Wednesday, July 30, 2008

: Birthday Girl :

My niece Micah Jey turned 14 today and we already greeted her over the phone. We spoke to her even for few minutes now since it was a bit expensive (hehe) calling overseas bec. she is in Sydney right now.

She was excited to hear from us as I can sense in her voice and she happily told us that her friends gave her a GHD hair iron straightener hehehe. Actually she has been bugging her mom (my sis JOYD) fro the longest time to buy her that but oh boy that is a bit expensive. And i guess her friends know that she really wants to have it so they chip in money just to buy it and gave it as gift for her.

Oh BTW, her hair is naturally curl, she is just fond of ironing her bangs for a modern look. ahh you know teens these days! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIC-MIC (we use to call her that when she was still a baby)!!!! Be good ha!!

: My Oily T-Zone:

I just hate my T-Zone so much that at my age, I still have zits every now and then in those areas particularly at my chin. I have used some acne cure and cleansing facial wash over the years but they still appear. I have come to realized that my breakouts where due to oily foods that I eat from time to time. It usually comes out if I munch nuts or chocolates or peanut butter, so I am avoiding them sometimes. Right now, my face is still oily, actually I have a combo skin (normal with oily T zone) and I am still having breakouts. Just last week I have a small acne right below my nose.. argghhhh..

: Colorful Tabs: Firefox Add On:

Oh I just so love these colorful tabs from Firefox. It is actually the Colorful Tabs Firefox Add On and is available for FF2 and the new FF3. The nice thing about it is that your tabs will have different cool colors so you will not have hard time seeing your tabs.

There are many add ons from firefox that you can download.

:What's Your Kind of Exercise?

For me it's badminton! Actually I see to it that every morning before I go to work my sis-in-law or my brother and I will play badminton for at least 30 mins. to 1 hour bec. in this way we can have exercise every day. Also good thing is that, we never go to any badminton court bec. we are just playing in front of our house. The street is wide and there are only few vehicles passing so we can play without any hassle and we also saved money. I have no time to go to the gym to try work on a fitness equipment, so playing badminton is good enough for me. At least I exercise everyday to make me a little fit. What about you?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

: Big "G" is updating !!!! :

Holy moly big G is updating these days and I am sure most bloggers (of course including me) are awaiting for the final updates of their page ranks. I have been monitoring my blogs and I will just tell the results once the update is finish already. Right now, I have seen blog's pr with 3 became 2 or 0 while others became higher. Nothing else is new in this blogging world, pr will go up and down!

Anyway, happy weekend everyone.. Be safe !!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

: Rampant Cellphone and Laptop Snatching! :

This is so alarming and disgusting. Snatchers are so ruthless that they snatch cellphones in the blink of an eye while you are using in on the streets, aboard a bus or jeepneys or any public places. I also heard that snatchers even are riding a motorbike and they will stop when they see a prospect using it.. Tsk tsk..tsk.

I noticed another modus operandi that they have done here in my internet cafe. BE AWARE of people soliciting donations bec. they will distract your attention while you are using the internet. They will approach you while you are busy and they can immediately get your cellphones that you put on the table. I always ask the suspicious people soliciting to get out of my store and remind my customers to watch out for their phones.

Also be vigilant when using your laptops on public places, displaying them so much will only attract snatchers. Just last night I saw 2 men were apprehended for stealing laptops bec. of poverty.

: Elephant that can Draw :

I guess many of you have already seen this amazing elephant that can really draw but just in case you haven't you should watch this and for sure you will be amazed how talented this animal is. Actually the elephant can beat me in drawing hehehe. Just imagine the training this elephant must have went through to be able to draw itself. Really amazing, isn't it?

: Chit Chats:

Oh my oh my, how can i finish my works if my messenger and twitter is open.??? It is so tempting to talk to all my ka chikas online and that keeps me distracted. I am talking to Nits right now and we have many things that have shared. I consider her one of my best buddies online bec. she is so generous with all my quiries and she is so helpful and nice. I wish I can meet her one day in person.

