Sunday, September 30, 2007

Layout Share

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Just wanted to share this new layout that I made last night. Actually i was working on another layout but it's taking me forever. I remember this picture of me and my nephew Dither many Sundays ago and when i made some photo enhancements I was non-stop. I love the way it turned out. I bought Christina Renee's Signature kit and i used it for this layout.

I also finished one layout, actually it was the bday invitation of my mom but i will just share that later. Note: credits will be seen at my DIGI BLOG.

Happy Sunday everyone !!! Wow it's October already tomorrow yahooooo.!!!
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Dad’s Death Anniversary

Dad’s death anniversary will be on 11th of Oct. again. It was 18 years already when he left us. I clearly remember we were all shocked and crying to know that he succumbed to Myocardial Imparction or simply called Heart attack (he's a chain smoker). Every year we never failed to visit his tomb and offer some flowers and prayers. I know he is guiding us and he is already at peace.

Dad is a Civil Engineer of a Japanese Co. Summa Kumagai and he just got his promotion at the time of his death. He is an intelligent man, man of few words and handy man. I will always remember him very workaholic, even on weekends I will see him working with my brothers, fixing the car or just maintaining it. They have their entire tools on the garage like that of Ingersoll Rand air tools, compressor and what have they. There are also days when they will go at Banawe in Q.C. to purchase some spare parts or tools.

I miss him dearly and he is sometimes in my dreams especially when his death anniversary will come. Hug your dads now bec. soon you will have no more chance to do that. Love you dad. Miss ya!!
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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My new glasses

I just got my new eyeglasses yesterday but my eyes seems to be adjusting to it’s new lens, got a small ache on my nape right now arghhh.. Not quite sure if i will complain to my doctor about this. The new eyeglasses seem to be blurred, and i still need to open my eyes so wide to see clearly on my monitor. I know this is not normal so i will see what will happen.

I hope i will get use to this new glasses bec. it is so expensive waghhhhhhhhhhhh. (mukhang genius na ba hahaha?) Have a great weekend everyone!

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Storm HANNA is in

OMG tropical storm Hanna is definitely in our country. PAGASA, our weather bureau already announced that it will be a strong typhoon to watch out like Milenyo of last year. Hanna already showed its strength last night and it was raining so hard when i'm about to sleep.

Right now, it is raining hard, it is wet , and gloomy outside. I hope this typhoon will not badly hit our country again as many will be affected esp. those living in low lying areas and squatter areas.

This pic is the street in front of my store, the rain water already starts to get high but the good thing is that it will subside easily once the rain will stop.

I also heard on the news that most of the province are Signal No. 1 now including ours. In some provinces many passengers are already stranded.

For those in low lying areas and near creek, pls. do take extra care already.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

She loves to go to school now

If you could still remember my post before about my niece Reign crying before going to school. She hates to go to her new school and to stop her from crying her mom would end up being inside her classroom too.. lol. There's even a time when they will go home early bec. she didn't like to listen and sit on her desk.

Things have changed and right now, she is always eager and excited to go to school and would always asks me "what time is it now?" bec. she knows it's school time when 2 pm strikes.

We are very happy that she changed and we saw big improvement on her. She can talk quite straight now (hindi na masyadong bulol) and can sing nursery songs, count, write her name, color and more.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WORDLESS Wednesday

My 1st time to join Wordless Wednesday. Another caterpillar that i saw crawling up on one of our tree.

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I have different entry on my other blog SIMPLY JEN.

Birthdays Celebrants

My niece Kukay celebrated her 16th bday on Sept. 18; she is in Riyadh right now with her family so I just emailed her mom to give our bday greetings.

Another niece of mine Kathleen just turned 17 on Sept. 25th; I only had the chance to greet her after she came home from the university. Her mom just cooked spaghetti for dinner and all of us had a sumptuous meal. Ahh, we can never really stop the time, I still remember I used to take care of her when she was a baby and now she’s grown up and even much taller than me. And next year, we will be celebrating her Debut (18th) birthday and for sure we will have a grand party.

And today is my nephew’s b-day (Karlo- Pinoy Blogero), he is 21 already. He went out today with his gf and some friends and they will just celebrate it outside.

Older bro just cooked a nice meal for today and he just made a PAKSIW na PATA for lunch. I love the taste and the way it turned out (thick sauce). I actually ate a lot this lunch and goodness me I had to be stopped from getting more rice by my sis-in-law. She keeps on teasing me bec. I’m getting fat lately. My belly is getting bigger and bigger, it’s like I’m having a big rubber lifesaver on my Well at least I already got rid of drinking Coke and I think I’m doing pretty good. I reckon I don’t still need to take one of those hoodia pills that I heard those weight watchers are taking. I still need to control myself from indulging too much on fatty foods.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tag: My desktop Preview

I got tagged 2x by Nita and Emmy Rose

Ok here's the preview of my desktop, I always change my wallpaper from time to time so i will not be bored. I have a couple of icons there for my frequently used program.
Loving my desktop and my OS (Vista), it provides superior quality graphics


Note: Copy Starts Here!
My Desktop Free View Instruction: A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.
You can do a screen capture by:

Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).
If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it. B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of Icons, things like that. C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well. D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Are you a good cook?

