Friday, October 29, 2010

All for her Kids’ Welfare

My hat is off to my bestfriend for she’s been working real hard all this years. She actually quits her 9-5 job last year to fully concentrate on her role of being a mom, wife and a work-at-home mom. Before she did that, she prayed for it and finally she made a big decision in her life and with the way that I’m seeing it, she made a great decision.

Now she has full time for her 3 kids, attending all their needs and even at their school activities. My friend Race is just too occupied with them but she’s still accomplishing all her online works even though it needs her to sleep late already.

I’m sure she’s doing it all for her family’s sake and hoping that she’ll save enough for them for their future. Providing for her family is on top of her list and if she’s quite of with her finances, I’m sure she also wants to venture into business, a small store in the house or maybe a gold coins or bullion are some of her options. I’m wishing her all the best and in the end, I have no doubts that she’ll be reaping good fortune.

Intermittent Net Connection

Holy moly, my net is crawling like a turtle since yesterday. I can't even open some websites and blogs that I need.

Looks like I'm having another intermittent connection and it's slowing me down. I also learned taht my bestfriend is experiencing the same connection as we both have the same SMART bro as our Internet service provider. The worst is that we have online works that we are working on and it would not allow us to access our dashboard.

I hope the next connection will be ok again during the weekend.

Another Blog Contest at

Friend Faye, is holding another contest at her blog and I'm excited as again. I didn't win the 1st contest and keeping my fingers crossed on this because I love that Fossil watch. The Contest ends on December 18, 2010, so hurry you can still join. Check out for the mechanics HERE.

Prizes are:
1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Message From God

On this day of your life, Jen, we believe God wants you to know ... that if you relax, it comes. Don't seek, don't search, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand - relax. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, God shows you the way.
Ok... it's my time to relax. Thank you God.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surfing and Blog Hopping

Thank goodness, I had the chance to do some blog hopping and surfing today. I’m about to finish some of my works so I need some break a little bit. I already went to some digital scrapbooking shops and there are some nice for commercial use elements but I opted not to buy because they are not on sale. Maybe if there’s a sale come Black Friday shopping then I guess I have to snag some of them.

I also was scouring for some bags online and as usual, I’m itching to buy another leather bag as a birthday gift for myself. Unfortunately, I could not find a design at Coach and ColeHaan that will suit my taste. I also hopped at my friend’s blog and it’s a delight to read some of their updates. 

Wishing I can finish some of my workload tonight so that by tomorrow I have time to design kit and surf for more.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Long Weekend/ Barangay Elections Day

Today, is a holiday in our side of the world as today is Barangay Elections day. Voting precincts are already open since 7 am this morning and pretty sure voters will flock as the voting ends till 3 pm. I have to admit that this is the very first time that I will not vote ever since I became a voter. I’m not just well inspired and informed of whom to vote so I’ll just skip this year.

The kids are also enjoying their day off from school once again and I could hear my niece and nephew at the other door playing and sometimes fighting with each other. That’s only the worst thing when there’s no school, kids play and fight afterwards. My SIL also took this chance to go online since she’s too busy with work as a chemistry teacher in highshool. 

Long weekends means more bonding times with the family for some, but for me, I see it as just one of the ordinary days where I usually work full time.

Black Friday Shopping

Friends over twitter are already gearing up to shop this coming Black Friday and for sure, they are readying their shopping list once again. Last year, they scored big deals on home items, clothing and just about anything courtesy of our friend who’s in the US. All of the shopped items are placed in a big box and sent when it was full already.

My friends are excited to shop for their kids for a lot of stores are giving big discounts, not just 50% off but more on all items. I can just imagine all the massive people lining on stores just to get huge discounts.

If the price of gold will be slashed at half the price, there’s no doubt that my friends and I would even buy gold as an investment. If that will happen, we can sell them at higher price and we can earn big profits. I hope that the US Gold Bureau will mark their prices come Black Friday as well but I doubt it. Just wish that I could shop on Black Friday as well.

