Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011!


Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings that we all received this year.

This is my last post for 2010!

Replica Watches - Precise Duplicates of Genuine Swiss Watches

Precise imitations of original Swiss watches are called replica watches. As a rule, replica watches almost do not differ from original Swiss watches. Production of precise duplicates of original watches requires serious expenses, that is why replica watches often turn out to be much more expensive, than people expect. However, they are really much cheaper than originals.

A high quality replica watch must have absolutely the same look as a genuine timepiece. This implies that those parts that are polished in the original watch must be polished in the replica, all the brushed parts also must coincide.

What to materials, these sometimes coincide, sometimes not. Most replica watches are not made of gold or platinum, instead, these are made of other, cheaper materials. Instead of diamonds and other gemstones, replica watches are decorated with gem imitations. However, manufacturers of replica watches do their best to make replicas maximum similar to originals.
A high quality replica watch must have all the markers and engravings of the original.

In general, a high quality replica watch is almost undistinguishable from an original Swiss watch, at least, only a professional can define what watch is original and which one is replica. Usually, this is possible only after the specialist opens the case and has a close look to the movement of the watch. Thus you can buy a replica watch and no one will understand that your watch is an imitation watch, but not an original one.

Keep in mind, that replica watches differ by quality. A low quality replica watch can be easily distinguished from the genuine watch. Low quality replica watches are much cheaper than originals, but they are not worth buying. They do differ from originals and also these are very likely to turn out to be of very bad quality. Find a reliable replica watch store, buy a high quality replica watch and enjoy wearing a stylish and a very accurate watch!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Fun-Filled Christmas

Hey everyone I hope you all had a great Christmas with your family and friends!

Here's what we did last Christmas. My brother and nephew bought some food (pizza, chicken, cake etc) for our Noche Buena as we don't usually cook then around 8pm we had our dinner. At 10 pm we heard mass then ate again our Noche Buena.
I slept late already at around 1:30 am as we had long chat with my family. It was Christmas day when my niece and nephew opened their gifts that they got from Santa. Other kids are knocking at our doors by early morning asking for Christmas presents..

My nieces and nephews went to their godparents to greet them Merry Christmas and to receive gifts as well. My godchildren and kids of my relatives also came in batches and in turn they got presents from me (gifts or money). The kids enjoyed the "manuhan" as they got lots of presents and money.

We had a sumptuous lunch that was cooked by my SIL. We had no karaoke used this year but still we had fun. After lunch, we all went to our relatives to give and receive gifts. It's our tradition to do that every Christmas day.

By nighttime, we all gather at my brother's place for opening of gifts. It was so fun eventhough our gifts are just simple but given with love.

Merry Christmas all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turned 21

Parties are left and right these days as Christmas is fast approaching. Just about a week ago, I went to a birthday party of the son of my friend. Her son turned 21 years old and he looks so young at his age. He already graduated from college and my friend is so proud of her son as he has no vice like drinking. He is just fond of playing games at the computer.

We stayed for a while at the party and we had a long chat. It's always nice to get together with my highschool friends as we can also bring back all the fun memories while we're in highschool.

Appliance Shopping

It was about 2 weeks ago when I told my mom that we're going to shop for appliances. Mom was so happy upon hearing that because finally her wishes will come to reality already. It was one Saturday afternoon when I asked mom to accompany me to the nearest appliance center but the 1st store had no stock at that time so we went to Abenson.

We bought new 6 cuft. Kelvinator refrigerator , Sharp 7.5 kg washing machine, and 3 electric fans. Mom didn't thought that I'll buy all of them at once so she was kinda surprised when I asked her to pick a style or a brand. At least we have replaced old ref already and the "noisy" washing machine and electric fans that we had. I'm sure it'll take few more years before I'll buy a new one again.

If my budget is still enough, I wish we had bought some beds for my brother but it'll be my project for next year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Something to Think About

If there is one thing in my mind today aside from shopping and the holidays then that would be another business that I want to venture in the future. You see, the net cafĂ© that I have these days is not that lucrative anymore since most people already own their computers and have internet access. Though I have my work online, it’s still good if I have a small business in our area.

I’m not sure what kind of business would I like but there are so many options. I just need to find out what I really love to do and what is profitable. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

iPad in my Dreams

Gadgets keep sprouting at the market every now and then and it can be an advantage for consumers as they have so much options to choose from. The recent hype about iPhone, iPod, and iPad made me wish I have any of these but since I'm not into those stuff so I'm not really so excited and eager to buy them asap.

For techie and on the go people, getting an iPad with an ipad warranty is something that they can't miss to buy. For now, iPad will just be in my dreams.

Things to Do Before the Year Ends

I dunno but this Christmas is making me feel like so much excited that it makes me just want to go shopping, shopping and shopping and do other stuff.

Here are some of the things that I need to accomplish before Christmas or before the year ends.
1. Plan the birthday party of my bestfriend that will be at our house this coming Friday.
2. Buy more stuff at the mall. Actually, I was at the mall last night but too much people hinder me from going around more.
3. Check out the insurance quotes online that we need for our vehicle.
4. Order some cakes and baked goodies at the nearby bakery.
5. Wrap all the presents for Christmas.
6. Clean out my closet and purge all the things that I don't want to use anymore. I'll give some away while some will be sold at our garage sale.
7. Bring my dog Sophie to her vet for injections.
8. Buy Sophie a suit for Christmas. yey!
9. Visit my dentist and doctor.
10. Contact my college friends for get together.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Slowly Drifting to Holiday Mode

Wow, Christmas is really here and I can feel it. The weather has changed as well, it’s pretty cold now in the early morning and I’m already having a hard time getting up. Even during the day, there's a cool breeze that's passing by. In fact, I have chapped lips already and been putting petroleum jelly or chapstick the whole day to prevent it from further drying.