Oh me? Ahmmm NO. I can cook but not that good I can say. I always admire women who loves to cook and can make up menus on their own. I think they are born to be a good cook and if their recipes are yummy I reckon they put a lot of love in cooking it. Plus I guess they enjoy what they are doing especially if they have nice and complete cookware set in their kitchen.

I’m not a kitchen person lately but I can work around the kitchen cutting up the veggies and all.
I remember cooking leche flan and it turned out to like an egg pie, my friend Racel would always laugh at me when she remembers that. Hahaha.

So what about you what are your favorite recipe and specialty?

Saturday, September 22, 2007


I just love Photo Hunting. This week's theme is PAPER. I want to make my entries kinda unique so i dig up my brother's gallery again and thought i'd share these memorabilias than he got there.
This is a sample ballot for our National Elections way back in 1965. Wow, i wasn't even born yet at that time. !!

This is a TRIBUNE newspaper and it was dated DEC. 31, 1943. WOW, this was before the WWII.

And take a look at this local SONG HITS 1945 Edition after the Liberation . Haha this is the songhits that our parents and grandparents used.

Happy Hunting and Happy Weekend.
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Friday, September 21, 2007

A day at my eye doctor

Finally, I had the time to go to my eye doctor today. My eyes are hurting and I have a headache almost everyday and it gives me so much discomfort. I went to my doctor's office around 10 am but it was still closed, good enough my doctor's secretary is my "kumare" so i just asked her to put me in the list. I came back at the clinic around 10:45 and few minutes later my doctor came and I'm the 1st one that he checked up

He said i had Astigmatism that is why i have blurred vision and having headaches now. My old eyeglass is also not fitted for my vision anymore so he raised it from 100 to 125. He also advised me to adjust my computer monitor or chair so that i will not have any discomfort.

I also ordered a new pair of progressive sunglasses and by Monday i will have a new one. I am sure with my new glasses i will no longer have a headache.
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you excited like me?

Why? Look at how time flies so fast, it’s already almost the end of September and can you hear the Christmas bells ringing? And I hope you already notice the ticker time that I had up here, that’s my countdown for Christmas. I also hear Christmas songs in the radio. Would you believe that I’ve already started to think about what gifts that I will give this Christmas?

Last year I am financially drained so I wasn’t able to give a lot of gifts, I hope this year will be different (I know it will be). My fave shopping place Greenhills and Divisoria for sure will be packed with shoppers like me. Ahhhh I just like the feeling shopping for my family and clothing particularly shirts is what I always give to the boys. Although it’s fun to shop at the mall and haggle some people just prefer shopping at many online clothing store especially when they have no time to go out. I reckon that is a good choice too bec. online stores have great deals and bargains too.

I’m actually planning to go to Divisoria on Monday or Tuesday bec. I want to buy some daily pants and shirts for myself.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am still here

Wow it's been days that i haven't updated this blog. It's hard when you have multiple blogs you know.. hehehe I am actually busy updating my other blogs bec. i have to beat the deadline that i have for my blogging assignments. It's seldom that opps are pouring in so i need to grab them and avail of the opportunity. Although it's tiring sometimes but when I think of the good things it will bring to me then i am so inspired to get them.

Anyway, i had a boring weekend if you want to know hehe. I am not feeling well last Sunday so i opted just to stay home (actually here at my shop) and then i went to the grocery later. Just in case you are wondering where i have been, just take a peek at all the entries that i posted in my other blog. SIMPLY JEN.

Have a great week everyone!!
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Teen Help

>They say the one of the difficult stage in raising a child is in their teens bec. it is where they want their independence and at the their stage of trying to find what they really want. Some parents have luck in raising good kids of curse with their supervision but for some parents they are faced with problems dealing with their teens like alcoholism, drugs, teen pregnancies and more. Some parents may not even know that their kids need help. Here’s a teen help blog that gives resources for parents. Their articles are very informative and useful that anyone can read.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Another new week for us at the PhotoHunters. This week's theme is PLASTIC.

Here is my entry, these plastic Coca Cola trucks are part of my brother's Coke collections (yeah we all have collection). He has a big glass cabinet for his collections, he buy his Coke collections from stores, from people and some are gift from him from my relatives in Australia, Saudi and US.