Working Overtime

So I stayed up late last night, I think it was about 1:30 am when I fell asleep. I was so sluggish and achy yesterday to finish some works so I end up starting to work only after 9 pm. With my desire to finish some tasks I kept myself awake by eating a salty junkfood and chocolate cookies and I guess that helped a little bit.

Today, I intend of just staying at home to work and voting for the barangay elections is not my priority. I just need to work on some opps and will try to read one of the xenadrine ultra reviews that might help anyone who wants an appetite suppressants. I know that there are many, particularly women who wanted to lose some weight and that review might help them.

Anyway, I’m keeping positive thoughts today and hoping that this will be a productive day for me and the rest of my blogging friends who are also trying to beat the deadline. I also wish that I will not stay up late once again tonight.

Sunday Thoughts

Wow it’s the time of the month once again when I feel so sluggish and bit difficult. Blame it on my jumbled hormones that keep my mood in a different way. I know a lot of women are experiencing what I’m feeling right now. Today, I spent the day quite busy with housework and church time in the morning. Had lunch with my family at my older brother’s house and as usual, my net café computers where all occupied not with my customers (bec. it’s closed) but with my siblings, nieces and nephews. Actually, it has become their routine to use them freely on Sundays.

I wasn’t able to work on some of my online tasks for I feel ill that I have to go home early in the afternoon. I was only able to get back to work around 9 pm after taking a nap for an hour. At dinnertime, I tried to eat more as I want to gain more weight, so looking for the best diet pills for women online is not my priority these days as I don’t need it. I’m just not really happy with the way I look now.

Anyway, I think I need to stay awake a little bit tonight for I intend to lessen the load of work that I have. Looks like that I’m going to stay the whole day at home once again tomorrow so I may not be able to vote for the barangay elections.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Shoutout

I always login in at my Facebook account everyday to keep me abreast with what’s going on with my friend's lives and on some news of the companies that I’m following. I’ve been noticing a shout out of my friend almost everyday as she seems to be worried already with the way she is eating after giving birth few months ago.

I know she wanted to shed the extra weight that she has during her pregnancy but she can’t seem to fight her big appetite right now. After reading her shoutout for today made me chuckle a little bit as she wants to take natural appetite suppressants to stop her love for food. But for me, I don’t think she needs that yet since she’s still sexy even after giving birth.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It's time to share of my Wednesday Happy Thoughts.

1. Super Typhoon Juan already went out of the country but it left some dead and many properties damaged.
2. Sweet beans for my snack.
3. Online works pouring in.
4. Mr. Sun shining outside.
5. I found some fat burning exercises at Youtube where I sometimes follow before I go to work. I really need to be mobile because I noticed that I'm having a sedentary lifestyle already.
6. Online friends who are very helpful.
7. A text message from a friend whom I have not talked to for a long time.
8. Atis fruits that we harvested at one of our tree in our backyard.
9. Mom celebrated her 78th birthday last Monday
10. Talked to my sis Joy and niece Bianca in Sydney via phone

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Look at TV Commercial Production

There are times I found myself hating commercials on TV most especially when my favorite show is airing. They are interrupting my exciting while watching the show but I have come to realize that every show needs them as sponsors. Anyway, there are quite a lot of TV commercials that are just so engaging and can really catch viewer’s attention and I reckon that is what every commercial wants to achieve.

I’ve also noticed that commercials have revolutionized as well. More 3D graphics and post production visual effects are being used to attract more attention to the consumers. I think that’s a great way to go. The video that you’ll find below is a commercial that I found and it was made by Go 2 Productions. Go 2 Productions, is a TV commercial production company that offers various services aside from tv commercials. They also specializes in web video production, 3D modelling, animation, voice over, motion graphics and whole lot more.

