Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011!


Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings that we all received this year.

This is my last post for 2010!

Replica Watches - Precise Duplicates of Genuine Swiss Watches

Precise imitations of original Swiss watches are called replica watches. As a rule, replica watches almost do not differ from original Swiss watches. Production of precise duplicates of original watches requires serious expenses, that is why replica watches often turn out to be much more expensive, than people expect. However, they are really much cheaper than originals.

A high quality replica watch must have absolutely the same look as a genuine timepiece. This implies that those parts that are polished in the original watch must be polished in the replica, all the brushed parts also must coincide.

What to materials, these sometimes coincide, sometimes not. Most replica watches are not made of gold or platinum, instead, these are made of other, cheaper materials. Instead of diamonds and other gemstones, replica watches are decorated with gem imitations. However, manufacturers of replica watches do their best to make replicas maximum similar to originals.
A high quality replica watch must have all the markers and engravings of the original.

In general, a high quality replica watch is almost undistinguishable from an original Swiss watch, at least, only a professional can define what watch is original and which one is replica. Usually, this is possible only after the specialist opens the case and has a close look to the movement of the watch. Thus you can buy a replica watch and no one will understand that your watch is an imitation watch, but not an original one.

Keep in mind, that replica watches differ by quality. A low quality replica watch can be easily distinguished from the genuine watch. Low quality replica watches are much cheaper than originals, but they are not worth buying. They do differ from originals and also these are very likely to turn out to be of very bad quality. Find a reliable replica watch store, buy a high quality replica watch and enjoy wearing a stylish and a very accurate watch!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Fun-Filled Christmas

Hey everyone I hope you all had a great Christmas with your family and friends!

Here's what we did last Christmas. My brother and nephew bought some food (pizza, chicken, cake etc) for our Noche Buena as we don't usually cook then around 8pm we had our dinner. At 10 pm we heard mass then ate again our Noche Buena.
I slept late already at around 1:30 am as we had long chat with my family. It was Christmas day when my niece and nephew opened their gifts that they got from Santa. Other kids are knocking at our doors by early morning asking for Christmas presents..

My nieces and nephews went to their godparents to greet them Merry Christmas and to receive gifts as well. My godchildren and kids of my relatives also came in batches and in turn they got presents from me (gifts or money). The kids enjoyed the "manuhan" as they got lots of presents and money.

We had a sumptuous lunch that was cooked by my SIL. We had no karaoke used this year but still we had fun. After lunch, we all went to our relatives to give and receive gifts. It's our tradition to do that every Christmas day.

By nighttime, we all gather at my brother's place for opening of gifts. It was so fun eventhough our gifts are just simple but given with love.

Merry Christmas all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turned 21

Parties are left and right these days as Christmas is fast approaching. Just about a week ago, I went to a birthday party of the son of my friend. Her son turned 21 years old and he looks so young at his age. He already graduated from college and my friend is so proud of her son as he has no vice like drinking. He is just fond of playing games at the computer.

We stayed for a while at the party and we had a long chat. It's always nice to get together with my highschool friends as we can also bring back all the fun memories while we're in highschool.

Appliance Shopping

It was about 2 weeks ago when I told my mom that we're going to shop for appliances. Mom was so happy upon hearing that because finally her wishes will come to reality already. It was one Saturday afternoon when I asked mom to accompany me to the nearest appliance center but the 1st store had no stock at that time so we went to Abenson.

We bought new 6 cuft. Kelvinator refrigerator , Sharp 7.5 kg washing machine, and 3 electric fans. Mom didn't thought that I'll buy all of them at once so she was kinda surprised when I asked her to pick a style or a brand. At least we have replaced old ref already and the "noisy" washing machine and electric fans that we had. I'm sure it'll take few more years before I'll buy a new one again.

If my budget is still enough, I wish we had bought some beds for my brother but it'll be my project for next year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Something to Think About

If there is one thing in my mind today aside from shopping and the holidays then that would be another business that I want to venture in the future. You see, the net café that I have these days is not that lucrative anymore since most people already own their computers and have internet access. Though I have my work online, it’s still good if I have a small business in our area.

I’m not sure what kind of business would I like but there are so many options. I just need to find out what I really love to do and what is profitable. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

iPad in my Dreams

Gadgets keep sprouting at the market every now and then and it can be an advantage for consumers as they have so much options to choose from. The recent hype about iPhone, iPod, and iPad made me wish I have any of these but since I'm not into those stuff so I'm not really so excited and eager to buy them asap.

For techie and on the go people, getting an iPad with an ipad warranty is something that they can't miss to buy. For now, iPad will just be in my dreams.

Things to Do Before the Year Ends

I dunno but this Christmas is making me feel like so much excited that it makes me just want to go shopping, shopping and shopping and do other stuff.

Here are some of the things that I need to accomplish before Christmas or before the year ends.
1. Plan the birthday party of my bestfriend that will be at our house this coming Friday.
2. Buy more stuff at the mall. Actually, I was at the mall last night but too much people hinder me from going around more.
3. Check out the insurance quotes online that we need for our vehicle.
4. Order some cakes and baked goodies at the nearby bakery.
5. Wrap all the presents for Christmas.
6. Clean out my closet and purge all the things that I don't want to use anymore. I'll give some away while some will be sold at our garage sale.
7. Bring my dog Sophie to her vet for injections.
8. Buy Sophie a suit for Christmas. yey!
9. Visit my dentist and doctor.
10. Contact my college friends for get together.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Slowly Drifting to Holiday Mode

Wow, Christmas is really here and I can feel it. The weather has changed as well, it’s pretty cold now in the early morning and I’m already having a hard time getting up. Even during the day, there's a cool breeze that's passing by. In fact, I have chapped lips already and been putting petroleum jelly or chapstick the whole day to prevent it from further drying.

I’m also slowly drifting to holiday and shopping mode. It’s also nice to relax and unwind in one of those warm
soaking tubs like Jacuzzi. I’m just trying to finish some works and hopefully get lots of rest this weekend.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Her Secret Locker

It was about 2 or three years ago when my aunt discovered a secret locker of my grandma who passed away many years ago. Aunt and other helpers are trying to clean and going to renovate the place that she left when they found this small box. Aunt opened the bag and it contains some of her precious items like pictures, old coins and letters. It would have been nice to find gold coins in the box for we know that it’s very valuable piece of metal up until today. Anyone can have it as a collection or as an investment as there are people who buy gold coins at some traders or at sellers online like at US Gold Bureau.

Even though we have not found gold treasures at my grandma’s belongings, what they have discovered was something more valuable that we can always cherish and are worth preserving.