: Do You Collect Coins? :

My brother is. He has been collecting memorabilia and that includes old coins, magazines etc. for many years now and he has been enjoying it ever since. I know there is a different feeling when he collects such bec. I am a collector myself (stamps). There’s a site online that I came across and I know that collectors will be excited to know that Cable Shopping Network has many collectibles such as presidential dollar, stamps, sports, coins/models and more to choose from. CSN can also be seen on DirecTV Channel 225 and at Dish Network Channel 217. You can also view their weekly TV offers so you can have an idea what are they offering.

: Friendster Addict :

Oh no NOT me !!!! I do have friendster account but I only open it once in a blue moon. Friendster addicts are my customers here in my net cafe esp. those teenagers. My place is always occupied by teens esp. after their afternoon classes to check on their friendster accounts. The thrill on their faces when they have new messages in their inbox made them come back for more. Not only that they can always upload new photos on their photo gallery and they can keep in touch with their friends around the globe.

I don't think I will be so active in there since I already have couple of blogs to keep. I am just amazed with how many members Friendster has and I am sure they will have more sign ups to come. Do you have a Friendster account too and do you log in there frequently??

: Vehicle Breakdown :

Our other vehicle Toyota Light Ace is being repaired since last weekend bec. my brother found out that there is a broken part at the bottom of it. Scary bec. in any minute the tires will come right off when used in log distance and I hope mom will not pay to much for it’s repair. Sometimes maintaining vehicles is hard especially if your car breakdown in the middle of nowhere and you would always pray that it will not happen to you. Some problems arise if vehicles are not properly maintained and too bad if you need to change your radiators. If that will be the case then can help with that bec. they have Toyota Radiators, Datsun, Chevrolets radiators to name a few, many brands for your trucks, cars or vans.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

: Most Searched Posts in my Blog :

I've noticed lately that I have few posts on my blog that have been searched in yahoo or google many times and this made me happy of course. I guess because of the keywords in it or maybe people need to search something about that topic.

No. 1 will be my FRUIT SALAD RECIPE - most of my visitors came here in the Phils., I am just amazed bec. I guess many wants to make one for their yummy treat. Try googling the keyword "fruit salad recipe" and this post will come 1st on the result. Good eh?!

No.2 is my I GOT MY POST ID post- my post will be 4th when you search POSTAL ID keyword on google.

No. 3 is HAVE YOU TRIED CRAZY CREPES? -the yummy crepes that I once tasted.

No. 4 is my SETTING UP YOUR DOMAIN YOU BOUGHT AT 1AND1 AND BLOGGER AS YOUR HOST, -- I also posted this at my other 2 blogs and they are well searched and viewed too.

: New Header for my Sister :

I made this header for my sister JOYD's blog who is living in Australia for quite a while now and it was only now that I was able to put it on her blog. When I showed this to her one time she immediately liked it. I am sure she will still tweak the colors of the links and other widgets.

Hope you can visit her Blog. THE WAY OF LIFE IN OZ.
Image Hosted by

: Busy, busy, busy :

I am so glad that I have a good day today here at my store. My customers keep coming in and that is very very good for me. I have been assisting my customers on their internet works bec. some don't know how to browse the net with ease. I also have printing jobs and scanning as well. Some days are not like this so I am happy that I am busy with my work around here. I am also busy with my blogs, updating them and kinda tweaking templates too. I also got some few online works that will keep me busy till tomorrow. Right now, I feel I am blessed with the small things that I got today. Thanks Lord!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

: Filipino Bodybuilder Won :

I heard on the news yesterday that our very own Jerick Ternida last Saturday becomes the overall Grand Champion in the Musclemania Universe Bodybuilding championship 2008. The event was held in Los Angeles held in Culver City and many believed that he will be known for this sport. I know he has prepared a lot for the competition and probably taking some bodybuilding supplements to keep his body in shape. Of course to become a winner, discipline has to come with it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

: Feeding the Birds :

I was browsing again all the photos from my OZ vacation and saw these photos. It was at Ikama where we went to see the Light house and the famous Blow Hole. We didn't finish our lunch (fish and chips) when we ate at the park so we fed the birds. One by one they showed up when they saw us throwing food.

