Tuesday, September 30, 2008

: My Niece's 18th Debut Party:

It was last Saturday (Sept. 27) that we had a very simple 18th b-day party of my niece Kathleen. It was just held here at my bro's place, we didn't rent any venue or ask someone to cater the food for practical reasons. They just butchered a pig and they made a lot of dishes out of it. It was around 7 pm when visitors flocked in and Kath was all around tending to her visitors while I am busy taking pictures.

It rained hard for few minutes but that didn't stop the visitors from coming in. Aside from that the tarpaulin came in late but I am happy it was not pixelated when printed. Take a look at the Tarpaulin Layout that I made. I hate the decor and color of the cake that we ordered, we ordered a chocolate one but when we cut it, it has vanilla in it. We also ordered for a baby pink and blue colors but they put a darker one that looks looks horrible. Hmmm anyway, at least it tastes so delicious or else I will be ranting more here.

Anyway, we also had videoke machine where anyone can sing. Kat and her friends were singing the whole night. We had no traditional 18 roses or 18 candles bec. my niece didn't like it bec. she wants it to be just simple. Here are just few of the pictures that I took.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Monday, September 29, 2008

;The Amazing Race 13:

Oh my oh my my ever favorite reality TV show has started again! AMAZING RACE season 13 was shown via satellite this morning Sept. 29 at 8 am over Studio 23 (or Sept. 28 Sunday night US time) and of course being an avid fan, i never failed to watch it. The satellite feed was cut off for few minutes so i was disappointed not to see how they really started and when it came back the participants were already in the car on their way to the airport.

Anyway, there are 11 couples who will be racing around the world and their 1st destination is Brazil. Couples were subjected to many tasks and I was excited to see them compete. Anita & Arthur, the married beekeepers where the 1st pair to be eliminated. Countries where The Amazing Race will pass are New Zealand, Cambodia, India, Kazakzthan, and Russia.

I know I will be hooked in watching Amazing Race every week and if I am correct it will be shown every Tuesdays at 8 pm over at Studio 23. If you are an avid fan like me, share your thoughts here will ya?

: Manic Monday Thoughts:

Yay, (singing!!) it's another Manic Monday, wish it was Sunday, coz that's my funday!
1. What is the most useful gift you’ve ever been given? It has to be the p&s digital camera but I gave it away to my nephew bec. i bought my own DSLR.

2. Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far. Oh my goodness I will not really forget this incident when I was held up at gun point by 2 men wearing helmets here inside my internet cafe. The men insisted (with a loud and fierce voice) to give him my cellphone which I followed bec. a gun was pointed on my waist. A customer of mine was resisting but i summoned her to keep quiet bec. the holdapers might kill us, he later on dragged me out of my sit and off he instructed me to put all the sales that I have on his bag.

- I thought that they will tied us up and kill but I thank the Dear Lord, He saved us from being futhered harm. The gunmen left hurriedly when they saw another customer coming in. It was swift and I reckon it took about only 5 mins. and I hope and pray it will not happen again!!!

3. One hot summer afternoon, while walking through a parking lot at a large shopping center, you notice a dog suffering badly from the heat inside a locked car. What would you do? I will immedietly call the attention of the security personnel of the shopping center so they can page or look for the car owner.

Friday, September 26, 2008

: China Milk Scare:

The increasing treats of milk contaminated with Melamine has reached the Phils. and itt's good to know that Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) checked on the milks manufactured in China to be banned from being sold in the grocery and elsewhere. It is daunting to know that not only milk itself are contaminated, in the news milk and other milk products (like candies, biscuits, candy bars, yogurt etc) are already pulled out from the store's racks to avoid possible danger.

Just imagine all the over 100,000 infants that was affected in China, it was really a worldwide scare now. Singapore, Malaysia and other countries have already destroyed milk products that came from China in efforts to shield their people from being affected. There are many products now that are being recalled in the market and we should be vigilant in what we are buying.

Many big establishments here esp. those that have milk products on their goods have stricter rules implemented and assured the public that their foods are safe. I just received an email this morning and these products are banned.
Stay safe everyone, just to be sure let us refrain from eating China Food products!

: Some of my Thoughts this Friday:

It's weekend once again and many of us look forward on this bec. after long week's work we are finally having a break. I thought I'd answer this questions.