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft the First Time Around

Written by

With thousands of consumers falling victim to identity theft each month, most likely someone within your own neighborhood where you live is currently a victim. With such close-to-home statistics, consumers need to be more proactive in the way they protect themselves from identity theft. Though there is no 100 percent guarantee that taking these precautions will protect you forever, they will certainly lower your chances that you will join your neighbor in the identity theft recovery process.

Destroy Documents – If it cannot be emphasized enough, a person should always destroy any documents that have their personal information on it. This could be general mail, receipts, statements, etc. Tear it up, shred it, or file it away to throw away at a document disposal company. Never leave receipts behind at restaurants, gas stations, etc. Take them with you and destroy them at home.

Safeguard Your Mail – Your mail contains everything an identity thieve needs to commit identity fraud. Therefore it is extremely important that a consumer know how to protect their mail. Always mail your outgoing bills from the post office directly and never allow your mail to sit overnight in your mailbox. If you are going out of town, place a hold on your mail until you are back.

Protect Your Social Security Number – A consumer should never give out their social security number unless absolutely necessary. Never use your social security number as a means of identification for school ids, medical insurance, etc. When you apply for a job, do not give out your social until you are actually hired.

Protect Your Credit and Debit Cards – Never store or give out your credit card or debit card information on websites or to companies you do not know. There are a lot of online shopping companies that will store your credit card information, but you will want to ensure that you protect yourself against a potential hacker stealing this information by not storing it there to begin with.

Ask Whom You Are Speaking With – In the event a company or individual calls asking to verify personal information, request that you call them back. If they are a legitimate company you should be able to call the number directly and get a hold of that individual again.

Monitor, Monitor, Monitor – It cannot be stressed enough by the Federal Trade Commission, but consumers need to monitor their account statements and credit reports to ensure that they have not fallen victim to identity theft. Scrutinize every statement and report and ensure that there are no new accounts, changes or charges that you cannot assure you did yourself.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Having a Good Night Sleep

We all know that we need to have 8 hours of sleep each day to be feel recharged but for some, sleeping for many hours is very difficult for them. It's pretty hard if you can't fall as sleep at night, tossing and turning just to get some sleeps. Some opted to even find what sleeping pills that work if they are already desperate. You need to consult your doctor if you have difficulty in sleeping.

Always make sure that your bedroom is very conducive to sleeping. You can put dim lights and comfortable bedsheets. Others find it helpful to read in bed while others drink milk.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exchange Links

When I started this blog in 2007, I was busy exchanging links with other bloggers so that others can visit my blog. In turn, I can receive back links and traffic and it's good for my blog. Right now, since I'm also busy and my blog is kinda "established" already, I don't exchange links anymore. There are still who wanted to exchange some links but I just ignore it, i'll only accept if you'll pay me for your link hehe..

For those that wanted to exchange links, there are so many ways to do that. You can submit your blogs to web directories, join forums or sign up for link sites. For me, I don't exchange links any more.

Free HP 3-in Printer from Smart

I've been a Smart Bro customer for 3 years now. Over all, I'm pleased with the service and the Internet connection that they have eventhough there are times that the connection is slow or out of service. I know that net connections can be downtime at time most especially when there's typhoon or they are having some adjustments or upgrading.

As part of their promo, they are giving away cellphones, prepaid plug it net connection, and printers if you renew your contract with them. I availed the promo and I got a free HP 3-1 printer with scanning software in it and that means I'm tied with their service for another 2 years again but that is ok. R

ight now, I'm already using the printer and the scanner as an added service here at my store.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please: Don't Drink and Drive

Driving while intoxicated can be a dangerous thing to do as a lot of accidents can happen to you. You only not put yourself vulnerable to being harmed but those people on the road as well. DWI is a serious offense in the US, more particularly in Houston area so as much as possible you should NOT drive when you are drunk.

Officers can sue you and you can face penalties for doing so. Getting
Houston DWI lawyers
to help you with the case but as a responsible driver, always make sure that you’ll practice discipline when you’re on the road. How many times have we seen and heard accidents due to drivers that are texting, drunk or under the influence of drugs while driving. These should be stopped and we should not make the road a scary place.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Other Considerations When Choosing Online Fax Services

Everyone knows that if you want to subscribe to a particular service, you need to know how much it’s worth, what you will get for the money that you will pay and whether your service will be providing you with the things that you need. These are actually things that are superficial because there are other things beyond cost and features that you need to know like:
1.24-hour support. This is something that most people do not take into consideration when signing up for a particular service and they end up frustrated and has no one to speak with when problems arise. What you should know is that good customer and technical support is part of providing good service. Most online fax facilities who offer cheap prices do not provide support so if you’re not able to send your fax message on the midnight of a holiday, do not be surprised if you can’t reach anyone from your provider for help.
2.Security and encryption. A lot of people are used to sending confidential data and information through fax like client contracts. Since you are dealing with online services who will use the internet to transmit data, you should know that you are also exposing your data on a very huge network of information and during its travel, your data can be lost, intercepted or worse, hacked. Therefore, you have to check if your online fax service provider will give you some sort of security or do they have any encryption technologies that will secure your private data and even if it is intercepted, it cannot be read by third parties.
3.File formats. Some online fax provider offers a wider variety of file types supported which is actually a lot better for your business. What you need to take not of, though, is what file types are supported, which are often used and whether you have the right software to open, view and edit the files that you will receive. Without the necessary software, you might not be able to view the fax messages that will be sent to you.

4.Flexibility. There are a couple of configuration settings that will be setup during the registration process like your email address and other information. You need to check if you can change these settings as the needs arise. For instance, somebody hacked your email address and you signed up with a different email system and you need to have this new email registered with your online fax facility. Your service should allow you to do that.

5. 30-day free trial. This is something that most online fax service providers offer their customers although not all providers offer this particular service. The good thing about free trials is that you will be able to check whether the online fax service is really right for you.
As a last note, it would be best to read customer reviews and discussion boards so you’ll know what other users think of the online fax provider that you are eyeing. They can always give you the best advice because they’ve “been there, done that.”

Friday, November 26, 2010

Issues While Downloading Free Ringtone

Most mobile handsets allow the users to identify each caller with a unique ringtone. This has spurred the demand for free ringtone as users do not want to spend much on ringtones that can be obtained free of cost. You can download ringtones free of cost from any of the websites that offer these kinds of services. At times, you may be charged even fora  free ringtone if the website does not support the carrier of your phone services. There can be other issues while downloading ringtones.

Phone Settings
Location where the ringtone is saved may differ from one model to another model of phone. Thus it is essential to check the documentation of the phone initially to know the exact location of the ringtone to be stored. Another issue is that every model of phone may not support all formats of files. Once again, you need to check the documentation of your phone to check which file format it supports.

