Friday, February 27, 2009

Camote Chips

PROJ. 365: Kamote Chips
This is what I had for meryenda (snack) one afternoon, oh so yummy KAMOTE (sweet potato) CHIPS and it is coated with brown sugar. I was craving for this for a long time but finally yesterday, I asked my bro to buy me and mom each. It costs P10.00.

Yummm.. i was loaded with sugar that afternoon bec. I paired it with Not a very health conscious snack but what the OK DROOL !! hehe.

Most Collected Coins

My older bro is into collecting old stuff, the older the better. He is an LP, bottles, memorabilias and a coin collector. Dunno what kind of hype it is bringing to him but he is happy to collect them and showing them off to his friends. He even made a small gallery in their house for it and once in a while sells some of the coins and LPs to his co collector. I know that collecting coins is worldwide and one of the most collected coins in the US is the morgan dollar which is minted from 1878 to 1921. A rare coin to add to anyone's collection and for sure its value will go up as time passes by. A good kind of investment I can say and these rare collections of coins are availabe through Monaco Rare Coin.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LP: Take Time to Smell the Flowers

It's Litratong Pinoy time once again and our theme for this week is FLOWER. I have this photo taken last year on my mom's b-day (Oct. 18, 2008) and i told my niece Reign to pick some flowers for my mom to give her (hehe cuz it's free). We have a gumamela plant in front of our house and it was planted many years ago, i guess 6-8 yrs ago and is abundantly flowering that time.

My niece Reign still enjoying the flower
More photos here

hahaha.. See she doesn't want to have he picture taken already bec. her nose became itchy bec. of the gumamela's pollen.. LOL
Litratong Pinoy na naman at ang tema ngayong linggo na ito ay BULAKLAK. Kuha ko itong litrato na ito noong kaarawan ng aking ina noong isang taon at sabi ko sa pmangkin ko na pumitas sya ng bulaklak para ibigay sa kanyang lola. Nung una ay gusto pa nya amuyin ang bulaklak pero umayaw na rin dahil nangati ang ilong nya..hahaha..

I Miss you Betchay!

Beth, my dear friend since college flew to Canada with her family about 2 years ago to migrate there. They are lucky bec. her husband was able to bring them at the same time. She is already busy bec. she got herself a job too in a clinic there and I am so happy for her. Eventhough we are so far apart now, there are times that we e-mail each other to keep in touch but not on a regular basis bec. I know she is so busy with her work and they are still adjusting to the life and culture there.

It’s her birthday this coming March and I will definitely send her one of those online greeting cards so she can receive it fast unlike in the snail mail. It is also reliable and very convenient to send and one of the most popular means of communicating these days. I just wish she’ll take a vacation back home here soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ang Pinaka: Hot na HOW TO search online accdg to Google

I came home early yesterday after going to Greenshills to buy some CD and DVds so I was able to watch ANG PINAKA show on QTV 11. Yesterday's episode is about the Top 10 Ang Pinaka: searchable keywords by Pinoys according to Google and here is the list
1. How to KISS
2. How to DRAW
3. How to SING
5. How to DRIVE
7. How to DIET
9. How to MEDITATE
10. How to COOK

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Such a Bookworm

I was surfin' online looking for photography books that I can get to improve my photography skills when I saw huge sale of Amazon books. It instantly reminded me of my 14 yr old niece who loves to read books. She has read almost all the books of JK Rowling and now she is into Stephenie Meyer.. yah of course she already finished Twilight and I think the new book too.. This makes me wish that I am a book reader too. And with her love for books, we are not having a hard time what to give her as gifts.

The Best Job in the World

Image Hosted by
Saw this at the news last night and The Islands of the Great Barrier in Queensland Australia is looking for a caretaker of The Great Barrier Reef (I've been there last March 2008!!! magnificent place, my once in a lifetime adventure!!!!).

Over 19,000 have already applied and there are actually 4 more days left to apply for the "The Best Job in the World". The application will end at 22 February 11:59pm. The winner will get to work for 6 months with a whopping AU$150,000 as salary just to take care of the reef, feed the fish, report back at Queensland Tourism and enjoy the water and nature and more!!

I had fun watching all the videos of the applicants and may the best applicant win!