1. My mom's 76th birthday and more online opportunities are some of the things I'm most looking forward to in October.
2. Sometimes I tend to over react over simple matters.
3. Don't loose hope and that's why there is a saying, "never say never"!
4. When I'm down, I just cry and be so emotional.
5. In front of my computer is where you'll find me most often.
6. A rainy day is good for sipping coffee, watching TV and just lazing around.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to watch my fave TV shows till wee hours of the night but bef. that I have to finish researching this auto insurance online, tomorrow my plans include helping sis-inlaw and other to set up the 18th patry venue of my niece plus I am the doing her make up and hair (goodluck to me) and Sunday, I want to go to church!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

: LP: Itim at Puti (B/W)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Our theme for this week at Litratong Pinoy is black and white and actually i have a hard time thinking what entry should I post until I saw this black and white tiger with blue eyes cross-stitch that I sewed in 1999, (long time ago isn't it?). Just to let you know I made about 20+ works that are framed and unframed and they are my cherised possessions and have no intention to sell.

Cross-stitching is a very popular hobby in the 90's and I started way back in 1995 when I saw my sis JOYD made one which later on I was hooked into. I even put up a small cross-stitching store that sells supplies for this. Later on this hobby died down but there are still people who continues to sew, i don't think I can cross stitch again for it was really time consuming. Join us at Litratong Pinoy.

(Ang tema sa linggong ito ay Itim at Puti, sa totoo lang nahirapan ako kung ano ang isasali ko, pero nakita ko tong black and white na tigre na tinahi ko noong 1999 pa. Marami rin akong na natahi at ito'y aking mga kayamanan. Wala rin akong balak ibenta ang mga ito.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

: Yen's QOTW: #32

1. Have you ever wished you’re someone elses?
- Sometimes I do but I have no choice I am me hahaha. Oh I want to have Eva Longoria's petite body.
2. Can you say one nice thing about a person that you do not like the most? What is that?
- Hmmmm- this is tough, wala siguro hehe, sige na nga "flawless"

3. Finish this sentence. “Sometimes I can be...so -so-so- sungit that even I hated myself for being like that, esp. if I have pms.
4. Finish this sentence. “Compared to my real life self, my Internet persona is.. very resourceful, and patient.
5. Life dishes out pain from time to time. We can never tell. Loss of a loved ones, breakup of a relationship, etc. How do you deal with this pain?- I just cry and let it be!
6. Are you a leader, follower or loner? I can say Im'm both a follower and loner
7. Would you rather blend in with the crowd or stand out?
- With my kind of personality I just rather listen and blend in with the crowd

8. What do you take pride in? You can brag a little, or a lot more. It’s your day! _Hmmm ano nga ba?? I don't have much to brag about in my life maybe just having a complete family although don't have too much wealth but we manage to strive and work hard. Oh my blog earnings and the things i bought with it.
9. When people pop their gum do you find it annoying? NOt really, as long as they would'n do it in front of my face.
10. How often do you complain? Yay, many times hehe coz i easily get irritated hmmp???

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

: My nephew's blog won at Phil. Blog Awards !

Last September 21, 2008 the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards was held at One Esplanade in Manila. Actually I didn't know that my nephew Karlo's blog (PINOYBLOGERO) was among the winners not until his sister told me about it. Of course, being an Aunt I am so proud ..I even saw him in the news just this lunch time. Congrats to all the winners.

Monday, September 22, 2008

: Kahit Isang Saglit: TV Show :

I have been seeing our very own Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo of Malaysia promoting their new Asian Telenovela on ABS-CBN for sometime now but I never really minded them at 1st. It is seldom that I watch telenovelas coz sometimes they are too corny but last Monday (Sept. 15) when KAHIT ISANG SAGLIT aired after Iisa Pa Lamang, I was able to watch and it and I thought this series will be a good one. I have watched it's 1st week and actually I am already glued to it, and last Friday's episode where they finally got more comfortable with each other, it made me smiled and kinda tickled hahaha. Actually it was being aired side by side with Survivor Phils on Ch7 but i opted to watch Kahit Isang Saglit na lang.

Anyway, it was the 1st time that ABS-CBN Channel 2 and Double Vision TV of Malaysia teamed up to give us this new Asian telenovela series that will be aired here in Phils, Malaysia and I think also in Singapore. It was shot here in Phils. and of course in Malaysia loaded with both Pinoys' and Malaysian 's actors/actresses.

Here is the trailer and are you watching the show?

: My Niece’s Upcoming 18th Bday :

My niece Kathleen will turn 18 on Sept. 25 (Thurs.) but we are just having her party on Saturday the 27th. We have been busy preparing for it given that we are just going to hold it at my bro’s place. It was actually just a small party since my niece doesn’t want any dancing or any program. By Friday, they will butcher the pig so that by Saturday morning cooking will begin.