Carrier Supports
Most of the websites providing free ringtones have contracts with few carriers. For example, a popular free ringtone download site may have support for carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Cellular One. Ringtones can be successfully downloaded to phones with one of these supported carriers without any problem.

Other Issues
Most of websites that provide free ringtones cater to users within specific geographic locations. Another issue that can arise in free ringtone downloading is when the website has links to other websites. If the owner of that site has moved the ringtone to a different location or totally removed it, then you may not be able to download that ringtone successfully.

The only way to overcome all these problems is to know the compatibility of your handset and know which websites support your carrier.

Using a Prepaid Card for Household Purchases

Managing a household can be very tiring but also very rewarding. There are a lot of things to manage within a household, including meal planning, activities, children, and household purchases. The key is, of course, to keep things as manageable as possible. Finding creative, productive ways to do things can help to make household management easy and almost fun.

Making household purchases can range anywhere from grocery shopping to buying carpet. Sometimes the things used that are necessary to run a house are manageable and well-planned, and sometimes they can catch the homeowner by surprise. To effectively manage the household, the homeowner may choose to use a prepaid card to offset expenses like medical, vision, daily purchases and miscellaneous spending that is not worked into the household budget. There are other things that the card can be used for in home management:

* Paying for sports-related activities where a check is not accepted.
* Purchasing products or services online that require a credit card.
* Using the card to secure items or to have vendors put them "on hold."
* Using the receipts as an expense-tracking system for budget purposes.

A prepaid card, of course, can be used for emergencies, but it can also be used to manage things on a normal daily basis. By loading a prepaid card for future, anticipatory purchases, the household manager ensures that there is sufficient funds for expenses.

The prepaid card also keeps the home manager from worrying about overspending, since the card works the same way as a regular credit card. With whatever loaded amount there is on the card at any given time, only that maximum amount can be spent. To allow more on the card, the home manager can budget for large purchases and avoid using a credit or even a cash system.

With a little planning, prepaid cards can make home management easier.

Cleaning Your House With Home Remedies

Keeping a house clean can be no easy task. Dirt and grime can accumulate in almost every area of the house and can be tricky to remove. If you are looking to keep your house clean there are a number of things you can do using simple household items to keep the place tidy.

Keeping your floors clean can be done using a simple washing liquid. Mixing a few tablespoons of this with some water will provide you with an ideal solution to start scrubbing your floors. If you use a scented liquid, your floors will also smell nice. You can use this technique to clean windows as well.

If you have a build up of mildew in your bathroom, this can be hard to shift. By mixing some thyme in water and leaving it to settle in a bowl for a few days, you will again provide yourself with a perfect cleaning solution. Bathroom sinks and tiles are also areas that can collect a lot of dirt and these can be kept clean by using toothpaste as a bleach to lift the dirt right off.

If you have older people living in your house who wear dentures, then you can even use their denture cleaner to keep the toilet seat clean! Simply spray the cleaner over the seat and leave it overnight to kill germs.

Chrome surfaces in kitchens can also prove tricky to clean. Vinegar applied to a damp cloth is a great way to wipe these surfaces down.

If you have furniture to polish, you can make your own polish out of olive oil and lemon juice. The natural homemade remedies are a great way to keep your entire house free from germs.

Saving Your Money Can Be Difficult

When the holidays come around, you may find that saving some money is a little more difficult. In fact, you may even find that you have to dip into the little bit of savings you already have to get the presents for everyone on your list. When the holidays are done, though, you know that it is time to go back to saving.

Everyone has a different reason to put their money away. Whether you are trying to save to buy a new house or car, or even if you just want to put some away for a rainy day, you can get some great money saving tips online.

Saving money can get frustrating. You may find that you are not able to save as much as you would like as quickly as you want to. Problems may arise that require the funds from your savings account. You may even find yourself in a larger problem. Maybe you are trying to save money for a new home, but all of a sudden, your car breaks down. You may find that you have to put the money that you have saved for a new home into a new car or car repairs. This can be not only frustrating, but saddening as well.

No matter how much you are able to put into savings, it can always feel like you don't have enough for what you want. Having some money put aside is extremely important for emergencies, or even for a rainy day. Even being able to put away a little bit each paycheck will add up in the end.

How to Find Your Perfect Car

Buying a car can be a challenging and sometimes scary ordeal. For many, purchasing a car is one of the biggest purchases they’ll make in their lifetime. Before deciding on the car you want and moving forward with the purchase, be sure to take the necessary steps to evaluate the best car for you.

Assess your needs. Take the time to determine exactly why you need the car and how you’ll use it. Make a list of factors that are important to you. This can include everything from how fuel efficient the car is to how many passengers it can hold. If the look of the car or the luxurious features the car can offer are important to you, be sure to include those factors in your list as well. At this point, consider how long you will want to drive your car. If you think you’ll want to by a different make or model in just a few years, leasing may be a better option for you.

Determine your budget. Consider how much per month you are able to pay for your car. Make sure to set a limit on how much you can pay, and keep that number in mind at all times. At the start of your search, eliminate all options that would come in over your budget.

Do your research. Once you determine exactly what you want and need in a car, you can start shopping. Use Consumer Reports to read up on the cars that you’re interested in. Also search online for reviews of the car, and ask friends and family if they have any recommendations on the car you should purchase.

Choosing Gifts for People Across the Miles

Black Friday and the holiday season is approaching quickly. This is my favorite time to hit the sales and get all of my holiday shopping finished. With friends and family all over the world, sometimes I have a hard time deciding what to buy that can be shipped easily and affordably to my friends and loves ones who live in different cities and even different continents.

If you're sending gifts to people across the country, here are some tips for finding and sending things to your loved ones even when they are far away:

1) Shop online. Post-Thanksgiving and other holidays sales aren't just for the store. You can get just as great deals online, and many of them do free shipping or reduced holiday shipping for international orders.

2) Send gift cards. When it's so expensive to ship packages across the world, gift cards are a great idea. You can make them more personal by enclosing them in a handwritten card and making sure it's a place they will enjoy. Be sure the currency on the card can be used in their country! A prepaid credit card will also work well.

3) Go to the post office early. Avoid long holiday lines at the post office by avoiding lunch time and closing hours. Better yet, self-serve kiosks allow you to ship your packages in what is normally a much shorter line. If you want your packages or cards to get there by the holidays, make sure to send them an extra week than normal to allow for any possible delays.

Even if your loved ones are far away, you can still send them holiday gifts they'll love.

Sports Betting Sites and So Much More Online

Today, you can find almost anything on the internet. From great books that you can read right from your computer to sports betting sites, you will be hard-pressed to find any type of website or product that is unavailable on the Internet. Being able to find anything and everything online can be both a great thing and a huge detriment.

