Monday, February 9, 2009

Alumni Homecoming Parade

It's a fun fun day for me yesterday. Woke up so early to prepare our Alma Mater's 49th Grand Alumni Homecoming's Parade. So happy to meet my former classmates in highschool again and we are also celebrating our SILVER ANNIV. this year ( we will have a grand reunion soon)

It's a fun filled day, time is not enough for our chit chats. I brought my DSLR cam so I became the official photographe of our batch. Hard to be one bec. I always end up not in the photo (eh photo addict pa naman ako) !! haha..

On Friday, we will be gathering again at our former h-school grounds for the grand alumni homecoming night. Our batch is our host so we should all attend. There will be a progam, singing/dancing, raffle and games for the alumnus. Who know they might win a sports gifts, a t-shirt, cash prize on that time. Can't wait to attend.
Project 365: CCS Highschool Batch '84

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