Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blog's New Look

I guess you have noticed my blog's new look. I was so inspired to give it a fresh and neat look and i like the result. I made the new header today and actually make it more bigger, i never thought i'd make it by 300 pixels in height not until i asked a tip from the maker of this blog template and she pointed me to just edit the html by increasing the size of the header.

I love the color green eversince so there's no doubt i'd put it here. I hope you find my new look neat and inviting.. Just a note: It is best viewed in Mozilla and IE7 with res of 1024 x 800 and up.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Domain

Bought another domain this month at 1 and 1 and it seems i am unstoppable, lol. It was nice to have domain names, you know. I have tweaking the template left and right, and i hope that is the last tme i will change it bec. it was also time consuming..lol.

Anyway my new domain blog THIS AND THAT is already up, hope you can visit it. Actually i will be posting about celebrities, technology, blogging, shopping and more there and no personal stuffs since i have this domain already.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Certified Kikay

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is an accomplishment, lol! Finally my mojo is back (i hope for good). Like i said in my previous entries i am busy downloading freebies and oh my gosh they are all beautiful !!

This is my 4-year old niece (AIDEL REIGN) and one night i told her i'm going to take her pics and it's a miracle she said yes and posed for me. There are times she doesn't like to be photographed and i'm so happy she cooperated and i love all her poses.


Bg paper by Mira Designs, Fuzzy Stitch by Amy Teets, frame by Nancy Comelab, Crochet by Tricia, Flowers by Jessica Bolton, CardboardS by Fernlili and Linda GB, Stitches by Natali, Burlap buddies by Corina Nielsen, Buttons by Shabby princess and Jessica Bolton, Pink ribbon and safety pin by Shawney Mathhis, Paint Daub by TCONY, Messy ribbon by Fernlili, ribbons by Wendy page, Alpha by Linda GB, squashed alpha by Kulie Clark, alpha using my index card, folded flower, staple, wooden star are mine JennyL

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I have downloaded freebies and now what??

Now that i have a new pc with a big hard disc space and a broadband connection (finally!!) I now enjoyed downloading digital scrapbooking Freebies at some of designer's blogs. Gosh, they are tons and actually big files from 10 MB to 40MB of kits or elements.

I started downloading since yesterday and oh boy i can't really count how many gigs i have downloaded. I'm unstoppable !!!! We at the Phil. Digiscrappers Forum always love freebies and our Freebie Queen Cherry Rose is generous enough to give us some links to the blogs that has freebies.

My problem now is how to organize them fast and how can i use all of them? hahaha.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I will miss you BETH!

One of the best friends (Beth) visited me a couple of days ago here at my Internet Cafe. We have been friends way back in our college days during our "on duty" training at the St. Martin Hospital in San Juan as Medical Technologists Interns. We also have the same hometown and i am the godmother of one of her sons.

It is always fun to see and hear from her. I always call her "Betchay" and there are times when we go at the hospital together and have the same night duties. She's a great friend and very resourceful one.

After college she landed a job right a way
as a Med Tech. at a gov't. hospital in Marikina and she was there since the late 80's lol.

She just recently resigned at her job at the hospital bec. her whole family will be migrating in CANADA this coming August. When i learned that she will be migrating i can help but to be sad and happy for her. I will dearly miss her but i know e-mail is just a click a way to keep in touch..

The survivor instinct in me

Hmmm.. what would you do if you get fired from your job, you have no money, you are in a new city, you don’t know someone.. how would you survive?? Very interesting question huh. That question also goes to Michael Westen, a CIA Operative on the new show,

Anyway, if I will be in his shoes, how would I survive? This will be really tough one since no one can live comfortably without any resources on hand but once the situation arises I know my survivor instinct would come out. Probably I will assess the area first, I will try to watch how people react and go on with their lives. Since I have no money to buy food, hmm I guess I will have to use my charm in asking people for food or money. I will make friends and will ask them to spare a little money for me; I know someone has a heart of gold. I will walk around the city, who knows I might stumble into a treasure hidden somewhere? Haha That would be awesome. Or maybe I can pick up some empty bottles and sell it on a junkshop in exchange for money. Sleeping??? I can maybe go to a park or something and just find somewhere I can sit or take a nap. I know i will find a way to survive.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My logo design printed on merchandise!!!

