Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Hits UERM Campus

I was browsing YOUTUBE for Typhoon Ondoy videos when I saw this Typhoon Ondoy Hits UERM School Campus and it was heart breaking to see cars being washed away by the raging flood.

Take a look at the lady doctor who was still in her car but managed to get out of it and went on top of the roof. Last night I was even shedding a tear or two when I saw this. This is just a small glimpse what have happened last Saturday, there are more disturbing stories not needs to be told by survivors.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy's Fury

It was a gloomy, sad and scary day for all of us here as Typhoon Ondoy showed its fury. It left many homeless, some still on top of their roofs waiting for assistance and rescue. Manila and other nearby provinces(including ours) are already declared in the state of calamity since yesterday as floods are everywhere esp. in Cainta, Pasig and Marikina area. We aer still lucky that eventhough our place was flooded yesterday it subside after few hours.

Here's a picture that I took via phone cam yesterday on our way to our store and before we got stranded. I have my own scary story that I have posted on my other blog. More photos too. Here's my Typhoon Ondoy left our Place Flooded. post

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When Disaster Happens

How we wish all of us here in Pinas can have a great family vacation esp. those offered by Karisma Hotel where there are great amenities, beach front accommodation and lots more. With the situation our country is in right now, families were left with no homes bec. of typhoon Ondoy. A big disaster for all of us here and as of this writing there’s massive rescue operations being done.

Yesterday was really different because those areas that are not experiencing floods are submerged already. Right now, we are not finished cleaning our place yet and it’s so sad to see the news on TV. We are still lucky that we are not much affected.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Got My Christmas Wishlist Ready

So you think I am way too early to have my Christmas wish list? I have posted it early at my other blog because it is for our Bebot/Twitter Christmas Exchange gift this year. We have to start this early because we have members who is in US, Canada, Singapore, Hongkong and here in Pinas so we'll have ample time to buy and ship our gifts. In this way, we'll receive our gifts before Christmas so everyone will be happy.

Last year, we have a member who unfortunately got her gift already February because of shipping problems. Imagine that? We all hope this year will be a breeze bec. we need to send our gifts before October ends or early Nov.

View my Christmas Wishlist here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Bes' a WAHM Now

My bestfriend Race and I were talking about our lives and that includes our health most of the times. She recently quits her 9-5 job of over 6years and now she is a WAHM and she's been more busier as I have noticed. She frequents her daughters and son's school for activities and even though it will be tiring for her, the joy is incomparable since she was able to give more time to her growing kids.

I could not see any resentment on her when she quits her job but more happiness as she was able have her own time for work, wife and mommy duties. Her love for cooking also surfaced again and her kids are loving it. It is also a reason why she's been putting up a little more weight and I told her that she needs to keep in control or else she might end up reading best weight loss pills reviews hehe. I even teased her that when we were in highschool her waistline is only 24" and now it has increased.

Right now, I know my bestfriend is enjoying her WAHM title as she can get the best of both worlds (work and family).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Need for Faster Internet Connection

The rain just poured so viciously yesterday afternoon like it was a doomsday. I was a little worried that the electric power might go off because the lights are flickerin’ in from time to time. Aside from the gusty wind and the heavy rains there’s a thunderstorm for a moment that scared my little niece away that she had to cover her ears and run to her mom as fast as she could. So lucky that the light didn’t went off but it was horrible because after few minutes the rain subsides my internet connection suddenly was gone. What a bummer!

I was dialing my Internet service provider to complain about it but unfortunately my call can’t get through either. What an unfortunate day! One hour passed and there’s no net connection still so I was kinda piqued already because my net cafĂ© customers are coming but I have to tell them that I have no connection. It’s sad to see them go and lose profit for that day but there are things that's beyond our control. Without a net connection last night I was forced to close my shop very early at 6 pm and just went to a friend's house.

Wish I have a better ISP with much faster connection as well. 

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I always hate this time of the month when I am just so sluggish and difficult. Arggghh I don't like this feeling as I have many "sungit" moments. I am also unproductive today because I am feeling uncomfortable, I feel bloated and this is the time that I want to lose belly fat in an instant. Eventhough I am slow and it seems like my mind is not properly working, I need to get moving or else I will be stuck. Oh well I know this will surpass in few more days so please bear with me.

I am just hoping that you are all having a wonderful Thursday.!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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Before I will hit the sack, I just want to leave this.

A Fervent Wish

I bumped into a childhood acquaintance few weeks ago and of course we exchange stories about how our lives went on for all those years. I immediately noticed her baby bump and asked her how many kids does she already have and it turned out to be that she was only conceiving right now as she had been wishing for a baby long time ago. I teased her that it’ll be perfect to have one of those baby shower party that are “in” lately.

