Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Prince Marries His Princess

The world witnessed the "Wedding of the Century" as Prince William marries Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey yesterday. I have to be honest that I’m also glued to watching it on TV from afternoon till evening. Almost all our local channels are showing the wedding Live as it happens. Here is just one of the photos that I took on my TV screen where the wedding is shown at QTV11.IMG_9263 I was in awe while watching the wedding and I just wish that their wedding will last forever as I can see their love through their eyes.

Definitely Need to Eat More

It's been 3-4 months already when I noticed that I've been slowing losing some weight. I was at 97 lbs. way back in 2010 but it went down to 90 lbs. as of today. To be honest, I'm not really happy with the weight that I have now for I look sickly thin, fortunately I'm not that tall so it's making it balance a little bit.

Lately, almost everyone that saw me, asked me why am I getting thin. I just told them that a recent illness and not eating fatty foods or drinking softdrinks made me lose weight and I'm trying to eat more to regain the lost lbs. that I have before. Been trying so hard but still I'm stuck to 90. Women with bigger hips and more fuller than I am made me jealous. I'm not resorting to having myoripped though because I'm positive that I'll bounce back in few more months. If it’s hard to lose weight then it’s definitely hard to gain weight in my case.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Giving Mom a Headache

Mom bought some new water faucets at a nearby home depot because she wanted to change the faucets in the kitchen and in our bathroom. The faucet in the kitchen was successfully installed by our helper but when they are trying to fit the one for the bathroom, one of the plumb just gave in. Water started to flow and they need to close the water coming from the reservoir to stop the spill.


Our helper inspected the area and it turned out that the faucets and plumb already have too much rust and they need to install new one. Oh boy, another expenses on the way. Today, they can’t find a good plumber to do that job right and that’s giving my mom a headache. Unfortunately we have no water in the house for the moment and I’m going to bear until it is fix.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drop Your First Pounds Today: A Beginner’s Guide on Weight Loss

Have you looked at the mirror and noticed how you’ve gained weight over the past months? This happens to most of us and then the decision to start losing weight comes next. It will be the beginning of a challenging journey towards a healthier lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and proper exercise. If you are a newbie in this field, words might sound new to you and could easily create a confusion. Add to that the number of diet plans, workout equipment and routine exercises, each one claiming to be the best and most effective weight to say goodbye to those unwanted fats.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with this aspect should be given an ample amount of information and resources. If you are determined to drop pounds today here are some tips that are perfect for beginners:

1. Pay a visit to your doctor and have a comprehensive physical exam. Most people would immediately jump in to the whole exercise and fitness routines without consulting their physician. This decision could often lead to more problems than solution. A consultation would determine your body’s capabilities with regards to workout regimen.

2. Do not starve yourself or go on a crash diet. Skipping meals is not a healthy way to lose weight. When you go on a starvation mode, the body tends to crave for more food intake and you’ll end up eating more than the normal resulting to weight gain.

3. Eat the right kinds of foods and plan meals ahead of time. Supermarkets and grocery stores offer a number of discount coupons to customers. Use this to your advantage and purchase healthy items such as fruits and vegetables. If you are a busy body gourmet diet meals offered by companies such as Diet to Go and Bistro MD could keep you on track even with a busy schedule because the meals are delivered to you.

4. Set short term and long term goals. Start by setting your goal for the week such as losing at least three pounds or reducing your food intake. These small goals would help you stay motivated and inspired for the whole week. Make a list and write them on a board where you can see it all the time. Your long term goal should include your target weight goal.

5. Sign up for a gym membership. Performing exercises the wrong way is just a waste of time and effort. Beginners are encouraged to join a health club or gym and hire a personal trainer that can provide a step by step guide on how to lose weight the right way. Most gyms offer special discounts to encourage new members to use their facilities, make the most out of this offer and sign up for one.

Read and do your own research. The internet could provide you with valuable information and resource materials that can help in your weight loss plans. You could also find various discount coupons and savings promo code related to diet and weight loss that you can use. Share your thoughts and experiences to other people and at the same time learn from them as well.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

1. A different Holy Week for me
2. Sweet mangoes for lunch and dinner. Yummo!
3. Mom replacing our water faucet with a new style. So happy about this!
4. Old point and shoot cam repaired by bro’s friend w/o charge.
5. Nap in the afternoon.
6. Sophie’s cute eyes.
7. My cute Japan made bike
8. Siomai !
9. E-mail from an old friend
10. New work table at home

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter


Jesus Christ has risen! Let’s all rejoice.

As a tradition, we heard mass this morning together with my whole family. Afterwards, we had a great lunch over at my brother's place. Dishes are sumptuous and everyone enjoyed it. My brother grilled some pork and fish while my sister in law cooked her veggie dish specialty. I marinated some spare ribs and had it cooked in turbo. Ahhhh.. we're all stuffed. Hope you all had a great time with your family as well.