Part of my contribution will be the birthday cake which we ordered at the nearby cake shop, I hope it will turn out nice. I also made a simple invitation and they have already given them yesterday to some of their guests and I made a layout for her tarpaulin that my niece actually liked. Of course I’ll be the official photographer of the event and for sure my compact flash memory card will be full of photos. I can’t wait for Saturday to come and enjoy the party. Oh BTW, we’ll be having a karaoke for everyone to enjoy plus my bro’s friend will play the organ.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

: Drop your Entrecards Here :

There's no doubt that entrecard gave more visitors/traffic to all my blogs and I am thankful for that. It is also where I discover nice blogs around the world that I can't stumble upon while just blog hopping on my own. I have not be so active in dropping my card but if I have time I try to drop and browse some of the blogs.

Oh BTW, i want to thank all bloggers that dropped and buy ads on all of my blogs. I appreciate them all, I may not be able to reciprocate the drop but just to let you know that I do am thankful for that. Ok just in case you want to drop your cards, here are my entrecards which is linked to my blogs you can drop your EC there. Thank you and happy droppin! Happy Weekend as well.!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

: Charice Pempengco sings with Celine Dion !!!!

Celine Dion really fulfilled her promise to Charice to sing with her in her concert at the Madison Square Garden on Sept. 15, 2008. And with the long introduction that Celine made before calling Charice on stage was a clear indication that she really was impressed and her heart really goes with this little 16 yr. old girl that we Filipinos are proud of. Just imagine singing with the popular and with great talent like Celine is a major accomplish for Charice already and I have not known any Pinoy that have than that.

I know Charice will go a long long way as her star still continues to shine especially there in the US. Oprah , Celine and David Foster will not even invite her if they didn't think that she has a talent. Kudos for Charice Pempengco, watching her gave me goosebumps. I know there are lots of Pinoys that watched Celine's show and just hearing the loud claps and cheers is enough to know that people recognizes her awesome humility and talent. It's also amazing bec. Celine let Charice shine on stage singing with all her heart. Go Charice, make us more proud !!!

You can also view updates about Charice Pempengco on Charice's Official website or http://www.charicemania.com/

: Litratong Pinoy: Ginintuan (Gold/Golden)

Hello my ka- Litratong Pinoy!! It's another Thursday and this week's theme is GOLD/GOLDEN and I was really thinking of what to share as my entry when I thought these local gold chocolate coins by Goya. I even asked my sister in law to buy me a pack of this chocolates when they went to the grocery last Sunday.

I don't have a sweet tooth, I can only eat 1 chocolate bar or bite size of it and I'm done. I know there are chocoholics out there that can eat tons of chocs in one sitting.

(Musta mga ka LP! isa na namang Huwebes at ang tema sa lingglong ito ang ginto/or ginintuan at nag isip talaga ako kung ano ang isasali ko kaya naman ng maisip ko ang gintong tskokolate ng Goya ay agad akong nagpabili sa hipag ko. Hindi ako mahilig sa matamis pero alam ko meron mga adik sa pagkain ng tshokolate.)

I have a different entry at my OTHER BLOG .. go see it bec. I love the shots.

: You Don’t Have to be Thin to be Gorgeous

And so I was browsing Oprah’s web page today when this sentence struck my attention. We always see models on the catwalk, ads and other commercials that sometimes they are so skinny which I believe is not very attractive. They look like they have not eaten fro a decade just to fit in the clothes that designers asked them to wear. I also heard that many models developed eating disorders due to this and it’s quite alarming don’t you think so. I am not sure how models trim their weights maybe some don’t eat on time, or some just ate a little while others maybe drink diet pills that they read on diet pill reviews. I think you can be gorgeous even if you are not thin if you can carry yourself well and if you are confident. You can wear clothes that can compliment your asset.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

: Another Artist in the House :

This is my 5 yr-old niece Reign who loves to draw. She started doodling on paper at age of 2 and she never stops hoarding all our scratch papers just to draw anything that she fancies.

She can draw on paper, on the computers using the Paint program, where most kids love and just recently when she saw her dad and uncle painting on a canvass she tried it as well but she need to practice there more.

It was surprising to see her draw on the computer without us teaching her, she just explores it or I think she copies what her older brother was doing and later on she do it herself. I also keep her drawings so that when she grows up we can show her creations. She really loves to draw and there's no doubt that she got her talent from her father who is also a visual artist.

Here are some of her creations. Take a look at the mermaid, she told me it was DYESEBEL, her favorite character on Dyesebel the TV show on Channel 7. I guess next time she can draw a bra for dyesebel hehehe.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

: SURVIVOR Philippines: is it worth watching?