We all know that these collections will have a big value in the future and for other Coke collectors they know that these are treasures. My bro's kids are not allowed to play with them.

Happy Hunting Photohunters!!

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A new car for sissy

We left home almost late last night bec. I was on YM with sistah Joy. We were talking about their last trip in Canberra and she told us that the kids had a blast esp. Braiden. Although they stayed there for only a day. It was a good break for all of them.

We were also talking about mom's forthcoming 75th b-day in Oct. and our plans for her party. Each of us siblings were goin to contribute money for the party bec. we want it to be special for our mom.

She also told us that she finally had her new car which is a Nissan X-trail that she trade-in with her old Nissan Patrol. The Patrol is kinda big for her so the Xtrail is just perfect. She's been driving for a while now of course when you are abroad it is a necessity to have a car of your own to move around easily. Her husband also got a new Nissan Ute for himself, not quite sure though if my bro-inlaw would upgrade his billet grille into a customized one.

Now that they both have new cars, i hope they will reorganized their garage so that both will fit inside.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sweet 13

I had the time to make another layout the other day, actually I've been tweaking this layout for many days now bec. i don't seem to get the effect or the drama that i want to show. I just settle for this layout instead. This is my niece Micah Jey who turned 13 this year and she looks so cute in this pic.
Loving the flowers from Annie Manning

Credits can be found at my digi blog

Erap GUILTY !!!

Former Pres. Joseph Estrada was found guilty for the crime of PLUNDER but acquitted for perjury. He was sentenced of Reclusion Perpetua or 40 years imprisonment by judges of the Sandigan Bayan this morning around 9 am. He is also asked to pay millions of pesos, his son Jinggoy (a senator) and lawyer Eduardo Serapio were found not guilty.

The news was on him again as the nation waits for the verdict. This is a sad day for Erap family and supporters but a big and happy day for those who hates him.

Here is an excerpt form GMA News TV :

The Sandiganbayan found Estrada “guilty beyond reasonable doubt" for plunder for receiving P545-million in protection money from operators of the numbers racket jueteng; for diverting P130-million in the tobacco excise tax share of Ilocos Sur; for receiving P189.7-million kickback from Belle Corp. for the purchase of P1.8-billion worth of shares of stocks and for maintaining a P3.23-billion “Jose Velarde" account.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Are you excited for Christmas?

I do, aside from it being festive; I cannot wait for my niece Micah Jey in Sydney to have her Christmas vacation here in the Phils. Anyway, few more months and it’s gonna be Christmas once again, so have you prepared your shopping lists already? Oh well, I have over 20 godchildren and before Christmas, I need to jot all of their names and their age and think about what gift is suited to each child.

My eldest godchild is already a teenager so I don’t think I need to give her a gift bec. for sure I don’t know her taste. I reckon I just need to give her money instead so she can buy what she wants.

The youngest male godchildren that I have is around 4 or 5 years old so I think RC airplanes or cars are perfect gift for them. I know kids that age love receiving gifts (esp. TOYS) for Christmas instead of money. I remember one time I gave money to one of my godchild and I heard him whispering to his mom where is his toy hahahaha. I knew he will look for one. Kids are funny sometimes, don’t you think so?
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Virus attack at YM

I was online at YM (Yahoo Messenger) in my invisible mode (hehe) this morning when a new window suddenly popped out. The message appeared to came from Diane my online friend and co-Bebot. She did not say hi nor wrote any message other than a message (that you can see above with circle) and a url following that.

I know it is not normal to just leave a link, so i immediately thought it was a virus. I DID NOT open the link but what i did was to reply and ask if that is Diane. She replied back and told me that her YM has virus and asks me how to remove it. I don't know how to remove it so i googled it and i just gave her a link that might help her solve it.

I hope she can remove that nasty virus, if i am so careless and clicked that link i might be infected by it right now. Just to make sure, i run my antivirus and my system is clean.

Have you encountered such? If you know how to remove that nasty virus kindly inform me so that i can share it with Diane. Thanks.
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I just can’t wait…....

....for my next trip to Australia next year. My sister Joy and bro in law Joe will sponsor my trip back in Aussie land for the 3rd time probably around 1st quarter of 2008. I know it is a bit far but I can’t hide the fact that I am excited again. I know I will have a blast bec. there are still many places in Australia that I wanted to see. If the plans will push through we might be going to the Great Barrier Reef where Nemo resides. Who knows I will be swimming with Doris and Nemo, cool huh?They already went there just this January and stayed in one of the islands and they had a grand vacation and in fact, Micah tried snorkeling.