Of course I was so excited bec. it is my 1st time that birds come right at me bec. here in Pinas birds are afraid of people hahaha (joke only!!!!)
Image Hosted by

: Do you pack light when you travel? :

Experts say that a traveler should always pack light when traveling but I don't really follow that. When I travel overseas, that is the time when I pack heavy bec. I wanted to bring all the things that I want and might need on my trip. Imagine I have already my check in luggage which I always make it a point to be secured to be locked always (next time I need to buy tsa locks for my luggage), I also have my hand carry back with wheels and my personal bag which is a back pack.

The last time I travel I have my canon DSLR camera on my backpack that makes it heavier. I don’t want to put it on my hand carry bec. I might loose it or something. I guess the next time I travel I will always pack heavy eventhough it is uncomfortable at times.

: Just Play :

Just Play.....

I almost forgot to share this layout that I made last week. This is actually one of my favorites bec. I love the shadowing that I did for this layout, plus I love all the elements esp. the flowers that I bought from Natali Braxton when it was on sale. I also took time with the photo extraction of my niece and I guess I am doing good hehe. Just also love Photoshop CS3 since I switched from PSP8.

: Sunday Malling :

Oh well I never thought that I will be out yesterday bec. I was so busy with my online works. I heard that my nephew and niece where going to a nearby mall (SM) so I hurriedly get my butt of my pc chair, closed the pc and told them that I am going with them. They are actually happy that I will go with them bec. they know I will pay for their fare. I also want to go with them bec. I am craving for a cake since last week.

Anyway, there is a sale at SM going on when we got there, I did not intend to buy anything bec. I don't need any so we just look around. I just tried some shoes bec.there are many nice styles available, I am so happy that I have controlled myself in buying. My nephew and niece went to a bookstore to buy school supplies while I tried to stroll around and just window shop. Argghh there are nice watches that I really love... the good thing is that I don't have enough money to buy one... Hahhhaha great saving for me. A good tip to save : Don't bring enough money so that you will not impluse buying.. hehe

Sunday, July 20, 2008

: Overwhelming Blogs :

I was surfing and blog hopping today and I was so overwhelmed bec. many people have been blogging now all over the world. Pinoys have been blogging to the highest power now esp. when paypal opened their doors for us. The youngest blogger that I came across from 14 yrs. old and wow she is into monetizing her blog too, very clever little girl. I guess she is using her mom or parent's paypal for that.

Anyway, there are many interesting blogs that I came across, some have nice headers too but some have very messy or should I say too much blinkies or widgets that is a sore to the eyes sometimes, others have blogs that load slow maybe due to their server. I also noticed that a lot of SAHM (stay at home moms) are into blogging now and many have been considering of earning some income too via online. I see no reason now why those Marketing for moms consultancy firms have been targeting them. It's fun to see people blog about their life, experiences, tips and I think blogging is here to stay for a long long time..

: So LittleTime :

It's Sunday and I am blogging today, I am suppose to be out giving myself a treat at the mall or somewhere else but I opted to stay here in front of my computer. I have so many things to do online, I want to surf a lot, make my assignments, drop entercard, make a new header, download freebies, make digital scrap and much more but I have so little time to do all of those. It is exhausting at times but I pooofff my life is online every day now. My off line work also needs me to be on my computer so I have no choice but to on my pc. Oh well, before I rant so much here, I better get things done

Saturday, July 19, 2008

: I've Joined the Entrecard Bandwagon :

I have been seeing and hearing about Entercard for quite a while now and I just thought it is just nothing. I started hearing from other bloggers that their traffic increased tremendously so I thought that Entrecard really does help gain more traffic and visitors so I decided to join the bandwagon just yesterday.

