Friday, September 11, 2009

My Bro's. Ferrari Toy Collections

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My older brother always loves collecting things. He started many years ago collecting Coke products and there’s even a time when I have to scour all stores selling Coke stuff just to add to his collections. Aside from Coke, he also loves collecting toys from McDonalds especially when a certain movie has shown.

He had this big cabinet with glass where he puts all his collections. He also love cars and motorbikes and I’m just showing you some of his Ferrari toy cars that he bought from time to time. My sis in law and I are thankful that he is only into Ferrari car toys and not the real one hahaha. Of course we can't afford to have one as those Ferrari cars and Ferrari parts are very expensive. Maybe if will will at Lotto.. lol. I think bro will be adding more once he sees something that will interest him and can buy.

What about you what do you collect?

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