Looks like a baby shower will be on the way, I am not sure if I will be the one organizing it but I will just share them a site that has lots of party baby shower invites that they can look into. 

Another Photobook In Order

Image Hosted by
It was last week when I ordered another 39 pages 8x8 photobook at ARTSCOW and i hope it will be delivered it this month. It's actually a photobook that I layout usign photos of my highschool batch semi-reunion this year. I got a good discount in this book, as I only paid half of the price. I can't wait for it to arrive and show it off to my former classmates.

I Miss Litratong Pinoy

Ahh I miss LITRATONG PINOY soooo much.

It's been a while since I have joined the photo hunting at Litratong Pinoy and I am feeling guilty over it already. I was once a very active member of our group but now I think it was over a month already since I last joined. I felt sorry that I really don't know the new members already because I was so busy right now . I still peek at the site and hoping to come back again there soon.

Sorry guys for not joining lately. I hope you will not kick me out of the group. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Wishes

There are times I have those days when all I ever did was to think about my future. Some few thoughts made me smirk or hold back a tear or two. I have to say that I also envisioned myself getting married and have a baby shower while friends. 

It’s this dream will ever come true I know I will not have a time finding baby shower invitations for I have scoured the internet already and saw good finds at cardsshopp Budget is not a problem because invitations baby cards from CardsShoppe are affordable and free shipping is for free. Their in-house designers can also create an exclusive design for you just in case you can’t find a design perfect for your.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Woot.. woot .. I won!

Image Hosted by
I was happy to found out the other day that I won at a mini-birthday contest at Cherry Rose's blog. She had this contest in line with her 20+ birthday at her blog and all participants must leave any birthday message to her.

She then had it raffled using the system and voila, I won! (1st place) What's the prize? A round trip ticket to PARIS! wahooo.. Nah just kidding, wish it was true! My prize is a necklace from GUESS.. yebah. Thanks Che, looking forward to it.

No Exercise at All

Ohh poor me…

I've been so lazy to even get up early in the morning to get at least a simple exercise. Gone were the days when my sis-in-law, my bro and I will do our daily morning badminton play just outside our house. I miss those hits and miss on the shuttlecock and the jumping and reaching out that makes us sweat. I just hope we’ll get back to that soon as my sedentary life style is killing me now. If only I can drag myself to carry those rackets once again.

Sports Minded

I have great admiration to those that have so much discipline to do their exercise by going to the gym or those that are into sports as they take it seriously. There are many sports that seemed to have increased it popularity and aside from basketball where men can really show off their skills, I think that Airsoft has become popular too. Airsoft can build participant’s competitiveness, mental alertness, tactical capability and lots more.

In fact, there are lots of aeg airsoft rifle and other accessories being sold now online and one of them is at They even have package specials so you can these items for a low price. Go check them out.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Bro's. Ferrari Toy Collections

Image Hosted by
My older brother always loves collecting things. He started many years ago collecting Coke products and there’s even a time when I have to scour all stores selling Coke stuff just to add to his collections. Aside from Coke, he also loves collecting toys from McDonalds especially when a certain movie has shown.

He had this big cabinet with glass where he puts all his collections. He also love cars and motorbikes and I’m just showing you some of his Ferrari toy cars that he bought from time to time. My sis in law and I are thankful that he is only into Ferrari car toys and not the real one hahaha. Of course we can't afford to have one as those Ferrari cars and Ferrari parts are very expensive. Maybe if will will at Lotto.. lol. I think bro will be adding more once he sees something that will interest him and can buy.

What about you what do you collect?

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Just another Intermittent Connection

I had a great time blogging today since this morning. I started around 830 in the morning and up to this time haha and this is the very 1st time that I stayed at home just to blog. You know I have tons of things that I need to blog that’s why.

I did pause once in a while, I even had the time to play with our pet dog Sophie and with the continues wagging of her tail, there’s no doubt that she had fun. My internet connection was great and it was fast than ever. Not long after, the rain just poured so hard around half past six and my Smart bro connection suddenly changed and I was cut off several times as of this writing.

I am blaming the rains; it must have beaten the satellite and the cloudy skies blocking the wifi connection. Any way, at least i have done lots this day on almost all of my blogs and I am happy with that.

Take A Break

Who doesn’t want to take a break from work? Every one of us deserves a little pleasure from travels. In fact, having one can recharge or invigorate us because it releases our tension and once we’re back we feel rejuvenated. It doesn’t mean that you always have to tag along your whole family or friends with you because there’s this singles holidays tour that you can join.

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Your Tour Manager will take care of you and will make it a point that you as travelers will have fun. You can contact them through their website, booking can be done online or you can call at their nos. Browse their site and learn more about this Singles Holidays.

