunday but my laziness mode struck once again so I wasn't able to go out. I am not feeling well that day too , as usual feeling bloated and overstuffed got in the way so I postponed my shopping. Actually I should be shopping for a brand new external hard drive since my computer space is almost full already. Oh well I hope I can shop next week again bec. I badly needed the external HD.

Mommy Bloggers

I have some blogger friends that recently gave birth and of course in the first few months they are encouraged to breast feed their babies. We all know that breastfeeding is very good for babies as it give the best nutrients and all the minerals that are badly needed by their babies. Not all moms can really give milk straight from their breast so they need the aid of breast pumps. I have known someone that really breast fed her infant till one year old and as a result her baby seldom get sick. What she did was sometimes she uses a breast pump to get her milk and will put in the fridge. There are lots of breast pump available in the market and actually it can be supplied by that supplies of Maternity/Baby Supplies since 1996.

Charice Pempengco Sings "NOTE TO GOD" single at Oprah May '09

Our very own Charice Pempengco guested again for the 3rd time at Oprah Winfrey Show May 18, 2009 to promote her carrier single "Note to God,’” as part of her International album that will be released this year. The song is written by Dianne Warren and produced by none other done David Foster. She wowed the US audience once again while singing the song and look at Oprah's reaction she is really amazed on her talent.

Charice Pempengco has really gone a long way, singing with Celine Dion and other top artists around the world. Congrats Charice.. way to go!!

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Charice Pempengco sings with Celine Dion !!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photohunt: Painted Faces at Aliwan Fiesta 2009

These are some of the painted happy and colorful faces of the participants of different provinces here in the Phils. during the ALIWAN FIESTA that I took last April 25 at CCP complex. It was so festive and every colorful event each year.
Painted Faces at Aliwan Fiesta 2009
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WW: Sharing

PROJECT 365: Sharing
My cousin's son Ricen and my niece Reign sharing a coke one hot and crazy afternoon. More WW participants

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Preparations

It's weekend again and i guess all of us are looking forward for Mother's Day celebration on tomorrow (Sunday). We'll be having a small celebration here and I hope the food that we'll cooking will turn out great. I'll be making my all time favorite salad using my Fruit Salad recipe tonight and since I already nailed the taste and the exact combination of ingredients, I know it'll be a hit amongst my family again tomorrow.

Aside from that I will be cooking 2 simple shrimp recipes that I found online that I have been browsing online since last week. I'm keeping my finger's crossed that I will not overcook the shrimps again bec. it turned out rubbery last My SIL will be cooking the baked honey spare ribs and I can't wait to taste it again. This is the time to eat a lot and dieting is not allowed !!! Everyone should enjoy and set aside 1st your desire to read diet pills comparison if want to take any. In the meantime, let's eat and be merry.

To all the mommies out there HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! to all of you. It's your special day so relax, enjoy and eat a lot hehe!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Simula Pa Lamang (Just Starting)

It's LP time once again and here are my entries for the theme Simula Pa Lamang (Just Starting). These are the gumamela and yellow bell plant in our backyard that is just starting to bloom.

Hello mga ka-Litratong Pinoy Huwebes na naman at eto po ang entry ko sa tema nating SIMULA PA LAMANG. Nakahagilap ako ng mga litrato sa aking baul hehe at ito po ay ang gumamela na halaman na simula pa lamang na nagdadahon at bubot pa ang kanyang mga bulaklak.
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Image Hosted by
Nga pala meron din po akong ginawang post tungkol sa EB noong aliwan fiesta tignan nyo po DITO.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 3rd Artscow Photobook

I'm a digi-scrapper just in case you didn't know. I just recently had my old layouts printed over at ARTSCOW and I was really happy with the results. This is the 3rd photobook that I ordered at ARTSCOW and again I was satisfied with the result. It's a 39-page 8x8 photobook and I only paid $16.49 bec. I used a 30page coupon, that made it free-shipping... It was really so cheap compared to other photobook prices that I came across.

It is stitched bind, hard boundcover and the pages used 157gsm Premium Paper. You can order your photobook at ARTSCOW. More detailed photos of this photobook here
PROJECT 365: My 3rd Photobook Arrived

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Niece: A Born Artist

PROJECT 365: Born Artist
This is my niece Reign showing off her very 1st painting on canvass. She actually finished this in 3 days. She loves to draw in papers and this time she tried on canvass since she saw her dad and her uncle making one lately.We are not wondering where she got the talent bec. it is pretty obvious already. She keeps herself busy this summer by drawing or playing dress up games etc on pc.

She saw me posting her pic here, so I asked her what is the title of her drawing and she said "REIGN's HOUSE". hehe Her mom told us that they will frame this too. I have been taking photos each day that I sometimes run out on my memory sticks, and my HD space is also about to run out that I also definitely need extra HD. I have to buy soon or else there's no more place for my photos

Manny Pacquiao wins over Ricky Hatton

Yes.. he did it again!!! I was overly excited (we, actually) yesterday while watching the live streaming online of Pacquiao vs Hatton fight. I was at the edge of my sit, my other relatives are also glued at the radio. The game was so exciting and oh gosh Pacman pitifully knocked out Hatton only at the 2nd round.

I even made a post immediately minutes after the fight Manny Pacquiao wins at Pacquiao vs Hatton Fight 2009 . Hahaha the fight was so amazing that Hatton and the audiences didn't expected that it will be finished in just 2 rounds. Imagine Hatton was knocked out 3x (2 at 1st round) and the 3rd punch made him immobile at the ring.

With this glorious win of Manny Pacquiao, the whole Phils. is now rejoining again. Wow Manny is multi-millionaire already. He can buy many Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedez or rv vehicles that he will desire. Congrats Manny !! "Balato naman dyan oh!!!"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Photohunt: Walking

Image Hosted by
Our theme for this week at PHOTOHUNT is Walking.

My sister and her family (other daughter is not in photo) walking hand in hand during a low tide at Hamilton Island in Australia on our vacation there in 2008. We had fun while we are there, walking barefoot, getting sea shells and small crabs. View my other WALKING entry HERE