Many people today spend a great deal of their time with access to the Internet. Even at work, most people are able to get access to the web. Depending on the person, this can mean a drop in productivity at work. With so many different types of websites, it's easy to find things to waste your time on when you should instead be working. In fact, this has become such a problem that many companies will now block certain websites that they deem to be a reason for lost productivity. Unfortunately, some employees have found ways around this by using smart phones or other devices, or even websites that allow for remote access to time wasting sites, to still connect to their favorite parts of the net.

On the other hand, there is so much information that is available to us today that was difficult or even impossible to get hold of in previous generations. With the touch of a button and just a few seconds, you can find information on almost anything you can possibly think of. Not only that, but you can also purchase almost anything online. Many traditional, brick and mortar stores now offer their wares on the Internet.

You can use the Internet in many different ways. Finding great things to buy and fun ways to waste time are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways to use the web.

Save 40% It's a Big Deal

Some of the best financial minds on the Internet (and that's a pretty big field to draw from) have said that in order to get all of your savings and investing together, you need to save 40% of what you make. That way, you can save for the short term stuff (like if you're sick and can't work for awhile), the medium stuff (like if your car needs a major repair or a tree falls on your roof), and finally for a nice, comfortable retirement where you don't have to work if you don't want to. It may sound like just a dream, but a lot of people are making it happen.

There are two ways that you can go from needing money at the first sign of trouble to simply being able to cut a check for whatever you need. The first way is to become frugal as all get out. You can find innumerable ways to cut out stuff you don't need (and that you may not even especially want), so that you can put that money into things you really love. Whether or not you have any interest in having a nice future, it's the kind of bill you will seriously regret not paying sooner or later.

Your future is a serious bill to pay, and the second way to pay it is a little bit more fun than trying to squeeze pennies. But it will involve stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking a few small chances. Simply put, you can earn more money through some kind of side business. The upside is, it's a lot easier to make $100 than it is to save $100, once you've shifted some of the obvious stuff to one side. The downside is, you have to go out and hustle up clients somehow. It is a little scary, but you can do it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's my Sis' 40th Birthday!

Wow my sister just turned 40 today! I'm not sure what her plans are as I have not talked to her for the past days at YM. She said she's not sure if there's a party since she already asked house furniture for their new house.

I'm pretty sure that her husband is cooking something for her without her knowledge. A surprise party for sure is about to happen.
I just left a birthday message at her facebook account and I'll just wait for her stories when she's online. It's always a big thing when we turned 40, I myself had a party when I was 40.

Happy happy birthday sis JOY! More blessings for you and to your family!

Christmas Postcards

Regular readers here know that I enjoy scrapping as well as all of the other fun things I do. You know, the fun things that are keeping me so busy as the holidays approach that I have been lax in updating with personal stories. Anyway, I did want to take a minute to share this with you.

As people are becoming more interested in digital scrapping, it makes sense to see more and more things created that way. Things that some people used to pay a lot of money for, they are using scrap booking and digital scrap booking to help them out.

Anyway, what I found is this awesome website to make  postcards. We design it, upload it, and they print and ship the very next day. I am really thinking this is the way for me to go with my Christmas cards this year. I can design them on my computer, upload them to the site, and have them delivered right to my home. My favorite part about this idea is that postcards use less postage than regular cards or letters. Who can resist saving a few cents here and there?

Okay, so enough about scrapping and postcards. Not enough about Christmas though... never! The question today is this: How early is too early to decorate for Christmas?

I am guilty of early decorating, I know. I have finally settled on Black Friday afternoon as the day to do the indoor work. Last year I hung the lights outside in October, and I never took them down. It is embarrassing to admit that, but I just never got around to it. I am going to say a quick prayer and try to plug them in next weekend. Maybe they will actually work!

Hopefully I will not be equally guilty of taking down my decorations late this year!

Crafts Using old Christmas Cards

It seems like once Thanksgiving is over and done with, the mad rush to Christmas ensues. Of course, in the time in between, most of us get a variety of Christmas cards sent to us from friends, colleagues and family. Some of these cards are truly beautiful, and instead of just throwing them away, the following are a crafts that use old Christmas cards.

Once you’ve got a stack of Christmas cards, go through them and carefully cut out Christmas trees, Santas, reindeer and so on. Also cut out words like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” Keep these cut outs separated by theme. Then you can easily used these images to create new cards. Purchase some card stock from the craft or office supply store, and using a glue stick, carefully arrange a collage of images and words on your new Christmas cards. If you have kids, this is a great craft to keep them busy while you’re baking cookies. Personalize the cards, and send them off!

Another great craft for kids is making place mats. Using heavy weight cardboard cut out rectangular or oval shaped place mats and have the kids glue the cut out card images and words onto the cardboard. Glitter, stickers, markers and crayons can also be used to decorate the place mats. When finished, your local office supply store should be able to laminate the place mats, and the kids can send them as Christmas gifts.

Christmas ornaments can also be made from old cards. Cute card pictures can be jazzed up with a bit of glitter glue and threaded with a bit of colorful yarn or ribbon and hung from the tree to be a cute ornament.

Don’t throw out old Christmas cards. Like old clothing, you can recycle them into fun new crafts!

A Review of Beyonce's Dereon

Founded by Beyoncé and Tina Knowles, the House of Dereon has taken the fashion community by storm. The clothing line is named after Beyoncé’s Grandmother, Agnez Dereon who was a seamstress and dress-maker. The line carries a vast selection of casual clothes including, pants, skirts, tops, dresses, denim, handbags and footwear.

An Alternative
Dereon was developed to be an alternative style of urban wear from the competitors. As a result, this chic elegance of clothing and accessories has become the new craze. Due to family exposure from her Grandmother, Beyoncé has been able to create this unique clothing line based on traditional values mixed with high fashion.

Average Prices
The pricing on most items is competitive with other clothing makers. For instance, a fitted polo tee-shirt is around $60.00. A sleeveless tank top is priced at $48.00. The tee shirts and tank tops are made from 100 percent cotton and are machine washable. Additionally, the popular Baby Doll tops retail at $78.00.

The Jeans
The highlight of the clothing line is the jean design. The House Dereon is aimed at the younger market from ages 16-26. The jeans were intended for young ladies with a fuller figure and showcase a curvaceous design. The denim is a combination of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Spandex. Also, there are plenty of styles available including the popular slim leg classic button fly with ribbon detailing on the back pockets. This attribute is seen on all House of Dereon jeans.

The Handbags
The other most popular item is the handbags. There are many different styles with an ornate design. From satchel to hobo bags, ranging in price, there is some type of handbag accessory available for all tastes. Overall, Beyoncé and her mother Tina hit the nail on the head with this line. They have made the designs chic and fashionable while keeping costs competitive.