It has been many days now where I saw Paulo Bediones on TV promoting Survivor Phils. and last night (Sept. 15) the much awaited opening of SURVIVOR Phils. was finally aired via GMA Channel 7 after Kim SamSoon. Actually I wasn't able to view the 1st few minutes of it bec. I was flickering the remote from Channel 2 and other channels. That happens when many programs that I like are shown at the same time. I was kinda baffled to know that it was in Talohwow Bay Tarutao National Park in Thailand where they shoot it. I am not sure why they didn't held it here in Phils.

Anyway, 18 castaways will play to win a whoooping P3 million pesos, a great sum of money to be won plus the stature of being the 1st Phil. sole survivor. They have 39 days to outwit themselves physically and mentally just like in other Survivor series that we watched. In the 1st episode, they swam across the beach where contestant's will and endurance were tested. The men and the women where separated into 2 teams Jarakay and Naak camps. The rain didn't stop them from starting the 1st tasks where the men won. The ladies will then have to sleep with the chains still on them and with no shelter. This is another reality TV show that for sure I will watch and follow.

Are you going to watch this show and is this worth watching? Who will be the 1st Phil. sole survivor, ? we'll have to find that out

: Branson Getaways :

Vacation, what a perfect way to treat ourselves and our family. Everyone deserves a little getaway after a year of long hard work and it’s always fun and stress reliever. If you have been to major cities in the US and have been taking for granted Missouri then now is the time to take a tour of this place. Branson, Missouri named as the "Live Music Capital of the World" boasts of many other attractions for families to enjoy.

Aside from music, drama, dance, museums, shopping and other fun activities, one of the popular places to visit are their themed parks. Silver Dollar City has 30 thrilling rides and attractions that you can’t resist. Kids will surely have fun here and a day of fun filled activity will make your vacation worth while. Calendar of events includes the National Harvest Festival that will be from SEPTEMBER 11 till OCTOBER 25, 2008. What makes it more exciting is that you can avail of vacation packages where you can save more. Holidays are coming so planning your vacation here is never too early.

Monday, September 15, 2008

: Preparing for my Niece's Debut Party :

My niece Kathleen will be turning 18 on September 26 and we are having a small birthday party for her on the 27th. She didn't want to have a cotillion or any dancing so i guess it will only be karaoke and eating time. I have already started to layout her birthday invitations and just this morning before she went to school, I asked her to pose for me so I can take photos of her that I will put in the front of her invitation. I also need to layout a design that will be printed in a tarpaulin.

I also accompanied her last Sunday to order a cake for her, oh boy cakes are expensive now adays huh. I told her that we should not spend too much on the cake so we just ordered a 2 layer cake that she designed. It was a chocolate cake with custard fillings, pink and with blue colors plus of white flowers on the sides and a bunch of pink and blue flowers on the top.

After that, we also went at SM to find a simple dress that she will wear. Actually she doesn't want to wear a gown for practical reasons. We weren't able to find a nice one at SM so she and her cousin went to Sta. Lucia where they found a simple pink dress, shoes and necklace that she can wear.

: Laarni Wins Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 :

I watched last Saturday's performance night and actually I was really disappointed about their performances and gosh I don't like their outfits. As usual Miguel sang a very boring song that made me want to sleep that night hahahaha, Liezel is not on top of her performance and she still look stiff and shy. Bugoy gave it all on his dance song, showing off his trademark dance that looks like a bading hahaha but he's got really a good voice but wehn he sang the mellow song he is kinda tired already and his voice is kinda paos na. I didn't like Laarni's song but she sang it quite good. I was expecting a blast performances from them but it was not.

Anyway, last night I was hooked on TV again bec. it was the finals and the awards night that was held in Cuneta astrodome. Fans are rooting for their favorites. I have my own prediction on and rankings and one by the winners are being called. I ws really surprised that Miguel make it to the top 3 (kainis hehehehe). None of my rankings was right, pooooffff..

LAARNI, 1st place,
BUGOY (crowd 's favorite) 2nd,
boring MIGUEL is the 3rd,
LIEZEL was surprised coz she's only 4th,
VAN, 5th he will be a star for sure eventhough he is not in singing, cutie lang eh
CHRIS, 6th

Oh well, i hope Laarni will become a singer for she got the voice. She was crying and very shocked to hear that she is the winner. CONGRATS LAARNI!!!

Make that Wedding Memorable

Weddings one of the most well attended occasions that I know of. It’s always different when you are attending someone’s wedding especially if it so solemn and sacred. For most couples their union is sealed by a priest or minister during wedding ceremony. These days church is the only place where couples wanted to give their vows to each other. Beach or garden weddings are commonly chosen by couples but no matter what destination weddings who choose as long as you will be united as one in the eyes of the Lord.