Teeeeheeee, i was browsing the net yesterday and i thought i'd visit the The Scrapping Garden store where I once sell my digital scrapbooking kit designs. I just resigned from the store just last week bec. i am too busy to include designing in my schedule.

Anyway, the Cafe Press is already open where you can buy stuffs life Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Tote/Scrapping Bags, Clocks and many others. I was really surprised to see my winning design (LOGO) already printed on their merchandise and i am so happy and delighted. It was the end of last year i think where we had a design making contest at the store and i won and the paid me for using the logo on their merchandise.

This is the design that i made using my "SWEET BIANCA" kit, isn't it cute?? (hehe)

Here are some of the stuffs where you can see the LOGO that i made, so everytime you see this design i am the one who made it hehe.. You can buy these stuffs at the Scrapping Garden Cafe Press.


Just what a company needs

There's no doubt that business owners’ main goal is for their company to succeed and to reach out to more customers as much as possible. Every company has different ways to market their products through advertising. One of the ways is by joining business search engines like
. Masterseek is a global search engine wherein a company and its products showcased to business professionals from all over the world. You can submit your company at their listing just for FREE.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day !

HAPPY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all fathers out there !

We heard mass this morning and as always before the ceremony ended, all of the fathers were asked by the Priest to come forward in the altar and they were given a short prayer and blessed with Holy Water. If only my dad is still with us he should have come with my bro in front. Miss you dad!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

How do you keep your kids to go to school ??

Bribe them with toys, foods, candies??

Hey there mommies, I know some of you might be guilty one way or another in bribing your kids just to go to school (esp. if their kids are just starting to enter school). My sis-in-law is a good example of that bec. her 4 year old daughter who is in Nursery sometimes doesn’t like to go to school. Although she already finished her Toddler year, going to school in a different environment, new teacher and classmates makes her a bit scared that she cries before entering the room.

My sis-in-law then would promise her that she will buy her Barbie doll, or candies just to make her stop crying and to go to school. In fact, on the 1st day of her school she had her Barbie as promised, (as seen on the pic). On the 2nd day she was crying again and was outside her classroom for an hour looking for her mom. After school she was rewarded with Mc Donalds.

When she was in Toddler last school year there are countless times that I often see her cry before or after school. She always has a candy or a small toy that they bought before going home. I believe it is not quite right since the kid is so used to buying things and I call her nga “bilmoko girl”.

My sis inlaw would tell me just let be as long as she will not cry and go to school. I can’t argue with her about this all the time bec. she is also having a hard dealing with the situation.

What are your thoughts about this and how do you keep your kids to go to school?

Back it up!

Desktop publisher, digital scrapper and digital scrapbooking designer like me always have tons of files that are always important to work. I remember when I was still using my old pc, there are times that my pc would just crash and in fact I lost several of my works for my customers that I later on had a hard time creating again. I was fuming mad and there are no ways I could bring those files back. Those instances made me learn how to back up my works to save a lot of time and keep myself from getting frustrated again

Online Storage is a good way to go and a very good investment especially if you have company. Although there are several online back up that are readily available, IBackup also serves an online backup storage and it also offers and provides easy drag-n-drop and familiar explorer interface to work with your online data thus improving your productivity.

And the fight goes on

11 out of 12 Senators were already proclaimed by the Comelec and just yesterday Sen. Trillanes was proclaimed but was brought back immediately to his detention cell.

Koko Pimentel and Migs Zubiri are fighting hard for the much sought after 12th slot in the Senate. Both camps are trying their best to guard the last remaining votes that they will get and in no time the winner will be announced. I voted for both of them in the last May 14th election and who ever wins i hope they will do go in making laws.

