Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts


1. Cool weather
2. Meeting some HS friends
3. Brazo de mercedez cake
4. 2 –hr nap this afternoon
5. Caching caching from online works
6. Friends kalakals, I was able to do window shopping hehe
7. Sweet Sophie
8. Online friends keeping me sane hehe
9. Healing gums and teeth
10. Designed party stuff for sister

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New Found Love

I was at the mall the other weekend when I stopped by Watsons to purchase some of my personal stuff and some medicines. Fortunately, it was on sale so I was able to buy some new facial wash that can remove blackheads on nose and can leave skin smoother as what I read on the label. I'm using it everyday now and it looks promising ,I just hope in no time, my skin will be smoother.

The hand wash and cream that I also bought are my new found love. I always love visiting Watsons as I can find some girly and kikay stuff. I wish they will have sale all the time hehe.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sickies in the House

Oh dear, this weather is making us sick (literally). My mom and I have colds and cough while my niece who is staying with us also has a sore throat and she’s having difficulty to swallow. I guess we need to drink our daily dose of vitamins and mineral supplements as well because of the weather conditions here in our neck of the woods. Right now, it’s gloomy and so hot and I think it’s going to rain shortly.

I’m kinda worried about my mom who is 78 years old already because aside from having a high blood pressure and cholesterol, her coughs makes her awake at night. Though she can walk with ease out of her room, she still needs to take extra precautions when going out at night. I also told her to just use a sturdy step stool when she wants to get something in the cabinet and just sit down when reaching for something below.

Anyway, I just hope that we’ll get well as soon as possible as it is hard to be sick in this kind of weather. Yay, today is hot.. maybe around 34-36C.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weather Changes

This summer, it has been so hot that my 78 year-old mother is having a hard time coping with the extreme weather conditions most of the times. I always tell her to keep herself hydrated by drinking lots of water and not to expose herself to direct sunlight as much as possible. Been checking her blood pressure as well because when it reached to more than 140/80, I know for sure that she’ll be dizzy in no time and already needed an emergency medical assistance at the nearest hospital.

Knowing my mom, she’d also do too much work (gardening, and some household works) despite her age. Not that I don’t tell her to slow down a little bit but she said she needs to move and work because that what makes her “alive”. Right now, she has little bit of cold and cough because of the changing weather in the last few days. It’s so hot the whole afternoon, then suddenly it will just rain. I’m praying that she’ll be well soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walking the Dog


This is my dog Sophie, a mix breed of Daschund and Shitzu. She’s my daughter and my bestfriend. Our mornings will start when we’ll go walking around the village for about 30 mins. It’s our bonding time and also my way of getting some exercise. She already know that we’re going out when she sees me wearing my shorts and when I’m getting her leash already. Soon after, she’ll be waging her tail endlessly and that is the sign that she’s excited and ready to go out.

Right now, since most of the times I got up late due to some work, I’m not been able to go out and walk her out. I get up at around 8 am and it’s already impossible to go out since it will be too hot already.  I know she missed that activity that we had but to make up for it, we’ll just play in the garage with her ball.

Securing Our Homes, Business and Properties

Protecting our homes, business and properties will always be on top of our priorities. We always see to it that we have proper locks, lighting, alarms, railings and other security measures in our premises for burglars and other crooks are always ready to intrude. Purchasing and installing cctv and security cameras have increased in the recent years as crimes have become rampant all over the globe. We have no reason not to be critical about our safety these days, as terrorists, pro robbers and even small- time thieves are just waiting the right timing to do their modus operandi.

I have to be honest that it has become a scary thought because we never know when attacks or intrusions will happen to our homes and business. Installing security cameras can greatly help as it can provide evidence with the recordings it has captured. Security systems maybe wired and wireless and it depends on the area where you want it to be installed or manner that you want to use it. Just choose the best that will serve purpose in your security.

With the breakthrough of this modern technology, these security cameras have led to the capture of criminals and solving of crimes. These days, many security cameras come in various shapes, styles and sizes that can help in the video surveillance and live monitoring purposes.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tempted to Buy

Oh dear, my online friend Faye has once again posted her goodies for sale at her Flickr account and I have to say that I'm really tempted to buy another watch (yes you heard it watch!). She has lots of Armani, Fossil, Michael Kors watches and I'm really drooling on them. I just asked the price of the Armani watch that I'm eyeing and hopefully, I will keep my self control so that I can't buy. Her branded bags also make me drool but no way I can buy another one because I just bought one a week ago from another friend.