My Rare Personality?

I took this quiz How Rare Is Your Personality? at blogthings and here is the result. All of us have different personalities and nothing are alike 100% and that makes us unique from everyone. I maybe shy or not talkative at times but once I warmed up you can hear more talk a lot. lol
Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISFP)
Your personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm. Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.

No Pics Please!

Photohunt: No Pictures Pls.
Dunno but sometimes my nephews and nieces will just run away, hide or cover their faces everytime they see me and my camera.. LOL..Maybe bec. they are just tired of seeing me holding my camera or they are just too shy at the cam.. hmm

Just saw this photo from my files using my 50mm.. ahh i dearly miss it, dunno if I will buy again this year..

Is This True?

I was blog hopping and I was stuck when I saw that a prohibited drug cannabis or marijuana in layman’s term was being used a treatment for medical conditions? It’s my 1st time to have heard such and I was deeply thinking if this was true. I also chanced upon a Medical Marijuana forum where members are talking and sharing about their experience using this drug. I just hope that who ever is using this will not use it for a wrong purpose and before you even take it you need to consult a doctor first or else you might end up addictive of it.

Sound Tripping:Gift Of A Friend by Demi Lovato

I'm taking a quick break from all of the deep thinking that I am doing for the last few days and it sometimes "frying" my mind already.. lol. Every time I need a break, I just open my CD player and pop on some music. This one, I found this song Gift Of A Friend by Demi Lovato and i think it's cute.

Bed Weather It is

It's raining outside and it is due to Typhoon Marce who just hits our country in the last few days. I didn't go to my shop today but my sis-in-law was kind enough to take care of it since she has no work today.

I just had my late lunch at 2 pm and now I am becoming slow that I just wanted to slumped on the couch and took a nap, I will do that later to keep me recharged. Not much goin' on in my life these day aside from the fact that I am too busy with mall my online works. I feel blessed and I am planning on sharing it with my family these coming days.

I am just hoping that the blessing will continue to pour as I am open arms to take it as long as i have energy to do so.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey, It's 09-09-09 !

Image Hosted by
Just thought I don't want to miss this rare day of 09-09-09, not quite sure if it's really a lucky day but for sure this is rare one when you think about it. I even asked my mom to have a photo whit me which I have posted on my other blog. I also heard that many tried to get married on this day for they believe it will bring them luck hehe.

Hope you are all having a great day!

Finally Sen. Noynoy Aquino for President in 2010

It was early this morning when I was watching on TV when finally Sen. Noynoy Aquino declared and announced that is running for President in 2010. All are waiting for this announcement and now the accepted the challenge we have all high hopes that he'll veer away from the traditional ways of being a President.

His supporters are all so happy with his decision and hope he will not disappoint us. I reckon that his decision is based on the great clamor of the people to have new "honest" government and I hope that he is not only being swayed upon by the popularity of his parents.

I am not sure yet if I will vote for him because it is still too early to decide,I still need to know more about his flatform as well as the other candidates. In fact, it's not filing of candidacy yet. We'll see who will run 1st.

Create Your Blog/ Site Now!

These days I have been enjoying all of the blogs especially the domain ones that i have created over the years. I’ve been blogging since 2005 from a free hosting blog format back then and just shifted or bought a domain of my own (this blog) on Jan. of 2007. Although this blog is still hosted by blogger for free (thank heavens) and just bought a domain from my server, I am so grateful for all the things this blog has given me. Aside from having a place to share my thoughts and more, I met some few wonderful online friends.

I got a lot of questions from friends who obviously were interested in having a blog or a site and I can only give them some of my thoughts concerning these. I have also blogs on wordpress and it has their own hosting so I know how it feels to have a site that has a good webhost. There are many affordable dedicated hosting online right now like and they have been offering lots of packages for their clients. The advantage of this is that you'll have full control over the server. All you have to do is to peruse them carefully and only get the best that will work for you. Create your blog or site now and goodluck!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Laugh at the Fat Kid

I was browsing YouTube this afternoon for any interesting video that I can watch when I stumbled upon this "Laugh at the Fat Kid" video so I watched it. It's actually a fat boy who experienced being ridiculed, left out and laughed by school kids.

I was actually touched by this video and just could feel the pain that the boy has been experiencing. Ahhh some kids are really bully and not really know that they are already hurting kids' feelings. Bullied individuals may experience depression, attachment to the society, repressed feeling, feeling of rejection, while some if they can't handle it, they can commit suicide.

Ahhh.. makes me remember the story I once read at Times magazine where a teenage boy killed his own parents bec. he has no friends and he was bullied. He created his own world through war video games and he thought that it was the reality. He was the super hero by carryin guns. Such a horrible story.