I’m also slowly drifting to holiday and shopping mode. It’s also nice to relax and unwind in one of those warm
soaking tubs like Jacuzzi. I’m just trying to finish some works and hopefully get lots of rest this weekend.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Her Secret Locker

It was about 2 or three years ago when my aunt discovered a secret locker of my grandma who passed away many years ago. Aunt and other helpers are trying to clean and going to renovate the place that she left when they found this small box. Aunt opened the bag and it contains some of her precious items like pictures, old coins and letters. It would have been nice to find gold coins in the box for we know that it’s very valuable piece of metal up until today. Anyone can have it as a collection or as an investment as there are people who buy gold coins at some traders or at sellers online like at US Gold Bureau.

Even though we have not found gold treasures at my grandma’s belongings, what they have discovered was something more valuable that we can always cherish and are worth preserving.

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft the First Time Around

Written by

With thousands of consumers falling victim to identity theft each month, most likely someone within your own neighborhood where you live is currently a victim. With such close-to-home statistics, consumers need to be more proactive in the way they protect themselves from identity theft. Though there is no 100 percent guarantee that taking these precautions will protect you forever, they will certainly lower your chances that you will join your neighbor in the identity theft recovery process.

Destroy Documents – If it cannot be emphasized enough, a person should always destroy any documents that have their personal information on it. This could be general mail, receipts, statements, etc. Tear it up, shred it, or file it away to throw away at a document disposal company. Never leave receipts behind at restaurants, gas stations, etc. Take them with you and destroy them at home.

Safeguard Your Mail – Your mail contains everything an identity thieve needs to commit identity fraud. Therefore it is extremely important that a consumer know how to protect their mail. Always mail your outgoing bills from the post office directly and never allow your mail to sit overnight in your mailbox. If you are going out of town, place a hold on your mail until you are back.

Protect Your Social Security Number – A consumer should never give out their social security number unless absolutely necessary. Never use your social security number as a means of identification for school ids, medical insurance, etc. When you apply for a job, do not give out your social until you are actually hired.

Protect Your Credit and Debit Cards – Never store or give out your credit card or debit card information on websites or to companies you do not know. There are a lot of online shopping companies that will store your credit card information, but you will want to ensure that you protect yourself against a potential hacker stealing this information by not storing it there to begin with.

Ask Whom You Are Speaking With – In the event a company or individual calls asking to verify personal information, request that you call them back. If they are a legitimate company you should be able to call the number directly and get a hold of that individual again.

Monitor, Monitor, Monitor – It cannot be stressed enough by the Federal Trade Commission, but consumers need to monitor their account statements and credit reports to ensure that they have not fallen victim to identity theft. Scrutinize every statement and report and ensure that there are no new accounts, changes or charges that you cannot assure you did yourself.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Having a Good Night Sleep

We all know that we need to have 8 hours of sleep each day to be feel recharged but for some, sleeping for many hours is very difficult for them. It's pretty hard if you can't fall as sleep at night, tossing and turning just to get some sleeps. Some opted to even find what sleeping pills that work if they are already desperate. You need to consult your doctor if you have difficulty in sleeping.

Always make sure that your bedroom is very conducive to sleeping. You can put dim lights and comfortable bedsheets. Others find it helpful to read in bed while others drink milk.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exchange Links

When I started this blog in 2007, I was busy exchanging links with other bloggers so that others can visit my blog. In turn, I can receive back links and traffic and it's good for my blog. Right now, since I'm also busy and my blog is kinda "established" already, I don't exchange links anymore. There are still who wanted to exchange some links but I just ignore it, i'll only accept if you'll pay me for your link hehe..

For those that wanted to exchange links, there are so many ways to do that. You can submit your blogs to web directories, join forums or sign up for link sites. For me, I don't exchange links any more.

Free HP 3-in Printer from Smart

I've been a Smart Bro customer for 3 years now. Over all, I'm pleased with the service and the Internet connection that they have eventhough there are times that the connection is slow or out of service. I know that net connections can be downtime at time most especially when there's typhoon or they are having some adjustments or upgrading.

As part of their promo, they are giving away cellphones, prepaid plug it net connection, and printers if you renew your contract with them. I availed the promo and I got a free HP 3-1 printer with scanning software in it and that means I'm tied with their service for another 2 years again but that is ok. R

ight now, I'm already using the printer and the scanner as an added service here at my store.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please: Don't Drink and Drive

Driving while intoxicated can be a dangerous thing to do as a lot of accidents can happen to you. You only not put yourself vulnerable to being harmed but those people on the road as well. DWI is a serious offense in the US, more particularly in Houston area so as much as possible you should NOT drive when you are drunk.

Officers can sue you and you can face penalties for doing so. Getting
Houston DWI lawyers
to help you with the case but as a responsible driver, always make sure that you’ll practice discipline when you’re on the road. How many times have we seen and heard accidents due to drivers that are texting, drunk or under the influence of drugs while driving. These should be stopped and we should not make the road a scary place.