I wish I was in Australia right now bec. my sister and family went on a trip back in Canberra. Ahhh vacations… don’t you just love taking a break from your daily routine and just stay in a hotel and go to the beach? I also wish that maybe someday I will have my Florida vacation with my relatives back in the States. I know I will not worry for a place to stay just in case.
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Saturday, September 8, 2007


Our theme for this week at Photohunt is MUSIC. Here are my entries:

This is my late granpa's 1940's Magic Voice Radio. My brother is keeping this at his gallery as a souvenir from our grandpa. Look how sleek the design is hehehe.

This one is a Radio Phonograph with 78 rpm. It is popular also in the 1940's.

I know all of us are enjoying our i-pods nowadays but it always nice to see what our parents and grandparents use to listen to music back then.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Photo Hunting!!

I have a different entry at my OTHER BLOG, hope you can take a peek there.
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Online community

>Don’t you just love online community? I do, perhaps I can meet a lot of new people online and can share anything or just about everything with all the members. It’s a place where I can express myself and share my ideas aside from having friends in “real” life.

Here’s a new community site which is based in London named Trusted Places. Each member can share opinions on places they have experienced and can recommend it to other members as well. Say for example you can share about london restaurants, shopping and more. You can find reviews and connect with other people too.

Friday, September 7, 2007

New header and blah blahs

Hello guys, i hope you are all enjoying your day.Weekend is here again and don't you think time is really flying so fast and the next thing we know it's Christmas already? I just can't wait for that!

Anyway, I was ahead of my blogging assignments, i already finished them early so i have time to scrap a bit. I was online again this morning and of course i could not resist goin to all the digital scrapbooking stores. I end up buying Annie Manning's new Funky Flowers. After downloading those lovely flowers i thought i'd renovate my SHOPPING BLOG and give it a fresh new look. I love the way it turned out and i can't wait to share the header that i made.

Here it is:
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Credits: Ribbon and Staple Christina Renee, Flowers by Annie Manning, and Alpha by Birgit

(Note: I am not so sure i cannot view my header at IE, it shows in Mozilla though). Kindly tell me if it showing at IE at your side.

Thanks for taking a look and hope you can take a peek at my "SHOPPING BLOG "and see some nice items i have posted there.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

RAK for a friend

Agring's daughter Abby will celebrate it's 3rd birthday on the 18th and she asked us (Pinay Digiscrappers) to make some 5" x 7" guestsheets. There should be enough space for the guests to leave a message on the blank spaces. I never thought i will make one but when i started to look for the papers and elements, i finally made 2 layouts for her daughter. I am so glad that Agring liked what i made and she already printed it out.

These are my layouts: (credits can be found at my digi blog)

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images are resized so it was a bit blurred

What’s your skin care regimen?

Hey ladies can you share your secret skin care regimen? I admit I don’t have a flawless skin that is why I envy those who are gifted with it. I have an oily T-zone on my face that keeps me bothered. Although I have tried quite few creams available on the market but nothing seems to solve it really. I don’t want to buy those expensive creams bec. I don’t want to take a risk and end up blaming my self for buying that hahaha.

Anyway, I just have a very simple regimen; I have to make sure I will clean my face with my local astringent which I have been using for ages before I go to sleep. I don’t wash my face now with ordinary soap instead I just use facial wash or scrub. Maybe the ones that I am using right now may not be good for my skin huh? Perhaps I need to consider in trying new skin care products that is in the shops now. I been thinking to buy Olay total effects the last time I went to the mall buy geez a small bottle is already P600 and that is already expensive for my budget conscious pocket hahaha.

Be safe than to feel sorry

My eldest bro Ronald got into an accident about 2 weeks ago. It was early in the morning aboard his motorbike he sends his youngest son in school; he then proceeded to a nearby store to buy a prepaid card. On his way, he was about to go on a left turn when another motorbike was coming. He was not able to see it fast, so when he made the left turn he hits the motorbike in a sweep. By brother was shaken with the collision but the good thing is that he only suffered small minor wounds in his feet while the other man is not injured at all. The headlights of the man’s motorbike was broken so he was compelled to pay for it bec. he was the one at fault.

He called my other bro for assistance and he went home limping and with wounds, we are so glad that is the only thing that happened. If the other person will be injured for sure we will pay for its hospitalization and other medical expenses. We told him he was still lucky.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Our theme for this week is DIRTY.

It's been almost 3 weeks already that this poor baby stray kitten went to our backyard. It was dirty and hungry and crying and of course I'm pretty sure it is looking for it's mommy meowww. We don't want it to stay in the house so we put it outside the gate but it will always come back.

Anyway, i took a photo of him/her (i don't its gender) last week and when i look for it this morning it's nowhere to be found. Maybe someone pity it and took it at t
heir home.

Camera Shy
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Look at its eyes

Here's my other entry, the dirty slimy decorative shell of my bro, which is also harboring mosquitoes hehe
Happy Hunting!!! Join us at Photo Hunt.