Friday, March 30, 2012

Rainy Summer

Wow, our weather is just so crazy these days. Summer entered in our country this month and it’s been raining almost everyday for 1 week now. Sure, it’s hot and humid on most days but it’ll be overturned with gloomy skies and sudden drops of rain. Crazy… so it’s a rainy summer here in our part of the world.

I guess it’s not only in our place that we’ve been experiencing a change in weather pattern because it’s also raining in Sydney where my sister lives and it’s suppose to be autumn. Her son and daughter’s cowboy/cowgirl themed party were ruined because of the rain and they have no choice but to conduct the party inside the house.

It’s ok to rain sometimes because it also keeps the humidity off. What I’m afraid about is that, rainy season will come early and more storms will come.

Joy for Pearls!

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Time of the big day? They have all the wedding jewelry you may possibly need all for the price you want! Adding up everything can get super pricey and allows you to get 75% off the retail value creates a new outlook on opportunity for the brides and grooms out there. Take a quick look to see if you love it as much as everyone else, whether or not you’re getting married, the jewelry is so classy and elegant anyone would give you a double take for your breathless appearance.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 Teaser

I got excited when I saw the online teaser of Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 yesterday. I’m not a very huge fan of the series but I love the movie and I’m going to watch this upcoming sequel. I remember watching the series for days on DVD before watching the Breaking Dawn part 1 in cinema with my nieces only in December 2011. It only shows that I was not interested in the movie at first but when I saw the movie, I just loved it.

Anyway, Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 will be released this year on Nov. 16th, 2012 and that falls on my birthday, yey! I have all the reason to watch it. I can’t wait to see Bella and of course Edward.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All Set with the Girls

I’ve been scheduling my day off with the girls for a long time now. Since they are studying in the university  and they are doing their thesis and other projects. it’s pretty hard to have our schedules to jive. K who is graduating this year is doing her thesis in film while FM is on semestral break already. It’s a good thing that they are available come Saturday so I immediately set it for our day off.

I always love going out with them. We’d go on shopping and eating and since they are still young, they can keep up with me strolling the mall, going to every store that we all wish to go. They are also a good critic on some of the stuff that I will buy. I sometimes ask for their opinion if the Boyfriend Gifts are nice, or of the blouse and shoes that I will buy suits me. They frankly tell me that I look to old for that look hahaha.

Both of them are ball of energy for they ask me to go this certain store or eat at that resto and can walk even up to 6 hours of shopping. I have to say that they are good shopping buddies. I usually go out shopping alone but there are times that I want to be with them as I feel young and energetic as well. I can’t wait for our day-off on Sat.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gifts and Cards

We’re done re-painting the house for about 10 days and I can say it was one messy project that I had this year. To make the painting more faster, we remove almost all our stuff in the house and put it outside the house. I consumed tons of garbage bags and cartons to fill our stuff.

Now, I’m almost done with putting them back in the house. I’m actually chucking lots of papers, books,artificial flowers and other stuff that only accumulate dust in the house. I also found old letters and gifts from friends and relatives and I have a hard time letting some of them. The cards and the letters remain in boxes.

Rainy Season Might Come Early

After the re-painting project is done in our house, mom asked our helper to checked on our roofs as well. Rainy season will come in few months so we need to be ready for that. Our gutters are already filled with dirt and dead leaves so it was cleaned as well. I was telling mom about the gutterstuff gutter guard that I saw at my friends house and maybe we can install one as well.

The weather is just too crazy lately. It’s suppose to be summer but it’s been raining everyday for the last 5 days. It’s a wet summer just like what PAG-ASA said. I’m pretty sure that rainy days might come early this year because of La Nina phenomenon and I fear rainy days will come as early as end of May.. yay! Praying that not too many typhoons will hit our country just like the previous years.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fare Hike Increase starts today March 21, 2012 -- Php8.50Jeepney Fare Now

Oh my goodness the FARE HIKE increase starts today (March 21, 2012). From the standard P8.00 for 1st kilometer it will now be P8.50!!

The .50c fare increase was approved by The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB.  LTFRB Chairman Jaime Jacob said the increase will be effective immediately.

Even before the fare increase, the tricycle here in our area already increased their fare from P20- P25.00 since last week. Yay.. with the fare increase, more people will just try to walk as much as they can if it’s just near just like what my mom and I did when we went to the grocery last night.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March: Fire Prevention Month


It was on the 1st day of March when our town’s firemen with their fire trucks had a loud and long parade. They are letting people to know that they need to take extra precautions and to always see to it that stoves are always closed when not in use. Old wirings should be removed and replaced. Those that are using candles must put it off when not in use and should not be near curtains or light materials that are easy to burn.

There are already news about many fire on some areas and hope that it will not increase till the middle of summer. Turn off lights when not needed even if it’s only led lights, throw away your cigarette butts properly as they can be the source of fire too. Let’s all be careful!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sigh of Relief After Being Involved in a Car Crash

Every day people witness and experience the harsh reality of being in a car crash. Car accidents often leave victims feeling numb, shocked, confused, and wondering how they will recover from their injuries. Fortunately, getting a legal advice from an experienced attorney is a surefire way to get relief after being involved in a car crash. Here are some tips on how to ensure that you receive proper legal advice after a car accident.