I guess the next time I see a commercial; I’ll be able to see it differently. I know a lot of hard work, skills, artisan-ship and dedication are put in it just to be able to come up with that commercial. Here’s just one of the many commercials that uses 3D animation.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Split Testing Theory: The Secret of Internet Marketing

There’s no doubt that we’ve come to this age where the Internet plays a great role in our lives. It has been a medium for many of us to read mails, to communicate, go shopping, pay bills and lots more. It has brought so much good conveniences for all us and I’m just so thankful for its existence.

The Internet has also revolutionized the way many business owners deal with their products and services. It serves as a great ground to advertise their products and to sell online thereby making more profits than before. However, being successful online is not an overnight thing, every owner should read, research, and do split testing. According to an online marketing expert, the Split Testing method is an important tool for any online marketing campaign and it has helped him with his own online businesses.

It is done by creating 2 different pages (ad pages) say different headers/colors etc. for your campaign for you to test, send visitors to each web pages and at the end of the day, compare the results and see which page comes up with more profits or sales. Once you see the page that gives the best result, you in turn remove the other page, create another ad, and see if it can beat the other previous page that gives best result. It is done multiple times or until you’re satisfied with the end profit.

By following this split testing, your chances of improving your income will be possible. Williams even noted that Internet entrepreneurs should not just rely on their instincts but they need to be aggressive in testing and finding ways to know what consumers really want.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

Wow, it's been a week since my last post here. I'm not that busy on online works this week so I had a lot of time digi-designing. Just in case you didn't know I design digi-scrapping kits for artscow where I offer it free for 2 weeks and then later on I sell it there.

I was able to focus on some other offline stuff and it's quite refreshing to do things that I don't always do. I also had the chance to go out and shop for gifts and for myself but I intend of go shopping once again soon.

With Facebook always available, I was also able to talk to some of my friends way back in college and we talked about their career and jobs in health care industry since some became doctors (with different specialty) and others still work as Medical Technologist in hospitals or laboratories. I just hope to find my other friends in college that I have not seen after graduating 2 decades ago.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally Fix

Can you imagine we have no land line phone for over 1 month? It was on August 26 when our phone service at my store suddenly was cut off. Our machine has no dial tone and when you dial the number it will just ring and anyone who's calling will be irked because they thought that we're not answering the phone. I called PLDT service numbers many times and my mom even visited their office to follow on our request for repair. It seems that our line was badly hit by an upgrade that they are doing.

It was only last Oct. 2 when I was shocked to hear it ring. A PLDT line man was on the line and told me that it was repair already. Thank God after 5 weeks of no phone, finally it is fix already.

Another good news is that my point and shoot digital camera was fix as well this week. My brother took my Canon p&s in Quiapo at one of the stores that sells and repairs all kinds of cameras and after waiting for hours it's done. There's a lens error and we can't use it that's why we have no choice to bring it to the repair shop. Since it's already 3 yrs. old there's no more warranty at the Canon center. We only paid P1,700.00 compared to the P2,500 estimate at Canon service center.

Now, I can use my p&s digi cam when I'm too lazy to bring out my bulky DLSR cam.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It's time to share of my Wednesday Happy Thoughts.

1. Caching caching goes to my paypal.
2. Jollibee hamburger with cheese for snack.
3. Sweet and Spicy chicken that I cooked for lunch
4. Gatorade for added energy
5. Digital Scrapbook designing. My mojo is overflowing today and I'm too inspired to make some graphic designs
6. My dog Sophie who became my constant companion here in the house
7. Artscow orders as gifts for friends
8. Armani watch... can't wait for it to arrive
9. Works still coming in
10. Facebook and Twitter to keep me sane

Monday, October 4, 2010

Latex mattress / Foam mattresses for Sounder Sleep

Sleep is very important to me and as much as possible I need 7-8 hours of full sleep so I can feel fully recharged and energized the next day. Sometimes with my work schedules where I need to extend my working hours until 1 am, I’m not able to get that ample amount of good sleep. When that happens, I see to it that I’ll take a nap in the afternoon or sleep early that day. Lack of sleep will definitely make me sluggish.