I am still reading info on how it works and I reckon I can fully understand it in no time, I bet it is much easier to learn the mechanics of it than to know to study the strategy for international taxes, pheww that topic is hard to digest. Anyway, I am dropping my card since last night and I’ve got few drops as well. Still don’t know how to advertise to other site hehehe.. I bet I still need to read, read and read.

Oh BTW, you can drop your card at my site, just look at the entrecard icon on the right sidebar, ok.

:Photohunt: What is that? :

Our theme at Photohunters this week is WHAT IS THAT?

So here is my entry, this is one of my favorite,shrimp cooked with coconut milk (kakang gata) - which is the juice you get out from shredded coconut.

It is so easy to cook actually,
*just simmer
(don't stir) in low heat the coconut milk until oil comes out of it.
* Put the small shrimps, stir until cook (orange color)
*Put a little bit of salt, continue stirring until it thickens
* Serve with squeezed calamansi with patis (fish sauce) as condiment
*Eat with rice

YUMMY yummy! Does that make you hungry ??? hehe I have another entry at MY OTHER BLOG that is known to Pinoys.

Friday, July 18, 2008

: Reminiscing our Highschool Days :

Helen, a friend of mine way back in High School visited me last Sunday and we had a blast talking and reminiscing our high school days. And look at us playing with her phone cam. She brought the pictures of our 21st reunion for me to see bec. i wasn't able to attend the reunion in 2005 bec. I was out of the country that time.

We also watched the video that they had back then
while eating pizza and I was laughing and was so excited to see my former classmates. I have a hard time recognizing some of them bec. they have changed so much in time. You could really see the changes in them, some are fat/slim, balding already, others stayed sexy, while others stayed single.

And next year after 25 years of graduating (1984) in high school we will have our Silver Homecoming. We don't look we've graduated 25 yrs ago from h-school, right?? Oh well, we are actually preparing for it now so I am pretty excited now. I also made a forum for our batch so that we can keep in touch.

Oh well, gotta go now, just need to do some researching 'coz my nephew is bugging me to make a research about team collaboration software that he needs. You know, aunts are always helpful..phewww!

: Twitter Fox :

I guess you have already know about Twitter and oh boy my co-digiscrappers were twitting away everyday to let us keep in touch on what we aer doing and on latest chika about everything.

It is even very easy and convenient now to see any twitter updates bec. of the Twitter Fox, a firefox plugin that notifies you of any updates on the lower right bottom of your firefox window. In that way you don't need to sign at twitter webby just to read updates from your friends. I think we are overloading Twitter so much with our updates every minute or so hahaha. Just love it !

: Are you a Bookworm? :

I can say that I admire people who love reading books, esp. those that can read from cover to cover in just one sitting bec. sadly I am not a book reader. Pheww, they are really so patient in reading but I know if a book is so interesting to read then perhaps they’d be glued to it. I just know Oprah is one celeb that loves reading and in fact, I saw on her TV show about her book club. Wish I am just as enthusiastic like they are.

I have also teenage nieces (Kath and Micah) who love books and we don’t have a hard time finding gifts for them anymore since books are always a perfect choice to give them. From Harry Potter, Narnia and other novels or classics, they are often enthralled to finish them.
I know when they grow up and become more mature, their taste for books will become varied, who knows one day they will enjoy reading management/business books like that of Dennis Carey, if they do I’ll find it so appealing.

So what about you what books have you finished reading lately? Care to share?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

: BEWARE: Hoax Pay Pal Email !!! :

I got this e-mail few days ago and I knew right away that this is a bogus email bec. Paypal will never send an email without my name on it. (Look at the screenshot). I also have read about this at Paypal's website before so I am already warned so when i saw it i forwarded it to paypal and they said it is a PHISHING mail, wherein they will get your paypal info. That is scary !!