Know more about how to apply, benefits, criteria etc . HERE

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Town Fiesta Parade

Project 365: Town Fiesta Parade
Last Sat. (Valentine's Day) there was a parade here at our town. It rained so hard that we thought that the parade will be cut short but fortunately rain stopped.

Of course the much awaited in the parade are the celebrities. Celebs that was on the parade was Eric Fructouso and Gene Padilla who got soaked in the rain, i wan't able to take pics of them bec. I don't want my camera to get wet. of course .. Teens went ga-ga when they saw Rainier, Ryza Cenon and Jackie Rice, they are pretty in person while Rainier is good looking as well.. He has that smiling face talaga.
There's also Krista Ranillo Krista - daughter of Matt Ranillo III. Gosh she is soooo skinny and almost flawless in person.. The parade took about 2 hours and it was fun. My SIL even sell mineral water and chichiria etc in front of our garage.
Jackie Rice, Rainier, Ryza Cenon

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Good Place to Dine in

It’s Valentine’s Day today and what a best occasion to celebrate it with your special someone. For sure the hotels and restos were all jam-packed with all the couples that will go on date and they even reserved way ahead of time bec. it’s also a weekend. Not all couples though celebrate it on the exact date bec. some want to avoid the traffic and the full reservations. If you are in Denver, you can find the best Denver Restaurants if you browse Westword website, an online source for news and entertainment that is dedicated for the residents of Denver in Colorado. They have a list of best place to dine in on any occasion and they provide useful info for Denver community. Resident’s will find it very practical to search for their local stores and places to be in.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Puso (Heart)

Ahhh it's Valentine's Day again soon and as usual I don't have someone to spent it with but it's ok I am used to that haha. These are perfect photos for the theme at Litratong Pinoy this week about HEARTS or HEART SHAPE. I took lots of shots with different angles and i can't find the right effetc that I wanted not until I transferred location with good back lighting.
Ahhh araw na naman ng mga puso.. as usual wala na naman akong kapareha pero ok lang sa akin yon .. sanay na ko kumbaga hahaha!! Ang tema sa linggong ito sa
LITRATONG PINOY eh PUSO or Hugis Puso. Alam ko meron na nitong nakagawa na shot na ito noon pa kaya sabi ko gawin ko rin.

Dami ko rin shots at anggulo na nakunan pero d ko makuha ang gusto kong lighting pero dito sa wakas ay nakakuha ako ng maganda pwesto na may sinag ng araw at iniba ko ang aking white balance kaya nakuha ko ang epek na gusto ko. Pumayag sandali ang aking pamangkin na magpose sa aking kalokohan at nung pinakita ko ang litrato nya ang sabi nya ay "ang dilim naman!! hahaha..pero para sa akin eh maganda at madrama ang epek. Maligayang araw ng mga puso mga ka -LP!!
Project 365: Advance Valentine's Day

Monday, February 9, 2009

Alumni Homecoming Parade

It's a fun fun day for me yesterday. Woke up so early to prepare our Alma Mater's 49th Grand Alumni Homecoming's Parade. So happy to meet my former classmates in highschool again and we are also celebrating our SILVER ANNIV. this year ( we will have a grand reunion soon)

It's a fun filled day, time is not enough for our chit chats. I brought my DSLR cam so I became the official photographe of our batch. Hard to be one bec. I always end up not in the photo (eh photo addict pa naman ako) !! haha..

On Friday, we will be gathering again at our former h-school grounds for the grand alumni homecoming night. Our batch is our host so we should all attend. There will be a progam, singing/dancing, raffle and games for the alumnus. Who know they might win a sports gifts, a t-shirt, cash prize on that time. Can't wait to attend.
Project 365: CCS Highschool Batch '84


What a crazy names for pets .. right? My crazy niece and nephews thought of naming their Hamster as Jingle and the Siamese Cat, Bell which is actually a BOY.. lol but has a pink collar belt.

This siamese cat loves to play with the hamster, which is unbelievable. When we took the hamster out, the cat will chase it and would play with it. Saw Bell staring at him at Jingle's cage, maybe he wants him to get out there to play for a while. It's only now that we adopted a pet and I am actually liking it. In fact, when I want to take off my stress from work, I will just play with the cat. My niece would also want to buy him pet supplements while I thought of buying him cat toys like that of cat chase toy cuz I know he'll like it.
Day 17: Jingle & Bell

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Photobook Arrived !!