Getting Creative with Birth Announcements

There are many things to do as an expectant mother, and it seems that all of these duties must be completed at once. While you may have planned to create the world’s most original baby announcement, given the number of other demands on your time, the announcement creation project may no longer be a priority.

However, you shouldn’t give up hope on creating a unique and attractive baby announcement. After all, your unborn child has many fans who will be eagerly awaiting news of the child's debut. Given that, here are some ways to save time while still sending out a great announcement about your child's arrival.

Use an Online Service
If you are completely strapped for time and know you will never get the announcement sent out on your own, then using an online service may be the best option. Many such services are available, and most offer great discounts. So, you shouldn’t have a problem finding an affordable option that fits in your budget.

Often, the only thing you need when using these online announcement creation services is the baby picture you want to use along with any text because the design work is already completed for you. Some of these websites even handle the delivery of the announcements for a higher fee. Otherwise, you can have them shipped to your home. You can then write out the addresses and send them yourself.

Saving Money
If you are strapped for cash after the baby’s birth, you have several options for completing the announcements on a tight budget. If you have any creative friends, you could also recruit them to create the birth announcement rather than using an online service.

Avoid These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Affiliate marketing programs are quickly becoming a very effective way to earning money via the Internet. There are examples of people earning millions as well as those who can earn a simple, comfortable living. However, you should keep in mind some common mistakes that can be encountered. Just as any business model, there are things that should be approached with caution, because making these mistakes can greatly affect your income.

Don’t choose the wrong program for your experience and knowledge. Most people want to start earning money as quickly as possible. Many people just jump on the most popular bandwagon or what they consider to be hot at the moment. There are many top affliliate programs that may not fall into these categories. It is important to chose a product you like as it will make designing your marketing program easier. It will be easier to do the research necessary to determine if there is actually a demand for the product. We all know that it is easier to push a product that we believe in.

Don’t join multiple programs. Even though signing up for these programs is relatively simple and you may think that more is better. You probably can’t find a single reason why you should only choose one program because you think the more things you can promote the more money you’ll make. However by just entering into one program you’ll have more time to devote to that one to make it successful.

In addition to finding a niche that interests you, find a program that pays high commissions — at least 40 percent. Use the suggested sites and channels from promotions, including social media and direct mail.

Don’t forget to actually purchase the product yourself. This way you will have gained personal experience of the product that will help you market it to others.

Keeping It Together When You Freelance

The idea of freelancing will tell you a lot about the kind of person you are. For some people, it conjures up notions of being able to sit around all day and just type for your supper. And for other people, it summons up the demons of "How do I know they'll pay me?" and "What if I don't work for awhile?" among other (completely rational) fears. Every freelancer has to deal with both the euphoric notion that working at home is going to solve all of their problems and the fear that you'll end up living on loansand scrambling to find something more stable (preferably in a nice, cushy office somewhere far from home).

If you believe you're ready to make the leap from "I want to work at home" to "I do work at home," you need to make sure your feelings are in a good, neutral spot. If you're too enamored with the lifestyle (or at least what you think the lifestyle is going to be), you most likely aren't ready to go full time with it yet. Being infatuated with something usually means it's still just a fantasy, and real life always feels different when push comes to shove. If you're a little excited by the possibilities (like recovering a few hours out of your day) but a little scared of the potential drawbacks (like possibly not making any money for months at a time), you just might be ready.

The best way to keep it together when your emotions start to run wild on you is to basically trick yourself. You may have to treat it like an affirmation, but if you keep telling yourself, "I can earn more money any time I want to," eventually you'll start to believe it. A little fear is natural. It's how you deal with the fear that defines who you are.

My Dad's Prized Possession

My dad has a '57 Chevy that is literally the love of his life. I swear that he sneaks out to his garage and sleeps in the thing. Of course, he denies it. It is beautiful though. He's completely restored it inside and out. For the color, he chose the same blue that was popular in that year. This car looks like something straight out of a 1950s movie. On the rare occasion that he takes it for a drive, everyone stops to look. He's even had a few offers on the car. While he'd never sell it, I can't believe how much people would pay for a classic car in mint condition.

He even purchased a special insurance policy for it. He saves a little money because he hardly ever drives it on the road, plus he gets to state the value that they have to pay for the car if it's ever considered a total loss. Hopefully that never happens because he'd probably move into the junkyard to be close to his baby. Did I tell you that he even named this car? For some reason, he named it Bertha. Maybe, that was some ultra-sexy name from back in his day, but Bertha doesn't sound too great to me. That's OK. I've given up on trying to understand most of it.

He keeps telling me that I'll understand one day. According to him, when I get old, everything from my youth will have a special appeal. For some reason, I can't see myself babying a 1995 Toyota in the same way that he treats this '57 Chevy. Of course, when I tell him this, he says that it's because modern cars just don't have the same style as the old ones. I think I even have to agree with him on this one.

Changes With Kids

I know everyone has said this before, maybe including me, but life really does change completely when you have kids. It's not just the expenses, the diapers, and the mini-van. Your mobility will seriously go down when you always have rug rats in tow. Life is never predictable, but it becomes even less predictable when a 2-year old enters the scene. You were going to finish your portfolio, or put together a stellar presentation for your new client, but now you're scrubbing peanut butter off of your bathroom walls, and marveling at your young wonder's lock picking skills. Your productive morning is out the window, and suddenly your romantic evening has been commandeered by work.

I mention this because I've been talking to my sister, and she told me the most adorable thing her husband did for her on their last holiday. There was no way they were going to make it out of town for a proper getaway, so he surprised her with a fabulous catered dinner, silly decorations, and a babysitter to take care of the kids only one floor down. They played poker at an , using some cash he'd been secretly saving up behind her back. She told that the thoughtfulness of the gesture made it far more romantic than a trip to Las Vegas.

I'm sure there are other kinds of semi-vacations like this. It's an adorable idea, and it seems like exactly the sort of thing that really works to keep the romance alive when you just don't have the resources to be romantic in the usual ways. Of course, it isn't just fun for the grownups; the kids get a kick out of their night with pizza and sleeping bags as well.

They're Growing so Fast

Oh my goodness, my 11 yr. old nephew and 7 yr. old niece are growing so fast!

My nephew saw me just this afternoon and he asked me to stay beside him to see how tall he is now and to my shock, he's already almost as the same height as me. Meanwhile, my niece's height is up to my chest now and for sure in no time they'll both outgrew me.

Eating many and sleeping a lot is what makes my niece taller as what she said.

Worried Sis

Sis Beng is once again faced with her all time problem, her weight. She always wanted to have a leaner body that is suited to her height that she already tried dieting, exercising or even trying those best weight loss supplement just to keep in shape. With all the efforts that she's been doing, its seems nothing is working for her.

