Monday, February 9, 2009


What a crazy names for pets .. right? My crazy niece and nephews thought of naming their Hamster as Jingle and the Siamese Cat, Bell which is actually a BOY.. lol but has a pink collar belt.

This siamese cat loves to play with the hamster, which is unbelievable. When we took the hamster out, the cat will chase it and would play with it. Saw Bell staring at him at Jingle's cage, maybe he wants him to get out there to play for a while. It's only now that we adopted a pet and I am actually liking it. In fact, when I want to take off my stress from work, I will just play with the cat. My niece would also want to buy him pet supplements while I thought of buying him cat toys like that of cat chase toy cuz I know he'll like it.
Day 17: Jingle & Bell

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