If you have received such e-mail , ignore it or report it as spam or a spoof at paypal, in that way they can track it down. NEVER ever CLICK any link that they have provided. DELETE the e-mail right away. Be safe ok !! Try to open paypal's website on a new browser and read their warnings on their site so that you can protect your paypal earnings.

Image Hosted by

:LP: Berde (Green)

I don't want to miss this week's theme so i just went over my files and look for pics to share. This is just one of my small cactus that I have here. They are miniature ones but look at those long thorns. I bought it only for 3 for P100 and it's already 1 year old and still alive, healthy and green.

(Ayokong d makasali sa linggong ito kaya naghanap ako ng mga litrato sa mga files ko. Ito ay 1 sa mga cactus na nabili ko. Malilit sila pero tignan nyo ang hahaba ng tinik. Nabili ko ito ng 3 P100 at ito ay 1 taon na pero malago at malusog pa ito.)
Image Hosted by
This one is a cute caterpillar crawling in the tree, galing no it is not falling
Image Hosted by

: Domino Tag :

Faye tagged me.. Thanks Faye

Rule: Copy the entire list and add your name at the bottom. And tag at least 5 friends. (But you can tag as many as you like).Note: Please link the blog where you posted the tag We appreciate you linking all your blogs but make sure you post the tag in the blogs too.

Tagging RACE, JOYD, Janice Ng, BUGE, ZANNE, TEYS

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

: Award Time :

Mommy Yen gave this to me. Thanks Yen

Dahil ikaw ay isang sertipikadong blogger, itinuturing kitang matalik kong “KADAMO”

Maraming salamat… :)

Mga Kadamo;

1.)Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey 2.) My Precious Niche 3.) Just Me.. Eds
4.) Eds Mommy Life 5.) ISL Family 6.) Me and Mine 7.) Creative in Me
8.) Little Peanut 9.) For the LOVE of Food10.) Pea in a Pod
11.) This and that 12.) Simply Jen 13.) Jenny Said So
14.) A Slice of Life 15.) YOU

Now, I’m passing this to

Mich, Race, Francine, Jean, Julai, Lutchi

Monday, July 14, 2008

: Weekend Layouts :

I finished 2 layouts last week and I am completely happy about it bec. it is always so nice to be inspired to scrap bec. you can come up with a nice layout. If you haven't tried digital scrapbooking, i guess should try this hobby bec. you can be creative and you can preserve the memories. I am starting a new layout and i hope i will finish it in no time.

You can click on the images to view bigger, for credits and for other layouts.
Birthday Girl

Friday, July 11, 2008

: NAIA 3, opening soon !! :

Wow, finally i heard on the news that the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 3, will soon open later at the end of this month. If you still remember this is the very controversial issue way back 10 years ago and finally I think the issue has been ironed out.

They show footages of the new airport on TV and oh boy it was so huge high tech and world class already. There are many booths now esp. in the immigration section and the facilities and decorations can now be compared to major airports worldwide. It is about time to open it bec. the old airport is so small, ugly and dirty already.

Although the NAIA3 is opening this end of the month, it is open only for domestic flights since it will be a test opening.
Tourists and balikbayans will not be proud of our new airport. I myself could not wait to pack my luggage again and go back to Sydney so I can see the place and experience the service that the new airport will be offering to travelers.

: Friday's Feast 196 :

When was the last time you had your hair cut/trimmed?
- I went to the spa last June 29 to have a hair cut, hair color and hair sap, ahh so relaxing

Name one thing you miss about being a child.
- Playing too much not worrying much about life.

