Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ferberization at a Glance

Sleepless nights. Nightly tantrums. Groggy mornings. Do any of these sound familiar? For a lot of new parents, this is the story of their lives for the first year of their baby’s birth. But these issues can be addressed and resolved by initiating the Ferber Method...well, according to some parents. Ferberization or the Ferber method is sleep resolution training technique for infants that are 5 months and above.

The Ferber method relies on a few key principles which include; 

Alone Time: This is the period of time when the infant is left alone in the room. Some or a lot of crying is expected when the baby is left alone. The length of time starts at 5 minutes for the first 3 days then increases by 5 minutes every night until the baby assimilates the training.

Check in time: This is the short length of time when the parent can check in on the baby and offer some comfort. The parent may choose to sing a lullaby to give the baby reassurance of not being abandoned.

It’s also best to make sure the infant is comfortable by feeding him and keeping the environment free from distress-causing factors. It is also suggested that the lights are put out and a night light used instead.

It’s easy to throw in the towel after a few nights but persistence, as Dr.Ferber thinks,is the key. Endeavour to seek the permission of a pediatrician before practicing the Ferber Method

For more information on the Ferber Method, refer to the infographic below from www.babyinastroller.com.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

10th Year Blog Anniversary

Oh wow ... time really flies so fast. This blog of mine is 10 years already since January of 2017!!! This blog is also my 1st domain that I'm maintain since 2007 and that I consider as an achievement too.

Actually my very 1st blog was at Bravejournal that I started in 2005 but unfortunately they deleted my blog already how sad.. I don;t want to pay for a premium acct so I let it go.  So, I'm blogging for the last 12 years now and counting. I have quite a few of domain blogs that I'm keeping and even though I'm not blogging as often now, I still enjoy writing some articles and sharing my experiences too.

My very 1st post in this blog A SLICE OF LIFE.

Hooray.. here's to more blogging years!!!

Making The Living Room Fun

If you are on a budget but still want to change the look of the home, then consider starting with the living room. A general contractor can go over the details that you can change in the room so that it has a new look from the lighting to the flooring and walls. Start with the basic details, such as the painting or changing the flooring, before changing the furniture or adding new accessories. The windows should also be considered when looking at remodeling the living room as this is an area of the home where you want to have as much natural light as possible since you'll be spending the most time here.

If the living room is dingy and doesn't have a lot of color, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Add texture to the walls of the living room with ceiling medallions that are attached and painted over or by using a sponge to create a fun look to the walls. Once you have the color of the walls, you can start looking at the carpet or other types of flooring that you might want to have. Hardwood flooring is ideal if you want something that is easy to keep clean. There are laminate flooring options that give you the hardwood look without spending a lot of money. Go with a lighter color no matter what kind of floor you choose as this will create the illusion of a larger room.

Darker furniture sets the scene, such as black furniture or a dark brown, along with cushions that are light in color that will add depth to the room. Pillows with a graphic design can create a beautiful scene in the living room instead of using simple colors. Your living room might have a perfect plan where all of the furniture is in one place. Take a different approach by putting your furniture in a diagonal position in a corner or changing the angle of the coffee table or the end tables. Don't be afraid to make the living room a fun place to be during the day as this is where you'll share memories with friends and family.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Time to Try New Things

Wow, January of 2017 passed by so quickly. Spent my January with 2 trips out of town with my family. We went to Cebu in January 7 till the 12th but the weather is not that good as it is raining almost everyday. However, that doesn't stop us from exploring the province. After that, we went to Palawan, and it is heaven. The islands are breathtaking and the province is a gem.

 This year, I am planning to go travel again and explore our country more. This year, it's also a time to try new things, I have eaten crocodile meat for the first time and it tastes like chicken. I have not tried the zip line though as I was scared and my body is al little bit achy that time, oh well might try it next time.

There are also more things to explore and learn online. There are heaps of websites that are worth visiting and perusing. I have learned so many things from different blogs and sites. There are also online shops that help people shop for their things, Etsy, E-bay, Amazon and the likes are fave. For musical enthusiasts, http://www.guitarcenter.com/Snark/ can be helpful as well. Perusing the site can be worthwhile if you are in need of anything music related.

I also want to try my hand in baking, and hope that will push through in the coming months if time permits.