Project 365: My Photobook (Digi-Scrap)
FINALLY!! After so much wait my photobook finally arrived today and I was so excited when I saw the mailman. I ordered it at ARTSCOW last Jan. 11 and they shipped it on Jan. 24 and I received it today (Feb 4). I opened the neat package that came from Hongkong and I was really SATISFIED with the results!!!! None of my journaling were cut off and the printing was just amazing. The book was STITCHED bind so it hold s all the pages neatly and safely.

I ordered a 20 page 8x8 photobook but I added some pages so it was 24 pages. The cover is hardbound and the pages are thick papers I am extremely overjoyed with the outcome and I will definitely order once again. Actually I have made another book for my niece and I will order it soon. Ahhh what more can I say... I love my photobook!! Order yours at ARTSCOW now!

Anyway, scrapping and photography keeps me busy, I also would love to build a photo tent but I am not sure what light bulbs to use, I'm gonna research if led lighting is also good to use for the next project I'm about to make.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday Guestsheets

asher guestsheet 1 asher2
asher guestsheet 3
I made these birthday guestsheets for my online friend Mai. Her son is celebrating his 1st year b-day on March 1st so she was pressed for time from all of the preparations. She asked for help and I am free that time so I volunteered to make and I was lucky enough to whip up 3 layouts. I made them at Photoshop using the available kits that I have. Mai liked what I made and I am really happy for that. Mai will have it printed 5x7 so that her son's guests will write their wishes on it.

Birthday Wish Tag

Got this from sis JOYd:
Here are the rules...
1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday...
2. The list should be 10 numbers
3. Post the image of this award in your posting
4. Give it your friends .

Hmmm I just had my b-day last Nov. 16 but it's always fun to list about my b-day wish here. So
1. new Canon 50mm lens (i recently broke mine wahhh) so I need a new one
2. HP laptop, so I can also go online at home
3. Canon lenshood and UV filter
4. A much needed vacation local or international
5. Shopping Spree
6. Meet my old friends in highschool and college
I guess that's it for now,.. it;s too much to ask already.

Advanced Haircutting Videos

Hairstylists will find this advanced haircutting videos
useful to improve their skills and talent. It’s always good for people in beauty field to know the latest trend and hottest styles so they can keep up with the demands of their customers. It’s not always adequate for haircutters just to know the basics bec. every year or so, hairstyles are evolving. You can purchase these " haircutting videos at Video Shelf ( for $49.95 plus shipping. Medium Hairstyles

Sunday at Megamall

Canon's EOSjen_canon6
I went to Megamall with the hopes of getting my 50mm lens fixed but the Canon Store that I went to is not a service center .. yay. The in house technician who just checked my lens there told me that my lens had a bad fall so I really need to bring it at their official service center. The Canon sales attendant took a shot of me while I am taking pictures inside their store using the canon 50d which is my dream camera too.

I love that shot of mine, I did not process this at photoshop yet it is still crisp and very clear. I had the chance to take some shots at the store and I was finding some of their promotional products that I can get but unfortunately there was none. It's been a while since I've been at Megamall so I took the chance to stroll around their, I entered lots of shops, look around but bought nothing hahaha. It was a tiring Sunday but it was fun eventhough I went alone.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Project 365 Layouts

Finally finished all the layouts from week 1- 5 that I made. I am over excited about this big and very ambitious project of mine that I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can finish all the weeks till end of this year. Actually to help me scrap all of them much faster and to save me more time, i just used a template that I have downloaded.

If I am successful with this project I will have it printed again at ARTSCOW, where I have printed my 20 pages 8 x 8 Photobook last January but unfortunately my photobook hasn't arrived yet. I wrote to their customer service already and it should be arriving this week..
Week 5Week 4Week 3
Week 2week1

It's Time to Stop

I have been watching the news every night and how sad it is to see some of the road accidents brought about my people who are under the influence of drugs or sometimes alcohol. How many times we have to say that they should not drink and drive at the same time. Those people really don’t care much about others and their own safety. I reckon they should seek help by enrolling themselves in a alcohol rehabilitation center like Promises that can guide them and would lead them into their new and clean life.