Pick one: butter, margarine, olive oil. I just prefer butter, olive oil is good but it is expensive lol

Main Course

If you could learn another language, which one would you pick, and why? - Hmm may be FRENCH,, bec. if I will go to France I can speak with the locals

Finish this sentence: In 5 years I expect to be… Happy and well contented

Thursday, July 10, 2008

:Such a nightmare :

Owning a house is every couple’s dream of having after they got married. It is but a dream come true if they can build their new family in their new home. It is such a sweet treat especially if you have invested a lot in it with the furniture and other fixtures and Nothing is so precious living in your own home. But have it crossed your mind that one day, there is a possibility that you can lose your valuable home to mortgage companies? Ahhh what a nightmare it will be isn’t it? I know someone who lost their home bec. they were not able to pay, and they are devastated. If they only seek foreclosure help and I reckon they could have saved their house in no time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

: Color Me White :

Have you noticed lately that more and more commercials (print and ads) about whitening products here in the Phils. have mushroomed over the years? From papaya soaps, scrubs, astringents, and even glutathione products have been endorsed by celebrities. People are often lured to buy them so that they can achieve a whiter and fairer skin.

I myself have been guilty of using whitening products at one point in my life where I have desperately tried to make skin look whiter by using those orange papaya soaps and lotions. Funny thing is that one time when I used Block and White lotion, red rashes appeared accompanied by itchiness. I went to my derma doctor and she said i developed an allergy over that product, so i stopped using it.

My Aussie broinlaw even asked me one time why do I need to bleach myself? He said that I have beautiful brown skin so that made me really stop my illusion of being "white".

It is so sad to know that our society dictates that being white is better and beautiful when in fact it can't be measured by the color of our skin. Pinoys strive very hard to become white while those foreigners who are pale and white would do anything to make themselves tan or brwon by baking themselves under the sun thus making themselves prone to skin cancer. Funny isn't it but that's the truth. People will never really get satisfied.

Hey tell me, are you guilty of using whitening products??? What are your thoughts about this?

Monday, July 7, 2008

: Digi- Photography Gallery :

Been taking some shots since i bought my Canon Rebel last year and i thought i'd make a small gallery for the shots whom I thought were nice. I am still learning my way in photography and as a newbie like me i still need to read manuals, books and ask tips form the experts. I hope in no time i can take more better photos. I am also planning of getting a new lens (Canon 18-135mm lens) to better improve the wuality of my photos.

Right now i am still enjoying my nifty 50mm 1/8 lens but still need a wide and a zoom lens. Just some of the shots I took with it.
BeautyNew Beginnings

: Kids nowadays are gamers…

And that includes my 2 nephews. They love to play games in their PSP and sometimes at the net. Their parents allowed them to play at the net gaming shops only on Saturdays but if it is school days there is no way that they can be allowed. Kids are so into gaming these days that sometimes they already don’t know how to play the other games we used to play when we are kids. They even wish they also have game boy or the xbox 360 but hahaha they are unlucky, we can’t give them that. I just wish kids can still play board games or other sport rather than concentrating much on the net games etc.

: I Felt an Earthquake :

I was watching "Sharon" last night at round 830 pm when I noticed that my body was kinda moving or something. I thought I have muscle spasm or whatever but i finally realized it has an earthquake when it lasted for about 3-5 seconds. Only my mom and I felt it while my sister in law and bro never felt it. Perhaps they are so busy with what they are doing. It was about intensity 2 in our area while intensity 4 in our provinces. I am glad that no on is hurt since it is just a slight tremor.

There are rumors from e-mail ongoing about a big 8.1 earthquake that will happen on July 18, PHIVOLCS Chief say that we should NOT believe rumors about it since no one can really predict and say the exact date when an earthquake is going to happen. READ MORE ABOUT IT

: My Wish List :

My List is getting longer and longer as my b-day is nearing. Although it is still in Nov. i am just writing my list so that I will not forget it hehe.