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Always Be Prepared

While no one wants to think about getting in a car crash, it is important to be on the safe side. Keep an emergency kit in a glove box. An emergency kit includes items that will come in handy if you are in an accident. These items include:

  • First-aid kit: Useful for treating minor wounds and bruises while waiting for a medical  response team
  • Pad paper and a pen: Write all the details about the accident.
  • Camera: Preferably a disposable one, so you can take pictures of your car as well as the accident site.
  • Cards that have important medical information and insurance information

Google Doodle Celebrates 101st Birthday of Akira Yoshizawa


It’s always fun to see Google Doodle’s page and see their art and what event it is featuring. Today, March 14, 2012, Google Doodle celebrates 101st birthday of Akira Yoshizawa.

Akira Yoshizawa, was born March 14, 1911 in Kaminokawa, Japan, and was known to be the grandmaster of origami. At a young age, Akira managed to create beautiful origami creations all by himself and later on this craft had made him famous. His creations and designs were even published on his books and even had several exhibits.

Find Lawyers Wherever You Are


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Finding a lawyer to represent you is easy when you’re close to home. After all, you are probably familiar with the most well known lawyers in town from their billboards, television ads and from reading the daily news. You might even have acquaintances in the legal industry who are happy to give you the scoop on who the best lawyers are and which ones to avoid.

Unfortunately, arrests and accidents don’t always occur close to home. People get pulled over in other states simply because the traffic laws are different from their own. What is perfectly legal in New York might be a serious traffic infraction in another. The legal limits for DWI/DUI could be much lower where you vacation. You could accidentally find yourself in a whole lot of trouble far from home and need a lawyer’s help to keep your driving privilege intact.

What if you had to travel to assist a loved one who had been injured in an accident? How would you help them start searching for a legal help when you are not familiar with local attorneys? When it comes to personal injury lawyers New York is full of familiar resources. You know where their offices are, and you even know their advertising jingles from television. In fact, you could probably recite the most popular personal injury lawyer new york phone number right off the top of your head. You might even know someone who represented a friend or family member in the past.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Join The Amazing Race Philippines


Oh .. I‘ve been watching the original THE AMAZING RACE for years now for I just love to see how contestants do their tasks and race around the world. It also brings me excitement that it can bring me while I’m watching every episode. I just heard that there’ll be The Amazing Race Philippines coming and will be shown at TV5 and this is something that I’m looking forward to.

TV 5 acquired the rights of this very popular and award winning reality game show, The Amazing Race  and they will be producing the THE AMAZING RACE PHILIPPINES that will air this year. 

Auditions started on March 5, 2012 and until April 2, 2012 and the filming will start soon April and June. 

How to Join The Amazing Race Philippines :
1. Apply online…
2. Mail your audio videos
3. On ground application

Learn more at theamazingrace.phimage

Hot Hot Hot!


Wahhh… it’s freaking 33C this afternoon and wow that is hot! Summer is definitely here!

I was at home today because of some house projects and I could not help but to complain. The weather bureau says that it will reach as high as 38C in some provinces and gosh that will  be like an oven.

So if you’re temp is just like ours, don’t forget to keep cool all the time by drinking lots of water, taking a bath, changing clothes, wear sunnies, bring umbrella/hat and always be in shaded areas. Rays of the sun are harmful and to prevent diseases, heat stroke and even skin cancer, let’s not be under the sun for long period of time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Commencement Exercises

Once again, it's the month for graduations for most schools in the country. Few more days and students will have their much awaited school break and summer vacation. My nieces and nephews are already excited to have their vacation for they are awaiting our times to go swimming and out of town travels.

Just last Sunday, I was at the mall and some stores already have graduation theme on their displays and having their graduation sale. I'm sure in few more days, shoppers will be flocking the malls again to buy new shoes and clothes for their graduation rites and ball.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why Choose Modern Faxing

Why not choose modern faxing? Not only is your precious time and money saved, but you may find that the task is easier and less stressful than the old-fashioned method of machine, wires and inevitable repairs.

So in this case, why chose modern faxing?

More Time For you to Spend on Other Things

No more time spent looking for the latest fax machine with all those buttons and gadgets that you can't even understand. No more time spent on finding a repairman, loading up on paper, ink and toner. Instead, you can send your fax for free (or practically free) through your laptop, Blackberry or other portable device. You don’t even have to be at home.


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More Money Saved

The money you spend is much less you may even get the online service for faxing for free! This is a great plus for your personal satisfaction. You’re already buying paper for your computer, why spend the money on your faxes too? Also, why worry about your fax machine’s upkeep when there’s a way to send faxes without even thinking about upkeep?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dystonia Patients Suffer

I can’t help myself but to feel sad and even shed a tear while watching FRONT ROW at QTV 11, a local docu program that deals with various topics.Tonight’s episode is about DYSTONIA and just looking at all the patients that they’ve featured, I know they are suffering much. DYSTONIA according to MAYO CLINIC is the:

involuntarily muscles contraction — causing an uncontrollable twisting of the affected body part. Symptoms can be mild or severe, and may interfere with the performance of many day-to-day tasks.

There is really no known cause for Dystonia and it can be inherited. Oh dear, I wish scientists will really find what causes this but I’m sure there is a continues study about this illness. Some dystonia patients are given oral medications to help prevent the muscle spams but it will not totally cure the diseases unlike those patients that have testosterone deficiency for they can take arginmax as a supplement.

Heat Wave

Oh wow….. summer is officially in! Welcome heat and humidity!

The start of summer came on March 1st according to PAG-ASA and we should expect temperatures to go up from 33-38C !!!! Holy Molly, 38 will be like a death sentence already hahaha.

Just the other week it was noted that the temp reached as high as 34C and that is way too hot already. We need to keep ourselves hydrated at all times.