Friday, December 29, 2023

Guide to Cute Workout Clothes for Women

After working out, you will feel tired, exhausted, sore, and even fantastic. You might get all red and breathe heavily. However, the clothes you wear for workouts make a huge difference. In fact, the workout clothes you choose can actually change the way you feel after a workout session. To illustrate, a well-fitted and comfortable activewear bodysuit will not have you breathing for life. So, if you want to make the right purchase, we are sharing a guide to purchasing cute workout clothes! 

Consider the Fabrics
First of all, you have to choose workout clothes made from high-quality fabrics. That’s because it has to promise high breathability so the heat and perspiration can escape. For instance, if you usually have low-intensity workouts, you can opt for cotton clothes. The low-intensity workouts include yoga and walking. 

On the contrary, for high-intensity workouts, you can opt for synthetic fabrics. The fabrics include spandex, polyester, and polyamides. These fabrics dry quickly and also have antimicrobial properties, which keep bad odor at bay. On the other hand, if you want natural materials, merino wool and bamboo are two good options. 

Check the Fit
Your workout clothes won’t look good if they don’t fit you well. With a loose fit, you can easily cool down. However, it shouldn’t be too baggy because it might snag on the equipment. In fact, you might even trip and fall down. For this reason, we recommend using Cosmolle’s loose shirts for running and walking, but make sure the pants aren’t loose from your ankles. 

On the other hand, if you have to opt for high-intensity workouts in the gym, you should choose tight-fit clothes. In particular, you should purchase workout clothes with higher flexibility, so it stretches. Also, it’s recommended to use high waisted leggings with soft or locked seams, so there’s no chafing. 

Choose Compression 

There was a time when only professional athletes used to wear compression clothes. That’s because compression clothes can increase muscle recovery and workout performance, which is why we recommend using workout clothes made from compression fabric. This fabric provides more stability and support to the muscles. In addition, they increase blood circulation and flow. 

What we love about compression fabric is that it increases oxygen circulation, so there is no buildup of lactic acid. As a result, the muscle soreness will be reduced. 

Keep the Weather in Mind
Most people don’t think about the weather when they purchase workout clothes. However, a reliable workout set should help minimize the effects caused by weather changes. For warm weather, you should purchase moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable clothes. On the other hand, the cold season asks for compression fabric. In addition, if the workout clothes are lined with fleece, it’s even better. 

The Bottom Line
On a concluding note, working out is a lot of fun when you are feeling cute and confident. With this article, we shared a few factors to make your workouts easier. However, before we sign off, let us remind you to stock up on essentials, such as sports bras, racerback tops, compression shirts, and high-waisted leggings!

Monday, May 8, 2023

Managing and Budgeting my Money

Now that WHO (World Health Organization already declared the end of Covid-19 global health emergency, I feel somewhat relieved and very thankful. Although there are still cases in some parts of the world and in our country, covid has now simply became part of our lives. For the past years, especially the year 2020 till end of 2021, almost all of us struggled financially. It was tough.. really tough! 

Many lost lives, jobs and businesses. I for one suffered closure of our small business for roughly 2 years. Our finances during that time has almost reached rock bottom but we are still thankful that we survived.  

In those times, having some money at the bank became a saving grace. With little cash on our hand, we simply can’t afford to splurge on things that we don’t really need. The focus during those days were food, medicines and bills. The capacity to buy personal things like clothes and shoes is non-existent because going out of the house is limited and obviously it is not needed. Getting those material things during that time is not acceptable and not important.  

Now that the world is back to normal (somehow), businesses and people are also back to work, it’s now time to work hard again for the family. Providing the daily needs of a family, creating a budget and making sure our finances are balanced can be daunting. Surely anyone will find it challenging but we need to focus in order for us to achieve our goal for our family. 

Managing money and carrying our financial plans for the family are a must. Here are few things that helped me a lot these days. 


These days, we need to think new ways to earn more money. Aside from selling graphics online, I was able to sell other things (merch) online and also have passive income by creating content on Youtube and on Tiktok. 


Eventhough I have several ways to earn money, I have to budget so I can pay all the bills every month and still have for grocery and market. Sometimes it’s hard to budget but thankfully I have a good style in managing that. 


I know it’s pretty tough to save occasionally but I have to. Once I have paid all the bills and bought the essential needs for our home, it’s time for me to save what is left on my wallet. Doing so, I’ll create extra fund for medical emergency and can even allocate some for travel or for a special treat for myself. Buying bags and shoes are my weakness but I have to slowed down on my purchases. Eating out on restaurants is actually not my fave so I guess I’ve been saving quite a good portion of my money on this part.  

I know that not everyone has good financial standings and one of the ways for them to survive is to borrow money. There are actually short-term financial solutions and you can get the cash you need online.

For people who have been struggling with bad credit, it is still possible to get a loan that you need that can be tailored on your capacity to pay. The good thing is that there are many online sites that you can peruse and get more ideas and tips on how they can help you financially. 

Doing some research and asking more information about loans and other stuff are very helpful in your financial strategies and decisions. Just make sure that the financial company that you’ll be engaging with is legit to avoid any scam or problem to arise. Do the research and from there you can review the pros and cons of getting one. Asking a friend who have a good head about financing or a financial adviser to get more advice and this eventually can lead you to a wiser decision.