My Wish List:
1. 28-135 mm IS USM Canon Lens
2. New Lowe Pro camera bag
3. New set of stuff (shoes, bags, blouses)
4. New durable printer
5. Silver or gold (two-tone is also ok) ring jewelry
6. Leather strapped watch
7. More opps
8. Good health for me and my family

Saturday, July 5, 2008

: Photohunt:: Pointed :

Image Hosted by
I really took this photo with our theme (pointed) in mind and it was last March when I took a vacation in Sydney. I know the Opera House has been photographed over a million times already but I am happy with what I have come up with this photo. Those are the pointed fence and of course the pointed structure of the Opera.
Image Hosted by
I also took the steps going to the top of the Opera House as per my bro in law's instruction and he took lots of pictures of me in almost all

This one is just near the opera house not quite sure though if that is an old hotel or something hehe. My other entry HERE.
Image Hosted by

Friday, July 4, 2008

: I Need Photography Books :

I am still new at digital photography and I have been reading some tips and tricks online. I got my Canon Rebel last Nov. as a gift for myself on my birthday and I so love my camera. There are times that I just want to click and click it to take photos bec. as they say you need to practice, practice and practice. Sometimes I am having a hard time with the settings and exposure that is why i have underexposed or over exposed shots. I have read the manual that is included in my camera kit but I know these photography books can help me understand setting and my camera more.

I have been reading reviews about these books and they are highly recommended by photographers so I have to get them. I am going drop by National Bookstore tomorrow morning and I will try to find if they are available there.

: Burn Baby Burn :

Wow it's a rainy afternoon here and it looks like it will continue till the night. I've been busy here at my store printing works of my customers, scanning, assisting my customers and right now I am burning 4 DVDs using my ROXIO Easy Media Creator V9 for a client and it's so easy to use. I'm burning personal videos of a seminar a b-day party video. It looks like I will be burning DVD for a while but i can still hop, blog and do something else. It's weekend once again but I still need to open my store till tomorrow. Have a great night or morning to everyone !!

: I love my HP Pavilion Computer :

Bought my baby last year and up to now it has never given me any headaches. The money that I spent buying it was really worth it even though I can buy 2 pc with its price already. There are new models of HP pavilion pc on the market right now with bigger specs and bigger lcd monitors. I wish I’ll have it too but my current one is doing really great and will not hang eventhough I will open multiple browsers and photo editing programs like my Photoshop CS3 and Corel PSP.

I’m into digital scrapbookind and digital photography so I need quite good of pc memory so that it will perform fast. Right now my pc memory is only 2.5 GB but I have plans of upgrading it still. I just love this pc of mine where I do all my works all the time. I wish it will not give up so soon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

: LP: Tatak Pinoy (Pinoy Trademarks) :

It's good to be posting for Litratong Pinoy once again, i have been abasent for quite a while.

Anyway, Have you been to ANTIPOLO??? The famous "Tayo na sa Antipolo" line. We are just about 30 mins. away from the town. Last Mother's day our family went to hear mass at the famous Our Lady of Good Voyage church there and it was also the Maytime festival in Antipolo that is why you can see that decor below.

There are also food stalls (lots of them) and other booth selling native products and delicacies. Oh are you hungry now with that suman? There are also kalamay, and the yummy kasoy.

I remember when i was still small we have this paper mache horse as out toy. This is only a miniature one being sold in one of the stalls there. (Naalala ko pa nung maliit pa ko meron kami nitong kabayo na to na laruan)

Nakapunta na ba ka yo sa Anitpolo? Ang sikat na linyang Tayo na sa Antipolo. Malapit lang kami sa lugar mga 30 minuto lang ang layo. Noong araw ng mga Ina ay doon kami nakinig ng misa at tamang tama naman na Pista kaya maraming dekorasyon doon.

