Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Photobook Arrived !!

Project 365: My Photobook (Digi-Scrap)
FINALLY!! After so much wait my photobook finally arrived today and I was so excited when I saw the mailman. I ordered it at ARTSCOW last Jan. 11 and they shipped it on Jan. 24 and I received it today (Feb 4). I opened the neat package that came from Hongkong and I was really SATISFIED with the results!!!! None of my journaling were cut off and the printing was just amazing. The book was STITCHED bind so it hold s all the pages neatly and safely.

I ordered a 20 page 8x8 photobook but I added some pages so it was 24 pages. The cover is hardbound and the pages are thick papers I am extremely overjoyed with the outcome and I will definitely order once again. Actually I have made another book for my niece and I will order it soon. Ahhh what more can I say... I love my photobook!! Order yours at ARTSCOW now!

Anyway, scrapping and photography keeps me busy, I also would love to build a photo tent but I am not sure what light bulbs to use, I'm gonna research if led lighting is also good to use for the next project I'm about to make.

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