Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drop Your First Pounds Today: A Beginner’s Guide on Weight Loss

Have you looked at the mirror and noticed how you’ve gained weight over the past months? This happens to most of us and then the decision to start losing weight comes next. It will be the beginning of a challenging journey towards a healthier lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and proper exercise. If you are a newbie in this field, words might sound new to you and could easily create a confusion. Add to that the number of diet plans, workout equipment and routine exercises, each one claiming to be the best and most effective weight to say goodbye to those unwanted fats.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with this aspect should be given an ample amount of information and resources. If you are determined to drop pounds today here are some tips that are perfect for beginners:

1. Pay a visit to your doctor and have a comprehensive physical exam. Most people would immediately jump in to the whole exercise and fitness routines without consulting their physician. This decision could often lead to more problems than solution. A consultation would determine your body’s capabilities with regards to workout regimen.

2. Do not starve yourself or go on a crash diet. Skipping meals is not a healthy way to lose weight. When you go on a starvation mode, the body tends to crave for more food intake and you’ll end up eating more than the normal resulting to weight gain.

3. Eat the right kinds of foods and plan meals ahead of time. Supermarkets and grocery stores offer a number of discount coupons to customers. Use this to your advantage and purchase healthy items such as fruits and vegetables. If you are a busy body gourmet diet meals offered by companies such as Diet to Go and Bistro MD could keep you on track even with a busy schedule because the meals are delivered to you.

4. Set short term and long term goals. Start by setting your goal for the week such as losing at least three pounds or reducing your food intake. These small goals would help you stay motivated and inspired for the whole week. Make a list and write them on a board where you can see it all the time. Your long term goal should include your target weight goal.

5. Sign up for a gym membership. Performing exercises the wrong way is just a waste of time and effort. Beginners are encouraged to join a health club or gym and hire a personal trainer that can provide a step by step guide on how to lose weight the right way. Most gyms offer special discounts to encourage new members to use their facilities, make the most out of this offer and sign up for one.

Read and do your own research. The internet could provide you with valuable information and resource materials that can help in your weight loss plans. You could also find various discount coupons and savings promo code related to diet and weight loss that you can use. Share your thoughts and experiences to other people and at the same time learn from them as well.

AbieL is a free lance writer and professional blogger who also blogs about weight loss programs meal delivery plans in a diet blog where she shares Diet to Go discounts and coupons for Bistro MD diet program. Bistro MD is a meal delivery service that caters to people who want to lose weight without compromising on taste and food enjoyment.

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