Tutor for kids

Kids are fast learners nowadays and they are always on the go. Dither has been good in school as well as Hans for they are always enthusiastic about the subjects that their teachers are teaching them. However there are times when they become lazy and don’t want to make their home works and they are scolded by doing that. It’s nice to know that there is an at Score Learning Center that helps 4-14 year old kids in academic studies.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Take the time to embrace the beauty of nature

My life has been so busy but boring these days with all the chores and daily routines. Gosh, it's never ending hahaha.

Anyway, one of the ways to relieve my stress aside from
reading magazines, watching TV, digital scrapbooking is by taking some photos of whatever i like,
it could be my nieces and nephews, nature, flower and plants.

These are the Bromeliads that are growing at my brother's small
garden and actually they are not hard to grow. They just need ample amount of water, sun and your love and soon they will grow fast. (Click the photo to enlarge them).

I know i still have a lot to learn about photography in terms of the lighting, focusing etc. but who cares and what the heck just took these photos bec. they make me happy.

The picture below is called San Francisco plant that grows in our garden.

Mom has a green thumb so her plants grow healthy. We have a row of these beautiful plants.

What about you, what are your ways to relieve your stress?

Keeping in touch is just a phone call away

My uncle and aunt in LA who recently had a 3week vacation here make it a point to call us over the phone once or 2x a month to keep in touch that is why they keep on looking for cheap calling cards.can cost them a fortune if they use the regular landline to call us here often so I reckon PINGO is a good choice. One of the things that we consider when using a phone card is that the calls should be clear and it doesn’t disconnect like PINGO. The call rate from US to Philippines is only $13.8c per minute, a good saving and there will be 4hours free if you also sign up at PINGO.

PINGO is helping their consumers get the best low call rates in fact; they have the Rate Watcher that will help us save our time in comparing prices form other our prepaid call cards. Mobile users also can save up to 90% on your International cell phone calls. What else do we need with all these great savings? Keeping in touch is just a phone call away and PINGO let it happen in much lesser cost. I also have some relatives in Australia and Saudi Arabia and this prepaid calling card would be a good alternative for their current cards.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I finally resigned

This is so sad…. I finally resigned from the Scrapping Garden Design Team. I emailed the owners that I can no longer keep up with my duties at the store and it will be unfair for other designers who are doing their job there. My kits will be put down from the store and it breaks my heart, but what can I do.

Although I didn’t earn as much from designing, I had fun selling my works in the store for quite sometime. For those you bought some of my kits/elements, I dearly thank you all and thanks for those who appreciates my work. I will continue to design if time permits, I will be scrapping also if my mojo will back again.

One day if I will have time, I will upload them and give them as freebies, so watch out for it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Philippine Independence Day

Today we celebrate our
109th Independence Day. It was on June 12, 1898 when our Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo declared our independence and sovereignty from the Spaniards in Kawit, Cavite.

Actually it was really every July 4th that the independence was celebrated but Pres. Diosdado Macapagal signed a law in 1964 moving our independence day every June 12th. And now July 4th is known as the
Fil-American Friendship Day.

Another way to earn extra

Who doesn't want to earn extra bucks, right? Blogging has never been so exciting and enjoyable since paid blogging ads. As a blogger it is a plus to us when advertisers pay us for linking and advertising their site or products. Bloggerwave, another company that helps bloggers to blog about a product or reviews and in turn they will be paid. Bloggerwave is just new and they still need bloggers to help spread the word about them. Why not try them coz it's just easy to sign up.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

To stay or to step down?????

That is the question that is in my head up to this time. For those that didn't know yet, I am a digital scrapbooking designer at the Scrapping Garden since Aug. of last year and have been selling my kits there since. And as a designer there are other duties that i need to do aside from just having my kits for sale there.

The thing is, I got an e-mail this morning from one of the TSG owner, and she is asking me if i am still interested in selling my kits at their store. Oh my i am sooo guilty, to be honest i have not been participating in the store's activities, mega kit's submission, posting and commenting on galleries. The reason is i became too busy with blogging, paid blogging, life around here and work that is why i have not been fulfilling my duties...