 Planning a wedding can be a headache since there are many things to consider, the place, food, invitations and lots more and sometimes too much to handle by the couple that sometimes they seek help though a wedding planner or with their relatives/friends. I reckon after the stress and sleepless nights preparing for the BIG DAY, the couple should enjoy themselves in a great honeymoon escapades. There are many honeymoon all inclusive resort packages from Super Club where couples can pay particular attention to. The most popular are the discount vacation packages for the couples since they can save more. I remember watching a beach wedding in a TV show and oh boy it was magical and memorable.

Friday, September 12, 2008

: Pinoy Dream Academy Finals :

I have been religiously watching PDA Season II everyday eventhough it is coming late at about 10:30 pm at ABS-CBN. I have watched it since the beginning and have known each and every dreamer's passion, failures and success over their course inisde the Academy. Actually I never liked some of them and that includes Bunny, Apple, Christian, Miguel and Bea. Although they have strived to become good singers I don't think they are perfect to be named as the Grand Dreamer.

Every Saturday, which is their Gala Night, I always see to it that I will close my store at a much earlier time since the show will start around 8 or 8:30 pm. My favorites are Bugoy (this boy has got talent and voice eventhough he is not that good looking- I hope he is though hehe. Laarni, the fighter and she;s got that voice too although at the beginning I didn't like her bec. of her attitude but she really got talent and last is Liezel, simple, shy yet got a beautful voice and I think she has stepped outof her shell already.

Final Gala Night will be on Sat. Sept.13 and Sept. 14 Grand Finals.. My prediction will be: Grand Star Dreamer, BUGOY, 2nd LAARNI, 3rd LIEZEL, 4th VAN, 5th CHRIS and the kulelat and boring 6th MIGUEL.
Do you watch this show?

: I Can Make Invitations :

Just in case you didn’t know I have a small neighborhood internet café and along with that I make business cards, gift tags and all occasion invitations like Wedding, Birthdays, or Christmas invitations that I can personalized too. It’s not that lucrative business bec. there are plenty of shops around here in our area so customers are kinda distributed unlike before. Other reason also is that anyone can get ready made invitations at the bookstores while others try to make their own. Just in case you can’t make your own, you can order at many shops like I have or you can order online fro your convenience.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

: Would You Eat Here???:

Got a forwarded email this morning and I was kinda shock to see this restaurant serving food in a comfort room like style. I am not sure if this is in China or Japan though. Imagine serving your food placed in a bowl that looks like a sanitary bowl?... awww yuck!

I don't think I can eat my food placed in a thing like that, I'm sure I will loose my appetite and with kind of ambiance it's not conducive for a sumptuous lunch or dinner. Sometimes people are crazy ,very innovative and very adventurous. Would you dare eat there???

Ewww. what was that??? An ice cream that looks like a poo?? hehe
(click pics for bigger view

: Pros and Cons of Buying Used Cars :

About 2 years ago, my aunt and uncle from the US came home for a vacation and before they even got here, he instructed us to buy a second hand car that can serve as their service when they are here. My bro found a Toyota light ace over at Buy and Sell directory and with the money they sent us bro inspected the vehicle and bought it right away. It’s good to buy 2nd hand vehicle since you can buy it of course at a cheaper price, you just need to haggle or look for a good one.

It was working very well, we even used it to go to provinces and other trips, but one day the car just broke down and it was good enough that we drove it to far place bec. there is already a part that is about to split. It is a blessing by the heavens that saved us from harm. Of course mom didn’t want it to be junked so she asked the help of a repair man and they bought auto parts that was needed although it was kinda expensive but at least the car will work in no time. That is one of the cons of buying second hand cars, sometimes you’ll not know that there is a defect when you buy it. Right now, the lite ace is still in use and hopefully my aunt and uncle can use it when they will come back home the next time they will come home.

: I Could Not Get That Money:

Ok I don’t need to elaborate here again on this blog since I have shared it on my bravejournal blog already about the person who owes me money long time ago for he will just make my day bad hhehe. I just let it be, and just let his conscience bother him for doing that to me once, that is if he has a conscience. Anyway, it was many years ago and never in my wildest dream that he’ll pay me back so if only I have debt collection agencies I think I can still get that money even though it is not that much. Gosh if only I can I can teach him a lesson.. Oh dear…

: Charice Pempengo was invited by Celine Dion on her concert!!! :

Wow wow wow!!!! I just learned it over at the news last night and it gave me goosebumps. Charice once again guested on Oprah Winfrey Show last Sept. 9 on Oprah's episode : " “The Most Talented Girl in the World” and she obviously wowed the US audience with her mindblowing performance and powerful voice. Oprah gave her a surprise and she was so shocked to see non other than CELINE DION on screen greeting her and giving her praises.