Anyway, here is the short story of the "Laugh at the Fat Kid"

Men and Their Cars

It’s weekend and a friend of my bro passed by for a quick visit. I overheard them talking about business and what else? Cars! Ok , I said in my mind it’s a man’s thing, also made me miss my girlfriends for a while where of course we talk about shopping. So why do men love cars so much that they are always talking about it and actually some boasts about it?

I am guessing that there’s this manly thing that they are proud to have one, somewhat like a baby of their own where they can show it off. Those that can afford have the chance to improve or upgrade the stereo, the upholster, the mug wheels or tires and more. We also have heard those drag racers where they match their cars with other cars and see who’ll win. So what’s the prize for that? Money, Pride or a girlfriend? Hmmmm.. I can only sigh.

While some are busy pimping their cars other men must have been enjoying joining the fast lane or car racing. I bet most guys love the euphoria they get when they drive their cars like they are flying. I am also amazed with those monster trucks that look like a giant on the road, I bet they spend a lot on their 4x4 trucks . No matter how we many times we (girls) think why men love cars so much they will still end up making their cars at the top of their priorities (sometimes).

Friday, September 4, 2009

Photohunt: Want An Orange?

Project 365: Want an Orange?
Orange for you
I went to the grocery this morning before heading to my shop and bought some seedless oranges too. I had it for my snack this afternoon and it's delicious.

I wanted to take a photo of it for my photo a day project (proj. 365) and I remember the twilight book cover so I did my own version though it's an orange hehe. I asked my laundry woman to hold it for me as I can't find any model LOL.
After the photoshoot, what else did we do? We ate the orange hehe. More entries at PHOTOHUNT

My Birthday is Coming Soon…..

Every time “ber” months arrive, it always reminds me of my forthcoming birthday in November. Like many of you, I am definitely looking forward to that eventhough that means another year will be added to my age. It may not be a secret to you all that I’m in my very early 40’s already and how’d I wish I can turn back the clock in my mid 20’s.

So what do I want for my birthday? First of course is I am praying for a good health. I think I’m still healthy despite my frequent bouts with dyspepsia and my aching varicose veins. I have not been hospitalized for any aliments yet and still wishing I will not still. I also want to reward myself (shopping) like I always do yearly. 2 years ago I gave myself a DLSR, last year was a long lens and this year I am still thinking about it.

Multi Tasking and Staying Late

Wow I can't believe I am still awake at this time! It's almost 1:00 am not and my eyes are still wide open. Must be because I had coffee after my late dinner. I am also finishing some tasks because I don;t want to be swamped and let it expire for I will not allow that.

Talk about multitasking, I am making blog posts then on the side I am editing a photo and then my friend is chatting with me also hahaha while my TV is still on. I'm stopping once in while to rest my eyes and actually had finished watching a local TV show "I survived" at channel 2. How I wish I have a bell tv receiver where I can watch in style and with high definition.

I'm not sure what time will I sleep but I hope it'll be a good one. Ok i'm off now

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Love/Hate COKE!

Image Hosted by
Thirst quenching coke... ahhhh pure bliss!hehe Been drinking this for years now and I can say I am addicted to it already and maybe you are too!

Ok, I must admit that I can drink a solo bottle of Coke a day during my snack time and it always satisfying and filling. BUT WAIT!!! there are times when I drink this my stomach will go into a rebellion and stuff gas in my stomach. Yay

It is also a reason why I always feel bloated and I hate that feeling! Just last week, after drinking it while eating a bread I felt too overstuff that I could not breathe. I was only relieved when I was able to burp many times. Such a relief.

Now, it's been 3 days now that I am nothing drinking Coke.. wahoooo!! I opted not to drink for fear of getting bloated once again. I know it's not good to be used to drinking as it also has too many sugar in it but for sure I will not resist the temptation in the future. Sighh....

They're Expecting A Baby

What another great news that we received from one our relatives. My cousin’s wife is expecting another baby this year, actually babies because it’s a TWINS! 

 Isn’t that exciting? The fun is doubled when they learned that it’ll be a boy and a girl! They already have a girl and with the twins coming they will have 3 kids already.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meeting High School Classmates

Project 365: Meeting with HS classmates

I was excited once again to meet my former highschool classmates last Saturday at our Alma Mater's place. I fetched my bestfriend Race at their house and we went to the meeting. We are actually getting together because our silver (25th) reunion will be on December already and we need to give our contributions and our insights about the Reunion.

It was a fun afternoon as we try to reminisce the good 'ole days. I was tasked to be one of people that will be in charged in the registration during the reunion so I will be at the venue early. We have other stuff to talk about and for sure in the next meeting we can achieve more.