Monday, May 4, 2009

My Niece: A Born Artist

PROJECT 365: Born Artist
This is my niece Reign showing off her very 1st painting on canvass. She actually finished this in 3 days. She loves to draw in papers and this time she tried on canvass since she saw her dad and her uncle making one lately.We are not wondering where she got the talent bec. it is pretty obvious already. She keeps herself busy this summer by drawing or playing dress up games etc on pc.

She saw me posting her pic here, so I asked her what is the title of her drawing and she said "REIGN's HOUSE". hehe Her mom told us that they will frame this too. I have been taking photos each day that I sometimes run out on my memory sticks, and my HD space is also about to run out that I also definitely need extra HD. I have to buy soon or else there's no more place for my photos

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