What makes it more surprising is that when Celine invited her to sing with her on Celine's concert at Madison Square Garden in New York on September 15 and 16, 2008. Charice shed tears when Celine proposed that to her, ahhh I'm teary eyed too boooo..

Here is the part 4 of Charice's guesting at Oprah and watch it to see how our pride Charice sang, smile, cried and got ecstatic upon seeing Celine. Go Charice, we are proud of you!!! You can watch other parts of her guesting at You Tube. EDIT: aww too bad the video is no longer accessible bec. of copyright by Harpo. Inc.

: I Badly Need a New One! :

Seriously, I need new glasses. I have been ranting about how awful and not usable my last glasses were in my last posts and no doubt I badly need a new reading glass that I can use. You see I am in front of my pc for more than 11 or 12 hours each day (except for Sunday) bec. my work requires me to use pc or to be online. There are times when I am having headache bec. I tend to focus more on the screen by going a bit near it.

Not a good thing to do I know but sometimes I am just hard headed. The reason for me not going back to my doctor is that I know he will prescribe new glasses for me and I know it will cost much again. I have to save more for than I guess. I hope I can find great deal on my next sunglasses.

:Typhoon Merce's Fury :

It was raining since yesterday morning and no one has ever predicted that eventhough we have no storm signal here in our province it's might will still wreak havoc here. The rain is continous that led to flooding in the low areas here in our place. At around 1 pm, mom of my pre-school niece called the school if they still have classes but the teacher told that it is already on the discretion of the parents if they wanted to send the kids in school.

By early 2 pm all classes from all levels were dismissed making the parents busy getting their children in school because the rain and flood are increasing. There is also a massive traffic (just like what happened last Monday) in front of my store where I could also see lots of people already getting off the jeepneys and just walk. We are also worried bec. we already know that the floods is getting deeper so I decided to close my store and head home.We passed by flooded streets but we are fortunate that there is a shortcut road going to our house.

At home, I got bored so I just watched the TV all night long till 1 am.. Oh well at least I was able to watch Oprah and Tyra Shows at home hehe. Later in the news, videos of the places with floods and people stranded trying to catch a bus to go home flashed and indeed Merce left many disturbed and uncomfortable. Oh well we just need to accept that typhoons will come and go anyway.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

: What a Perfect Gift :

It was Father's Day in Australia last Sunday (yes they have their own date of Father's Day) and my sister JOYD was thinking on what gift should the kids give to their dad so Sis Joy decided to take photos of the kids, have it developed and put it on a special frame as a gift. I reckon it was sweet, thoughtful and precious gift any father can receive on this special day.

I still miss my nephew and nieces eventhough I flew there to spent summer with them last Jan. till April this year. Just take a look at those sweet smiles that they have, Bianca is starting to love posing for the cam esp. now that her mom got a new DSLR, while Braiden still has those sweet smiling eyes, and Micah still wearing her dancing leotards didn't forget to smile and pose.

: Just Another Finished Payment:

If you have vehicles, it is not strange to you that each year you need to pay for the renewal of the registration and of course the insurance comes with it. Just last month mom already sought the help of the person who does the renewal of our vehicle since all plate number ending in 8 will have to register every August of each year. To keep us from any hassle we just let a friend of my bro to do all the papers works. It’s time consuming to fall in line and do the renewal ourselves so we just pay him a fee for doin that. In many parts of the world vehicle owners have the ability to get online auto insurance quickly and easily just with the click of the mouse saving more time and hassle. Technology really is making our lives better huh.

: It's Hard Being Sick :

I remember I was down with gastro-intestinal ailment few weeks ago that left me a bit weak bed ridden for a whole day. Thankful enough I recovered from that by drinking lots of juice and water with salt to replenish the lost liquids that I have in my body. I thought I will end up in the hospital because it is my very first time in my whole life that I feel so weak.

The worst case happened to my nephew few months ago when a deadly mosquito bit him and he was diagnosed of dengue. At first the doctors can’t seem to find the real ailment of my 11 yr. old nephew but when his parents transferred him to a better hospital with good facilities that is the only time they knew he has dengue. Immediately he was confined in the ICU and my family is so worried that he might not survived it bec. he is already bleeding inside. Such a devastating scenario but with the help of prayers and of course the doctors he survived it. A co-digiscrapper of mine (Aggie) also recuperated from this ailment. Dengue is so deadly that anyone can be killed in just a week of non-treatment.

