Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally Fix

Can you imagine we have no land line phone for over 1 month? It was on August 26 when our phone service at my store suddenly was cut off. Our machine has no dial tone and when you dial the number it will just ring and anyone who's calling will be irked because they thought that we're not answering the phone. I called PLDT service numbers many times and my mom even visited their office to follow on our request for repair. It seems that our line was badly hit by an upgrade that they are doing.

It was only last Oct. 2 when I was shocked to hear it ring. A PLDT line man was on the line and told me that it was repair already. Thank God after 5 weeks of no phone, finally it is fix already.

Another good news is that my point and shoot digital camera was fix as well this week. My brother took my Canon p&s in Quiapo at one of the stores that sells and repairs all kinds of cameras and after waiting for hours it's done. There's a lens error and we can't use it that's why we have no choice to bring it to the repair shop. Since it's already 3 yrs. old there's no more warranty at the Canon center. We only paid P1,700.00 compared to the P2,500 estimate at Canon service center.

Now, I can use my p&s digi cam when I'm too lazy to bring out my bulky DLSR cam.

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