Now that it's winter time again in their place, going outside has become a lazy thing to do for them. During those times, they just love to laze around and eat a lot and also preventing them to exercise. She vowed to do better next year and I'm sure it's another promise that will be broken hehe.

Thankful Thursday

Blessings are pouring in once again and I'm so thankful for that. There's so many things to be thankful for even the smallest little things and not material things are counted as it adds zest to our life.
1. Opps coming in
2. A would be vacation
3. Shopping for Christmas gifts
4. Old college and highschool friends found on Facebook
5. Fave TV shows like Amazing Race, Ellen, Oprah, Juicy, Survivor etc.
6. Red Ribbon cakes
7. Mango shake
8. Armani watch
9. My dog Sophie
10. and lots, lots more

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hajj Holiday

My sis who is working as a hospital staff in one of the biggest hospital in Saudi Arabia told us that they’ll be having a 10-day Hajj Holiday, which is an annual pilgrimage of Muslims in Mecca. With no work at the office during those days, she took the chance of cleaning their house and spending more time with her kids that are vacationing there.

After the holiday, business will be back to normal and they’ll be back to their old routine of going to office, house and spending time with their family during the weekend (Friday for them). I have come to know that their areas is a place where they can shop at affordable prices, so shopping is always in their routine. I must say that price of gold jewelries in Riyadh is impressive and competitive and if given the chance they can even buy more gold  there.

Too Many Photos....

... too many stories.. so little time and mojo.

I have so many stories and photos to share but lately I've been so sluggish and a bit lazy to even post it here. Sorry for that. November and December will be busy months for me so for sure I'll have little time to upload some photos as well. Sometimes putting watermark takes a lot of time and it's kinda boring to do that.

I hope I'll find more time to go back to my blogging ritual where you can see tons of photos here.

Christmas Wish

As of this early, I've been asking my nieces and nephews on what they want for Christmas since I'm already starting to buy all the Christmas gifts. I had so much fun going tot he malls and tiangge during the weekends as I can feel the Christmas spirit already. A friend of mine is also through with her Christmas shopping and I think I need to do that as early as 1st week of December so I can avoid the Christmas rush.

It's pretty hard to shop when there's too much people in the stores and worst thing is that items are getting out of stock. I'm fortunate that my teenage nephew is not asking me or bugging his parents one of those ipods as he also know that is not on the budget. It's nice to give them that but since I have too many people in my list already, my budget is just limited to certain amount. I know that also can understand why we can't give them expensive and high-end gadgets.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Health and Mesothelioma

We know that the use of asbestos in many industrial products have been banned already since it has been proven that asbestos once inhaled or swallowed can cause serious ailments to people. Asbestos has known to cause Mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer of the lining of the mesothelium. It’s fatal and dangerous ailment that we can't just disregard. Workers who are in constant exposure to asbestos in the past and became sick should consult Houston asbestos lawyer that can help them with their claims. Heard Robins Cloud & Black law firm has been in the business providing assistance to victims.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Early Christmas Present

Like I said on my previous post, I went out yesterday with friends because it's my birthday. Aside from dining out we also went shopping. I shopped for my stuff and bought early Christmas presents for mom and my niece. I already gave them the gifts as I want them to use it already.

I actually bought a Western Digital 320GB external hard drive for my niece and she was shocked and happy when I handed it to her as she never thought that I'll give one to her. Initially, I just wanted to give her a flash drive with higher capacity but I thought that it would be perfect to just give her an EHD so that she can put lots of school files in it. The best thing is that the EHD is on sale.

Fun Birthday

Yey, it's my birthday yesterday and I had so much fun.!

I went out with friends and we had lunch at Burgoo. After that, we all went for a shopping at the mall where I was able to buy something for myself and family. I still wanted to shop and drop but I'm already too tired.

It's always fun when you celebrate your birthday with friends. Pics will be posted soon.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Compilation of Birthday Cards

Ohhhh. I got a nice early birthday card from my niece yesterday. Actually, she made a drawing on a legal sized bond paper that is folded in half. She drew cake, me with long dress sitting on chair and herself beside me. It's touching to receive a card from her and I'm really keeping it.

I also found other drawings and cards from her that she has given me before and I thought I'll compile it one of these days. It sure will be easier if I have a VeloBind machine so I can make a nice book out of it.

Cooler Air

Ahhh.. it's nice to wake up in the morning already as the cool breeze is already here. I already put out my soft cotton jacket out of my closet so that when I feel cold early in the morning, I have something to put on. Since, it's already getting cold at times, I also need to buy a cardigan that I can use when I go out and I think that misses clothing has some nice one.

I also got 3/4 sleeves polo shirts that I bought few weeks ago so it's also perfect for the weather. I'm pretty sure that it'll be cool till January.

New Bebots Baby Coming Soon

Recently, a preggy dust was showered among my scrapper friends and it's a blessing from above. D just gave birth to a cute baby girl this month and another online friend is on the way. I'm sure she's so excited to have her second baby arrive soon that's why she's always visiting her doctor for check up. I'm sure her doc prescribed a vitamins like prenexa she can take to make her pregnancy safe and healthy.

I heard that they'll be going to know the gender of her baby in December and I'm sure she'll love to have a baby boy this time. I just wish that preggy dust will soon come to my other scrapper friends who want to have a kid of their own.

Manny Pacquiao is the MAN

Boxing fans all over the world tuned in yesterdays fight of Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito and as usual it was an exciting bout.

After winning at unanimous decision over Margarito, he sets another world record. He has won 8 titles on different divisions and he is the ONLY boxer who has done that. He's the man and a great fighter and he has brought great honors to our country once again.

Poor Margarito he has suffered bruised face and cut and I'm sure he did not need a sleep aid after the fight because he'll be sleeping tight as he got beaten up by Manny. In fairness, Manny said that Margarito is also a tough fighter that's why he was not able to knock him down.

Friday, November 12, 2010

No Blogging Mojo?

Oh dear, I think I’m having a writer’s block today. I have tons of works to do today but words don’t seem to come out of my mind. I guess this is what happens when I had a long vacation from work since All Saint’s Day and as a result I’m having a hard time to get back on my work phase.

Still feeling a bit sluggish, I’m trying to my best because I need to work. Christmas is coming so I also need some more money. How can I save as well, if I’ll be lazy? I'm thnking of a new business are just some of the things that keeps running in my mind. I need to be workaholic once again if I want to earn and save.

Hopefully, my blogging mojo will come back again as I still have lots of photos and stories that I wanted to share here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Parties

I got envy when I wasn’t able to attend our Twitter/Bebots’ Christmas Party last Sunday. I initially confirmed my attendance but later on felt a little bit out of place since all of them are coming with their husbands, children and even their yayas. Anyway, I hope next time, I can already come so that I will not miss the fun.