: So, You Are Pregnant! :

You missed your period for many days already and now you are anxious. You bought pregnancy kit and you hurriedly go to the bathroom and tested it with your urine. Boom, it’s positive! You burst into tears upon knowing the result. You have waited for many years to make it happen and now it’s finally here. You just couldn’t believe and to make to make sure you buy another kit with diff. brand and it stays positive. Many thoughts of being a mom now pierced into your mind; wow such a happy feeling and you are elated. You immediately called your husband to give the big news and both of you are happy and excited.

The next thing you know you are already visiting your OB Gyne for a regular check up. This is your 1st time so you’ll do anything to keep it and have a safe pregnancy. Your doctor advises you lots of things to do and prevent during your pregnancy. Just some of the things your OB told you was to watch about your nutrition, exercise and frequent consultations. There are many nice articles on net about Food during pregnancy that you can read and it will certainly help your path so healthy pregnancy. Just remember you are not eating only for yourself now but there’s a little miracle inside of you now.

I know I have not experienced this wonderful gift from the Lord but I saw my sis-in-laws’ journeys to motherhood and they say it is wonderful and rewarding.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

: Me, Moah and Ako :

Like i said at my previous post, I went to the salon last Sunday (finally!) to get a new hair cut, hair color and a hair spa. It was not a major change in my hair since I told the gay hairdresser to just cut 2 inches off my hair. And so he did but he chopped off (layered) the back part which I hate, bec. my hair is too thick, doing so will make my hair more "buhaghag" and thick. Ahh anyway, at least my hair will grow back. I had a relaxing Sunday at the spa but I was sitting in the chair for 3 hours for my treatment.

BTW, the photo is not so clear since it was taken only with a phone cam of my niece. Just playing with the cam one night inside my net cafe and you can see some customers renting there.

Oh can you take a look at my monitor at the back. It's a bit messy right???? hehe Those folders are my recent downloaded freebie kits but soon I will organize my stuff.

Credits: Frame by DOTE Designs and flower by chriscrap

: Dead Tired :

Ahhhhh what a tiring day it was for me yesterday. School days are back again so my customers here in my net cafĂ© were almost students who logged in to do research work, projects and on the side they never fail to view their friendster accounts. There are times that I need to assist them when they don’t know how to click but most of them were already good using the net. I have also printing works and I am glad that my sis in law is also here to help me out with the typing jobs. If I have no time to do so, I call her and she will do it.

It was also hot and humid yesterday it adds up to my tiredness. I just opened the aircon for few hours bec. I am saving electricity since the charge is so high last month. I need to do so or else I will not earn. Anyway, it was around 9 pm when I went home, feeling exhausted and hungry and all I think about was soaking in a warm bath and dreaming I am in a vacation either in Autralia again or one of those Caribbean cruises. It’s not bad to dream isn’t it? Another day today so I hope I will not be exhausted again.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

: Digi-Scrapping Layouts :

Taronga Zoo
Click Images to view bigger, for credits and for more layouts

Here are the 2 new layouts that I made last week. Actually I am making an album for myself and I will have it printed maybe 8x8 or 12x12 inches depending on the album that I can see available. Now that I am back into digital scrapbooking, i am once again hoarding some freebie stuff from great designers out there. One of my co-bebots (pinay digiscrapper) JACQ is also into designing now adays and she has been makign kits and papers for free to download.

I also bought a sale kit from Little Dreamer designs for only $1 and I already used the elements in 2nd layout here. It looks like that my computer will be loaded with tons of files and I am lucky that I have 2.5 GB ram of memory so i don't worry if my pc will crash even though i open my Photoshop CS3 and other programs when doing some layouts. I just need to get an external HD if my disc is too loaded already.

: Movie Addict :

Nope not me but my bro, niece and nephew. They never fail to watch any movie that has been currently released, in fact, when they know it is a big hit they’d see the movie on theater bec. they say the experience and the quality is different. They also love to watch movies on DVDs and how’d I wish we have hi-tech home theater with nice home theater carpet and accessories so that they will enjoy watching movies even more. With that I reckon they will always stay at home to watch movies with friends.