E-bay is another place where I’m always tempted to buy but since I’m too scared to be scammed by a bogus seller, I always end up not buying. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts


1. Sweet ripe mangoes
2. New bag coming
3. Zero-back log on online works
4. Online shopping
5. Message from a friend in FB
6. Bills paid
7. Online rakets
8. Bestfriend getting back to corporate world
9. Business opportunity for my sis
10. 25th Wedding anniversary of my sis and bil

Not Yet Too Late

I was deeply moved by a story that my mom had relayed to me the other day. The son of her friend has been in trouble for the past months since end of December last year. Even it was embarrassing for my mom’s friend to tell that her son is into prohibited drugs, he can’t hide that fact since she has seen so many behavioural changes in him. A complaint in the barangay is also filed because of her son’s waywardness and it looks like he already needed some form of drug treatment,

I know it’s not even too easy for them to convince her son to go on a rehab but I I guess with a good convincing he’ll be able to go inside a drug treatment center hat can help him cleanse himself and later on start a new “life”. I know it’s not yet too late for him to do that for there are centers that can address his problems with professionalism.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a Rant

I don't usually rant here if I'm not too piqued but the recent incident that happened to me made want to burst it out here. I will not be putting it into detail though but hope you permit  me to yank in here. I was suppose to renew my debit card that expired last month. I went to the branch and applied for it knowing I can get it after a week or so. Called the office few times but unfortunately they can’t find my request. It’s been 3 weeks already but nothing happened. I needed that card badly for my transaction but due to their delay I was left in confusion.

Anyway, I already found the answer to my question about my card and the reason I can’t get the replacement is that my account is already inactive or closed. Geez, that teller should have called me after days of knowing it to save me from waiting but she did not do it. I only was able to talk to a nicer teller yesterday and she also kept her promise that she will look into my account. She made it all clear with the call that she made this morning. I should have known that my acct. was already inactive much earlier. Right now, I’m just planning to transfer to another branch to apply for a new debit card. Yay.. waiting is hard thing..

Have you Played Disc Golf?

There are so many games invented and people have so many alternatives on what hobby or sport they will take. Honestly, it’s my 1st time to have heard of disc golf? I learned that disc golf is also popularly known as frisbee golf and it can be enjoyed not just by adults but kids as well. The game looks interesting and I reckon it’s also easy to play as long as you practice and put your concentration and heart while playing it.

The game is played throwing a disc or frisbee on to the target, which is usually a metal basket and who ever scores lower will win the game. I bet this is another way to bond with your friends or family during the weekends as you can play it on the park or anywhere. Disc golf stuff are also readily available online like at Disc Golf Station so you can purchase anytime you want. I have to try this game in the future.

Dangerous Side Effects

Pregnancy as what my SILs and friends told me is one of the best experiences that they had being a woman. The baby inside them is so precious that they always see to it that they visit their Obstetrician all the time for proper check up.

It’s also good to note that they have learned that a dangerous side effects can occur when they will be given a drug known as Topamax for their migraine attacks. This drug is known to cause serious Topamax birth defect
to babies, leaving babies with cleft lip and palate deformities. Fortunately, this drug is off the market already but have injured babies already. Legal hep is also available for those parents who suspected that the deformities are brought about that drug.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Greeting to All Mothers Out There!


Moms, this is your day today. Enjoy and have fun with your family!

Layout using my A MOTHER’S LOVE kit available at Artscow.

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Trends in Medical Field

Nurses somewhat run in our family, my sister is a nurse by profession though she’s not practicing it right now. My aunt and uncle met during their nursing college days are now nurses in the US for about 3 decades now. They have the passion for their career that’s why up to now they are practicing it.

A cousin of mine, who at first was in a different field decided to shift to nursing has also been working in a hospital in the US. While a distant cousin is also reaping the rewards of being a nurse in the US as well. I have other distant relatives and friends who are nurses and I can see in them the dedication that they are putting in their careers.

I often see them wear their immaculately clean white uniforms but lately I have seen some photos via their Facebook acct. that they upgraded their work clothes. I’m glad that fashion has finally invaded the medical field for I saw color and prints in their scrubs. Now, they are not stuck to wearing white but they have the option to choose new trends like wearing trend colors and patterns. I was even more amazed to see cartoons character

even had Hello Kitty, Tweety, Dora and Betty Boop prints. Tooniforms ScrubsCherokee Flexibles Scrubs

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Home Projects

Slowly, my mom and I have been accomplishing things that we wanted to do or buy for the house. At first, my mom is very hesitant to the change but I told her it's already time for a change and she should not let the sentimental value of a furniture or old look to hinder us from making our home more contemporary.

We started by changing some of our old appliances when we bought new ones before Christmas last year. It was a breeze to see new appliances and I can see the happiness in my mom’s eyes when they are all installed already. This March, I bought her a new Samsung LCD TV for it’s now time to say goodbye to our old TV.

Right now, I’m planning new projects for our home and here are some.

1.Since it’s still summer, I wanted to have our house re-painted. I guess this is the perfect time to do that. I wanted our living room and kitchen to be brighter and in life once again. A white color paint will do the trick for sure.

2. I also wanted to change the lighting in our living room since that is where my work place is located as well. Mom also suggested that we need to have to install few more lights in garage and I already found an idea about outdoor lighting from when I was looking for inspiration.

3. Finally, I wanted a new sofa. The one the we have right now is over 2 decades now and again this is a good time to replace it.

I already have a budget for these projects so I’m hoping that I’ll have them place this 1st quarter of the year.