Monday, September 8, 2008

: I Got Stranded :

Peeping from my store’s glass door, I saw an overcast sky around late afternoon, I knew that rain will come in no time. My store is almost filled with net customers when the rain just dropped and the hot pavement from the street suddenly was soaked with rain waters. It was a never ending rain, the sky pouring heavy rains and started to flood the street leaving people in motorbikes or those without umbrellas wet causing them to take shelter. Along with heavy rains are loud thunderstorms and lightning that made me scared for a while. I did not want to ruin my computer so I decided to shut it down bec. the lights are flickering as well.

There is a brief electric blackout that made all my computer rental pcs to restart (mine was spared) so I decided to tell my customers that I will not allow them to use it bec. of the continues electric fluctuations. Around this time there is already a massive traffic jam in front of my store bec. for sure there is a flood in the low areas of our town.

I closed my store and went home but it took me ages to catch a jeepney. I finally took one but decided to go down just few meters away from our store bec. it is just not moving. It is impossible for me to go home so I decided to go back here at my store where I can just spend the night. I called mom to let her know that I am not going home tonight.

As of this writing (it’s 11:20 pm), there is still traffic jam since it is already flooded. I know there are lots of people who will be blogging about this since I heard that Manila was drenched with rains too. Imagine my niece just got home from school few minutes ago while my nephew just called that he is still stranded in Sta. Lucia bec. it was flooded along the way. Pweeeehhh…. what an inconvenience!

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