Friday, November 28, 2008

:Baby Boom/ Maternity Chit chats at Bebot’s Forum

It was Juz who started the Baby boom in our forum (di-scrappers) over a year ago and would you believe after she sprinkled the baby dust many of the my co-scrappers got pregnant over the year.? We all got excited over it and very happy for our co-scrappers who got pregnant as well. Me being single and still have no plans of having a baby just got contented of wishing that someday I can also experience this magical moment that every woman aspire and hope for.

Not all women have good and easy pregnancy though, that some are just advised by their OB’s to be bed ridden. I even had friends who lost their babies while conceiving and this is a major heartbreak for them. Anyway, we have 1 member in the forum (Mich) who just gave birth recently to a baby girl and 2 members (Kaje and Che) who are still pregnant at the moment. Isn’t it co-incidence that they conceive almost simultaneously?

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