There’s Always Hope

There are many nice documentaries and TV shows shown this Holy Week. Some even touched my heart and left me teary eyed. There are stories about survival, repentance and going back to the Lord. It left me thinking and hoping that someone has also seen their stories and make it as an inspiration. One of the stories that I want to share is about a man who became a drug addict and became a social menace. Robbing and stealing other people's belongings became his past time and one day he found himself even killing people. He turned into a worst person that deserves to be jailed or even deserves a death sentence.

He was jailed but later on converted to became good when one inmate invited him to read the bible inside the jail. God touched him and he even became a pastor. When he was pardoned after so many years, he promised God that he'll serve Him all his life. This touching story can remind us that people can still change and become a better person. So those that have addiction to anything can still be cured, an alcohol or even a xanax detox house is always available to people who needs help.

So for those people who needs help, always believe and think that there’s still hope.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Sacrifice

It's Holy Week and it's the time to reflect about our lives and to muse about the life and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some see it as a week for bonding with their family and to take a long vacation.

As a little sacrifice, I decided to take some time off from my online activities, so last Holy Thursday and Good Friday, I totally didn't open my laptop. It's also busy days for us doing some religious activities.

It's only this morning when I went online for I need to check on some works. I hope you all had a blessed Holy Week. More stories next week.

Must Have Portable Gadgets when Travelling

I love to travel. I love to discover new places and new culture, meet new people and try new adventures. But the truth is, before all of this pleasure is the horrible long haul travel that I have to endure before I can reach my dream destination.

But of course there is always a way to kill time while waiting in the airport or for your bus transfers and the like and that is by bringing with you portable gadgets that can keep you entertained and busy.

Laptop. I love to bring my laptop every time I travel. Since it is loaded with all the software that I need,

• I can use it as my data storage so I don’t have to bring hard copy of my files with me as I travel as they are all stored on my laptop’s Hard disk. I can also easily download pictures from my camera while on the tour and save it to my laptop for storage.
• I can even work while on the road with my laptop. I remember there was one time when I have 4 hours of lay over in an airport and I was able to finish my article about Medifast and Nutrisystem for the diet blog that I am working on.
• I can even watch movies as all laptops come with video software like Media Player.
• I can go online if I found a WiFi spot and read news, connect to my friends in Facebook, chat in Twitter and would you believe that I was even able to do some online shopping while in the airport when I discovered a great coupon code that is so hard to resist.

Mobile Phones. Most phones today are so high tech that you can do more than just text and call. Take for example the iPhone. You can use it to watch videos, listen to your favorite music, and even read your favorite e-book. Most phones is also equipped with WiFi capability so you can even connect online, check emails, post a shout out in Twitter and many more.

Ebook Readers like Kindle. What is nice about Kindle is that it is especially design for e-book reading. The screen is wide and the brightness of the screen is perfect that it won’t give you a headache even if you have been reading for long hours. And even if it is just an e-book that you are reading, it will make you feel that you are really holding and reading a real paper back book.

Picture and Video Cameras. If you are a photo and video enthusiast, you might find your cameras handy as for sure you can find a lot of interesting things that you can use as subject while passing time. And with your laptop on hand, you can download those pictures right away and upload it to those online photo printing site and create your own photo books instantly while waiting in the airport. These sites even offer coupon discounts and savings promo code so you can create photo books at discounted price.

Thanks to technology, we have a lot of portable gadgets that can keep us entertained and pre-occupied while on the road.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Turning 8 Soon

My dear niece is turning 8 this coming May 2 and this year she's not having a birthday party just like last year so I will not be making birthday invites for her. Instead, we'll just have a simple birthday celebration among our family. I’ll order a barbie doll from the local cakeshop which is similar to the picture. I’m sure she’ll love this (actually she saw me posting this and she was so excited!)
image Her mom will also cook spaghetti and some other food that we all can share. Since May 2 falls on a Monday, we’ll just celebrate on 1 day ahead so more of her cousins will come.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Troubleshooting Galore

Last night, I was kinda piqued when my Firefox acted up while I’m reading nationwide insurance review and opening my Yahoo Mail. I don’t know but suddenly I can't read the mail messages but I can open them. An error message appears and it says "CONTENT ENCODING ERROR”. I’ve signed in and out of yahoo and even rebooted my laptop but still it’s the same. I’ve googled it hoping to find a solution but the procedures that some blogs has is too complicated so I didn’t follow it.

Annoyed with it, I just upgraded my Firefox to Firefox 4 so I can get rid of the error and voila it's ok already. Of course I need to change some settings on FF4 and add the echofon (twitterfox) plus some other add-ons that I'm using. It took a while because some as I experienced some minor bugs but it's all fine now.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slow Internet

I wasn't able to work online this morning for I had a very busy day. I did some household chores that I could not out off. Exercising, cleaning the house, giving my dog a bath and cooking lunch can eat a lot of my morning time but I'm happy with what I've accomplished.

It was only now that i get the chance to go online and geez my internet is slow as a turtle. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry or pressed for time then that's when things are acting up. I'm opening my accounts on several companies and it takes time to load and I'm just wishing that my net will work fine later on so i can finish more tasks.