It is hard being sick these days esp. of the drastic changes in our weather. Problem also arises if you have no money savings to pay for the medicines or hospital bills. Let’s just be cautious and stay healthy. Here is my nephew recuperating from Dengue Fever inside the ICU of Medical City

Monday, September 8, 2008

: I Got Stranded :

Peeping from my store’s glass door, I saw an overcast sky around late afternoon, I knew that rain will come in no time. My store is almost filled with net customers when the rain just dropped and the hot pavement from the street suddenly was soaked with rain waters. It was a never ending rain, the sky pouring heavy rains and started to flood the street leaving people in motorbikes or those without umbrellas wet causing them to take shelter. Along with heavy rains are loud thunderstorms and lightning that made me scared for a while. I did not want to ruin my computer so I decided to shut it down bec. the lights are flickering as well.

There is a brief electric blackout that made all my computer rental pcs to restart (mine was spared) so I decided to tell my customers that I will not allow them to use it bec. of the continues electric fluctuations. Around this time there is already a massive traffic jam in front of my store bec. for sure there is a flood in the low areas of our town.

I closed my store and went home but it took me ages to catch a jeepney. I finally took one but decided to go down just few meters away from our store bec. it is just not moving. It is impossible for me to go home so I decided to go back here at my store where I can just spend the night. I called mom to let her know that I am not going home tonight.

As of this writing (it’s 11:20 pm), there is still traffic jam since it is already flooded. I know there are lots of people who will be blogging about this since I heard that Manila was drenched with rains too. Imagine my niece just got home from school few minutes ago while my nephew just called that he is still stranded in Sta. Lucia bec. it was flooded along the way. Pweeeehhh…. what an inconvenience!

: dNeero-ites want to know! :

I have been a member of dNeero just recently and I find the conversations quite interesting every time I try to look login. here are some questions that I answered which are asked by more dNeero-ites.

Friday, September 5, 2008

: New Header , New Name:

Just went into my head that I need to change the blog header of my scrap and photo blog. I was blog hopping yesterday and I hopped into Tara Dunstan's online shop and that inspired me to do this header of mine. Tara is the designer who made this beautiful kit FUNKY NATURE that she shared over at Funky Playground. I also decided to change that blog's title from Jenny Said So to SCRAPS & SHOTS since I am mostly posting about my digital scrapbooking stuff and digi- photos there. I just love the header that I made and I am itching to use the kit on my scrapping too.

So if you have time take a peek at my blog SCRAPS & SHOTS blog. Thanks!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

: A Meeting with my HighSchool Classmates:

Last Sunday, I wasn't really in the mood to join the meeting of my former highschool classmates but my friend Helen encouraged and bugged me to go. She is good in convincing me so I decided to join na rin. It was actually the meeting for our 25th Silver highschool Reunion next year and a welcome dinner by our classmate who came form abroad.

We ate at Max's resto just very near our place and when reached the place the heavy rains started to pour that is why some came late. We ate a sumptuous meal and right after the meeting proceeded. There are many things that we have discussed and misunderstanding that is ironed out although thoughts and oipinons really differ from one another until today.

Too bad I just learned today from our Yahoo Group mail that the reunion will no longer push through next year bec. organizers backed out and some of our classmates are quarreling over some matters. Argggghhh , I just wished that our reunion will still materialize.

:Don’t let foods just lay on the table w/o cover:

This is probably one of the things that I hate to see, foods just laying on the table without any cover. We all know that food when contaminated will affect our health and will result in many gastro intestinal diseases. There are even houses where flies or moths flying every where in the kitchen so the use of moth traps can help get rid of them and to keep the kitchen safe for any contaminations. Don’t you know that flies and moths can carry deadly diseases and we don’t want that, right? So prevention is still the best to have a cleaner house and environment.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

: It Made My Day!

JennyR gave this award for my blog few days ago and me being busy I forgot to post this then. I have known Jen (may katukayo) for quite some time now and she is also a member of our forum (digiscrapping forum). Thanks Jen, it made me smile and it is nice knowing that you love my blog. I also have blogs that i love and I always read most of the times.

: Change of Plans :

Few months ago while I’m on my Australian vacation my sister who is in Saudi and I have been planning to go to Hongkong Disneyland with some of our relatives. It was originally planned that we will we meeting in HK bec. they thought that they will have a stop over there before flying here in the Phils. for their summer vacation. My bro and his son hurriedly got their passport because of this plans while I have been thinking of flying again from Manila to HK to meet them up.

