Friday, September 11, 2009

Just another Intermittent Connection

I had a great time blogging today since this morning. I started around 830 in the morning and up to this time haha and this is the very 1st time that I stayed at home just to blog. You know I have tons of things that I need to blog that’s why.

I did pause once in a while, I even had the time to play with our pet dog Sophie and with the continues wagging of her tail, there’s no doubt that she had fun. My internet connection was great and it was fast than ever. Not long after, the rain just poured so hard around half past six and my Smart bro connection suddenly changed and I was cut off several times as of this writing.

I am blaming the rains; it must have beaten the satellite and the cloudy skies blocking the wifi connection. Any way, at least i have done lots this day on almost all of my blogs and I am happy with that.

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