I got another invitation for a Christmas party of our highschool batch and it’s gonna be on December 29. Since the place is just at the other town, I’ll be attending. It’s not a formal party where women should wear evening dresses, it’s just a casual Christmas party where fun and riot are abound.

I know I’ll be making the invitations as one of the organizer already told me. I’ve been making invites and tarpaulins of our batch when there’s an occasion already. I hope to see my former hs classmates once again.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Image Hosted by

1. Had my early birthday shopping spree but I still want to shop hehe.
2. Work is not that hectic so I have more time to sleep and relax.
3. Artscow is love. Not only I can have my photobooks and other stuff printed at lower price but Artscow helped me to earn extra because I’m one of their designers at the site.
4. Older brother just had our van fixed at a local auto shop. Good thing is that, the labor and motor parts are less expensive than Ferrari parts. Now, bro’s mind will be at peace.
5. Ensaymaditas from It Must be Moms from Greenhills.
6. Juicy showbiz TV show makes my night fun before going to sleep.
7. A new bag, though not branded and ballet flats make me want to use them asap.
8. Mangoes and Atis fruits in our backyard.
9. Cool weather early morning, a sure sign that Christmas is coming.
10. Tiangge at our town.

Friday, November 5, 2010

All Parents' Wish

I’ve been hearing a lot of sentiments from friends about how they are raising their kids. Most of them wanted to give all the best for them, they wanted to provide education, shelter, food, clothing and other life’s luxury that’s why they’ve been working very hard to save money for their future. Eventhough most of them have business or work and their husbands have job as well, they are not just stopping right there.

They’re still thinking lots of ways to generate more income in the house just like investing in gold one of the many options that they have. Sure looks interesting and since US Gold Bureau is here, investors have a guide about this market.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

One of the top most concerns of our household is to decrease our energy consumption everyday. With the continues increase not only of prime commodities but also gas and electricity bills, we’re having second thought of spending too much and not being able to conserve energy. About 4 months ago, I got the shock of my life when my electric bill shoot up 2x the amount that I’m paying in the previous months and I immediately look into what’s causing it.

The heat is just unbearable due to heat wave of summer and we have no choice but to switch our electric fans full blast and turn the aircon most of the times. I guess, it’s not only me who’s doing that but also those people that’s experiencing hot weather. For those with extreme weather conditions and when temperature drops just like in Phoenix, you have no choice but to turn on your heating systems and with this your energy bills will again increase during this season.

Thanks to companies like GeOasis, that has been developing a more earth friendly and energy efficient geothermal heating and cooling technology solutions. Those in Phoenix, Arizona will greatly benefit from their geothermal systems for GeOasis has found a way to decrease the cost of geothermal energy. What makes geothermal heat pump
earth friendly is that it uses stored solar energy.

Friday, October 29, 2010

All for her Kids’ Welfare

My hat is off to my bestfriend for she’s been working real hard all this years. She actually quits her 9-5 job last year to fully concentrate on her role of being a mom, wife and a work-at-home mom. Before she did that, she prayed for it and finally she made a big decision in her life and with the way that I’m seeing it, she made a great decision.

Now she has full time for her 3 kids, attending all their needs and even at their school activities. My friend Race is just too occupied with them but she’s still accomplishing all her online works even though it needs her to sleep late already.

I’m sure she’s doing it all for her family’s sake and hoping that she’ll save enough for them for their future. Providing for her family is on top of her list and if she’s quite of with her finances, I’m sure she also wants to venture into business, a small store in the house or maybe a gold coins or bullion are some of her options. I’m wishing her all the best and in the end, I have no doubts that she’ll be reaping good fortune.

Intermittent Net Connection

Holy moly, my net is crawling like a turtle since yesterday. I can't even open some websites and blogs that I need.

Looks like I'm having another intermittent connection and it's slowing me down. I also learned taht my bestfriend is experiencing the same connection as we both have the same SMART bro as our Internet service provider. The worst is that we have online works that we are working on and it would not allow us to access our dashboard.

I hope the next connection will be ok again during the weekend.

Another Blog Contest at

Friend Faye, is holding another contest at her blog and I'm excited as again. I didn't win the 1st contest and keeping my fingers crossed on this because I love that Fossil watch. The Contest ends on December 18, 2010, so hurry you can still join. Check out for the mechanics HERE.

Prizes are:
1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Message From God

On this day of your life, Jen, we believe God wants you to know ... that if you relax, it comes. Don't seek, don't search, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand - relax. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, God shows you the way.
Ok... it's my time to relax. Thank you God.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surfing and Blog Hopping

Thank goodness, I had the chance to do some blog hopping and surfing today. I’m about to finish some of my works so I need some break a little bit. I already went to some digital scrapbooking shops and there are some nice for commercial use elements but I opted not to buy because they are not on sale. Maybe if there’s a sale come Black Friday shopping then I guess I have to snag some of them.

I also was scouring for some bags online and as usual, I’m itching to buy another leather bag as a birthday gift for myself. Unfortunately, I could not find a design at Coach and ColeHaan that will suit my taste. I also hopped at my friend’s blog and it’s a delight to read some of their updates. 

Wishing I can finish some of my workload tonight so that by tomorrow I have time to design kit and surf for more.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Long Weekend/ Barangay Elections Day

Today, is a holiday in our side of the world as today is Barangay Elections day. Voting precincts are already open since 7 am this morning and pretty sure voters will flock as the voting ends till 3 pm. I have to admit that this is the very first time that I will not vote ever since I became a voter. I’m not just well inspired and informed of whom to vote so I’ll just skip this year.

The kids are also enjoying their day off from school once again and I could hear my niece and nephew at the other door playing and sometimes fighting with each other. That’s only the worst thing when there’s no school, kids play and fight afterwards. My SIL also took this chance to go online since she’s too busy with work as a chemistry teacher in highshool. 

Long weekends means more bonding times with the family for some, but for me, I see it as just one of the ordinary days where I usually work full time.

Black Friday Shopping

Friends over twitter are already gearing up to shop this coming Black Friday and for sure, they are readying their shopping list once again. Last year, they scored big deals on home items, clothing and just about anything courtesy of our friend who’s in the US. All of the shopped items are placed in a big box and sent when it was full already.

My friends are excited to shop for their kids for a lot of stores are giving big discounts, not just 50% off but more on all items. I can just imagine all the massive people lining on stores just to get huge discounts.

If the price of gold will be slashed at half the price, there’s no doubt that my friends and I would even buy gold as an investment. If that will happen, we can sell them at higher price and we can earn big profits. I hope that the US Gold Bureau will mark their prices come Black Friday as well but I doubt it. Just wish that I could shop on Black Friday as well.