The plans look so realistic and we are all getting excited esp. the kids when suddenly the plans didn’t pushed through because they got a direct flight back here in Manila in a short notice. Of course we got disappointed bec. it will be our 1st time to go there since it is also an hour or so away from our country. When we all got here in Manila, we didn’t pursued our plans anymore to go there but we all wished we’ll go there in the future. Who knows we might end up going to the US and see the Disney there? In fact, there are plenty of disney world tickets to buy online. I wish my dream to visit Disney World will not just be a dream.

Amazing Race Asia! :

I think you already know that I am a reality Tv show addict by now. I don't know about you but I really love and enjoy watching these kinds of shows over those sometimes corny and not realistic soap operas where the plot is always the same.. Don;t get me wrong I still watch soaps, currently watching Iisa pa lamang hehehe with my mom).

Anyway, on top of my list is the AMAZING RACE and my nerves are jumping every time the contestants are pressuring themselves to finish the task and head over to the next pit stop. It is not only a physical race but mental as well. Your thinking and reasoning powers are really tested here plus your patience as well. I just heard that AMAZING RACE Asia will be coming soon so i have every reason again to look forward to it. I am not sure what channel it will be aired here, i just know it will start on Sept. 11 and every Thurs.. YAy, I can't wait for it to air.

Do you love this show too?

: My bro's birthday!:

It’s my brother’s birthday today, (the 3rd ) he is alredy43 today yay! We just had a small celebration since he is already too old to have a party of a lavish celeb. Instead of cooking something, they just though of ordering outside so it’ll be much easier. They just bought 2 orders or pancit, bread and bottles of coke since money is also tight. Oh well at least he has some food to share in our family. I didn’t give him anything today. If only I am rich I can ask him to pack his bag and go for an overseas vacation. 

Monday, September 1, 2008

: Pinoys Are Crazy Over Christmas !! :

It's the first day of SeptemBER today and look at what Pinoys are talking about already... CHRISTMAS in September!!! Just this morning while watching my 2 favorite morning shows, Unang Hirit of Channel7 and Umagang Kay Ganda of Channel 2, I got my cam and took these photos bec. their theme is already about Christmas.

That is how Pinoys are, as early as today we always think about Christmas and there are poeple who already put their Christmas tree up ( crazy!). They featured Tim Yap's Christmas tree at his house.
Umagang Kay Ganda Host Winnie showing off Christmas trees while Rica and Donita were live in Antipolo tog. with Santa and Mrs. Claus figurines
Drew, host of Unang Hirit live in Pampanga showing the colorful and famous capiz lanterns.

: September Birthdays :

Wow it's a brand new week and brand new month today. Imagine it's September already? Holy cow, time is really running too fast these days and "ber" months means Christmas is coming. Are you ready for the coming Christmas? Hehe I know it is still a bit far but when ber months come we can't erase thinking about it. I woke up early this morning that's why I was able to play badminton again with my sis in law. We haven't played for 2 weeks i guess and we were laughing bec. it's seems that we always miss the ball.

September is also the month for many b-day celebrations in our family, my bro will be celebrating his b-day on the 3rd, Kukay on the 18th, Karlo on the 25th and 18th b-day (debut) of Kathleen on the 26th. We are planning to have a simple birthday party for her since she doesn't like to have the usual cotillion or with dancing. I am still thinking of what gift to give her, maybe i'll ask her if she wants Beautifeel shoes that I found online. Oopps on a second thought she might ask for something too expensive...lol

: MY SCATTERgories starts with J !:

SCATTERGORIES. ..it's harder than it looks! Erase my answers, enter yours, send it on to your friends. *Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following... *They have to be real places, names, things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question;
4 LETTER WORD – Jogging
VEHICLE – Jeepney

TV Show – Just for Laughs!

CITY –Johannesburg


SOMETHING YOU WEAR –Jumper (Australian for jacket)





: Thinking Back :

There are times when memories of my college days become visible in my mind. I have lots of good and bad memories that come with it. Those endless nights of studying till the wee hours of the night, memorizing scientific names of different illnesses or viruses, spontaneous oral recitations by my terror college professors would always stick into my minds. I also remember buying medical supplies in the skirts of Avenida in Manila scouting for petri dishes, testtubes, burners for our laboratory use. I am not sure if portable oxygen concentrator is available at that time since it was too long ago since I graduated. But there are many popular medical supplies stores there where schools and students alike go.

Learning is valuable to everyone and I will cherish all those days until now even though I am not practicing my Medical Technology profession anymore.