I know it is not fair for other designers there and members who are active in the site. I still have to think this over before i will email her back. Am i stepping down??? I don't know yet. I love designing so much but life can be tooo busy at times and i need to prioritize something...You can see my works here.

Gosh, this is hard.. Can you give me your thoughts on this??? Thanks.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Take a break, have a Chit- Chat ...

Actually that's what i do, if I'm already bored with my endless work in my pc. I am in front of my pc for almost 8-10 hrs. a day since my "real" work involves a computer. There are times when i feel like I already married my desktop lol.

Usually when someone asks me where is my husband I even made a joke that the pc is my husband. And they replied, that's the reason why i don't have husband yet..lol Of course there are times I need to stand up and do some stretching.

There are times i was able to chat with fellow Pinay digiscrappers and has some good conversations with them. FYI, i don't go to chat rooms anymore, the last time i was there i think was 2002. I met some creepy and jerk people there so i'd rather stay away from them now. There are more important things in my life that needs my time.

"iron" Deficiency Syndrome

Gosh, my "Iron Deficiency Syndrome" strikes again last night.. Nope, it's not a disease guys, actually it's my laziness to iron my mom and my clothes..yikes!! Actually last night i was suppose to iron my clothes after dinner but after eating i watched TV on the sofa and watch "Here Comes the Bride" Tv show on Channel 11. Little did i know I was already sleeping on the couch in few minutes.

Later on, I suddenly wake up and mom asked me if i'm still going to do the ironing. I told her I am too lazy and sleepy already. After few minutes i got up and went straight to my room and sleep.

I woke up again at around 11:00 pm and turned on TV and watch the Pinoy Big Brother for a while. I immediately remembered the mountain of clothes to be ironed but i am so lazy to even get up again.
How i wish our clothes were all wash and wear so i will have not a hard time telling myself to that boring task of ironing..lol

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Passport Pic

I went out after lunch to have my picture taken at the photo studio bec. i am goin to renew my passport tomorrow. I just called the DFA hotline passport renewal at (632) 737-1000 and the call agent got all my details and my old passport will be pick up by the courier tomorrow. I will pay P1,300 for that, i know the payment will be much higher if i will go at the DFA (Dept. of Foreign Affairs) much it will save me from hassle of commuting and the scorching heat of the weather. Plus if i will go out it will eat 3/4 of my day.

Anyway, the courier will pick it up and will return to me after 6-8 working days. I need to renew it early bec. if you read my sad story in my other blog (Simply Jen) i might fly to Australia this year.

Yahoooo, my domain's working now!

Oh yes and my special thanks goes to ANGIE !!! If not for her i have given up already. Thank you girl you're my angel! Actually my head is really in a spin since last week bec. i can't make my domain work properly with or w/o www in it. I already wrote 1and1.com support team for many times now and gosh they can't help me in the end they didn't even replied my last email probably they already annoyed with my unending questions..lol I hope next time their support team will have more knowledge in dealing with their customers domain problems. I also google searched for tutorials and nothing seems to help.

Anyway, actually Angie, posts a comment on my blog coz she also bought a domain at 1and1 for only $5.99/year and we had the same dilemma about how to make our domain work properly. We email each other back and forth the last few days about how can we solve it. And just this morning she emailed me and gave me a blog link that has a tutorial on how we can make it work since the author had the same problem.

So right now my domain http://jennys-corner.com will now work with or w/o www.

I also want to thank THE FINANCE BUFF for your easy to follow instructions on how we can set our own domain bought from 1and1.com

Friday, June 1, 2007

Still in search for help

Gosh this domain is really messed up.. and i'm hating it !!!!

I can't really make http://jennys-corner.com to work with www in it!!! If i put www it will redirect to my old blogspot address http://jennyscorner2.blogpost.com .

Anyone can help me out pls.?