Lately, I’ve noticed some back and neck pains when I get up in the morning and I guess my old mattress and pillows are the culprits. I’ve wanted to replace it but I need to find out if I’m still going to get a mattress with spring on it or the latex mattress and those memory foam mattresses that I often see online and the home depot stores.

I learned that latex mattress and the memory foam mattress conform to the contour of our body; it can provide orthopedic support and relief pressure when we’re on bed. Though they can cost a little more than the ordinary, it’s durable and resilient plus it’ll reduce our toss and turn while sleeping. With that info that I learned, I guess I can opt to buy one of those king mattresses either made of foam or latex for a sounder sleep.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Itching to Shop!

Lately, I’ve been itching to shop. Haven’t been to the malls for months now because work schedule has been hectic these fast few days. I actually bought a new watch from a friend who sells stuff but still I want more items to buy. I guess I can already feel the mood to shop since my birthday is coming next month already where I usually splurge and give myself a treat.

Since the holidays are also coming, more shops will have sale items, I have every reason to think about shopping. I know that when spending season is over, I have to work hard once again and even think about new investment like buying of gold coins or other precious metals. In the meantime, I want to indulge in something that I love and wanting to have for a long time. Is iPhone will be mine this year already? Let’s see.

Yay, I can’t wait to shop more!

Time isTicking

I can hear the clock goes tick. tick.tick right now and I'm getting hurried up. I have some couple of works that is due in few more minutes and I have to stretch my brain a little bit (hehe) so I can beat the deadline. It's not always easy for me to think when I'm under pressure but I'll try my best.

The reason why I'm kinda hurry right now is that I have no net last night at home due to loud thunderstorm and heavy rains. I guess it must have affected my ISP server once again. I hope the service will be back soon so I will not experiencing this speed blogging once again. I just hope I can finish them right on time.

From 100 to 92

.. I'm talking about my weight. Last December, I've reached my heaviest so far at 100 lbs. and just this morning when I weighed myself, I was only 92 lbs.! Oh gosh I'm slowly losing weight and with that result I don't think I'll even ask "does phentermine work?". Actually I'm not trying to lose weight but nature has it's own way of removing weight on my body.

I'm not happy about it because my ideal weight is around 95-96 lbs. Right now, I really have to gain more pounds and I'll be happier and I just hope I'll have more courage to go to the doctor to find out what's happening with my stomach problems that I'm having these couple of months already.

There’s Money on Old Stuff

General cleaning in our house was always done before Christmas to make room for all the new stuff that we’ll be buying and receiving. Old clothes, shoes, bags, kitchen utensils etc. that will not be use anymore are separated and saved, while others will be given to charity. What makes it exciting is that, surprisingly others are still buying some of the old stuff that we think are useless anymore, that only shows that ‘One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure’.

It was usually every end of November when we gather all our stuff and open our gates for a yearly garage sale. We patiently organize by item and display all our old stuff so that people can choose properly. Our neighborhood already knows that we do that every year so they usually flock at our place to see what they can buy. I hope the next time we do our general cleaning come this November, we can unearth some gold coins
in our grandma or grand dad’s treasure chest. If that happens, then we hit the jackpot!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Keeping a Food Journal

For those people that are dealing with overweight issues, they are for sure faced with lots of problems. Not just discrimination from people who can’t understand their situation but they are very vulnerable to many health problems like heart problems etc. Aside from that, the humiliation, social stigma and the lost of self-confidence are generally heartbreaking for those that are having weight issues.

If you’re determined in conquering your weight loss problem, you need to set a goal and instill in your mind that it can be a long journey but worth the ride. Start by watching what you eat. Find the right diet plan, use the online calorie counter and calculator that can help you learn and jot down the calories that each food has. Upon knowing how many calories to burn, you need to start an exercise routine by finding workout routines. All these tools can be found for free at FitClick.

Also, keep a food journal, in that way, you can track what you eat and it can help you in your weight loss. You can use a small notebook or use the available online food journal if you want. Keeping a journal can increase your chances of losing weight for you can control your food intake.