Working Overtime

So I stayed up late last night, I think it was about 1:30 am when I fell asleep. I was so sluggish and achy yesterday to finish some works so I end up starting to work only after 9 pm. With my desire to finish some tasks I kept myself awake by eating a salty junkfood and chocolate cookies and I guess that helped a little bit.

Today, I intend of just staying at home to work and voting for the barangay elections is not my priority. I just need to work on some opps and will try to read one of the xenadrine ultra reviews that might help anyone who wants an appetite suppressants. I know that there are many, particularly women who wanted to lose some weight and that review might help them.

Anyway, I’m keeping positive thoughts today and hoping that this will be a productive day for me and the rest of my blogging friends who are also trying to beat the deadline. I also wish that I will not stay up late once again tonight.

Sunday Thoughts

Wow it’s the time of the month once again when I feel so sluggish and bit difficult. Blame it on my jumbled hormones that keep my mood in a different way. I know a lot of women are experiencing what I’m feeling right now. Today, I spent the day quite busy with housework and church time in the morning. Had lunch with my family at my older brother’s house and as usual, my net café computers where all occupied not with my customers (bec. it’s closed) but with my siblings, nieces and nephews. Actually, it has become their routine to use them freely on Sundays.

I wasn’t able to work on some of my online tasks for I feel ill that I have to go home early in the afternoon. I was only able to get back to work around 9 pm after taking a nap for an hour. At dinnertime, I tried to eat more as I want to gain more weight, so looking for the best diet pills for women online is not my priority these days as I don’t need it. I’m just not really happy with the way I look now.

Anyway, I think I need to stay awake a little bit tonight for I intend to lessen the load of work that I have. Looks like that I’m going to stay the whole day at home once again tomorrow so I may not be able to vote for the barangay elections.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Shoutout

I always login in at my Facebook account everyday to keep me abreast with what’s going on with my friend's lives and on some news of the companies that I’m following. I’ve been noticing a shout out of my friend almost everyday as she seems to be worried already with the way she is eating after giving birth few months ago.

I know she wanted to shed the extra weight that she has during her pregnancy but she can’t seem to fight her big appetite right now. After reading her shoutout for today made me chuckle a little bit as she wants to take natural appetite suppressants to stop her love for food. But for me, I don’t think she needs that yet since she’s still sexy even after giving birth.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

It's time to share of my Wednesday Happy Thoughts.

1. Super Typhoon Juan already went out of the country but it left some dead and many properties damaged.
2. Sweet beans for my snack.
3. Online works pouring in.
4. Mr. Sun shining outside.
5. I found some fat burning exercises at Youtube where I sometimes follow before I go to work. I really need to be mobile because I noticed that I'm having a sedentary lifestyle already.
6. Online friends who are very helpful.
7. A text message from a friend whom I have not talked to for a long time.
8. Atis fruits that we harvested at one of our tree in our backyard.
9. Mom celebrated her 78th birthday last Monday
10. Talked to my sis Joy and niece Bianca in Sydney via phone

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Look at TV Commercial Production

There are times I found myself hating commercials on TV most especially when my favorite show is airing. They are interrupting my exciting while watching the show but I have come to realize that every show needs them as sponsors. Anyway, there are quite a lot of TV commercials that are just so engaging and can really catch viewer’s attention and I reckon that is what every commercial wants to achieve.

I’ve also noticed that commercials have revolutionized as well. More 3D graphics and post production visual effects are being used to attract more attention to the consumers. I think that’s a great way to go. The video that you’ll find below is a commercial that I found and it was made by Go 2 Productions. Go 2 Productions, is a TV commercial production company that offers various services aside from tv commercials. They also specializes in web video production, 3D modelling, animation, voice over, motion graphics and whole lot more.

I guess the next time I see a commercial; I’ll be able to see it differently. I know a lot of hard work, skills, artisan-ship and dedication are put in it just to be able to come up with that commercial. Here’s just one of the many commercials that uses 3D animation.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Split Testing Theory: The Secret of Internet Marketing

There’s no doubt that we’ve come to this age where the Internet plays a great role in our lives. It has been a medium for many of us to read mails, to communicate, go shopping, pay bills and lots more. It has brought so much good conveniences for all us and I’m just so thankful for its existence.

The Internet has also revolutionized the way many business owners deal with their products and services. It serves as a great ground to advertise their products and to sell online thereby making more profits than before. However, being successful online is not an overnight thing, every owner should read, research, and do split testing. According to an online marketing expert, the Split Testing method is an important tool for any online marketing campaign and it has helped him with his own online businesses.

It is done by creating 2 different pages (ad pages) say different headers/colors etc. for your campaign for you to test, send visitors to each web pages and at the end of the day, compare the results and see which page comes up with more profits or sales. Once you see the page that gives the best result, you in turn remove the other page, create another ad, and see if it can beat the other previous page that gives best result. It is done multiple times or until you’re satisfied with the end profit.

By following this split testing, your chances of improving your income will be possible. Williams even noted that Internet entrepreneurs should not just rely on their instincts but they need to be aggressive in testing and finding ways to know what consumers really want.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

Wow, it's been a week since my last post here. I'm not that busy on online works this week so I had a lot of time digi-designing. Just in case you didn't know I design digi-scrapping kits for artscow where I offer it free for 2 weeks and then later on I sell it there.

I was able to focus on some other offline stuff and it's quite refreshing to do things that I don't always do. I also had the chance to go out and shop for gifts and for myself but I intend of go shopping once again soon.

With Facebook always available, I was also able to talk to some of my friends way back in college and we talked about their career and jobs in health care industry since some became doctors (with different specialty) and others still work as Medical Technologist in hospitals or laboratories. I just hope to find my other friends in college that I have not seen after graduating 2 decades ago.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally Fix

Can you imagine we have no land line phone for over 1 month? It was on August 26 when our phone service at my store suddenly was cut off. Our machine has no dial tone and when you dial the number it will just ring and anyone who's calling will be irked because they thought that we're not answering the phone. I called PLDT service numbers many times and my mom even visited their office to follow on our request for repair. It seems that our line was badly hit by an upgrade that they are doing.

It was only last Oct. 2 when I was shocked to hear it ring. A PLDT line man was on the line and told me that it was repair already. Thank God after 5 weeks of no phone, finally it is fix already.

Another good news is that my point and shoot digital camera was fix as well this week. My brother took my Canon p&s in Quiapo at one of the stores that sells and repairs all kinds of cameras and after waiting for hours it's done. There's a lens error and we can't use it that's why we have no choice to bring it to the repair shop. Since it's already 3 yrs. old there's no more warranty at the Canon center. We only paid P1,700.00 compared to the P2,500 estimate at Canon service center.

Now, I can use my p&s digi cam when I'm too lazy to bring out my bulky DLSR cam.