Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Walking the Dog


This is my dog Sophie, a mix breed of Daschund and Shitzu. She’s my daughter and my bestfriend. Our mornings will start when we’ll go walking around the village for about 30 mins. It’s our bonding time and also my way of getting some exercise. She already know that we’re going out when she sees me wearing my shorts and when I’m getting her leash already. Soon after, she’ll be waging her tail endlessly and that is the sign that she’s excited and ready to go out.

Right now, since most of the times I got up late due to some work, I’m not been able to go out and walk her out. I get up at around 8 am and it’s already impossible to go out since it will be too hot already.  I know she missed that activity that we had but to make up for it, we’ll just play in the garage with her ball.

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